Commie hip hop

do you know of any good communist/socialist hip hop?

this song got some good bars

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No im not black or american.

I love this cover and immortal when it got out.

immortal technique has good politics but is a grade A cornball

Akala is not outright commie, but he supported Corbyn and has read Marx and Lenin.
and he doesn't suck like immortal technique

How? I've only listened to two songs of his basically. The one in the OP and "Creation & Destruction" and I think they're really good. I like the violent lyrics, dunno if that makes me some kind of edgelord or something.

There is a good amount of german commie hiphop, but its german.


Most explicitly political music is garbage, but check out JPEGMAFIA.

Ghostface Killa called himself a socialist in one of his songs

stimulator has a podcast for radical hip-hop, check it out:

Rage against the machine?

RTJ only good political rap

yeah it sort of sucks
like you couldn't play his music to other real life humans without being laughed at
only rappers i can think of who balance wokeness with actually being cool are dead prez and early tupac.

There is a lot of variety, and I am not much into hip hop so I only know a few and dont know at all how many of the not openly political artists are political in private or just show undertone in their music. But

Some oldschool:

German hip hop has been pretty political for a while, it got pushed to the side for a while due to the massive boom in gangster rap but I think its moving back a little.

He is pretty verse on isreal in some of his work

MIA is not explicitly socialist but she's the represents the perfect intersection of leftism and creativity as far as hip hop goes for me. so many socialist rappers don't have an ounce of taste or creativity, it's sad tbh. they're far too obvious about things.

We really dont care about this. Israel and Palestine will be small Republics in Soviet World.

Bambu - Chairman Mao
brother and sisterhood


Zizek spits fire desu

I was concerned no one else saw it