Wake up


Are you saying all communist thinking folks are waiting for Nazis to start things for them?

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Why not a Nazi masturbation fantasy? Calling it a class was is deliberately disingenuous you faggot. I can't wait to kill niggers with moon man :^)


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I know so many faggots like this, in an actual class war this tacticool upper class leftist will get btfo by a working class redneck with a 30-06.

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Easy there Tyrone, maybe spend a little time on the range with yo "problem solva" for a bit so you don't hit so many bystanders during your next drive by.

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Why live?

There is, and we're losing by walkover.

Original pic was actually an anti communist one, OP's is an edit. Also

I'm a redneck with a .30-06

Harder to gain support if you're the ones starting the violence. Leftists need their casus belli.

Because porky has conditioned people to think that violence is wrong in all situations. Revolution is impossible without support of the people and violence puts people off.

Well what are you doing about it?

Worked for Anarchist Spain desu

Is the ancom patch edited in?

Yes? Iz u blind D:

There's always class war. The only optional part is whether we fight back.

Pretty sure the army trying to coup the elected government had something to do with it.

Don't let your dreams be dreams!

There is? It's just pretty one-sided at the moment.

Good. To keep liberals is to no benefit and to destroy them is to no loss.

That was after the anarchists and fascists started assassinating each other and the republicans locked a lot of fascists up in prison. Anarchists started the killings first, it wasn't until the fascists did a drive by on the anarchists that they really started fighting back. Before that many individual anarchist were trying to pull a Propoganda of the Deed on the fascists. Falange was actually very against aggression and split itself up between those who were pro violence and then those who were against. There was a triumvarate between Jose Antoni Primo de Rivera, Ruiz de Alda, and Ramiro Ledesma. The Falange split apart in 1934 due to the militias started by Juan Antonio Ansaldo , who also planned to have Primo de Rivera assassinated. Before the drive by it was essentially just the kind of injuries caused by street fights and riots.
*about half the army, the other half was loyal to the republic. Leftists can be aggressive and still have public sympathy, you don't need to be stomped on to promote your message.

Class warfare is ok though.

No you don't



but nazis are obese and unathletic. we'll be fine.

don't talk shit about GT daddy

these masks are so dumb.
Are these people alt-left or are they just edgy liberals?

It is up to you to take matters in your own hand. But usually terrorism is more harmful to the ideology on propaganda level.

Nigga I'm doing muthafuckin' mathematics

man I just wanna be useful for the cause because there's literally no other reason worth living for


Low effort shitposts are all you guys do. You're so sycophantic no discussion is needed, you know you all agree on everything. The only thing left to discuss? Bunkers.

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