Where do we start the communism?

Where do we start the communism?

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The third world part of the US.

But why?

Because people of color are superior.

Nah. Alaskan socialist republic is definitely the way to go.

Heavily armed. Impoverished. Long history of labor fights.

They're classcucked af right now, but they have all the revolutionary potential you could ever want, and the US can't invade itself.


In my pants

The workplace.

That was West Virginia invading West Virginia.

How about everywhere? I mean if we want a communist 'Murica isn't the answer basically everyone agrees to assassinate their boss/bosses on the same day?


Harding sent Federal troops to intervene…

Once the revolution is over, we establish a vanguard party to take over the government, we create councils, syndicates and cooperatives where anyone can get elected trough a direct democratic system, every district has a council and every profession has a syndicate

do we have a "ctfu communism" group yet?

Don't forget appalachia is full of fucking mountains and forests which are a bitch to invade. Honestly though, I don't think a revolution inside the US would have any legs outside of a huge financial crisis or otherwise destabilization of the government and especially military. The most successful scenario for a revolution in the US (barring total collapse) would be WWIII.

I think we can expect the financial crisis, the things that caused the 2007 haven't been resolved and in some ways the issues have been magnified.

Places already undergoing some form of social revolution: Rojava, Cuba, NK, Vietnam, China

Places that have high potential for social revolution as it stands: India, Philippines, Japan, Venezuela, Greece

Places where revolution could conceivably happen some point in the not-incredibly-distant future: Most of the world

Places where revolution will happen when Hell freezes over: USA, Canada, UK, German, Australia

Its the only place that cant get invaded by america.


You shitting me now famalam?

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tbh, i see greece going fash before socialist. a lot of greeks are leaving the country (something like a quarter of a million last year) and a lot of the people left are very nationalist. any other greeks here to give input?


Deformed workers' states

Read Trotsky

Yeah, I see fascism as more likely, but there's at least a chance of socialist revolution.

Because revolution is only possible in th third world or some shit

90% of West Virgina is one of the whiteist satin the US.

Financial Crisis happen all the time.

>outside of a huge financial crisis
I didn't throw that word in there for color. I mean it would have to be bad enough that the US was struggling to have its military operational enough to suppress the revolution.


In space. Where nobody can hear you scream.

Just give them heroin and say socialism is against british imperialism

US military is legally prohibited from operating on US soil. National Guard is operated by state governments, but can be put under Federal control. It's also far, far weaker.

And what happens when the revolution gets any territory and declares itself no longer US soil (or the US does it for them)?

Start in Africa, then Asia, then Latin America, then eastern europe, after that the west will start to crumble and fear again

In the bedroom, and in the house.

It sure would be poetic if socialism began in Syria, the same place as civilization itself.


Birthplace of civilization was between the Euphrates and the Tigris, from Sippar to Uruk. Syria was the far northern fringes at that time. Sorry Syria user, Assad lied to you.

fucking paris for all i care

Why would they declare themselves not US soil? That's retarded, you don't secede unless you want to get your shit pushed in with a JDAM. The goal is to seize the state houses and executive mansions of the 50 states (ideally by electoral means) and control the levers of the bourgeois state. Do you even De Leon bro?