Hello, America, would you please stop producing degenerate videos like this that infest my country?

Hello, America, would you please stop producing degenerate videos like this that infest my country?


It's literally omnipresent where I live and played everywhere. I don't even know what delusion liberals have entered that they can align this with their feminism propaganda but somehow they can and the other day I caught my 9 year old niece watching this.


That's not enough.

What country are you in ?

Germany. Our media recycles whatever America shits out. And if you don't care, do something about it for your own sake and country.

I'm a prole that has no connection to the music industry, do you think those who run it would listen to some random guy and cut it out because I asked them to?


morality is bourgeois, but fuck canned capitalist media, i like my degenerate music produced independently.


media has always been shit, getting upset by the latest fad is a waste of energy.

He was right all along.

Then make your own movies and fill your media with stuff by your country, the Indians and Russians are doing it why can't Germany ?

a thread died for this

I've never even heard of this shit and I live in America. It's not hard to disconnect yourself from pop culture if you avoid the MSM.

It really blows my mind and kind of scares me how detached I am from normie culture. How does this song have more than half a BILLION views on YouTube, but I've never heard it.

your people make the choice to consume it though.

surprise surprise

The only movies made in Germany are bilingual Arte documentaries about Schiller's sex life and Uwe Boll movies, both taxpayer-subsidized.


that's true, but it is still cultural imperialism imposed on the public by the ruling class as part cold war propaganda. Now after years of cultivation the fruits of labour become visible, american culture has lost the mythical and exotic qualities it had during the post war era and become just the culture, even if you made a German language movie it would be an American movie.
I don't live in Germany, but it's the same in my country.
All is lost.

You faggots brought this upon yourself the DDR didn't have this problem did it?