Cascadia & EcoSocialism

What's LeftyPol's opinion on the Cascadian Independence Movement and EcoSocialism?

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All socialism needs to be ecological tbh

Mostly dumb liberals and hippies with a couple anarkids in the mix. I don't believe a socialist Cascadia would survive so close to the USA without severely limiting its own freedom and development.
A good idea seemingly filled with the worst type of liberals. All socialism needs to have the ecosystem as one of its top priorities, though.

Proto-fascist localist garbage

Never going to happen unless the white nationalists and leftists make some sort of agreement between each other


A lot of people identify with Cascadia without the secession part, as a regional identity or subculture. The actual secessionists are not very active because it's unrealistic.

aint' the cascadia shit leader a neo-nazi granddad bitch?


You're probably thinking of the Northwest Front or something. Cascadia doesn't have a leader it's pretty much a meme.

No thats the northwestern front. Actual calls for cascadian independence come from far left and far right groups usually. The alt right especially like the idea of a white ethnostate in the PNW

ecosocialism is dope but the Cascadia shit is goofy

Good for them, America needs a nice balkanization already.

Simply the recognition that socialism alone won't lead to a sustainable environment.

Ecosocialism is good, and the future of the left in light of climate change. Bioregionalism has some good underlying ideas, however it is a poor idea to base a movement in. Consider Bookchin's comments:

"I myself experience the absurdity of bioregionalism only too vividly in my own area, where a large lake–Lake Champlain–ostensibly defines a lake bioregion. But on the Vermont side of the lake, a very populist state constitution permits everyone to be armed (its roots are in the American Revolution, whose partisans feared professional armies); the judiciary is humane and electable; subcultures are tolerated; nearly all public officials hold office for only two years, in contrast to the typical American four-year term; and town meeting democracy is lively. On the other side of the lake, but in the same bioregion, New Yorkers labor under restrictive gun control laws and high crime rates; an increasingly authoritarian state government; capital punishment; legislation that automatically sentences any felon to life imprisonment after three felonies; and a massively bureaucratic system of public administration and decision-making. Every time I look outside my window, where New York State is a visible presence only a few miles away, I can only swoon over the fact that Vermont and New York share a large lake–and bioregion–in common. The tendency of physiography among ecomystics and spiritualists to overtake and devour vast sociocultural differences is nothing less than dazzling." -

Also, bioregionalism, being basically apolitical by itself, lends itself to cooption quite easily. Consider how, for example, much of the Cascadian """""""movement""""""" is football and craft beer. It's also worth noting, which others have pointed out, the reactionary tendencies that can easily insert themselves into bioregionalism as well. The Northwestern Initiative was brought up. Alt-right people like Jack Donovan and the Wolves of Vinland also openly associate themselves with Cascadia.

That's easy enough. They get everything east of the mountains, and we get everything west of the mountains.

Solidarity from New England.

I hope you realize that out of places like Seattle and Portland the entire land is full of Calvinists who think that Socalism is a sin.

That's not exactly true. Lots of aging hippies live in the rural parts of Puget Sound, especially Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan, and Thurston counties.

but do there farmers more inland support socialism. Because in New England they do.

Cascade is Nazbol

Would a Cascadian country be able to stay afloat? How do we know Muricans wouldn't fuck them over until they rejoined the states

Small-scale hippie farmers mostly live west of the mountains. Out east is large scale industrial farming and they're more libertarian than Calvinist.

The owners are libtards anyway. The migrants who do all the work probably feel differently.

Most seccesionists are total liberals, i remember talking to a few and all of them said they were "socially left but fiscally right", i think they should form their own country just for the sake of the ecosystem but liberalism is not going to help

They can feed themselves and then some. They have more still-functioning heavy industry than most parts of the country that are not California or Texas. Their power production is almost entirely renewable, counting nuclear plants. They actually have mass transit already in place. Apart from maybe California, there is probably no other reagion of the United States and Canada that could pull it off better.

Seriously If a revolution happens there. I’ll volunteer and fight for you guys. After the war is finished I’ll try to go home though.

When the war is over here, we will return the favor over there.

Kulaks hiring poor people to farm for them is a fucking censor. People who farm land should own said land.

Same here

What’s the gun laws in Cascade like anyways?

Cascadian independence would likely end up in a civil war one day though, might be good or bad

All of America or just Cascadia.

You can have anything that is not full auto. You have to register every firearm that is not black powder. You have to get the standard FBI background check done, again excepting black powder. Handguns require a special permit. At least, that is the way it was when I worked in the firearms department at a sporting goods store twenty years ago.


Ain't the Cascadian Secession Movement been heavily infiltrated by white nationalists? From what I know a Pacific Northwestern ethnostate's been a wet dream for Richard Spencer types since the 90s.

somegroups are wn some are leftist hippies

Is it anything like Anarcho-Primitivism?

There's a bookchin thread on r/cascadia right now


I do like the idea of making Cascadia independent, etc.
But that will need the blood of the white supremacists. Start killing all of them off and sure I'll make my best effort to help too.

Unless the seperatists managed to get Lewis-McChord and Bremerton to join them they would not have a chance. If they were to get those bases, on the other hand, there would not be much chance of stopping them.

Sometime unholy alliances are necessary at times.

If the bases don’t support them then shell them with homemade chemical weapons.

That's a civil war just waiting to happen right there. Doubt Cascadia's a long term solution for white nationalists anyways. If the Pacific Northwest would become a white ethnostate I doubt white nationalists being the entitled little shits they are would fancy moving tens or even hundreds of millions of white people to a tiny corner of The United States. They'd prolly just use Cascadia as their main base of operations, try to "red-pill" the rest of the states into becoming fascist ad finally rejoin the country once most of it's indistinguishable from Cascadia. Then they'd of course kill all the blacks, deport all the Mexicans and Asians and keep the Natives on their reservations.


There's a fucktonne of white supremacists up there and even more in Idaho. Like I said, the northwestern ethnostate idea ain't new and Stormfags already have a buncha acres and militias in them states.

Who's hyped though?

nah they'd just fight over who's white enough

Holla Forums want’s Cascadia to be a place where white people would be after da joos gas all the whites. Obviously not all white people would fit there.

Learn how to turn a bad thing into a good thing.–Ribbentrop_Pact#Remembrance

Here's a question. Is the "joo" meme a jew meme? Like how you can't even type God cos of your gay ass religion?

There's a few different Cascadian secession movements: The main movement, the Red Cascadians, and a probably unrelated White Nationalist movement.

As a Cascadian, I would be happy to secede, as long as a viable socialist government could be put into place.

You would have to kill the libertarians though

and the stormfags

Do you know what ecology is?

damn nazi's are fucking retards arent they

How big are they

If they want an ethnostate why don’t they start one in Europe?


Thats a weird way to say yes though?

They cant because like anyone who isn't a neoliberal shill they have no voice ya dufus

What are you smoking lmao

I think a lot of cascadians are honestly for a general breakup of the united States. Cascadia would just be their little chunk of it after the fact.
The Doug is a shit flag though, get a northwest native art salmon in there instead.

I think he's saying that the cascadian WNs would try to get people to move but ultimately all the other white nationalists would just be lazy and continue whining for a white state where they already are.