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Unemployment is communism
T. Titoist gang

death to the almond barons

why not go full automated?

With all the subsides they get they should pay 15 an hour and let them organize.
Also small farmers are non existent, they're all huge agricorps

It's too expense due to all the picking robots being private property.

9/10 workers leaving. So Mexico is about to get spanked with a huge unemployment issue (bigger than it already is)

If I were twenty years younger, I might be tempted to give farm work a try if they are offering decent pay and a retirement plan.

Machines don't produce value.

Some produce can't be machine picked, like strawberries. A lot of other produce is POSSIBLE to machine pick, but so ridiculously expensive that it's cheaper to pay $30/hr for workers.

one day a leftcom will make a post that doesn't have the word value in it

Your post has literally zero value

unionise all farmworkers
purge the kulaks

That will be the day in which the world no longer has value.

But yeah, the reason capitalism cannot be automated is because it would then cease to produce value, something which personfied capital (a capitalist) would not desire, because he needs to produce value to keep himself and capitalist society afloat.

Why can’t farm workers just own there own fields?

please leave california.

Shortage of farm workers will cause unionization.

For shame, user

what’s the difference?

The last bit of text

Automation in capitalism despite what you frequently hear, will probably not look fucking good at all, in fact it would be a Silicon Valley nightmare

That's racist

serious ownage itt

Good, they're well past due for a successful revolution.

Now that kulaks have to hire first worlders they can’t threat them like slaves. Who’d a thought.

They are not kulaks, just the usual agribusiness porkies. The only kulaks out west are the niche farmers who grow the rare vegetables that get sold for a fortune at organic markets and coffee shops.

those people are only kulaks if they hire other people to do labor for them. If a small farmer makes lot’s of money, but rather only he does labor on his farm or only him and his wife do labor on his farm he isn’t a kulak.

Ideally the land from the Kulaks is taken from them and given to those who do the farm labor. Wage labor for farming should not exist.

Peasants are just about completely gone in the United States. Even the lucrative apple orchards and onion farms have been nearly entirely bought out by agribusiness. The American farmer is a historical subject.

Said the suburbanite to the urbanite

Complete lies.

Farm work is fun af imo

Read Table 3. 64% of their "small family farm" owners are waged laborers. A whopping 84% said that farming was not their principle source of income, with many of the remaining farms being owned by retirees. Note that their cut-off for "small" farms is $350k annual gross. They also include horse farms in the tally. Oh, and a third of them are cattle ranchers.

The more you look at the numbers on the second page, the less impressive the numbers on the first page become. On top of it all, "family owned" can mean a lot of things. Another curious number from page 2 is that the waged laborers composed the youngest demographic of small family farm owner, and they have an average age of 52.8 years. How many of these guys are farmers, and how many are investors?

It is good to see something actually get done while you work. I suppose that there is no alienation from the product of your labor.

So really, only 16% of the supposed small family farm owners are possibly peasants, and of them a third of them are cattlemen with an indeterminate number of the remainder raising horses and who knows what other quadrupeds like goats or sheep. The remaining number of

I already agree that machines don't produce value but aside from law of value and competition why don't machines create value? Will the machines be too expense making it impossible for capital to valorise?

Please leave Fascist scum.

That's the beauty of it. I grew up near a bunch of peasant style farmers. No corporations, just a farmer, their farmland and their sweat. It was amazing to see the happiness on their face when they finished a task. They truly got to see their labor's result.

44% of those who make less then 150,000 are only employed through the farm. So peasantry in America still exists.


sure there are


The result of having zero social alienation towards you labor.

Here is what I would say to the entrepreneurs: Why is that even news-worthy? There is no such thing as lack of workers. The amount of work-power you get offered at the wage you offer are the quantity offered for that price. Duh. Increase the wage and they will come. Are you retarded? Are you a child? Are you illiterate, perhaps? It's basic supply and demand and human nature you delusional artsy-fartsy commie fagots. Welcome to the real world.

There's no shortage of workers. This is a cover-up of the fact that there is no longer a bona fide drought in California. Mike's Nature Trick has failed spectacularly.