Shit Normies Say


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said my grandmother when i told her i went to a protest


Because they're ok with being wage slaves?

my parents are unironically anti-war
I think they just have PTSD from Vietnam or something but they think all violence = evil.

Maybe you should become petty bourg. Reading books is easier with full stomach.

You mean your parents are unironically sensible adults with an edgelord son?

This is a stupid response, worded in communist lingo to stop any retort. Nobody would ever actually say this in real life.

Not an argument.

t.corruption apologist

the type of useless cunt that when caughts a burgler inside his home, instead of defending it, you show him where do you have your savings.

Glad to see you're a fucking moron, like OP, lacking actual rhetorical skills. Another thread where I'm the smartest, surrounded by mongoloid cowboy roleplayers.

Hello reddito, we speak English on this site.

you can't be serious
I mean, what has war done besides…
after all?

And you know this how?

Nice language skills you dipshit.


Nice to say Iraq War-era neocon rhetoric has made another insecure victim.

Because I'm not a fucking spastic like yourself. If you're actually serious, try rewriting your argument in a way that isn't "Hey but when you say why don't you start a business don't they really just say "HURRR I LOVE BEING FUCKED IN THE ASS BY MY BOSS HURRR RR GUGUERRU""
Christ you're fucking dumb. Write a proper fucking post for once.

It has… destroyed infrastructure, protected and expanded feudalism, protected and expanded slavery, created Fascism, and is now currently putting capitalism in life support?

Are you one of those idiots who think that just because communism defend violence in case of a revolution we need to become hawks and expansionists? I thought you people had died with the 30's Trotskyist generation.

Don't you start with your fucking reddit spacing, faggot.

You must be a really powerful telepath, because you can read the minds of all individuals on earth.
How else would be able to know that nobody would respond like that?

Complaining about this dumb shit is the unmistakable signs of a newfag trying to posture as a veteran. Go eat a dick.

I'm being told that instead of starting my own business I need to "experience the world" and apply to more jobs. I just want to do my own thing and not slave away for someone that doesn't give a shit about me.

I'll never understand these fucking people's logic. I encounter similar arguments.


You're a really powerful retard, that's for sure. What the fuck are you even doing on this board? You're clearly quite handicapped mentally.

Christ you're a fucking faggot. I bet you consider 2013 oldfags.

"Why are there no successful worker's co-ops?"

You're an embarrassment and you suck at banter. Clearly spending "years" here has not improved your posting habilities.

You're an irate lil fella, aintcha?

this is correct

Weirdly enough, it's my friend's mom. I think she just wants what she sees as best for me.

Leave newfag.

Epic win Holla Forumsro, try not to blow the BTFO me with your skills too much, for I can't handle your /bant/z. Feel free to contribute anything but reddit spacing and faggotry any time.

OP, start your own business you ==CUCK==

What if they did start their own business?

shut the fuck up

Could you list some majorly successful co-ops?


A thread died for this

"it's a mutual voluntary agreement"

Why do you post on Holla Forums if you're cuck for imperialism?

These are retarded arguments.

"the worker values his wage more than his time"

wtf i hate socialism now

Had a person tell me i already live as if in socialism because i'm on welfare.
Not working = socialism apparently.
Fuck i want to work even, just not 8 hours a day.

Westjet, Mondragon, Kantega.

what timeline is that, how do I get there.

newfag here. shouldn't it just be BTFO? or is Blown the BTFO some next level BTFO?

the proper term is blown the BTFO out actually.

I have heard that the most pro-war people are the ones who have never touched a battlefield. Apparently that extends to English majors who still live with mommy and daddy..

oh you

he's acting retarded on purpose to taunt his opponent.

"In communism, everyone is equally poor"

you should have listened lol.
You would probably be better off if you listened to your grandmother

Anti-war is imperialism?

So successful dood: myth of Mondragon Cooperatives, politics, and working class life in a Basque town.pdf.

> myth of Mondragon Cooperatives, politics, and working class life in a Basque town.pdf

Most people I've met have no problem with the idea of receiving a wage from their employer.

And my favorite one so far:

Just remember if you use violence against the enemy, THEY WIN!!!!!!

Sometimes working "for yourself" isn't possible.
This is good theory if you is a hideous porky.

"I'd hate to be my own boss, I just want to get in to office at 9 clock out at 5, 5 days a week then never think about it again til I have to go clock in on Monday. Being your own boss sounds like a big headache having to be responsible for your whole business 24/7"

Bonus quote:

My first boss: "Yeah back before I started my business I thought being an owner would be about being your own boss, but IU still have a boss, now my boss are the customers."

*An addendum to the boss story: It was a direct sales firm that contracted to companies making various products. And he was definitely talking about the companies he was contracting for, not the suckers buying the shitty products, when he said 'customers'.


Let me remind you

Average Californian

kill them immediately.

gets me every time

"In the real world…"


My brother makes his living selling things he makes on Etsy and farmers markets and he was poor as shit when he started out…

Yeah right and deal with a bunch of smelly losers who are only anarchists so they can SMOKE WEED ERRDAY? fuck that, I would rather gulag those hippies.

DPRK Is a monarchist dynasty.


What in the fucking fuck has this board become

it's just tankies larping because some white boi drove a dodge challenger into a crowd.

Look who's talking, Hitler.

How do you bring imperialists to heel?

good girl
too bad she's probably a slut

You live in society. Go figure.

suicide is a choice, though
you should choose it but you don't unfortunately

wise words