China's Social Credit System

I've never heard about this before. Can this be seen as a path to a more social economy and the abolition of money accumulation as primary indicator of social status?

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seems pretty dystopian tbh

Gift economies would also be dystopian then considering they would only work with some sort of measurement for social integrity.

Social rating sound dystopian in capitalism because everything is commodified (means you have to be some sort of fake Instagram influencer IRL to attain social bonus points like in that Black Mirror episode) but they would be more genuine in a socialist economy without commodity production. The way I see it, the state in China will use this as a way of reducing the market forces and profit motive as primary incentive.

But china is a capitalist society, and really this "social credit system" seems like it's main use would be to punish those who aren't loyal to the government or are "degenerate". I don't know why anyone of us should support such a thing

The west already credit scores though. Of course since those are owned by private companies (and calculated by a secret formula) it's OK I guess.

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One of the criteria is literally "commercial sincerity", whatever that means.

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This is correct, but it could be seen a program of social engineering to dislodge people form plain capitalism. The whole totalitarian spin is of course something you would read within western opinions but I think one should give it a try.

Not be a greedy, abusive asshole. You know, that sort of behavior the capitalist mode of production usually perpetuates. Once social integrity starts becoming a major self-interest instead of pure profit-and rent-seeking I see it as a good thing. Money and production for exchange enslaves us anyway, we're not free.

The point should be to end capitalism, period. This absurd idea that secretly China is actually trying to engineer for a socialist society is seriously delusional

With newest developments and possibilities of social engineering I don't see why this wouldn't be possible. Comrade Xi has repeatedly said that capitalism won't have the answers for the 21st century.

Why on earth would the ruling elite of China, who benefit enourmously from the capitalist status quo, ever seek to purposely abolish it?

Hm, I don't know. While there are certainly are bourgeois elements in the party, it is not completely bourgeois yet. It's a living contradiction but to say the bourgeoisie is completely in control of the economy like it is in the USA or Europe is false.

Point to me someone at the top of government there who isn't worth millions

Looks like an entry path into capitalist totalitarianism tbh

I don't think it's impossible, but it's still an assumption. Hopefully you're right though. Regardless, there's no way to stop it.

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