Serious question, should lolicon be illegal in Socialist society?

Serious question, should lolicon be illegal in Socialist society?

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yes it is child porn

Anime is counter-rev.

No, it's just drawings. If your definition include them, we should also probably ban Georges Bataille and De Sade books then.


Serious question, who cares?

I dont think we should ban drawings, even though I think its repulsive.

you say that as if drawings cant be porn. Also I dont know what books you are talking about but if they are child pornographic in their writing im okay with banning a couple of books that have no merit.


Some of the worlds most renowned literary art has themes of child pornography, or even pure child pornography in it.

So you're making the case for banning porn here? Am I following you so far?

Because I don't think you will succeed.

Probably not, it's not harming anyone. I would put the artists under surveillance to make sure they don't employ child models and such, though.
Probably also bring it under public indecency laws, so people don't display it openly and needlessly provoke their fellow citizens.

yes i am in favor of banning child porn just like everyone else in the world. it doesnt matter if i will succeed or not child porn is something that should not be legal.

I would support this, together with advertisements for anything that is not event related. Being less decadent and a bit more like the DDR in regards to sex wouldn't be a bad thing, maybe we can see each other as human beings again, instead of objects.

Jesus fuck what?

The thing with loli and shota is that it can be used a catharsis for actual peados.
On the other hand, it could also bring them to act on their fantasies.
Finally, most of it has unfortunatly rape and other not-so-good additional fetishes added to it, so I don't know.
You'd better watch this documentary before you talk about noncery you know nothing about.

some of us just have a fetish for small girls and outrageously huge penises that we want to fill.
or maybe i imagine i'm the small one being filled with an outrageously huge penis.
i'll only stop when when it can actually be proved it perpetuates pedophiles molestation of children.

Chemical castration is sufficient to prevent the majority of pedophiles from acting on their urges. Generally, the pedophile describes their sexual feelings as unwanted, and with the removal of their libido there is no longer anything to worry about.

The danger remains with sadists however, who's goal is not necessarily sexual relief, but to intentionally sexually prey on children in some kind of power fantasy.

What the fuck is with the left's hatred against lolicon and pedo?

One might think the side that support freedom and rights should be more tolerant, no?

Drawings can be pornographic, yes, but they aren't child porn as no sexual relations with children have been involved in their making. Only pens, paper and hands.
Read Story of the Eye faggot.

Why shouldn't it be legal exactly?

If your assertion is that it exploits children, this is simply not the case with fictional creations, because there is no living person that is directly harmed in the media. You have no case here I'm afraid. Trying to police this kind of thing is a waste of valuable state resources, that should be contributed instead to the benefit of the working class.

lolicon will be mandatory


Since naturally everyone will be an anti-natalist there won't be any kids so I see no harm.

ive heard the opposite with recidivism rates still being high even after the castration.

its porn featuring children it doesnt matter if there are no real children involved its fucking child porn.

drawn child porn normalizes pedophilia and that harms everyone. that's why it is worth it to ban it besides the fact that its fucking disgusting.



Read O'Carrol.

Daily reminder that the grand spook that is "age of consent" is completely alien in primitive communist societies and will be so again under communism.

What a fucking load of nonce-sense this thread is.

Pedos out out out

When left to their own devices for long enough kids will start doing perverted shit with each other. So clearly they have some form of sexuality or at least have to cope with developing ones. The sooner the spook of innocence dies the faster we can start actually helping them get through those developments instead of perpetuating the cycle of neurosis and repression.


I dunno, but it *is* kinda like softcore kiddie porn. It's kinda hard to enforce a ban on neckbeards drawing sexualised prepubescent girls, but I wouldn't mind a Marxist-Leninist government tryna stamp it out for being a quasi-gateway drug to 3D paedophilia.

That also raises the question of what counts as animated kiddie porn though and where to draw the line. In my opinion, if it's at least got c-cup boobs it ain't lolicon.

Shoulda known the Stirnerbots would be out in full force to defend lolicon perversion.


Don't mind this imposter. I am the real Afroplasm and I do not support what this con says.


I fucking love lolis, fuck the imposters and haters.

Cloning is the sincerest form of flattery.



If you were real Afroplasm you'd know its "Proud Pedo", not just "Pedo"

do it yourself, faggot, i don't give a shit and would even promote the idea of those sex dolls. they get registered and in turn get one of them for free + their beloved drawings.
it's a win win, they can fuck a doll, leave kids alone and you know who they are creating safety while cutting costs on surveillance and leaving people alone who got nothing to do with that shit.

Lolis are hot

Loli love Stalin!

well apparently he did impregnate a 13 yo during exile in his 30s. close enough?
besides the point though.
it just seems to me like the most convenient solution.

Fair enough, in some typa rehabilitation center for pedos. The goal of them dolls and lolicon should be to act as transitional tools with therapy on the path to heterosexuality.

Stalin loves loli too!


Please ignore the imposter and infiltrator. This man is no representative of the Afroplasm gang.

i doubt that shit works, therapy jails that already exist don't aim to change their desires but to make them concious of the harm afaik

I coined Afroplasm Gang, fool.


deep afroplasm lore: this is how to spot a true afroplasm

Nigger so dumb he doesn't rename his file.

Who says socialist states would have the same ineffective treatment though?


they didn't jail gays either, those got therapy as well. didn't work, now did it? can't change what someone wants to put his dick in or wants to be dicked. not like they didn't try anything with pedos yet either. they did exist in the Soviet Union and other places.


Maybe more research needs to be conducted on the rehabilitation aspect of deviant sexuality. Either way I ain't saying lolifags should get the shock treatment or the bullet, but I just wouldn't care if they did. It ain't the end of the world to me.

Also, anybody who pronounces the letter "H" as "hhhache" and or thinks Fallout 3 is a better game than Fallout New Vegas will be sent to a re-education center for the criminally insane.

I am a lolicon

i'd rather have drastic measures be reserved for political crimes

I don't think rehab counts as "drastic measures", m8. The treatment I think *actual pedos* (not lolifags) should get is like alcoholics anonymous. I ain't a monster LOL.

i'm the real Afroplasm

gulag is not enough.

The idealists in the left are always loudly against it and frequently fall for the "won't somebody think of the children" meme.

How do people find this bug eyed, plastic, weeab shit arousing anyway?

Of course not! They are wrong! They are immoral! They are poison for the people! Once we socialists take over we are going to ban them and collect all these books for our personal moral reasons and throw them on large piles and burn them in public so the message is clear. Then we are going to put these pedos into eugenics camps and castrate this filth, maybe those right wingers and capitalists too, all for the sake of humanity, I guess working them to death in gulag sounds fine too, only drastic measures can deal with these degener-
…oh wait.

was refering to bullets and shock treatment, not arguing there with you though

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It's trusty and reliable. Besides, I'm on mobile, Google purist.

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Lower the age of consent to 14, lower the porn participation age to match and execute everyone who disagrees. They're screeching busybodies who won't listen to reason. Killing them is the best thing to do.


as long as they got their tramp stamps they're good to go

Truly the lowest of the low.

No idea, but I fucking hate anime of all kinds. Don't matter if it's hentai, lolicon, extra thicc or just Pokemon-tier telly. It's so stupid…

So we're adding Windows Phone users to the long list of kulaks destined for the gulags after the revolution takes off?

Almost. At least he ain't Vietnamese.

The truth is that on Holla Forums everyone (except afroplasm and some bait people) agrees that drawings shoudln't be illegal/disallowed/whatever. However there are unironically people on left Reddit which are against it, even going so far as to call all of anime "pedo apologia". In my country, loli is illegal under pain of prison for up to 3 years if you are caught possessing it. So obviously I'm against such a hideous law.

In short, loli is fine because:

nah, they're suffering enough as it is honestly.

Butt tattoos are the non-spooky Age of Consent.

if loli acceptance leads to normalization of ponies that would be a reason alone to ban it.

It's almost as if they think that by making enough things illegal that they will be able to put whoever they want to in prison whenever they want to.

Reddit is full of virtue signaling retards. A while back they posted some PSA about "RAAARR BLARGH EVIL PEDOS WHO LIKE 17 YEAR AND 364 DAY OLD GIRLS ARE NOT WELCOME IN ANARCHISM THIS IS NOT AUTHORITARIAN AT ALL NOW GO TO THE GULAG!!!11!" Frankly, this is the majority of the American left and it's gotten fucking insufferable. It's hypocritical as fuck, and hypocrisy is more disgusting than any loli hentai could ever be. Wouldn't it be hilarious if the age of consent was lowered and porn laws were relaxed due to a socially progressive movement made up mostly of right-wingers? The amount of Holla Forumsacks who support socially libertine policies is surprisingly high.

You're right. I can't download half the new hip-cool apps that Android and Iphone users get to have like YouTube, Google+, Snapchat,…I can't even change my internet browser to Chrome. It's stuck on Bing factory settings. Bing, nigga! BING!😖🔫

Psh. Loli is for casuals. Real autists spank it to hooved quadrupeds.

Holy fuck. Jailbreak that shit. There has to be a root kit for that model somewhere.

LOLicon is degenerate capitalist filth.

We need more wholesome communist little girl porno cartoons to counter capitalist loli imperialism.

Don't you get it? Pornography is created by capitalists to poison the workers. Masturbation lowers testosterone, which is what the workers need when the revolution comes.

I think I'll never understand people who hold the laws in their country as the end all be all of morality.

If there is I dunno where to get it. Microsoft got tired of users showing their browsers less love than a stepchild so they tried to make it impossible to switch to or download anything owned by Google.

That's the free market for you.


In a true socialist utopia, just like how the state decides you might be a farmer, or a minor or a construction worker, the state would select a small number of good looking lolis to become prostitutes.
These would be offered to all the men who are high up in the communist party. And people who had gone over and above the call of duty in service to the state.

In this way, the needs of the state are best served.

t. Never used windows phone

"free market"
The free market is free, it's free for the rich to exploit the poor.

in a true socialist utopia we would have fully automated catgirl nurseries for this very purpose. back to Holla Forums with you.


Blue balls is the fuel of the revolution.

Bing that shit. It's there. And don't replace it with Google shit. Chrome is just as shitty as Internet Explorer. Get Firefox so that you can use AdBlock, Ghostery, and NoScript.

I have. My model ain't got that built in "switch to Google if you want" setting like earlier makes.


Thanks, Marx.

Fucking drone strikes are keeping us from getting nine-year old Arabian brides!

It's a capitalist plot to keep 9 year old Arab brides out of the hands of the workers!

Blue balls make you more animalistic, and we need to be animals to fight sub animals.


We must dance the Blood Polka on the capitalist pigs and liberate the child workers from their oppressors.

Pedos go straight to Gulag


The joke's on you. The pedos will be running the gulag.

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No, we shouldn't make drawings illegal, that would be a retarded use of taxpayer monis, be used as an excuse for surveillance, character assassination and say-so arrests, forment a profound disrespect for the law and the system in general, provide a cheap source of income for criminals, and make the banned material more alluring due to being forbidden. Y'know, like banning alcohol did and like banning grass still does?
t. somebody honestly disgusted by loli but capable of clicking the 'x' on the tab to make the gross drawing go bye-bye


Your loss, dumbass.


If you watched the video or even part of it you would realise how stupid you look right now.

LOL This. I even heard Mother Theresa May's gonna make "pornographic sodomy" illegal so if you ever watch a scene on Pornhub where a guy and girl have wholesome, vaginal sex and the guy pulls out and fucks her in the arse you're prolly on some MI5 watch list.


Anything indecent should be illegal, including trannies.


Watching underaged cartoon characters enjoying sex is no different than violently raping children, which is why anyone who watches loli should be arrested. What, you think that the fact that all the child rapists that we are arresting are sharing files of copyrighted material is suspicious? All that means is that all file sharers are really CHILD RAPISTS.

Not illegal as such…
More greatly frowned upon

These are traps aren't they? You can't fool me!

Anything 2d should be legal but obviously real child porn should get you a bullet to the back of the neck

Personally the big eyes aesthetic is attractive to me just because it makes them feel more expressive and I feel like I can connect with them. Gives the illusion of deeper emotions or at least being able to read their emotions more intimately.

No they are from [email protected]/* */

Everyone who says otherwise is a spooked cuck

No…but if it makes your dick twitch you will have to be shipped into the gulag.