How to contain HIV spread?

I was discussing this with a friend of mine. I never used a condom in my life except the first time and I regurally have one night stands with strangers, I found this article while I was browsing /lgbt/ on cuckchan for shit and giggles and searched some statistics too. I realized that I'm more at risk than a faggot. I thought of this as a solution, would mandatory tests and deportation into closed isolated cities in case of HIV positive results be seen as a bad thing? Would once and for all stop the spread of HIV? If we take europe as an example could this work?

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Didn't Castro put all HIV-positive Cubans on an island as if they were lepers?


Sorry, they were locked up in "sanatoriums."

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Should probably use condoms and fuck women you can trust bro. Anyway the chance of you getting HIV in a first world country is pretty low if your straight, its way more likely for you to get another STD instead. In either case, use a fucking condom and/or get into a monogamous relationship with a girl who doesnt cheat that way you can stop worrying

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Testing yes, the US porn industry does it every two weeks to prevent the spread of the AIDS virus and there hasn't been an on set transmission in a long time. Exile no, it would be extremely difficult to enforce and enact. Imagine if a black market for clean tests came up or a rich faggot bribed his way out and those who slated off infected a whole swath of people. Then what would happen of those in the city revolted or staged a jailbreak and started infecting people in the clean areas? The best way is to require informing people of stds, testing regularly to stop the spread, and to use condoms when you fuck strangers you dumb fuck.

I'm talking in a socialist europe scenario here not in today's world
I do it pretty often because I'm paranoid, I didn't thought I was so much at risk tho

I found this article
Sanatoriums are genious, based castro

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There is still the possibility of a clean test blackmarket or jailbreak then. Either of which wohld prove disastorus if they started infecting.

You need to wear a rubber if you want to be safe. They're not fullproof, especially of you use the wrong size, but they are signifigantly safer than bareback.

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HIV spreads a ton because HIV drugs turn people into a Typhoid Mary. They carry HIV forever and their children carry it but as long as they take the drugs they don't show symptoms.

If people stopped making HIV drugs, then the HIV people would die out eventually and HIV would go away. Until this is done HIV will spread more and more and it'll be an even bigger die-off.

Also people can only test for HIV when there's a certain portion of it in the blood. A really low amount and it can't be detected so be very careful about receiving blood. HIV tests don't work if you use drugs to suppress HIV.


Or we could just cure HIV, crazy idea I know.

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the HIV drugs make transmission extremely less likely.


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If you dont use a condom for one night stands you deserve to get aids tbh.

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