We have to get rid of nazbols!

We have to get rid of nazbols!
Every internationalist is my comrade, no matter which tendency he/she does belong.
But nationalists are always cancer and as the united left, it is our task to fight these bastards!


Internationalism is when you give aid and support to socialist revolutions abroad. How’s that incompatible with nationalism?

honestly this smells of weak Holla Forums falseflagging
yeah nazbols are cancer, but who the fuck actually types like that? using the plain "socialist" flag is also sketchy as it's the go-to flag for Holla Forums falseflaggers who don't know their tendencies

Crypto-fascists should be purged.

I'm an internationalist and a nationalist.

not the OP, but I false flag as all flags equally

explain to me what is actually wrong with nazbol
I don't agree with them, but they are leftists all the same.
honestly leftcoms are probably more of a threat than nazbols.

As much as it pains me to say it, they are just book worms who put more effort into their posts than any other faggots here. The anti-leftcom shilling is getting tiresome.

They are no different than stalinists. Their ideology is anti-marxist to the core and I would never call them left.

the being nazis part is pretty bad

There is no such thing as stalinists you trot faggot

I type like that.

…said the stalinist.

The nazbol gang meme is stale

What? Leftcoms just post links and pdfs, reading ten pages or less of something you disagree with isn't a threat.

This attitude is why people become anti-Marxist.

No, you can't be a leftist, when you are a nationalist.

internationalism is just a sugar coat work for globalism. Sorry but you have the same dream as porky: a standardized globe. You are cancer and a corruption apologist.

Hi. I am an anarchist and a nationalist supporter of isolationism…at least while the rest of the planet is crazy and filled with capitalist societies where is accepted and even hailed upon to be a corrupt person it will be far easier if each one of us brings our revolutions in our nations.

t. globalist shill


Let me spell it out one more time for all the liberals and Holla Forums D&C agents here. Nationalism is a stepping stone. It isn't an eternal ideology. Read Lenin.

can you explain this fucking logic to me?
there is nothing wrong with post-revolution nationalism. nationalism only serves as a threat when it seeks to protect a fascism and private property and the expense of the many.

Leave this board now, anti-communist cuck


well, you're an unintelligent faggot

do you even realize what this word is supposed to mean?

Daily reminder that NazBol party accomplished more in Russia and all around the world than the whole Holla Forums and all its meme movements all together

Success breeds jealously

Fuck that. They are significantly less annoying than certain other tendencies.

Not particularly left.

Bourgeois nationalist trash


Thanks, my friend!


So your argument is memes?

NazBol is the future. Cockshottian VR isn't going to save you. Step aside you hobbyist dilettante vagina.



Quads override retarded shills.

Reminder that ALL NazBols are Holla Forums shitposters and should be banned

Nationalism is snowflake shit. Its like faggot pride. You celebrate the arbitrary conditions of your birth.

What a waste of quads

Being human is an arbitrary condition of your birth. You're just an anti-life nihilist and transparent as your lilly white skin.


Nationalism has always served to deify the State, serving the ends of a encroaching group of bureaucrats. The 20th century revolutions did result in a sort of State Socialism, but come the fuck on we can do better than that.

Nationalism as well as concept of nations are just a natural evolution of tribal organization, you can call that whatever you want but it doesnt change the fact that those concepts shape the world

I don't know your pronouns nigger

No, I just don't see why I should feel strong about the random piece of dirt I was born and raised on. Do you really have nothing else going on to feel proud about?

In practice the only people who are this asshurt about anti-globalist left tendencies are fairweather pussies still high on the liberal dictatorship's Koolaid.

Civilization starts outside of the tribe. The moment we stopped seeing the mythical stranger with fear and hostility, is the moment we as a species were able to cooperate to form greater forms of social organization, like say, the City, where people no longer saw one another in terms of real or fictitious blood ties.

Are you being disingenuous or just painfully ignorant? People =/= territory. A nation is a people.

You're projecting.

No, being human means that an individual matches a set of specific biological criteria. Don't fall for the pomo bullshit.

"The existence of nations is not only a prerequisite for internationalism - it is also a prerequisite for socialism!"
- Friedrich Engels

"Can a Communist, who is an internationalist, at the same time be a patriot? We hold that he not only can be but also must be."
-Mao Zedong

And you say we're not leftist?

You seem to be using the word "nation the way that the rest of us use "demographic." Why conflate that concept with the nation-state?

Can you get more retarded?

Nationalism = nation first not the state
You can love your nation but hate the state State =/= Nation

So you are just astoundingly ignorant. No one says demographic like that. Demographics can mean anything, millennials, gamers, single women, whatever, you idiot.


There’s non-Marxist type of leftism.

Yeah, that's really the only unlikable thing about them. Call me crazy, but I don't much like any flavor of ethnic nationalism.

Also Nationalism = pride
Open up a dictionary sometimes nigger

Nigger what? How did you get that out of my post?

Its a necessary step in human society in order to progress to Socialism, just like feudalism, and tribal societies, etc etc etc. Stop moralizing.

gems from this thread

Still hate this attitude when it comes to movements like Scottish Independence.

The pretentious "internationalist" position when applied to Scotland is in reality the British Nationalist position. Nations with independence get to coast along accepted, while those yet to achieve their independence are told to stop being divisive nationalists.

Ok your clearly a false flag


This post is unparseable nonsense. I was alluding to the crypto-transhumanist tendency in leftism. You just want to become machines. It's gay. We are anti-"Pomo", but it's clear you don't even know what "pomo" is.

it isn't a flavor of the month. You don't fucking matter. It isn't about you.

Morality is a condition of any decent society.
No one even believes this basic bitch teleological shit anymore. Hegel didn't even see it this way. At least read Althusser if you're going to call yourself a Marxist.

Meant to say Nationalism =/= pride
Fuck drunkposting is hard

Of course its not about me as a worker. Its about you and your "MUH Genes!" "Our durt!"

technically ethnic nationalism is oxymoron

No shit! Morality is an inevitable part of society.

Holy fuck this is your brain on turd position? What I was saying is that arguments like "HUUUURRRRRRRR DUUUUURRRRRRRRR CAPITALISM BAD!!" is just weak

Nice strawman

We're all workers. Do you think this is Benjamin Rothschild or David Koch you're speaking to?

Did I fucking say that a Nation was the same as a State? Are you stupid?

Now you're hitting me with that feelz=reals shit. Yeah people are going altruistically sacrifice themselves if they love muh nation enough.

Capitalism is bad because it's grotesquely unjust. Not because it doesn't fit into your abstract schema of an orderly world.

Correct. But history typically ends up disagreeing. I'm to pragmatic as a leftist to take the chance.

We are all workers correct. Thus Nazbols can eat a truck full of dicks because they put id pol ever so slightly before class.

Nazbol's just a natural stage in the evolution of an angsty teen to an adult communist. First comes the le edgy Hitler and suicide may-may phase, then the un-ironic neo-Nazi stage, the recovering Holla Forumsyp Nazbol/Strasserist phase and finally the class conscious Marxist-Leninist stage.

Actually yes, believe it or not but people can sometimes sacrifice their whole lives for the cause they believe in

"Idpol" isn't something you can just wish away with sour grapes. To an extent identity matters to most people, though it is confused by constant propaganda from all sides, and you can't just brainwash it away even after your hypothetical global revolution occurs. You'd have to go into their brains and start changing shit, which is a whole other can of worms, and if you think like this, I'm right to call you just transhumanist cultist cancer posing as a leftist. And as long as the bourgeoisie rigs itself up with idpol and forces it onto the masses, we have to work with it to some extent. This is an assymetrical battle as they own everything and can use whatever technology and science against us. So there's the pragmatism factor.

Daily reminder that nationalism caused both world wars and it is the most powerful tool that the ruling class can use to put the working class against itself.
Internationalism is crucial for the left.

To this day, I don't know the nazbol stance on internationalism and race.

No one says that a demographic is a people? That is exactly what demographic means.

What do you think is the difference between a nationality and an identity?

No, the last of the old Western empires collapsing caused the First World War, and the Great Depression caused the Second.

Well, for starters nazbol is an ultra-nationalistic movement.
Nationalism is the contrary of internationalism so…

Actually it was imperialism in both cases
1ww was all about power struggle between multi-national empires, hardly can anyone call them nationalistic
Secon world war was also caused by german imperialism

You are either an imperialist, or nationalist
You cant be both without being an hypocrite

My view is people can live in cosmopolitan socieities if they want, but most people would prefer segregation. You can stand together without being a mongrelized dysgenic slave mono-race bred purposefully by the bourgeoisie only to be exterminated when they feel there's a surplus when automation comes. Why would they keep you around when you no longer are valuable to them? By that time everything connected to our humanity over millions, billions of years of cosmic evolution will have been replaced with their abominable ideology, atomized and alone. I don't know what's so difficult to understand.

Read the thread, you are equating modern consumerist marketing terminology with a much older and deeper perennial outlook.

Idealist hogwash. The only things that need to change are the real world threats that the ignorant seek solace from in identity.

Daily reminder that internationalism and globalism creates rootless people without identity
And this kind of people makes the best consumers for bourgeoisie as they feel need for self validation and self identification that they fill with hyper consumerism

When you start trotting out this talking point instead of arguing, it shows me you're an idiot.

ROFL. You the Naz bol are going to critique transhumanism. I get it transhumanism isnt the answer to all the lefts problems. But naz bol shit is far worse, and basically the opposite of what we need.

isn't this literally the psychological foundation of a commune?

NazBol is the only left tendency that is sufficiently anti-transhumanist. I don't consider AnPrim a leftist tendency. It's the most hard core reactionary stance there is.

Your knowledge of history is faulty.

I'm gonna regret this. But what's wrong with transhumanism?

You can't be serious. Those concepts are diametrically opposed. Do you even know what those words mean?

No yours is. You are running with the Marxist talking point that nationalism came from European bourgeois radicals in the 18th and 19th century. Its foundations are universal however, and the modern version we propose has little to do with this "classical" form.

How are these two statements contradictory to one another

Life isn't black and white you pleb. Stop trying to act smart. You aren't.

And both of them were fueled by nationalism, sending hapless proles into doing porky's bidding

IdPol struggles are all the product of class society

"idpol" struggles are not the product of class society. Tribal conflict pre-existed capitalism by forever. Class society aggravates them and the elite manipulate this to their own advantage, on this much we agree.

Of course they can be called nationalistic. First because nationality isn't necessarily tied to race or culture, and may simply refer to country with its own macro-culture. And second because these multinational empire definitely didn't have all these nations on equal standing, so even by your definition they could be, and were, nationalistic towards the ruling nation.

I hate to be about "muh human nature" but it's just not natural.
You run the risk of losing things that are important for civilization, like
I'm talking strictly about genetic transhumanism of course
you are much better off with breeding and eugenics.


Well gee, the university should really take back my history degree then. What historical documents did you read to discover that nations were some ancient thing?

How is that even a response? Which came first, matter or thought?

I get where you're coming from but transhumanism at this point is an inevitability, it is the culmination of our current cosmic cycle, the Kali Yuga dystopia where all values are inverted. There's little that can be done about it by nazbols or anyone else. The best we can do is to let it all play out, the only way to heaven is through hell

No, that is the Holla Forums and liberal strawman notion of communism.

sometimes people need food or medical support. Nationalism says "fuck everybody who wasn't born in the same country as me"
Leaving somebody to starve to death just because they were born in a shit country is anti-leftist

yeah, I'm a leftist but desu the flags are just fun to use.

Sorry you fell for the college meme. But yes it is useless in 2017. Ancient Egypt had pretty much a modern nation-state by late 19th century standards. You should really review the current literature it's very eye opening.

"matter" is only constituted in and through thought. You have no unmediated access to it. Try again.

You should try being right about things for a change. Especially before you decide to be Naz bol swine.

Look what makes us human is irrelevant. As a species were inefficient and weak, we need to be replaced or we'll all die. As for civilization that concept isn't even unique to our species. Ants are technically civilized. Everything else your worried about isnt even an argument. (excuse the molyneux bitting)

As usual society only ills are shit like nationalism.

Read the thread faggot.

Told you.

Still far more useful to the left than a class traitor to be executed after revolution neet bol cunt.

You're literally advocating for human extinction and a visionary "replacement" you've cooked up in your disturbed mind, due to your disgust with "weakness", which I thought was meant to be a fashy thing. You are not useful to anyone, you're literal cancer on humanity.

I wonder who could be behind this post ?

Fine don't assimilate with BORG. It doesn't matter to me. You'll end up most likely killed by another human. You humans are weak and idiotic youll all kill yourselves.


Nice to meet an anti-feminist

Said the human

literally this
ignore sectarian threads
hide sectarian posters

NazBols are untriggerable newfriend.

Yeah, well no shit. Look its a work in progress.

Take one for the team and end it now. You'll be a trailblazer. Hopefully like minded individuals will follow your lead.

Humans did not create all they have created over thousands of years just to be replaced. Just because you are not happy with your body does not mean that others are.



You're not part of the team bruh. Your just cannon fodder.

Then dont get upgraded, stay human unaltered. No one will care.


what is this black magic?!?


What is this humanity you speak of? 99% of humanity are subservient cattle, skaven-moral sheeple owned by Kapital. To experiment on them, to recode them as we see fit, this is our birthright. If it means the rise of a New Aristocracy that rules over Earth with the might of Gods all of this should be welcome.

I would sooner aid Muslims and turn all of mankind into religious zealots for Islam before I had anything to do with trans-humanism. Trans-humanism will just further the divide between rich and poor.

But it's enjoyable.

Which "Ancient Egypt?" At what point do you imagine the kingdoms became a nation? It sure did not last long in any case.

Okay, you are an idealist. That is what "idealism" means.

Look this is my flag. Im not even a transhumanist but I doubt any of the transhumanist on this board really just want rocket armed porky to rule over all.

In any event the consensus on this board i probably that Naz bols are shit. For fuck sake you guys are literal class traitors. You've all said enough naziesque shit in just this thread.

The fact of the matter is this. Naz bol is the number 1 internal threat of the left.

All I have to say is dont blame the cyborg gods when the actual communist execute you all immediately after the revolution.

cool story bro

Yes, for some, taking dick in the ass is enjoyable.

Pretty much
Fuck Isreal!


Oh hey Holla Forums, sorry I subverted your movement. But the alt-right is a kike op and so is Trump. Enjoy.

that's not the only type of interracial sex you cuck

But you must help your own first. Consider the perspective of a German living in Weimar era where everything has gone to shit. You think he gives a fuck about Bolivia when Brits and Frenchmen are raping the country and her resources.


If your own have iphones and the others are dying of malaria because they can't afford mosquito nets, maybe help the latter.

You know what I mean user, the two things aren't the same. Different categories.

Why are you not banned?

National Bolshevism is the only kind of communism that can work, everything else is a Jewish plot to subvert the white race.

Some Marxist-Leninist states did embody national characteristics like Maoist China and Ceausescu's Romania

And look how well it ended

Well China rose to a world power and communist Romania industrialized and almost payed off all of its debt

Looks fine to me

Agreed, their acceptance will just lead to an increasingly strong Asserist presence and open the way for Holla Forums.

i kinda like nazbol. I can gather data from them,
but if you want to cure them i can synthesize a cure from a armchair.
it's can lead to weird side effect Nazbol Armchair

How about you please start with Richard Spencer, you'd do us all a favour

Help others help themselves and their communities. Stop brain drain and belittling good men like Gadaffi and Assad

They got sabotaged one by one by the CIA and Soros.

And yet there are so called "leftist" who are against them


what the fuck is that creepy thing on the bottom?

the creator of this masterpiece says it is him. Look at the OC thread.

And what then are these true motives for nazbols to be here?

To destroy the imperialist, schizoid, d.egenerate postmodern west by using dark magick to call forth the Outer Ones and bring damnation upon so called western civilization, so that a new, sane society may spring forth from the ashes of modernity.

The goal of the Nazbols is to accelerate the dialectic of the discourse by confronting leftists and rightists with a combination of left-wing and right-wing ideas. It has nothing to do with esotericism, it's just discursive accelerationism fam.


nazbol is just a prank, i wouldn't worry too much about it. just relax and let us metastatize, it's the natural way these things go.

/our/ globalists

Lording over cattle seems like a really annoying lot of work. You sure you aren't just desperate for attention like every other autismo torsogibber?

What did he mean by this?