Why do libertarians think marxists don't know anything about economics...

why do libertarians think marxists don't know anything about economics, when in reality libertarians and the right have the most infantile and basic understanding of that shit?

why don't more people call them out on their retardation?

Libertarians know the absolute very bare basics and think there is nothing else to know.
Everything else follows.

because of Bernie's retarded "free college" plan, which legitimately reeked of economic illiteracy.
shit like that makes it hard to figure out whether he's cointelpro or not

Because they have fancy multimillion dollar think tanks bankrolling all the propaganda they could ever need or want. Combine that with the fact that poor people who climb the class ladder often shit on the ones they left behind and you have a melting pot of self-hatred, self-deification, and and consumerism.

Are you retarded or just Holla Forums?

Shitty image tbh, doesn't take into account cost of living. Low-income workers in Denmark might actually have less purchasing power when that is taken into account

As a rule, neither Marxists nor Libertarians have more than basic understanding of economics. As with most academic subjects, it has become too specialized for a lay person to acquire any true expertise in it. But maybe you mean political economy and not economics?

The cost of living varies WILDLY in the US. You would know that if you knew anything about America.

Economics is a social science and they treat it like gospel.

Anything to the right of Keynes is retarded.

How does that change anything I said? Notice how I said 'might'.

One of those SJW radical liberals made a good point about this actually. The BASIC ECONOMICS and BASIC SCIENCE that lolberts jerk off about is the oversimplified version that you have to use to introduce the concepts to people who are totally unfamiliar. Once you get to the more advanced stuff they have to spend a lot of time explaining why the BASICS are wrong for being oversimplified.

Only rent varies wildly, everything else costs about the same. A

5 weeks paid vacation
Pension plan

Are you an idiot?

That's because we know advanced economy.

very untrue

I Denmark you get basic income for going to college. Just remember that it comes from tax payer money.

Utilities vary from state to state. Someone in California is going to be paying out the nose to live there, especially compared to someone living in Mississippi.

Didn't know I would trigger so many succdems. We shouldn't hold up Denmark as some kind of shining example of a workers paradise, while the workers there might actually live just as precariously as the ones in the US. A few weeks off a year doesn't make up for low wages. Not to mention that these amenities are under constant threat in the functioning of a capitalist economy.

Gee I wonder why everyone calls you the retard.

Dunning-Kruger effect.

So do you actually have any proof, evidence, or arguments?

I have only the suggestion to stop defending capitalist countries and killing yourself.

Please point me to where I was doing that. I'll wait.

t. someone who didn't grow up playing MMO's

85% of poor people are disgusting pieces of shit.
The other 10% are children, 5% are unlucky.

This is what commies actually believe

Fat use that is.

Doesn't even matter bro.
Why should burger king in the US pay more?
Because the workers work is worth more?
If they THINK their work is worth more, why don't they work somewhere else that's willing to pay more?

What that picture doesn't show is how many untrained 0 skill workers are competing for the same job opening.
It doesn't show what other opportunities there are.
What if there is a burgar king delux in denmark, citizens have to train 5days to work at this premium restaurant and are paid $200/hr.
What would does regular burgar king have to do to get even ANY employees?

What if working as a food server in denmark is seen as being human trash, having the social status of being a degenerate prostitute.
What does burgar king have to do to offset their worker's invisible burden?

It's quite short sighted to think you can just transpose wages internationally like this without doing some serious breakdown.

Less purchasing power means fewer trinkets for the "middle" class. Ironically enough, there are plenty of people with disposable income who complain and point to America as a great place to be. And they would be right, for their own case that is, if you have money America is probably a great place to be. The problem is that the poor in America are fucked beyond belief. In Denmark, you get free surgery and medicine is partially paid for (and you can get it for free if you are out of money). Education is free, there is a basic income for the people without work. There is, however, a drawback. Denmark in its own political decadence has turned into a welfare paradise. I am not kidding when I tell you that minimum wage is effectively the same as welfare. The government puts a drone up your ass, and you have to apply for 8 different jobs a month, but compare that to working 7-8 hours a day, for the same income (since you have to pay for transport and the extra energy you need, not the mention decent clothes), you soon find a lot of people not trying to get a job.
TL;DR: Minimum wage in Denmark: Bare minimum, but you won't be left to die. Minimum wage in America: Prepare to take another job or two, if you get sick better pray that you recover or you'll die, you might be able to buy more cheap piss beer or GogaGola.

t. Basement dweller

Because they get their views from videogames and memes.

MMOs aren't real life.

Denmark isn't a shining example of a worker's paradise, the United States is a terrifying example of a worker's hell.

This is amazing.

Are you fucking serious? Rest of the 1st world has free collage and we laugh at you americans.

the former second world too, to be quite honest.

Yes sorry bro.

Shit like this is why everyone here knows that Holla Forums are just a bunch of fascist manchilds. Jesus can you get more socially retarded please.

lol I'm without a doubt saving your post. It has everything on why ancaps are retarded. They will never be respected by anarchists because they're not true anarchists at all.
Anarchists support each other but we do not support anarcho-capitalism because we know better, we read books. We're against the same thing, we have the same end. To abolish more of authority, hierarchy, goverment.

Anarcho-Capitalism it's on it's own stupid echochamber.

A better question is why don't they force the state (the power they're governed by) to make the wage laws better?

Otherwise why have state. No private property laws would be better, worker makes something with the means of productions , he sells it at full price doesn't works a wage anymore.

Or he straight up steals from the corporation, or straight up kills the boss and robs his money. Anything would be more in line with self-interest than "working 4 a wage".

amazing statistics you pulled out of your own ass user, what did you eat?
This is what commies actually believe
it's hilarious how easily this can be turned around on you, for justifying a dog shit system that only benefits a sliver of the population. Don't worry, I'm sure your boss knows what's good for you when he makes you waste away.
I forgot, the laborer has power over capital under this system :>
It's not as though there exists desperation, and self-preservation, and that bosses will allow you to negotiate for a higher wage rather than just fire you outright.

0/10 kys

Well you see, the Burger King worker in Denmark is white. Just like most other people in Denmark. So far the most successful examples of socialism occur in more homogeneous societies. Can anyone explain this phenomenon? Is it because there's less idpol since everyone's already so similar?

Opps, I guess I haven't spent enough time memorising exxon mobile's oil dispensary.
How is this one spelled?

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No but they're designed to simulate RL, some of them powered by MILLIONS of players.
iirc maple peaked in the hundreds of millions.
A quick search says runescape peaked 250k
WoW peaking 12m
Those are some pretty large sample sizes my dude.

Basically all you're saying in the first half is

What is "better"?
Higher for no reason besides "it feels good"?
You know what else feels good?
What can possibly go wrong?

Waaaaa, why are they firing me?
Waaaaa, why do I need 10yrs work experience and 5 degrees to pick up dogshit
Waaaaa, why are they outsourcing to china

Then why should I bother inventing a new business, becoming the next Henry Ford, Bill Gates or Gabe Newell?
After putting blood sweat and tears, risking my entire life savings, who is going to pay for me to become the worlds fattest man?

tbh I have no idea what point you were trying to make towards the end
What are you arguing in favour of?
What points were you trying to counter?
If I am soo stupid, at least help me understand.

That first image btw
Well no shit.
Sounds like a fucking bronze shitter who's never put legwork in to git-gud.

That last image.
Why the fuck would you fight the rich and powerful?
You think they get there or STAY there by doing nothing?
Soo embittered and salty.

Believe it or not, it took me next to NO TIME at all to conjure it.
Something like a spark of genius.

He says via his computer/phone, sitting on his IKEA chair, in his walmart undies.

Acting like I can't just walk away and get another job.
That I'm not saving for a higher education.
That the current minimum wage where I live isn't LAUGHABLY high.
That my field (with no advanced educational requirements), doesn't pay far beyond the minimum.
That I wouldn't be willing to work for half of what they're offering.

Brah. Poor people need to gitgud.
Am I rich? Not yet.
But I'm certainly smart enough to neither be homeless, hungry nor in debt.

user, I'm afraid your delusions do not count as sexual relationships

Most libertarians, a group of people who are try hard intellectuals anyway (think of who you associate with the phrase "I am a classic liberal"), think the economy only requires "supply goes up, demand goes down".

Ah yes, I too like to cast fire strike on king black dragons at the weekend.
(Also highly amusing you'd cite runescape as an ancap: The Grand Exchange imposes caps on price changes of 5% movement each day.)

Don't bother. Bill Gates is a particularly amusing example given that the key thing Microsoft did was hack up someone else's operating system (86-DOS) and sell it to IBM. Where would we be without such innovation?

Yes, good boy.
Sexual relations aren't a part of our job description.
You learn well.

Yeah supply goes up, demand goes down that's 1+1=2
But it also introduces you to algebra and 2x2=4

I never played it too tough.
Found my niche and worked it.

Was gunna list D3 but it didn't have enough dimensions, namely the territorial element of resource generation.
The richer/better geared you are (and the larger your sphere of influence),
the more you can swing your dick around, owning larger portions of map,
being able to stand your ground in more idealised and competitive areas

It's fun to try.
I never settled for mediocrity online.
No reason to be any different IRL.
Plus the more money you have the easier it is to make an impactful difference.


99% of the faggots here never read a book about real economics leave alone an advanced one and just skimmed over briefs of muh gapidal and muh gommunisd manifesdo, because they can edge around about it like with all that dialectics bullshit and there are little requirements to comprehend these books or rather little substance in them to comprehend at all that could be tested by others. Jut like one of the meme fags actually ever read Stirner.

Runescape is Mutualist.

Rent gobbles up half the take home pay on average of any prole. Second largest expense is automobile payments. Energy is 3rd. Autos are about the same price nation wide, as is food.

The migrants the USA imports drive down wages.
The migrants Denmark imports are illiterate in their own language, very angry, and unemployable

All landlords in the USA demand I make 3x the rent in income. I am single and live alone and if I made 3x the rent, I'd find a better place.

A nice home is the majority of my happiness. The main source of my misery in life is being tortured with noise by neighbors. I would prefer living in a stone age existence if it was quiet and people didn't bother me.

How to make college really cheap
1) Good Will Hunting style but for the 21st century – learn everything for free on the internet. There's forums if you have questions.
2) Test to see if you know things. If you don't try and try again.

You only pay for the tests, electricity, computers, and bandwidth.

College now is nearly free.

You pay for the certification/degree. The actual education is secondary.

If the whole college thing is merely testing out on things, they can't get away with gouging like crazy.