Is there any leftist critique of the opioid epidemic?

Is there any leftist critique of the opioid epidemic?

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Literally a burgerland issue. Make your fucking healthcare a single-payer one and it's fixed like that.

Gotta be more to it than that, right? epidemic&description=&keywords=&author=&year=&month=&search=search


tldr it's a problem manufactured by numerous bourgeois policies and practices that they have to pretend doesn't exist because to do so would mean examining the underlying problems, but those problems make some people lots of money, which means working class white people have to pay the price for the bourgeois and their democratic/republican lapdogs.

Dr Gabor Maté - Why Capitalism Makes Us Sick

As far as I know, burger doctors get bribed by drug companies to prescribe their shitty heroin pills more often. They don't always have to get paid directly but I've heard they get invited to nice expensive dinners and shit like that. Advertising might be part of it too. "Ask your doctor if [drug] is right for you". I've seen anti-depressants advertised as some sort of fix-your-boring-life-pills in burgerland (dunno if that's allowed with opioids tho).

It's definitely a problem of capitalism, but it's way worse in the US than anywhere else in the western world, because of how extra retarded american capitalism is. I live in Sweden (where we have stricter regulations and the state controls healthcare) and we don't have this problem at all, even though "big pharma" is powerful and an important part of our economy.

They have. They are called Redneck Revolt

you think its just because they are all sad cuz "muh jobs"? you really think the corporatization of prescription strength narcotic manufacturing has nothing to do with it? or the massive overprescription of said narcotics to every man woman and child for the past 10-15 years? nothing to do with said doctors getting bonuses for pushing these narcotics? nothing to do with our CIA being in bed with the taliban (whose main black market fundraising gig is farming poppies?) since the "official" conclusion of the iraqi conflict?


There was one hollywood movie I happened to watch some time ago called "Side Effects (2013)" where the plot was literally about some mental patient turning into a murderer because the shrink needed to shill some "experimental new anti-depressant" that he was getting paid on the side to shill for.

I live in eastern europe and this kind of lobbying/shilling is outlawed here (thank you based EU).

Eastern Marxist is that you?

The really big problems are
In both cases this results in people going for black market pharmaceuticals or worse street opioids like heroin. It's a problem with the way the healthcare system works, so it's everywhere in this country except the ridiculously wealthy. If you're an American it's almost certainll someone in your community is dealing with it.

i talked to a few of those cats while i was down in western kentucky. they seem to know their shit. socialism would actually work out really well for a lot of those bible belt farmers. turns out 90% of their food crops go out to international markets like japan and places in south east asia because they pay so much for it. you turn all that food production inward and youve pretty easily got an infinite food hack for all of america, with a surplus. high quality crops too, because the growing season is long as fuck down there.

it sure is. i would say, judging by the statistics in map, that the drug companies are targeting the rural areas of the country because of no-jobs and a general sense of hopelessness. they know goddamned well that the drug addicts of those areas are more than half of their market, but they are making too much money off of it to care about the massive loss of life.

like i said in my post above, our recent "friends" in the taliban have awarded our cunt with a surplus of opium that, once refined, can
easily and cheaply be made into a variety of synthetic opiods which are then shipped en masse (sometimes more pills than people as in WVs case) to rural pharmacies, and then docs are bribed by shills to push their dope


t. butthurt burger


except he didn't say any of that

since when did this place became "no fun allowed"?


The drug industry is porky heaven. Demand never stops increasing, it just goes up and up the more people buy, and the only way to stop the demand is through either the consumers dying or expensive addiction treatment programs, which provide another avenue for profit

you think just changing to a universal healthcare program will even begin to address the laundry list of other problems that are factoring into the USs opiate epidemic? as usual, the issues at hand in the US are much more complicated than the rest of the world, because there is more money at stake in the market. just eliminating the single payer bullshit wont even begin to address all the other shit thats going on. they will still find something to do with all that raw opium they are getting from the middle east. my guess is that a lot of the companies would just go black market and keep pushing it anyways as there is still money to be made. they have enough money to commit mass murder now and get away with it. what makes you think that it would be any different under socialism? its a massive epidemic in the south, and just making the pills less profitable for docs to push will just mean that the black market of heroin will go into a boom. the addicts down there arent going anywhere and are still going to get high at whatever cost


Problem is poverty, not drugs. Even opioids are manageable in comfortable conditions.

Didn't we have this thread last week, comrade?

And the best part is: the more alienated and impoverished the proletariat is, the higher the demand. In this way capitalists are rewarded doubly for their exploitation, first in the appropriation of surplus value, and secondly for selling the proletariat the means of making their worsening conditions seem bearable. Capital profits from the degradation of society it causes

Recovering heroin addict here AMA. The right wing libertarians are right about this issue, completely legalize everything to do with drugs and the problem is solved.

Can someone explain to me why Americans are so spooked by single payer?
It's like they're never heard of Europe.

Don't a lot of the drugs come from legal prescriptions?

Hell, single payer isn't even as radical as a lot of the systems in Europe. Many are almost completely nationalised

over 60 years of propaganda.

Yes they do, almost everyone and I mean literally 99.999999% of heroin addicts all started with a pill. Prescription opiates are basically synthetic heroin, heroin is much cheaper. I am pretty much the only addict I know that didn't start with pain pills.

They used to come from Florida. Back in the day I'd get 250 blues (roxy 30mg) for 1500 from a Florida middleman who made a killing as well. They retailed for $25 a piece.

I didn't say that. You're kind of acting like a dick head.

They're not. Over 60%+ Americans want it, and have tried to implement it in places, but our corporate masters are doing everything they can to keep it from us.

idk why this made me laugh so hard you get a (you) for that one comrade