Was Red Alert 3 Holla Forums-approved?

Everybody fucking forgets that there is literally a game where main storyline is USSR winning the cold war in alternative timeline and becoming the #1 superpower, yet Holla Forums not even casually memes or mentions the game.

It's just a fucking game, and a good meme source at that. Might as well call anime as weaponized cultural CIA plot too.

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No,go take your medicine.

does Holla Forums think like Holla Forums too that vidya is degenerate?

No, just retarded. Go read a book or watch anime instead.

How is anime less degenerate than vidya?

i suggest to you a daily dose of kaiserreich.

That first guy looks like Richard Spencer.

Kaiserreich is actually incredibly reactionary in my opinion


Why ? You can easily achieve pic related, and the Commune is by far the most powerful nation.
I just wish Syndies and socdems could get along.


what did the tankie retard mean by this

But it literally is. I don't usually take this point of view, but the whole purpose of all females character in this game is to provide fanservice. And a tasteless one, at that.

Soviet IRL were also pretty shit, but Soviets in RA3 are not angels.

Red Alert 1 was okay. Fair amount of humor and wackiness, but still relatively grounded.
Red Alert 2 was a meme game, but as long as you took the game's story as the comedy that it was, it was enjoyable.
Red Alert 3 was full on ham garbage. Literally post-2007 Blizzard-tier writing.

Fucking no, Yuri's Revenge or nothing.


hold on comrade the anfems have started lurking again, mods permabanned one but there are more since r/socialism linked us again or something

I literally didn't even manage to finish the original RA3 campaign, it was that cringeworthy.


Unless I read your post wrong, that had to be the worst part of the entire package.

As I said, I don't say it often, but in this case it's pretty egregious.
My immersion is broken by these sluts.


at first you are worried about "deeply excellent and triggering" depiction of women, then you are calling them sluts in the next post

It's well written in comparison to the rest of the game, which is to say, it's not particularly good. The gameplay is also the worst part of RA3 by far.

I'm not an SJW, but I don't like to have my immersion broken by characters posing in obviously non-realistic outfits, having no personality and being here solely for tasteless fan-service.

Becaues its a shit game, they raped the lore, threw in a weeb fraction out of nowehere and overall turned RA legacy into "lol so wacky geam"

It was a shit game, play Red Alert 2


Einstein gets killed but somehow allies still get the prism technology, not to mention the whole time machine paradoxes


Eistein researched prism tech in RA2 and its clrealy stated that Prism tower was his invention, yet despite him being killed prism towers still appear in RA3

Its just a clear sign of laziness of the devs and not threating source material with enough care



Red Alert 2 is Tankie-approved, since mind control and giant squids are the only way the Soviet Union could realistically conquer the world.


I watched some of the cinematic vids and you appear to be pretty much correct.

-Red Alert 1 introduces lara croft- I mean tanya adams. She's just an action girl slash spy with a cool escape cinematic.
-Red Alert 2 had a bunch of "waifu bait" characters but they still had cool personalities and didn't go too far.
-Red Alert 3 pushed their luck and fucked it up. In the cinematics, the soviet "communications officer" (second pic in OP) with the little hat and fetischwear attire is just embarrassing. Not funny, not memorable, bad actress, literally just dumped there for eyecandy, fact of which is so obvious that you can't help but roll your eyes.

No. Red Alert 1 is the original and has the best nostalgy value but Red Alert 2 captures the essence of the series and has this awesome theme of Soviet Union invading USA with mind control devices. I have played RA3 but it isnt even close to the two first.

Tim Curry confirmed as /ourguy/