Roo and 9/11

Can someone explain this to me? Is it true that Unruhe once had a video where he argued that the victims of the September 11 attacks "had it coming" or something? I believe Holla Forums mass-reported it and took it down, so the vid probably doesn't exist anymore.

We're talking about a bunch of office clerks getting blown up by jihadists. Why would they have it coming? How would a third-worldist/maoist defend Unruhe's position?

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He was just being edgy. Sure, the people working in the buildings didn't deserve it but America as an entity had it coming 100%. Most people in the WTC would work for international trade and finance anyway, so they are direct perpetrators of Third World exploitation and the existence of labor aristocracy, so I can see where he's coming from.

So the bombings constitute a sort of symbolic comeuppance? Something that was going to happen to America sooner or later?

Wish there was some kind of transcript of what Unruhe said in the video.

Well, the US destroyed a secular communist Afghanistan with imported Mujahideen, and then threw it under the bus after they served their interests. Obviously eventually a boomerang is going to hit you. I think Žižek called this "divine violence".

Interesting. I might look up what Zizek has to sniff about it.

Third-Woldists are scum.

Roo believes anyone who is physically living in an imperialist country de facto benefits from imperialism.

Liberalism incoming:

They don't?

"True enough, they were civilians of a sort. But innocent? Gimme a break. They formed a technocratic corps at the very heart of America's global financial empire – the "mighty engine of profit" to which the military dimension of U.S. policy has always been enslaved – and they did so both willingly and knowingly. Recourse to "ignorance" – a derivative, after all, of the word "ignore" – counts as less than an excuse among this relatively well-educated elite. To the extent that any of them were unaware of the costs and consequences to others of what they were involved in – and in many cases excelling at – it was because of their absolute refusal to see."

Holy shit, this is the real deal.

Original idea is by valter benjamin , tho zizeks book "violence" is pretty cool

Roo is right, americans are scum. Why are you defending them? You retards aren't leftists if you defend americans.

This is pointless flag-waving. Either make some kind of argument about cubicle jockeys representing imperialism or just go back to Holla Forums

How the fuck is my statement Holla Forums? It's fucking antithetical to any Holla Forums beliefs. It's not flag waving, I think patriotism of any kind is cancer. Most americans don't give a shit about the attrocities conducted by their military even when they DO know about them. They even cheer them on! They're scum dude.

The 0.0000000000000000000001% of americans who are on this board don't make up for the rest of the cunts.

Benefiting from something doesn't make you a perpetrator of it.

Ummm, read your first post. Moron.

they do tho

Because that post looks like false-flagging. Hence the accusation.

"Americans" as a group includes activists, homeless people, and people who got fired from their media jobs for protesting against the Iraq war. It's a pointless view to call the entire group scum and it's even more pointless to insist that people aren't real leftists if they don't take your side on it.

Even the "oppressed" people in America will fully endorse genocidal campaigns if some talking head says their poor circumstance is because of some foreigner. America is too far gone, there is no revolutionary potential nor will there ever be, it'd be better if you were all dead.

Jason is a pretty edgy guy

is it true that Unruhe once had a video where he argued that the victims of the September 11 attacks "had it coming" or something?


from his article "Yes, Amerikkka deserved 9/11"

brainlet here. let's say I'd move into england, how do I benefit from imperialism?

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Would you rather have the 9/11 attacks been carried out on a children's hospital than the biggest capitalist den of iniquity in the world? A buncha bankers died! Would somebody please think of the bankers!

Shame about the wage slaves and people just walking by on the streets below that died though. Can't forget bout the firemen who tried to save as many people as they could.

You'll get your car windows smashed and your tired slashed by their brothers.

Because apparently no one died in 9/11 who wasn't an evil stock broker with a 6 figure salary.

wasn't there a daycare in the WTC?

so people in imperialist countries benefit from imperialism by importing QTs from occupied areas?

just as well, I don't technically have a license, and the car was probably a imperialist anyways.

that and suppression of industrialization in the colonies propped up living standards in the west and created a exploitative economy that persists even after the apparent dismantlement of said empire, but mostly it's the QTs.

so they need to import chinese crap?
so I (assuming I would have money to do that) can open factory there?

I don't understand, either give me a book or talk to me like I'm brainlet.

The financial dominance of the imperialist core allows the quality of life to be better then it is in underdeveloped countries (aka neocolonies). This is actually quite apart from whether the bourgeoisie in the rich actually wants life for workers to be better then it is elsewhere, the fact is that it is.

The wages paid in the rich countries tend to be about 30 times higher then the wages paid in the poorest nations. Even the average annual average welfare payment in the US ($4,000) is give times higher then Congolese per capita ($800).

Now there are many factors that play into this, labor productivity tends to be higher in rich countries, being highly-commercialized these countries often take more money to survive due to higher commodity prices/rents/insurance, a good deal of the third world proletariat is subsidized by subsistence farming that allows them to sell their labor so cheaply etc.

There's a historical standard too in that western workers are used to a higher standard of living and couldnt easily transfer to the type of lifestyle that third world workers are used to.

Generally, back in the day the West was industrially dominant and could sell its products at a vast profit in exchange for agricultural products with high embodied labor time from the third world. Today, the West is still disproportionately powerful in industrial production but supplements its industrial production with third world production. It tends to specialize in high-value added industry that can be sold at high-prices on the world market.

Even though its 100 years old I'd recommend reading Lenin's imperialism on the

*five times

But most of them were.


I can't really see how did you answer my original question "how am I, as worker in imperialist country, benefiting from imperialism", you just said that I'm (I personally don't live in such country) benefiting from capitalism because it came sooner to my country than to some colony. I'll try to read that Lenin, it might answer me that.

A lot of them were bankers and stock traders. Those deserved it, the real tragedy was the firefighters, janitors, etc.