Hello Holla Forums I've come from Holla Forums to seek unbiased opinion

Hello Holla Forums like the title says I've come from Holla Forums I'm more of a civic nationalist and basically believe in the constitution, but I'm not on the hole racist tip, every single thing see over at Holla Forums is nigger this and spic that along with the kikes and muh glorious Autism Level. I admit that there are some things that I agree with but I'm far from racist, and way fair from being a Nazi, which I personally se as un-American. So what you y'all think of civic cucks? And a Nazi here and a commie over there?

IQ gets changed to Autism? WTF?

basically right-wing socdems, a stepping-stone for people into radical politics

We have a lot of filters for commonly-used buzzwords by Holla Forums, Tumblr, and reddit. Keeps the quality of the board from getting too shitty.

go back to reddit you don't belong anywhere you limp wrist pile of dogshit

You're classcucks.


We kept getting spammed with the Autism Level charts so it got changed as a joke.

Hilarious wordfilters are a time-honored part of imageboard moderation.

Do you believe that the workers (of any industry or field - don't think factory workers only) are entitled to the fruits of their labour without it being siphoned off?

There is literally nothing wrong with xenophobia imho.
Anarchists will probably say that it's wrong though.

Nationalism is just another spook.

Civic nationalism means you re a nigger but you're aware of it unlike racist nationalist who're niggers with deliriums of whiteness.
All nationalists are niggers who like to get whipped and when their backs are bleeding they look back and say "thanks messa, thanks to you I'm not living like those slaves out there"

Yeah thats funny I've never had that happen before, no I mean that one in Holla Forums I'm a commie cuck for being a civic nationalists, and I just figure people might call me a nazi so idk

Yeah I understand that there will always be racism but every single thing is nigg this and that and now they don't care and muh whiteness and I'm a white dude but I don't randomly blame colored folk for all my problems so idk I don't see that as putting forth ideas

Yeah it's almost like no one likes you. Go figure.

But on Holla Forums they hate civnats with sincerity or out of banter? because here we hate socdems with sincerity but the banter has become a meme of its own.

Why did you replay to my posts with nothing?

How do you feel about capitalism in general?

oh you're sincere. yikes.

I figure that but I guess by coming to leftypol I thought people would be more open? or am I a idiot, because personally I support the president either which way because he/she is the president and we should respect that, but doesn't mean everything somebody does is wrong, like I favored some of obamas polices but even forbid I say such blasphemy over at Holla Forums

Join us user. We want to dismantle capitalism, thus ensuring true people's law and abolish the market so it stops pushing consumerism and destroying traditional culture via commercialization

But don't be a faggot and lurk

lol wut

I believe in straight up capitalism, we have been completely lazze faire since the gilded age so I prefer a sort of mixed model, obviously we can't privatize everything.

Don't mind the nazbol posters, their whole shtick is being edgy. I suggest you read the stickies, lurk and try not to be a fag

Anybody is welcome to post on leftypol, really. We get actual nazi "its okay ihe boss is white" types all the fucking time.

And uh, why do you believe that? Do you own a store or something?

I think that the president should be given respect because there the president, the people chose who they want and we should respect that instead of being like its the end of the world, like I may not like the president but there still THE president

I don't believe* and we haven't been* is what I meant to say

How does that boot taste?

And you maintain that position even when "the people" by and large did not choose that person to lead them?

Look idk if your in America but where a constitutional republic and the country is like that so 51 people don't decide major decision for 50, obviously I wouldn't support someone the people didn't choose but I dint that being that case ever

I mean id not know what your really getting at? You talking about voter fraud or? Cause I have certain feels about muh Russia

OP I'm a former Holla Forumstard too, and congratulations, you are a good person if you are willing to consider the anti-intellectual bullshit going on in the Holla Forums to be unpalatable. Spend time both here and there and soon you will begin to see that while Holla Forums also has delusional people such as tankies and some of the an-nils, we actually have much more light-hearted conversations and banter than Holla Forums with their apocalyptic narrative (I remember weekly threads about north korea launching a WW3 or Yellowstone erupting any time soon causing a nuclear winter and everybody was whining that they are afraid to die etc.)

Just spend time to lurk for a bit, don't post everywhere you feel like at first. I have been here for only 3 months so far, but on 4chan since 2009, got into Holla Forums shit last year and this summer I snapped out of it.

I can promise you that Holla Forums is full of fake news, contradictions and lies meant to agitate you against strawmen that don't exist. Besides that, they are also the kind of people, to whom "the left" includes neoliberals like Clinton and the SJWs, sometimes even includes fascists, so they really don't know much about left-wing politics.

About this civic nationalist/ethnic nationalist divide, it's actually that civic nationalism is a minor spook where you can still have shit like Bush rounding up soldiers of all colors to invade Iraq while ethnic nationalism is a major spook where you don't just have regular imperialism, but extreme identity politics to couple that.

You and your 40 year old dad are two peas in a pod, but don't get grandpa overhear your stupid shit or he'll call you both faggots again.

What the fuck are you yammering about? Are you American? Is English your first language?

Gee its almost as if Holla Forums is filled with people of differing opinions, but Holla Forums is run by a tranny faggot who bans anyone for saying the nigger word (because its not nice!! ITS NOT THE WHITE MAN'S WORD TO USE REEEEEEEEEEEEEE)

This, plus read. Even if you don't end up agreeing with socialist ideas (nor posting low effort shit threads), at least you're not in an echo chamber and you'll critique your own beliefs.


Newfag detected, I say nigger constantly and I don't get banned because I'm not a faggot about it.

Cut that shit out morons, OP needs to be eased in to the sea of information our board possesses, this is not the place to attack him. We all were clueless once.

What is this dumb nigger saying?

Well yeah my typing get misconstrued because I try to keep up. The user asked me if I accept the president if "the people" didn't chose him or her but I figure user was implying about Russia, because they where being very vag. And I was just explaining how Americans chose there president.

Fuck off, faggot, I'm not even attacking him. I have difficult determining what he's talking about because of the poor quality of his posts. If by "clueless" you mean "bad at communicating", sure, I guess.

Yeah my typing is bad

I am both anons, and nobody gives a flying fuck about Russia.
What I'm asking is what do you do if only 25% of the population voted for the person in charge?

Wow, so what did we decide was the only opinion allowed on Holla Forums?


Feels weird man.

This is a Juche board now

I mean I don't really think EVERY president is some deep state operative if thats what your also getting at. I don't see people from behind the curtain as all powerful but I know there are inside influential government agencies and agents that try to inflict there ideals on the government, its only human nature.

He's the one who started bringing shit up that nobody's talking about, forgive me for being confused.


That's exactly what I am talking about. Have you seen the average quality of Holla Forums posts? For fuck's sake, 60% of the people there switch between Twitter, 4chan and FB tabs on their smartphones. They are basically kids. Why are you so mad arguing with a clueless kid? You are supposed to inform them with patience, not attack them. You are not arguing with Ben Shapiro here, but most likely an high-schooler. Which is actually good news, it means the reactionary views are not so settled yet.

Dude, what the fuck? Seriously, none of your posts make sense. Do you not understand the things I'm asking you, or do you just jump straight to replying to what I was "implying" and not what I actually said?

You need to be 18 to post here. If some phoneposting retard can't bother proofreading their posts and think that's an acceptable excuse for poor communication, then I have to disagree with you. I don't care if OP is 14 years old and learning politics for the first time, he should shut up until he's mature enough to post.

Was it ever more?

Oh well thats simple, the government shouldn't force people to the polls, that there own right if they want to vote. id still see him or her as a valid repressive of the country, people aren't idiots and they know when to vote, I feel to a certain extent that the government should make it easier to inform people about politicians ideals and help them to the ballot box. But you'll never get 80 percent turn out basically because some people are just lost and think the reptilians are coming.

Im posting faster then you can post I figure because I didn't see your other post until after I replied with that

You are a faggot. Leave

It's supposed to feel weird indeed when everything around you is a CIA conspiracy, but whatever, I am still lurking, and whatever helps you sleep at night m8

I'm 24 myself, but it's painfully obvious that lots of people in chans are underage. I started as 16-year-old back in 4/b/ myself. Don't fool yourself, this thread will be bumplocked eventually and can be used as an example to inform him in simple english. Keep in mind there are more Holla Forumsacks lurking in here every given moment than you think, and you might convince those too if you don't get too autistic.

Its one thing to care about your community, but nationalism is just a way for the ruling class to encourage people to see eachother as opponents or enemies, as some "other" that can be blamed for their troubles and needs to be destroyed.

I'm not him, but Holla Forums is much slower than Holla Forums so you don't have to rattle out a reply in a few seconds.

sage you idiots


I started as a 14 year old on /d/, and I didn't post for 4 years straight because I was scared of making a fool of myself. To sound like an old asshole, kids these days just don't have enough shame on the internet.

Yeah I've noticed how much slower and shitty it is not to be a asshole kek

im 22 but I just figure that all of these chan people are grow folk. I was never some 14 year old hating on blacks over the internet top kek I was riding my bike, looking of chicks

We should have a cycle thread especially for newbs. We don't have one so they don't know where to go and make their own thread. This one will be bumplocked soon anyway, sage doesn't matter.

I relate to this. Old Holla Forums used to shame "summerfags" and such on regular basis. I remember the time from AnonTalk spams when they implemented captcha to fight that spam. These days you cannot implement "lurk moar" anymore, too much shameless phoneposters. I wish there was a way to make Holla Forums unusable for phoneposting so we can implement it again.

I assume you are OP, why is your english this broken for an american?

Im a white dude top kek its just I try to reply fast and my typing isn't so great

somebody told earlier already, you don't need to reply fast, we are a slower board, you can take your time

lmao but why Autism Level?

Well, quit fucking typing like that. It's irritating to read and makes me want to treat you like a fucking idiot.

It was suppose to say muh glorious Autism Level level kek I didn't see that coming

Omg its unstoppable, I Q


this. the long summer that brought phone posters is hell and needs to end

I didn't know a lot of pol peeps come here I've been told everybody here is a communist, and what not. I don't mean to troll, I'm not that type of person.

The bell can never be unrung. The phoneposters will never leave now that any dipshit can get to Holla Forums on the go. I admit that my own post quality deteriorates when I post on my phone - I think it's easier to be lazy on the small screen.

Who told you everybody here is a communist? Did you read the fucking FAQ?

Thank Floens

well OP it's OK, just lurk more

Yeah I just read it like a hour ago never bothered in coming here because of what I've heard

I hate your life fuck you die in a ditch

But where did you hear it you fucking illiterate?

Holla Forums

lol people are slamming you. Hahaha, you haven't even said anything really dumb. What's your opinion on Trump?


I've been browsing here for months, faggot. I've been on Holla Forums maybe three times. Dumbass.

You should totally become a comedian, you have some real talent going for you. If people can't handle being treated like shit, then why did they bother coming here in the first place?

Things I never said for 300 dollars. I said people were giving him a hard time. Especially when you can be a Soc dem and get maybe three (you)s.


Read books.

These threads are important and good for this board, though.

Engaging with newfags results in newfriends sometimes.

they need to read fucking books. one does not become /leftpol/ without reading a bunch of books.

Ok, nigger.

bottom text

Why are you a civic nationalist? Is it because you feel like america is better than other countries and is superior, or is it because you want to improve your country?

Which is funny considering how Holla Forumsreddit actually looks like

We generally see nationalism as a tool to divide the working class, as most workers of the world share the same interests. We should all be fighting against the capitalists instead of each other. After all, don't we all want the same? Good housing, medical care, food ,fulfilling jobs, decent pay and the like. The capitalists operate internationally while the workers are mostly divided by nationality. This makes a weaker front against our common enemy. The best labour unions overcame racism within their own ranks.

I also don't think it makes a lot of sense to be proud of your country. Being born in a certain country is pure chance. I do think it makes sense to be proud of certain aspects of a country. I'm Dutch and am proud of the people here who fought for universal suffrage or for public education.

Civic nationalism isn't so bad but it's better paired with left wing nationalism aka socialist nationalism (not to be confused with nazism)

what does this even mean? do you think you had a pre-existing soul that could have inhabited any body?

Not that user but you don't have to believe in a soul. You don't get a choice either way.

you don't choose to become alive, no, but i see variations on this and struggle with the meaning of it. you wouldn't be you if you were born to completely different parents.

That's not nationalism, that's patriotism.

There are only so many combinations DNA can form. In theory any of us could have someone out there with our same DNA sequence. But anyway the meaning usually revolves around an intangible sense of self. This may or may not be a soul. It could also just simply be your individual conciousness. Though some people attribute their full identity to their DNA so such persons would consider a clone to be the same person.. Don't over think it or you would be diving deep into philosophy.

concepts and superstitions that underlie ideology are absolutely worth interrogating. as you can see with your difficulty here, it's often delirium and confusion underneath what ordinarily passes by as a germane explication of belief. i understand what it alludes to, but it does still seem nonsensical unless you really do believe in something like an already there immaterial soul that attaches itself to your body at conception. what constitutes personal identity, if you haven't notices, is at the forefront of today's politics. dna and clones aren't really that relevant, no one thinks their identical twin is them.


Who are you quoting?

end of his post

Are you sure? I'm not seeing that text.

I just did not feel like carrying on discussion. Philosophical topics like that is endless and would need it's own thread but has nothing to do with this board even. Lets set aside that and start over at the point of the argument

I love that Holla Forums has no idea what commie means. Boy, are they in for a surprise.

Holla Forums's only definition of communism is "giving money to niggers".
the more money is being given to black people, the more socialister it is.

Political philosophy is philosophy. If your ideology is founded on idioms that fall apart under scrutiny, it is a bad ideology.

All discourse is endless. This thread is unremarkable anyway. Bowing out because of the difficulty level is weak imho

Back to the point
True, but who does? Your parents in a sense. But if it doesn't make sense to even talk about a choice here, why is this such a commonly uttered phrase? Are you implying repetitious phraseology (memes) don't mold belief systems?

We do one holy hell of a lot of philosophical navel gazing here.

Sophistry isn't going to make your nation worship any less delusional or irrelevant or reactionary.

You seem angered. Care to point out where my reasoning fails?

Philosophy of conciousness and identity is not directly needed to discuss political philosophy.
It's just not important. You're just making a big deal over semantics of a phrase.
That's the point. No one does. If you get born into good or bad conditions it doesn't say anything about who you are or your value as a human being The conditions a person is born into helps shape their beliefs and where they can go in their life.