Is killing the tankies an option?

I can't deal with these state fuccbois in my univ group.

how are going to protect the gains of a revolution with out a sate?

With bullets, of course.

My campus had all anarchists until they dropped out and started train hopping. Anarkiddies and tankies are both shit.

Bookchin would be proud.

State-controlled socialism isn't fucking socialism

The means of production must be controlled BY THE PEOPLE for it to even be socialism but these fuccbois want to give it all to a select few

How is that even socialism ffs

you limpwristed loser, stop being mad at your dad and get a real ideology

jesus christ you people are retards

Lol what's the difference between the rights wanting to give all power to an oligopoly of corporations vs tankies wanting to give all power to an oligopoly of politicians

Why are anarchists so dumb?



shitposting flag

mean while in spain the anarchists, took all the means of production forcing the bourgs to either flee or go under cover


they also built anarchist concentration camps and made it illegal to not show up for work. le ebin statelessness.

With the almighty power of Utopian AnCom wishful thinking.

why u disband the soviets?

Finally got a chance to post this

the were given time off their sentence for working (the work was optional, too.) and their was a comittee to make sure the prisoners where treated well which is more than the stalinsts ever did
should they have tolarating loafers, during a wartime situation?

Catalonia was a failure in a lot of respects but if anarchism isn't possible then socialism isn't worth it.

but it wasn't they did have inter problems but, i think if it hadn't for external factors the would lived

Sounds alright to me.

When we lived in tribes it was "illegal" not to work
Social contract =/= State

wow another thread shitting on tankies. Can anarchokids stfu with this sectarian bullshit?

global revolution or we go extinct

nope, they did the right thing. they created a worker's state, a dictatorship of the proletariat, and used it to defend the revolution. completely disconnected from any retarded anarchist theory though. immediately abolishing the state is a fantasy.



I'll kill any faggot who uses fuccboi unironically and unite with tankies to create Anarcho-Stalinism to kill trots and lolberts in a decentralized fashion.

Well campos de trabajos are better than Treblinka or Gulags.

They didn't create a state, they just didn't dismantle most of it


Anarchism is possible as an end goal. But as a transitional phase it's impossible.


I don't think anyone can expect a perfect anarchist society in the middle of a civil war. I think anarchist societies can exist to some degree without being subdued by external capitalist forces in our modern world. For societies of the largest scale striving for an abolition of work and all hierarchies, some kind of global revolution has to happen.

didn't they replace most state structure with their own?

pfff hahaha

srsly this

most of them are shitty larpers


larping can be decently fun and is more social than shitposting. It's not like you can expect to make any radical contribution to change by joining any revolutionary socialist group.

More leftist than the guy who preferred ancaps and right libertarians to marxists.

Its anti communist not to kill them.

Yeah why would he ever distance himself from tankies when they have such a great track record in america and abroad.

How low are tankies willing to go to slander anybody that triggers them, I wonder?

I think most Marxist-Snowflakists are retarded faggots but lolberts and ancaps are significantly worse and threaten to kill us more to boot.

Libs and Ancaps weren't le ebin helicopter ride fags in the 70s really, so I can forgive him for trying to appeal to people who would be more open to the sort of directly democratic society that bookchin wants


Eh you have to understand that bookchin was appealing to libertarians whom, at the time, were probably much more consistent than the pinocucks of today

Pinochet took over in 1973. Also libertarians had been paranoid anti-communists in the west for decades prior. Reason itself had already published a variety of articles by holocaust deniers. Bookchin knew what he was doing.

I wouldn't say every lolbert supported pinochet, or that lolberts and ancaps are a hivemind, and even then I don't see why it's haram to try and convince someone of socialism if they're anti-socialist


Yes, the TRUE left is, uh, the Israeli government.

Bookchin never said he supported the Israeli government you fag

I'm with you most of the way but there is a huge difference. Look at the history of how and why the far right have risen to power where they have, then look at how the far left have risen to power. The far right strengthened the capitalist class through violence and created social programs designed to manipulate the population into working for the greater good of their nation. The far left abolished the current ruling class and replaced it with an authoritarian but popularly supported government ostensibly for the transitional period to communism. However, the socialists were under constant and full siege from the get go, the USSR was formed in the middle of the first world war, then had to carry out a civil war in order to expel the remaining Tsarists, then almost immediately combat the rise of facsim and fight the second world war.

Then somewhere like Cuba, faced endless subversion and attemps to destroy what was again a popular government replacing an even more brutal regime.