What does Holla Forums think of this?


What does Holla Forums think of this?
I think he's right. When you target an ethnic group with a collective crime, you get events like the murder of the Kulaks, or the Holocaust.


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But the Ukranians weren't "targeted", they were subject to famines that every other Soviet citizen took up the ass at the time.

Here's a better, leftist, critique of this sort of muh privilege nonsense.

im not going to watch kermits video

I ain't giving that fag views.

He's probably right, but no.

(Christian Commie)

To love the west and hate Christianity is to love the story but hate the hero.


I mean, that isn't necessarily an unreasonable position.

I watched a few of his videos and it always make me cringe to hear the alt-right crowd cheering him the few times he digresses and says something appealing to them.
I know the guy is a moderate, I wonder if he doesn't feel ashamed a little bit when he does that.

He complains about cultural marxism and the 100 m*llion.

I don't see why he should, I mean to what degree can you hold someone responsible for their audience if they themselves are not as extreme as some of their audience?

The kulaks deserved it though.

You do realize he teaches at a Canadian university right? His followers are far from alt-right. If anything he pushes liberals to become centrists, and look how many "centrists" voted for Trump.

What's worse minority groups bitching about this or majority groups bitching about this

I really for the life of me cannot tell which is more god damn annoying to me

Yeah. My roommate loves this guy. I think the man is stupid as sin and doesn't understand leftism. It is shocking how people think he is 'objective' and yet his free speech rantings don't add up when you look at the recent anti-BDS legislation that's being shoved through the US gov't. This guy has virtually nothing to say about it. Funny that. Oh and he believes in god too, greaaaaaaaaaaaat, how fucking objective lmao

There's just something deeply ironic about someone that preaches empiricism then uses his bullshit to justify his religious beliefs. Can someone explain this shit to me?

Wait has he said anything about the BDS bill?

This guy is a tenured professor?

Jesus Christ, this sort of trite bullshit is the sort of thing I'd expect from a "self help" con artist.

I think it started with Thomas Aquinas.


Jesus christ
People take this Banal shit seriously?

/r/ing "The impossibility of an ontological proof of the existence of God", "The impossibility of a cosmological proof of the existence of God" and "The impossibility of the physico-theological proof of the existence of God" in comic form.




thanks user.

Guess we should start doing it more often then

Privilege politics is petty and inconsequential bourgeois virtue signaling. This critique, like everything Jordan Peterson says, it is a load of idealist nonsense.

liberals are centre-right, fucktard


This man is worst pseudo-intellectual excuse for a professor I have ever had the displeasure to witness. He should stick to psychology.

motherfucker he set up a patreon and is raking in 50k+ a month, does that seem like someone who cries himself to sleep thinking of the crowd he's attracting

does he mention solzhenitsyn in every single video for fucks sake

Clean your fucking room and rescue your goddamn father already, Holla Forums

why doesn't someone just shoot him?

And make a martyr out of him?


Atheism irreversibly BTFO

t. man with messy room

but seriously. cleaning up your room is banal, but not bad, advice for people who are struggling with getting control of their own life, or the "alt right" as some call them.