Trump admin to end Obama rule allowing nursing home residents to sue for abuse


Is Trump trying to piss off his base here? Anything for muh profits I guess.

Why do I give a fuck about boomers?

People in nursing homes are usually the generation before the boomers, IE their parents or even parents parents.

Besides I usually would care about my elders anyways

His base is worth less than dirt. The worst kind of people, I would know I voted for him.

what's putrid in this society is nursing homes even exist

Good for you

You're right now that their here, let's just kick them to the curb because their origin was bad

That…will solve something

So boomers are soon to get their just desserts? Perfect

why are white people in general, excluding maybe meds, so garbage about this? it really upsets me.


Nursing homes are like concentration camps for old people.

Yes, that's exactly what they are.

yeah and the thing that gets me is the intersectional brigade doesn't give a fuck because like ew, they're old and probably rayciss and watch fox. literally ageism. disgusting. can we all just put our differences aside and gas liberals first before we slaughter eachother when shtf plx

Good news though, dividends from Golden Living™ will be up $0.01 after this """red tape""" has been removed.

My faggit hillary voting friends all love their grandparents wtf are you talking about?? Liberal is such a meaningless buzzword here

can you just not post?

Hating people based solely off the time period they were born in is the most senseless form of idpol.

Imagine actually being from /r/The_Donald aka /pol, and every day when you wake being forced to live a life of delusion/blindness. "NOPE NOTHING WRONG HERE, MAGA!"


You know it's a retarded thread when the only user talking sense is fucking Hoochie. smdh tbqh famrades