Post your pooches, argue over which animal is the most prole, discuss the politics of dogfighting, agonize over capitalism-caused climate change, soapbox about the horrors of the meat industry, and anything else /an/-related.

I'll go first with a question and analysis about discrepancies in breed preferences between rich and poor people.

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Cats are undercover proles
Don't be fooled by the pig in disguise aka become a doglet

Why are the "scary breeds of choice" for poor people pit bull-types, Cane Corsos, Presa Canarios, and similar breeds?

Why do wealthier people interested in "scary breeds" generally choose German Shepherds, Dobermans, Belgian Malinois, and so on?

My theory is that the popularity of dogfighting breeds among low-income people is a holdover from when dogfighting was popular. A dog that looks like it could win a fight signifies wealth (having the money to buy it, and then more money made at fights, and possibly even more through breeding). Dogfighting is theorized to appeal to low-income people because it gives them a sense of power and status they do not hold otherwise due to their poverty (thanks, capitalism). Pit bull-type breeds are also readily available at a low cost from backyard breeders or shelters, which also makes them cheap to obtain. I think these dogs also appear "manly" to many owners, who may also value overt masculinity as a means of gaining status and authority.

On the other side, in the modern era, breeds such as German Shepherds and Malinois are most associated with bourgeois institutions: the police and the military. They are known for their intelligence, obedience, and trainability, and have not been popular in dogfighting. Wealthy people often highly value their intelligence, and are likely to choose dog breeds with similar characteristics to themselves. Their intelligence is also primarily their way of gaining power over others (just as poor people may use aggression), so an intelligent breed is an extension of their financial status. Such breeds often also epitmize "the perfect worker" in capitalism. Actually bourgeois people may seek breeds they can easily replicate their relationships with their workers with, but with none of the subconscious understanding of the evils of such a dynamic. Furthermore, wealthier people have more money to throw at a dog, so they're able to buy expensive dogs from prestigious breeders (another symbol of wealth). These breeds are also less likely to be found in shelters than pits. Lastly, such breeds require lots of space, and many wealthy people live on large properties, and even own "hobby farms", necessitating and/or allowing them to keep herding breeds.

There may also be something about how, for various reasons, sleekness is the aesthetic of the wealthy in the western world. Still, poor people sometimes prefer abundance (think the cluttered appearance of many poor people's homes vs the minimalism popular among rich people, because they can afford to throw things away and/or have space to store barely-used items). I think this may contribute to the "elegance" in rich-preferred breeds vs the broad-faces and stockiness in poor-preferred breeds.


I can also write up something about class, liberalism, and dog attacks if anyone's interested.

German Sheppards are the master race of dogs

Dogs are ML. Cats are egoist.

As someone who works at a pet store:

Best breeds
-finnish spitz
-great danes
-shih tzus
-golden doodles

OK breeds
-german shepherds

Worst breeds
-huskies and malamutes (people buy them cuz they're cute wolves but don't realize they are very hard to train, tear up everything, are very loud and obnoxious, and shed everywhere all the time)
-dachshunds (lots of medical issues due from being unnaturally long, also older ones go blind at a higher rate than other dogs)
-king charles cavaliers (these dogs are just the fucking dumbest dogs I have ever had the mispleasure of dealing with, seriously out of a group of 3 they only have one brain between them)
-whippets (they're so damned frail they break bones more than any other breed, seriously try picking up a miniature whippet, it feels like holding a skeleton)

I like your analysis but whatever the reason it's the same mentality that leads to hicks getting monster energy tatoos. There's some rebellious appeal a lot of poor people find about "trashy asshole" culture, like if they can't be rich then they'll be as ghetto as they possibly can instead of trying to pretend to be rich.

Add some citations and send it over to spectre rouge?

Mutts a best, fam.

I don't know what Spectre Rouge is, other than a short film.

Spritzed are fucking dope, though. And I really only think Huskies, Malamutes, and other sledding breeds should be working dogs only. Not even the diluted pet varieties are appropriate for most people.

Mutts are a meme for anything other than pets, and that might even include an exception for pets in households with young children. If you want a working dog, you should get a breed designed to perform whatever task it is you need done. Mutts are unreliable, though generally have better health than most purebred dogs and cost less money on initial purchase, too.

I named her Laika

What about Saint Bernards?

G-sheps are reactionary as fuck


Shelties & Collies is where it is at

They are the true master race of dogs.

I wonder how much of GSD-worship stems from Nazi propaganda.

Sometimes Holla Forums leaks down into /fur/ before we tell them to fuck off, I noticed most of them tend to take after G-sheps. They also consider pitbulls to be the "niggers of the animal kingdom."

These are people who consider having sex with a dog to be less duhgenewet than having sex with someone outside your race. And they honestly think they'd be spared the rope if their masturbation fantasy day ever came.

Nah son sheps are prole as fuck, heavily exploited by class traitor cops. You got it all wrong

I have a cat. I don't like dogs. Dogs are loud (bark all the time), you either need to have a yard (something I'll never afford), or walk them all the time (something I don't have much time or energy for when I get home). My cat is the best.

This is what happens when the main graphic of your ideology is internet nerds. It becomes VERY degenerate.

Which one?

but how would dog ownership work in a communist society

Dogs would be personal property.




If I ever want a Malinois with frog legs I'll consider one.

This is the correct answer:

wrong. that's revleft. read rafiq.

Why have pit bulls become the new dangerous dog in the US? when i was growing up it was rockweilers. Why has this change happen.


Spectre Rouge is Holla Forums's blog

there are definitely anarkiddie philosophers that leftypol thinks highly of, who regard all property as theft
I see pic related mentioned here from time to time in a positive context.
If I read her correctly, she doesn't believe Timmy gets a toothbrush.


Between 2008-2015:
Greyhounds are obviously the most proletarian dog with the most revolutionary potential. Plus they're sweet as fuck.

Here's some insight on dog-fighters:


The vile justification that "it's their property and they can do with it as they please, the government needs to stay out of my private life" is so blatantly derivative of conservative America's culture and values. When will capitalism finally die?

What's the best breed of dogs and why is it Golden Retreivers?

Sorry but you spelled GSD wrong.

Also as for the frog legs guy, that's more a problem with 'best of breed' pedigree autism, now that is for sure a symptom of capitalism, fucked up beauty eugenics, the rich create dogs with a half-lifespan because they supposedly meet 'the breed definition' better (when they're really just gross exaggerations of what the dogs originally looked like).