Thank you Stalin, for turning a great revolutionary into a cultish tourist attraction

Thank you Stalin, for turning a great revolutionary into a cultish tourist attraction.

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You're welcome.

and you dare call yourself a Leftist

how is this shit defensible? its fucking creepy and lenin didn't want this shit

"fuck lenin, he's a communist"
- people

It's not, he's just taking the piss out of OP.

How is it creepy exactly? Lenin was quite possibly the greatest political theorist of all time and brought forth the first socialist state ever in human history. He deserved to be preserved for future generations.


I think there was a soviet saying that was something along the lines of "if you haven't visited Lenin's mausoleum you're not a russian". People admired him, he is a symbol.


His fucking wife probably knew his wishes on the matter better than some fuck he didn't even want to succeed him.

in the next revolution we'll give lenin a proper burial with a modest gravestone with some nice inscriptions
it really is surreal that his body is still there

*Thank you Stalin, for turning a shity third world nation into a superpower.

No that would be denying future generations the honor to walk to Lennin’s dead body and pray to him.

they can't look at his grave or look at a painting of lenin

Honestly his wishes are irrelevant. When he became leader of the revolution, he gave himself to the cause, and to the collective. Lenin the man became Lenin the symbol on his death.

I still want to visit it tho

I kinda like that he is still there. Seeing him with your own eyes is powerful.

The body is just a vessel anyway.

fucking liberal

I will soon, if communism wills it, Mujahid.


How can people accuse Stalin of cultivating a cult of personality when he intentionally preserved the body of his predecessor and refused to have the same done for himself? Honestly it's sad how liberals have been able to brainwash everyone and convince them that Stalin was some kind of demon.

It was more the counter-signalling succdems fam. Worse because they had more insight into Stalin, so were better able to paint him as the boogeyman.


some lyrics from the soviet anthem in 1944
Through tempests the sun of freedom shone to us,
And the great Lenin illuminated our path,
We were raised by Stalin to be true to the people,
To labour and heroic deeds he inspired us!

Stop saying this shit please. Who Lenin personally wanted to take his place is irrelevant. He wasn't some fucking monarch god emperor. He didn't have the authority to decide that shit. The party chose Stalin.

Fidel had the right idea:



Lenin changed his mind on his "succesion" several times, also it was only a suggestion if anything.

Lmao who actually believes this?

Russia was very poor before World War 1

Well at the end of his life he had some mental problems so its not possible for him to wish something like that in his final months of life

I'd prefer a grave site, desu

Burying people is a spook.

Oh no, not a respectful mausoleum!

I think it's pretty rad tbh.

Lol the Netherlands was more powerful.

only because Stalin politicked very hard and tricked trotsky into missing the funeral

Trotsky wasn't even very popular in the party though Bukaharin had a better chance than Trotsky

as I understand it, the corpse is basically a wax sculpture now

Literally everyone was clowning on them for getting BTFO by Japan

lol, stalin himself admitted that Trotsky was the most popular politician in Russia at the time after Lenin

Maybe for the general populace (sauce please) but I said within the party, you know the guys who actually vote on the new party leader. Kamenev and Bukaharin had way more party support than Trotsky mostly because of his public spats with Lenin.


A failed pipe dream that never had any chances of survival

Are you saying the USSR was anything else?

As the head of the Red Army Trotsky was pretty hated by some peasants and the Ukranian anarchists

It was a socialist world power that managed to successfully export socialism beyond its borders

And in the 90s collapsed

Yep, and literally nothing happened in between.