Why do u still come here

why do u still come here

I have nothing better to do for blocks of time and there are some nice tits posted occasionally.

To talk to you :)

For the feelidarity tbqh

We all feel it.

I never knew there were serious leftist forums before I found Holla Forums and I'm glad that there's a nice imageboard place where I can ask stupid questions about X while giving informed answers about Y and nobody looks down on me for it like would happen on a traditional forum.

It's nice knowing there are like-minded people who aren't racists for once.

Imageboards are the best format for online discussion in my experience/preference and I'm a leftist. And despite what one-book muke says the place has gotten better not worse.

Because there's literally nowhere else for me to go.

Because i was banned from regular Holla Forums for a day. Not because of opposing idpol or whatever but because i called someone a nigger on /a/

The rest of chan culture is infected by nationalists and fascist wannabes, the Democrats are a lost cause with no platform and seeks to just keep the world as it is but every Democrat I know just votes for them for no other reason than "they aren't racist", and I always knew the system was unfair but I was selfish and thought I could come out on top of it even though I knew it was rigged. After some guy accused me of being from Holla Forums I sought it out and started posting. Then I came to the one that isn't raided. All those reasons combined and I realized that the politics I thought were the most rational were just debates over what color to paint the ideological fence.

So now after hearing arguments, I'm a socialist that has actual beliefs instead of some radical centrist perpetuating capitalism. I now have a collection of books from Lenin, Marx, Kropotkin, Trotsky, and Goldman that I can understand and help me construct theory instead of being the know-it-all with a PoliSci degree I was a year ago and it's mostly thanks to this place. It's healthier to be here and write arguments with backing instead of reading "fuggin' terrorists" or "fuggin' niggers" over and over again.

I've been seeing a large trend toward some racist shit recently tho, with the rise of actual nazbols

To read ur posts leftcom bro. I have started filing the post of anyone with a leftcom flag that sounds like u.

Remember: Holla Forums is right next door. You have tons of recent converts who want to reconcile their racist bullshit with leftism and retards who just want to stir shit up.

i wonder how seriously the US intelligence community views us compared to other leftist forums

do you think we're even on their radar

I don't think the US gives that much of a shit when the big thing right now is ISIS and maybe drug lords, maybe when we actually do stuff that threatens the stability of a government they'll care.

I have no one irl to talk about socialism or things from a socialist perspective. Every one here is a liberal (both social and conservative liberals)

It probably depends on what is being discussed on the board.

Absolutely this.

Eh, I'm pretty sure they are actually here, given the millions of people they have under surveilance this place has to be rather simple to keep an eye on.

They don't care. I'm always making posts saying how the US government and americans in general must be killed because they are aiming for world domination.
My home still hasn't been hit by a drone strikeā€¦.

It takes not much space at all to archive an imageboard, even if you include files.

On that note, is there any current leftypol archive? Lots of threads pass through here and I don't see them put anywhere, even the notable ones
I mean we have leftybooru but that doesn't work for entire threads, just exceptional single posts
I might make an on-demand archiver, so that you need to request for a thread to be archived then it will checking on the thread until it gets bumped off the end of the board, but I'm surprised nothing exists for it