How do /polflakes and other right wing SJWs reconcile the fact that jesus was a brown man?

How do /polflakes and other right wing SJWs reconcile the fact that jesus was a brown man?

If they're C*tholics they dont have to i guess

We don't worship a dead kike on a stick.

By calling him a Jew on a stick and tryna get people to worship Thor or some such pagan shit.

First off never use that term again, that's like calling Antifa fascist.
They would probably say that Christianity is a Jew psyop.


Right on time.

Half of the churchs are responsible for flooding Minnesota with somali niggers, the other half agitate for more wars for ZOG Occupied Government. Catholics in Europe welcome their muslim conquerors with open arms and will probably be marrying faggots and endorsing trannies before the decade is up. Various other Christian NGOs are feeding Mutumbo and Abgwale in Africa in so he can have two dozen children.

Christianity has become a globalist deeply triggering and problematic Jewish cancer that has outlived its usefulness and must be destroyed.

Why not. Both the autistic-right and SJW do weird stuff o there hair.

You might ask that about the whole of Christianity, especially Galaxians 3:28
All Holla Forumsacks don't live any faith authentically, they just see it as an aesthetic and as an extension of "Muh Hwite Colcha"

Everything you said is based on your emotions. There is no analysis here, just a hot take.

SJW's are a political group, if you are a sjw you are a leftist by default, it is a thought system not a group of actions, like I said this is like calling antifa fascist you idiot, acting like extremists doesn't equate to being the same.

You're on the wrong board.

I think you're on the wrong board.

Christian churches support non white refugees and are "modernising" to the point where they allow lesbians to be preachers, there is nothjng emotional about this it is merely a statement of fact.

SJWs don’t fight foe equality. The fight for black nationalism and shit.

^^^Literal Holla Forumsflake.

Kill yourself liberal.

Hello newfriends

Holy shit nice generalization.
Just because ancaps and nazi's work together doesn't mean they're the same.
When you see the two together that's because they're fighting against a common enemy.
But SJW's are egalitarian and black nationalists are in a sense too because removing whites from power is indeed the only way for egalitarianism. But in the end aren't.
Point being they're not the same shit.

That's not the bo, because mods ban anyone who is an actual leftists when they speak out.

Christfags will be forever in denial of this and have repressed jealousy of Buddhists and Muslims because their founders are confirmed historical figures.

shit we don't know your pronouns nigga

They don't, most of them are pagan retards or fedora tippers who read Nietzsche's Wikipedia page, the latter is the most prevalent in religious threads on Holla Forums.
Really makes you wonder what kind of western civilization they wish to preserve if they are against Christianity

most of you retards do through.

Holla Forums is filled with right wing SJWs tho.


It's a word filter dumbass

you're in fact a right wing social justice warrior but you retards will never admit it tbh

You're right but /christian/ is unfortunately an alt right shithole

Holla Forums is retarded, you expecting anything else?

It seems like they're divided pretty equally between Christians, atheists, and neopagans.

The bottom one would be
It's a pretty big difference, fam. The SJWs are pure busybodies and the gamers are alienated youths who are having their "opium of the people" taken away. But sure it's a better idea to just write them off instead of taking advantage of the situation and showing them how capitalism did this by making the publishers want to expand to new markets.

Revenues are up though. If anything being overly attached to the "hwhite male" demo has been hurting the vidya industry.

you could call Trump an SJW. is he a leftist by default?

For the big publishers. The good developers are usually small time studios that get absorbed and bled dry. It's more of the usual thing where "industry health" or the macro numbers look good while the smaller companies are dying and the micro side of the economy is fucked. All that shit is smoke and mirrors that supports the accumulation of wealth.

mods cia confirmed


But isn't it the big publishers that pander to the SJWs? Something about your logic doesn't seem to add up at all. Seems more like regular market forces being blamed on SJWs because it fits a political narrative.

your logic makes no sense.
if they want to pander to blablabla x individual whatever they will do it because they want. period.

It's a freaking non-problem even since it's all fictional, people who take fiction that seriously are only the retards. Who cares if there is a black man in Shadow of Mordor 2 (Shadow of War). Only those faggots care. I just care about gameplay and/or a good story.

couldn't give less of a fuck if the character is a black woman, black dude, a furry fox or whatever just throw me reasons to like the char thats it.

This is a typical american globalist shill. There is no such thing as "ZOG Occupied Government". American governments are the reflection of what you and the rest of the people in your country wish to have: World domination and annihiliation of real cultures in order to make the whole world look like downtown New York.
You and everybody in your cultureless barbarian country must be destroyed.

is agnosticism with heavy respect to old pagan culture something compatible with left-wing ideology?
Asking for a friend.

You underestimate how much they can bend reality for their own goals.

yes. now ask your fried to stop asking stupid questions

yeah you do.

sorry he's a bit slow and racist

The modern day population of the Levant don't look very brown.

The Book of Judas (rediscovered in 1983) said that Jesus is a shapeshifter. That's why Judas kissed Jesus. If Judas gave the Romans a description, Jesus would change his shape.

tfw you appropriate right-wing rhetorical flourishes and somehow make them even more cringey and empty


I once saw a Christian children's book from the Nazi era which explained that the Savior had to be born amidst the Jews because they were the only people evil enough to murder him.

Get out.

Positive Christianity. The old testament was invalid and Jesus was an Aryan who brought his message exclusively for the Aryan people and cursed the Jews and their wicked ways.

Holy shit can you NazBols stop being so fucking dumb? We get it, you hate the jewish capitalists etc. but seriously this is getting out of hand.

A lot of them are pagans you plebe

A.k.a. The Savage Sword of Jesus Christ.

I think you mean dweebs

Have you seen the pagan vs. christian threads? Plenty of them reconcile it by abandoning Christianity. (or "🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Christianity🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧")

Lurk more there if you're really curious about their views and not just after point-scoring.

People get mad because a lot of the time the pandering comes at around the same time as shit gameplay and story; EA may have downsized everyone who can write worth a damn, but an established brand + a media blitz based on diversity can still turn a profit.

However getting mad at the diversity part (as opposed to its cynical exploitation for profit) doesn't help anything; if anything it just gets people to dig in their heels and ignore the shit gameplay in order to stick it to the other "side".

There was almost certainly a man named Yeshua from nazareth wandering the holy land claiming to be the Messiah. There were, after all, a LOT of people wandering around the holy land claiming to be the Messiah back then