Hello, I am a leftist that, casually, speaks spanish, and because of what is happening in Venezuela, the thing about the constituent.
I decided to search what are the points that Maduro wants to make and acomplish for Venezuela. I don't know if this 9 points has been in the board before, but still, here there are:

Other urls found in this thread:,

Here it is:


Of course it is. Like in Cuba…….

Este maldito meme vindicando a Maduro otra vez.


Maduro's gonna crash and burn so hard. And his shit stains are going to take decades to wash off. If they do.

Just point out how good the quality of life is, like in cuba.

I'm confused, is this good?

Let's see what it's actually like when it's put into practice. I wouldn't be surprised if Maduro's party would end up just using all these new bodies for rubber stamping


Maduro, Chávez, y el PSUV no fueron, son, ni serán socialistas. Es un partido social demócrata, el socialismo es puramente nominal. Antes de hacer cualquiera de las cosas mencionadas será usada la Asamblea con el propósito de seguir modificando fechas electorales y aumentar el poder gubernamental. Estoy seguro de que la usarán para extender el término presidencial a pesar de que ya gran parte de la gente está harta de el gobierno.

Más bien me pregunto qué facción burguesa es tan potente como para mantener a Maduro en el gobierno, cualquier otro gobierno ya hubiera sido tumbado en una situación como esta.

¿Acaso dije que lo fueran?
Yo me asombre al leer los 9 puntos estos debido a que creía que eran socialdemócratas, no se, quizá realmente es un farol por parte de Maduro, pero…
No se, este punto es bastante más de izquierdas que lo que quiere conseguir un partido socialdemocrata normal y corriente, ya me dirás tú como ese punto es socialdemocrata.
Es por esta política que está tan a la izquierda del espectro político actual que lo he llamado entrismo, ya que el partido que lleva estos puntos es uno socialdemocrata, no uno socialista.


Actually, things are pretty good in Cuba, all things considered.

You try running a small island nation being put under a brutal embargo by the center of the world market and your most natural trade partner for over half a century and do better.

No I'm fairly sure he'll keep all power to himself. Sorry.


Also is this shit like for real for real? Are direct democracy and communes really on the table for Maduro's new constitution? I wish I could research this more but every single burger website would have you believe that Maduro is murdering citizens in the street with his bare hands and telesur is in full everythingisfinedontworry mode.

I would fucking love to see porky media try to spin absolute unilateral democratization as "a totalitarian seizure of power".


I too can make promises, let's see what happens. Also, even if he is for real, the US probably isn't happy with such a case.

What makes you think the PSUV will do a 180 now?

Please use an operating system that respect the freedom of the users, like Linux Mint or any other GNU/Linux distribution.

Stop using Windows.

I don't disagree, but that's way off topic. GTFO.

Lets hope he pushes trough, collectivises the means of production and redistributes income, rather than artificially keeping product prices low (which leads to overconsumption and rationing and queues which creates unrest)


Words are just that. What is he going to DO?

It's almost like the bourgeoise is slandering socialist construction as tyranny whereever its making decisive steps. Really makes you think.

wink wink
nudge nudge

Wow, people here are THAT desperate. Seriously do something useful instead of LARPing and jerking off to nationalist social democratic shitholes. None will "gulag da kulaks xD" again, grow up.

populist idioto

what a word salad
how is he gonna diversify? export led growth model ain't gonna work anymore when world demand is slacking, chinks already experiencing problems with this, plus it would be a race to the bottom

who is gonna finance these rights?
especially when your central bank is a subdivision of federal reserve

Maduro have gone full spirital n shiet

More news about Venezuela
There has been a new attemp to coup to goverment
This morning, military men from the 41º armoured bligade have declared themselves in insurgency in fort Paramacay, fort in the second most important city in Venezuela, Valencia, in the state of Carabobo.
Reports say that the rebellion has been put down by loyal forces of the military with some fierce fighting, but there is still resistance in the weapons yard (An user in hispachan, hispanic chan, says that has a familiar in the base, and he says that there has been 80 casualties, but it's not confirmed and probably is just some guy lying), but all around the country there's been a domino effect. We still do not have sufficient information on this topic, but perhaps this is the start of a coup or a venezuelan civil war.
Translation from the rised military:
>We clarify this is not a coup d'etat, this a civic military action to restore the constitutional order, but even more so to sve the country from total destruction, to stop of our young and our relatives.
And then the video stops.

Creo que este es el false flag más obvio que he visto.

Hello Venezuela I am CIA


This isn't a coup guys, we promise. Once we have had the national assembly purged we will be sure to start scheduling elections for some point in the future.

Whatever else he is, Maduro is a fool for turning Venezuela into a petro-state. They need to diversify their economy.
Also, I don't know much about Maduro, but his willingness (and apparent eagerness) to gamble with his Venezuela's security and stability seems to signal to me that he's just Erdogan-lite–a dictator-in-waiting. I hope I'm wrong on that, though.
The constituent assembly is a good start for actually putting power into the people's hands, but only if it's actually a popular body free of corruption, rather than a rubber stamp for Maduro.
You cannot achieve socialism from the top down. Even if you have a socialist leader, the only useful thing he can do is establish the conditions that allow for bottom-up change.

Oh no. Sounds like they're going full Tankie. RIP Venezuela.

There is more of the video, but happens that I got the video from Hispachan and someone cut it to get the video into the chan. There's more of it.

There are still conflicts at Valencia, contradicting the goverment who said the rebellion was put down, and a citizen has been shot dead.


It is, you fool.

Maduro's mistake was that he did not go tankie earlier.

The government are shit reformists who are consistently being sabotaged by cia-backed liberals opposition and military factions who the government has till now paid off. The attempts to stage a successful coup aren't likely to stop.
All we can do is put our hope in the venezuelan workers and peasants and their ability to overcome.
Maybe the workers will even carry out a genuine revolution if a coup were to succeed in eliminating Maduro and the PSUV.

Maduro wasn't the one that did that though.

I thought that it was Maduro who did that. Was it Chavez?

It has been a petro state long before any of us were born. It is just more comfortable to sit on the gold while it lasts rather than actually see that your economy doesn't depend on one single good.

Juan Cuaguaripano and his troops has escaped from the fort with huge amount of weapons.


Who is Juan Cuaguaripano?
What fort?

See this:

That's just not true. They used to be more diversified. Now they rely solely on oil, and the drop in global prices is fucking them more than it normally would.

If this is true, a rebellion is imminent. The question would then become whether the rebellion dies quickly or swells into a civil war.
I don't know which side to support, since I don't know enough about Venezuela to have a concrete opinion on the matter. But a pre-existing army of professional soldiers becoming politically active and taking their own initiative to fight within their home country–that's always a bad sign. If this were a popular militia, I might have a different opinion.

Recently, the goverment has shutdown the social networks like Twitter


Sadly only in Venezuela, though.


Are you sure that you didn't just click on a broken link? I can use Twitter, but it loads really slow (just like everything else, fucking CANTV)

this is reporting from venezuelan anons in the /ve/ board of Hispachan (, you can go there and examinate it yourself

They're pretty pro-opposition, tho.

Chispachan is shitposting central at this point, it was made by juanitos for juanitos

Yeah, there's a lot of shitposting mixed in.

Also, what the fuck kind of font rendering is this?

This is smart. If the last years have taught us anything, its that social media can be used as a powerful weapon.

Almost every single website or forum with Venezuelans in it has been "pretty pro-opposition" for the last 10 years, despite the high percentage of internet users in Venezuela (higher than in the rest of Latin America).

Hispachan has always been cancer to be honest. Not even le epic happenings make it worth wading through the cesspool of shit.

They're adding a second wall to the Cuban embassy in Caracas

big lol at the retards that think you can turn a third world state into an advanced and diversified economy that easily, especially when a big part of petrodollars goes towards actually improving the lives of people instead of being invested for profit for the elites. also i've read theyre pretty much self sufficient in food so there's that

Yeah, that must be why the supermarkets are full of Colombian and Brazilian food, and the government distributes boxes of subsidized food imported from Mexico.

Those comments are pure autism.

You seem to have forgotten the part where you don't save shit and corruption is immense.


surely socialism will succeed this time

Real socialism was never tried.

Here's the thing: socialism is not tried, it is the real movement which abolishes the present state of things.

>did not see the bait

Supposedly, The leader of the rebellion, Juan Carlos Caguaripano will contact with the public this night

His twitter:

I'd suppose it's a cultural idiom…

The hispanic right is incredibly catholic, and also he's saying this shit of God everytime he can, almost.

Maduro has to crush these rats fast.

The rebels has started counting the weapons they stole from the fort Paramacay

As I indicated here , Juan Caguaripano and his troops escaped from the fort with huge amount of weapons, and now they're counting them:
Right now they have counted 93 AK 103 and 4 M6L grenade launchers.

Now I feel something embarrased

Tanks have left Valencia, we do NOT know the reason why they're leaving

These guy are not going to last much


It's false info, they're gonna magically acquire a bunch of American-made guns.

tanks when?

Like half an hour ago


this can't be good

so 30 minutes


You you posted a video whys it gone

It was from 3 hours ago, and it didn't had much info

Here's the video from 3 hours ago in Valencia, I think.

Venezuelans in general are pretty catholic.

Also, the operation the rebels are doing is called operation David.

It was diversified before, that's my entire point. They adopted a foolish policy of going all-in on oil, and now they're reaping the results.

They're also idolators who don't even really understand Catholicism and venerate saints as minor deities, and openly worship Mary. It's almost a cargo cult of Catholicism.

I don't remember the part where David is backed by the world's largest superpower.


Does the God of the OT not count?

You mean god?

G-good work comrade…



Fuck, I actually shocked myself with my own stupidity holy shit

So odds on Maduro winning this?

If they get the occasion to get in physical contact with the americans it's lost.

I don't know, but I see that the military will problably split up between rebels and pro-goverment.
I see that a civil war is incoming, and America problably would not join the war.
Why you ask?
The same reason that they haven't invaded Syria, but changing Russia with China. Venezuela has a debt with China of over 65,000,000,000$.

A lot of TV channels (like globovisión or Televen) had been occupied by the SEBIN, the bolivarian national intelligence service (Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional).

It seems u have posted using the leftcom flag. Ur post has been archived. Thank u.

Hmm makes sense but to be honest I'm surprised Maduro hasn't called on the militias publicly yet

What does this mean?

coup-preventing 101

Venezuelan media normally drills against the goverment, until the point that they supported the coup d'etat that happened against Chavez in 2002.
Also this

Censoring the media will strengthen the opposition's arguments though. On the other hand, not doing so would naturally make the opposition stronger through propaganda.

I'm not sure what to think of this, they're in a tough spot.

I still don't know why Maduro hasn't declared martial law.

This would be bad for the absolute same reasons, I don't think the opposition is strong enough yet to cripple the whole country. What they need to do is concentrate on shutting it down quickly with the least amount of casualties possible. But that's easier said than done.

This is why I think he should publicly call on the militias
Even if it's only symbolic it let's him show off his support while making the military rebels look like their fighting the average person.

Right now military helicopters fly over Valencia

They don't have the balls to do that now. Globovisión's broadcasting license expired 2 years ago, Venevisión's broadcasting license expired a few months ago, and Maduro threatened Venevisión and Televen a week ago for showing protests and not covering enough of the elections.

Let's remember this

Cuba's alright. They ahve a few problems but their medical care is better than that of the US. They have lower illiteracy rates than the US.

Two sukhoi planes has left the "El Libertador" air base, in the region of Aragua, with no known destination

Military planes fly at low altitute and their direction is Valencia. We do NOT know if they are rebels or pro-goverment


Fuck, they're gonna start a civil war, aren't they? Or worse just pull off an old-style right-wing coup. ;_;

Arguments don't win wars. And this is clearly about to become a civil war. I give it a week at the most, more likely three days.

Addendum: I was absolutely right about Turkey, predicting that: 1) the coup would fail, and 2) that the result would be colossal crackdowns and an accelerated transition toward dictatorship.
Let's see how I do this time.

In this case I hope it turns out the same TBH. Consolidation of national opinion around the socialist government, a good excuse to finally take out the capitalists and reactionairies, distrust of foreign media, etc.

I'd rather the constituent assembly rewrite the constitution and implement a socialist government with minimal bloodshed. A civil war is unnecessary, but unless something drastic changes in the next few days, it seems inevitable.

Who's going to Venezuela?

Arguments do in a sense determine which sides people take, no? You don't want to play into rebel propaganda if you can help it.

Sorry bro I cant shoot for shit.

Not fit enough.

I think we're past that point. Everyone in Venezuela is probably already firmly on one side or the other. Controlling the media is useful, but only to a point.

He wasn't alone.

Also, thread theme:

This is never going to happen. Stop being delusional.

There are millions of better ways to waste your life that don't involve dying for a bourgeois government.

Who knew?

This. Let me explain coup 101:

You grab power. The real power is in the hands of the people and the military. During a coup you sow chaos. You cast doubt upon everything. If you can control the media for long enough, people will eventually no longer resist the change. Controlling the media is essential in the coup.

The loss of control of the coup in turkey was one of the reasons it failed. Erdogan could rally the people and assure them that he still had power, which is why people resisted.

A coup is all about casting doubt. You have to win over all the key people in a country to believe that you will win, so they will back you for their own benefit. You have to convince the commanders and soldiers that you will win the coup, so they will pick your side and dont get arrested/killed for supporting the enemy. You have to convince the police, the firemen, the workers, etc. The person who can sustain this phychological control for the longest time wins the coup. To do this you need an army, but the winner gets the rest of the army.

I highly recommend the book Coup d'etat a practical handbook.

A civil war? It seems pretty likely to me.

Forgot to add:

For the coup-maker, theres only two acceptable outcomes for a group of the military or key groups. Either they are neutral and will go along with whoever wins, or they have to support you. Neutrality is complacency. For the coup-defender, similarly they need to either keep the key people neutral or in their favour.

A civil war is infinitely more likely than this meme. Only morons who read nothing about Venezuela believe bullshit like the above, when the PSUV has always shown itself to be full of opportunists.

I know. That was my point the whole time. I just said that a bloodless new constitution is what I would rather happen. Just because I think a civil war is likely doesn't mean I want it. Are you so stupid that you can't tell the difference between what seems likely and what you want to happen?

What do you think is gonna happen?

The leader of the rebellion, Juan Carlos Caguripano, will contact with the public in just some minutes

Your post made it seem like you believed that. Many times I've seen people here express absurd wishes like that as if they were to/could happen.

War is unlikely. More likely a quick coup when the US gets tired of this bullshit.


So whens that fucker going to make his big announcement i wanna go to bed

if you don't live in venezuela and don't have family members there then what's the point

it's not like you would be woken up by explosions, gunshots or someone breaking into your house if there was a coup going on

inb4 his address includes something like


dude learn to read

I mean, demonstrate that he said that

google "inb4"

Someone hacked the opposition coalition website. The video is a video of Mélenchon defending Venezuela.




No se preocupen, venezolanos, mañana vamos a comer pasticho.

The resistance (actual name of the opposition that appear at riots and shit) has launched a video supporting the David operation. This video has appeared at the twitter of the rebel leader.

Translation: "…" means something that i couldn't hear becuse of audio quality or unclear spelling

Look at those fucking nerds

Stopped reading tbh. What a joke.


"casually" means "relaxed, informal or without commitment"
You meant "incidentaly"

Thanks m8.

So we will see now bourgeoise boys picking up their shit and fight for socialism in another third world country?

I don't mean it as a bad thing, I actually want to see this

how is ppg borgy?

He's the heir to a juice fortune. wish i was kidding

7 hours ago, when I decided to go to sleep, the resistance has released another video with important information.
7 hours ago the rebel army and the resistance has started a new operation called… Operation Ninja.
We do not know in what consist, but I think they're gonna organize armed riots and will probably try to take cities.
For now the only reports of fighting has been in Caracas, in Bello monte, respectively. We do not know about the rest of the country.

Keep me updated, venezuelafag

Translation of the video of the resistance

Then he proceeds to get the sniper rifle at the left, and then returns
And then he places the sniper rifle where it was before, and then leaves.

Wtf ninja operation, oh my god, they can not be such faggot for the love of god, holy fuck

What does he mean by that? Who's he going after? He doesn't care about the government anymore? He wants to found a hardcore independent anti-drug campaign? Is there something I'm missing?

The opposition identifies the goverment as narcos due to some corruption cases.

Ooooh… So he's directly menacing government officials. That'll turn out well for them. How have they not been caught yet?

Why do they keep calling them narcos?



Ah sorry didnt see that


(7:30 AM) People have builded barricades in the Rómulo Gallegos avenue, in Caracas


It's more of an grand cultural statement against the man, you know. Dude, like, protest art will win us the souls of the people, right?
Like, geddem to share this of IG, FB, and Twitter enough and we've, like, won or something.

Polite sage due to horribly worthless shitpost

Does it mean or we make a real fence?



Guaya means wire. Essentially, it is less visible and you are more likely to die if you foolishly try to pass through that trap.

A lot of goverment websites have been shutted down/hacked by the resistance, like
Now, at those websites we can see the pamphlet of David Operation and a video of the speech that Charles Chaplin gives at his movie called The Great Dictator.
Pretty ironic, don't you think?
This cyber attack has been endorsed by the captain of what we could call "the national side".
Translation of the pamphlet.
>8: Identify, capture and neutralize every jewish cuban invasor, cooperative patriot, functionary or minion of the tyranny that murders, steals, tortures and mistreats.
>13: Consider yourself a military objective

Translation of the twit

Like or *

Why do they do this if Venezuela is a democracy?

Chavez, before being president, was a commander, and thanks to his management of the resources that he had, he could manage to improve a lot the venezuelans lifes.
In fact, before he was elected, he tried coup d'etat against the goverment that failed, then the situation was almost the same or even worse than now.

Fucking kek

It does seem easier than fighting in Syria: Spanish is easy to learn, and there's probably a lot of good rum and coke to be had.

Maduro you either go full tankie or it's over fam

And here starts the Venezuelan civil war. Like the world needed another.

Then you arrive at the airport and get arrested for being a CIA agent after a paranoid worker hears your retarded accent.

>A lot of goverment websites have been shutted down/hacked by the resistance CIA

Truly the hallmark of a bottom-up uprising, we're not CIA at guize we swear.

If a civil war starts at Venezuela, would you go to Venezuela to fight the fascists?

y tho

There are enough pro-government people in Venezuela.

You should add the "with what money?" option to the poll.

Where's the "im going and forming an actually communist faction" option?

I would, but because I'd like to further my education and go further in life rather than risk my life in a pointless civil war for a government that the US will shut down regardless of the outcome, I can't.

thank you for giving the "No, because the goverment is bourgeoise." option. At least it shows that you're woke, you have hope homie able to see a lost cause or a really fucked up scenario all around.

Unless the rebels get strong enough to pull off a Barcelona. I ain't joining them.

Little Baña Alabez lost her family on a barrel-bomb attack by Chavista gangs at the last hospital of Caracas.


If he goes full tankie at least the whole Venezuela must hear the reason why. Most Venezuelans are actually less dumb than most Americans, not even kidding.

Some of them still do want their own Communism. They do not want to become a puppet of USA's Imperialism but at the same time hate to be under an Autocrat (Maduro).

Calling it now, Zapatistas form in the jungle with a pro-Chavez stint.

I have talked with really woke Venezuelans they're not rightwing at all some of the mofos at r/vzla/ at least. You're right that the goverment is bourgeoise, such a thing always is.

see img. thats Venezuela, has always been tbh. Even tho Maduro is a best option than the Venezuela that is a puppet to USA's Imperialism but Maduro still isn't the best case scenario just a "things stay the same" one.

How do you guys think Bolivia and Cuba will react?

We are using open society foundation patented revolutionary methods™

"get out crapitalists reeeeeee"

They're closer to Colombia. I would much prefer if the remaining Colombian Trading Unions went and lived off in Venezuela.

You know the trading Unions that were attacked by Coca-Cola private "security enforcers".

Bolivia will be balkanized with the help of our asset the Temer regime in Brazil


Corbyn condemning violence on both sides

I understand his move to be honest.


good think I know Spanish. I asked @soldadoDfranela some very precise questions. I want to see where he stands.

It seems to me that we do not understand this "anarchists" of Venezuela well enough. Another thing that bugs me a lot is that they use Venezuela propaganda basically, like if they were nationalists, you know the fucking flag that means fucking nothing, etc.

I would rather see them all dressed up as Antifascists with Antifascist symbols, etc.

He's to the left of the brazilian "left"(PSOL/PSTU) who asked Maduro to hand power to the right wingers

The use of the "castro chavizta" line is very characteristic of loony rightwing


tbqh fam

We'll see we'll see if he is spooked af. I'll hand his ass over to him, his ideology must be based on dumb bullshit anyway like all rightwingers.


Holla Forums doesn't believes in free speech through. Here just a few believe in rights at all.
Materialism is totally correct and pointing out all Holla Forums's ideology as spooks is correct too since thats what all ideologies are… spooks.

Hey, post the interview here, if you can.

We really should make a point of posting Zizek more.


Someone did this.

Castro-chavista is a keyword here because that is how colombian right wing and maybe rightists in other countries call the venezuelan policies.
Nothing scares them more than a country that eliminated maternal AIDS transmission.

They got guns

o shit
We're going to see dead police and military men now.


The opposition is comparing themselves with the folks that developed the orange revolution and the Euromaidan.
Ok, first of all, this is not a communicate from the coup leader or from the resistance. So, this is more of an opinion of what I have seen in twitter (One of the webs where I get information) than anything.
I have been in twitter, searching for information about Venezuela, something about the coup and shit, and I have seen some twits, not that much, but they're significant, about how the resistance needs to do what happened at Ukraine in the so called Euromaidan.

Also, this people probably don't know what happened at Ukraine and think that was really a revolution and shit.
Don't expect much intelectually from this people.

user, are you local or just hispanophone? Regardless, thanks.

Please don't recommend worm infested chernobyl fungus garbage user

Zorin OS is clearly superior

The what?

The pro-EU Ukrainian agitators.

Comrade do you really browse that shithole?

Also Venezuela isn't going to get coup'd any time soon, the conditions for that don't exist yet. If it does though it's likely to turn into a fascist cesspool

Coups usually fail. I expect someone to try, nonetheless.

It's just like any other chan or forum: without sources it's just bullshit

Im just hispanophone, in fact I would have delivered to you the new about the resistance guy with the sniper ( ) If it wasn't that I live at Spain and at that hour it was the 5 am.
Why do you ask?
Also, if some hispanophone want to do what I'm doing, just go to twitter or the board /ve/ at Hispachan (If you have another webs, post them). To know the trending topics on Venezuela, follow pic related, and here is the link to hispa/ve/:

No, but I know about their existence.
I thought they would be talking about this. I went there, and, obviously, they were talking about this shit.

Also, some major news are ocurring right now, like, really important.

As people from the resistance get out to convince the military of Maracaibo, in the same city, there's a military reunion where they're discussing about joining forces with the rebellion

That AUTONO-CIA split t-shirt/suit combo is effay af

My sides hahaha.

This always makes me smile

Military reunion? How many? Who has the highest rank?

There's not enough information.

==Sebin has irrupted at the house of the retired commander of the 41º brigade, who's name is
Guillermo Rangel López, for supposedly aiding the rebbels.==

Also, more news:
Morales: Venezuela is strategic for the U.S imperialism to recolonise South America

We never colonized it in the first place. We just ruled over it as an imperial power.

Top kek
kill me, t american


How are the CIAs proxies getting BTFO'd so bad. Is the American empire really stretched this thin.

That's what happens when you get a ton of shitty presidents, followed by two really divisive presidents.
The US hasn't seen shit yet, that's why most Americans don't feel the need to talk about politics while people in Venezuela can't go a day without talking about the inflation, poverty, insecurity (murders, kidnappings, lynchings), protests, inexistent separation of powers, things like what's shown in this thread, etc.

As a note, this is the last article of the current constitution, written during Chávez's first term in 1999:

Thanks a lot /vg/user, really appreciated

If the left can't meme then the right can't coup

then I call it bullshit

What happened?

Thanks :)
But, why tho?
Also, /vg/ stands for /Venezuela General/, just in case the country develops into full 1936.

Coup d'etat 2: Electric boogaloo
Do you remember this guy from the helicopter? It's in the new coup too!
Also, look at the flags behind you, there is the flag I mentioned earlier and then, above that one there is a black one with Venezuela and a cross, really makes you think about this moderate rebels for democrazy


My neurons


In fact that is the ''colombian' flag.
My CPU is really overheated right now.


The stars are over the flag, they're part of the circle. It's just a weird stylistic choice. The Colombian flag has a bigger yellow band.

T. totally not the opposition in damage control.

No, that user is right, the stars are on other parts of the logo and the colombian flag does have a larger yellow band
t. culombiano

There's an arrest warrant for Ramón Muchacho (Mayor of Chacao, PJ (opposition)). He was removed from office and will be imprisoned for 15 months. He was already barred from leaving the country. The police doesn't know where he is, so they asked INTERPOL to issue a Red Notice for him.

The UN denounces at Venezuela of what they say is "widespread and systematic use of excessive force"

Because otherwise I was not going to look too much into the subject, and here I get both discussion and updates. Better than twitter by fat.

Yeah, it took me an embarrasing amount of time to figure what other than Videogames Generals could that mean


fukken saved


"Assange: We (USA) have found our new Iraq, it's Venezuela"
Link to the youtube video:
Link to the page of the news:

Sargon's forced "condescending" laughter is so cringy
He pulls it every other phrase

I think that you may have missed a few words there.

UN Unveils Report of Venezuela Human Rights Abuses

The United Nations' human rights office says most of the 125 deaths in four months of anti-government street protests in Venezuela were due to the "widespread and systematic use" of excessive force by security forces.
The office based its figures on preliminary findings of an investigation made public Tuesday. The report says 46 of the deaths were at the hands of security forces, while pro-government armed groups were responsible for 27 deaths.
Investigators say it is not clear who is behind the remaining deaths.
In addition, U.N. human rights chief Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein said in a statement that more than 5,000 people have been arbitrarily detained in Venezuela since the unrest began, with over 1,000 still in custody, and that detainees have been subjected to ill-treatment and even torture, with tactics including "electric shocks, beatings… suffocation with gas, and threats of killings, and in some cases threats of sexual violence."
"These violations have occurred amid the breakdown of the rule of law in Venezuela," Zeid said, adding that "Responsibility for the human rights violations we are recording lies at the highest levels of government."
The office based its findings on 135 interviewers conducted over June and July with victims and their families, witnesses, journalists and others.
Venezuela's social and political turmoil worsened when President Nicolas Maduro swore in an unpopular constituent assembly to rewrite the constitution. The assembly has already made its first major move, dismissing Attorney General Luisa Ortega, a former Maduro ally turned vociferous opponent.
Maduro has said a new constitution will bring peace and stability. The opposition said the constituent assembly is packed with Maduro supporters — including his wife and son — and predicted the new body will try to dissolve the opposition-led national assembly and turn Venezuela into a socialist dictatorship.

shit, I ended up quoting the whole thing

Washington Post puts this year's cop deaths at 606 and The Guardian at more than twice that. Where's the UN's concern?

Sorry, should be "cop related deaths" or people killed by cops of that wasn't clear.

I can't find that 606 number anywhere. Do you mean 60/66?

There's a website with US cop-related deaths ( that gives a number of 746 deaths right now.

Two things:
1. The US has 10 times more people
2. They list all incidents of cops killing people. From the most recent ones:

Yes, the US has a serious problem with police violence, but you just can't compare that shit with this.

Assuming that this report is correct, only 46 out of 125 deaths were due to the "widespread and systematic use of excessive force by security forces"
this leaves 79 deaths from various civilian groups
if 27 of those deaths are from pro-government groups, that leaves 52 deaths unaccounted for
Bullshit. If those 52 deaths aren't from the government forces or the pro-government groups, then what group does that leave with the biggest individual death toll?
The opposition.
This kind of data manipulation clearly shows UN's support for regime change in Venezuela.

Now imagine if this situation were to occur in the US. When just one cop is shot, the entire police force is on the shooter's ass, and there's no chance of him getting away. In Venezuela, the opposition is openly attacking military bases and other security facilities, as well as burning down maternity hospitals and food distribution centers. The government of Venezuela has given the opposition so much freedom to wreak havoc that these allegations of brutal government repression are laughable.
This is where I got the 606 number from.

I was going by
But apparently they didn't continue it into 2017, so I was mistaken.

Can you tell me why not? 125 deaths in four months is about 32 people a month, but all those deaths weren't caused by the government/police forces, and I would think that these would count as exceptional circumstances, while cops in the US kill around 3 people a day, and that's just that we know of. That isn't even to mention the US's own illegal, prolonged detentions, or the vast population that occupies its prisons.

Which I can't help but feel skeptical because cops across the country have been caught multiple times spinning up all kinds of bullshit to justify killing people, so i really can't take them at their word.

No group, actually. A group has to be organized, no one is really "behind" the deaths. For example, Bryan Principal was murdered by random people that shot him from a car for no particular reason but people add it to that number for some reason. Pedro Carrillo was kidnapped then burned alive by people that (according to witnesses) said he was a chavista, but there's no clear link to anyone in the opposition.

The maternity hospital wasn't burned down, and that incident has a metric fuckton of photos of the people leaving but 0 of the barricade that they say made babies suffocate.
How do you burn 40/50 tons of food without getting caught? How do we know that this isn't just yet another case of corruption where they want to get the money for the subsidized food without having to distribute it?

And the kidnappers are a group of people against the government, but I guess that the UN doesn't include them because nobody has seen a group like "colectivos but pro-opposition" ("defends the opposition", gets on a motorcycle and shoots at people in pro-government protests, etc.) yet.

Two armed men entered the Maiquetia (Simón Bolívar) International Airport, killed a guy and fled. He was a criminal lawyer that arrived from Dominican Republic and was going to Maracaibo.

Stay in the queue, that was just someone getting payback, no big deal.

Commun crime

The chancellors and representants from Argentina, Brasil. Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Peru have gathered at Lima to adress the critical situation that is going through Venezuela
>3: Excited for the spirit of solidarity that characterizes the region … and with the conviction of negotiation, with full respect for the international rights and the no intervention principle, which doesn't attempts against human rights and democracy, is the only way to ensure an enduring the unic solution to discrepancy.
>11: Their condemn to the sistematic violation of human rights and the fundamental liberties, to violence, to repression and political persecution, to the existance of political prisoners and the lack of free elections under independent international observation ….
>13: Their serious preocupation for the humanitarian crisis that faces the country and prepare for it their condemn to the goverment for not letting access of food and medicaments in support of the people's of Venezuela.

Right now, at Caracas, in Cota 905, shootings are happening and no one knows why or what is happening
Everything kinda started with an explosion, probably a grenade

The Brazilian regime is pushing for this bullshit

And out come the fucking gusanos

What has happen since last night?

Literally nothing of importance.
The 41º armoured brigade still has the guns and will probably let them to the resistance. But nothing more. Nothing of importance.
Well, can be a new that argentinian airlines will no longer travel to Venezuela, but aside that, everything is almost back to normal, but probably we will hear more about the 41º brigade and the armed resistance

Ok, here is my honest opinion of what will happen in Venezuela.
There will be a civil war, it's certain, but not today or in the next three days, but in the next two weeks or in one month looking into the future.
Thanks to what happened, the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Resistance🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 will get a lot of firepower, but not thanks to what happened at fort Paramacuy, but (as said) from their daddy, the USA. The assault at the fort Paramacuy was only done to get more legitimacy to the resistance when the war comes into the country. They will use it as an argument of how they're not financied by the USA, but that they have revolted thanks to that weapons from the fort and the suffering of the peoples of Venezuela.
I can see this argument coming thanks to some twits that the resistance has posted, saying that they haven't run away with only some rifles, but with entire trucks, each one full of m16's kalashnikovs.
Because the coup needs to organize at every city. If they tried to coup the goverment now, they would fail miserably. Now, if they coup the goverment later, they can organize and then attack.
Firstly they will start some riots between the police and the goverment and use that to seize power in the cities. Some cities will fall, but not all. Some will become pro-goverment and others will become part of the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧resistance🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧, meanwhile some cities will become of one part but will be isolated from their side, as what happened with Toledo in the spanish civil war, that became nationalist but the territory around it was republican.
There's literally no way that the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧opposition🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 will get full power on Venezuela, but the same happens with the goverment, there's no way Maduro can keep all of his cities in his control between the chaos that will be Venezuela in that time.
Obviously, Maduro, not because he is a socialist, that's ludicrous, but because their adversary will be, probably, fascism. Maybe not all of the opposition is fascist, but there is a major minority that has this fascistic tendencies, as making a boogeyman for the occasion (>>1944159) or referring to "god is with us" every now and then.
What do you think what will happen in Venezuela? And how will happen? Who should we support?

Conclusion: Fuck America, fuck imperialism and fuck capitalism.

( >>1944159 )*

La quietud nunca dejara de intrigarnos.
O tal vez a la oposicion le gusta Dirty Projector y desidieron que stillness is the move

Do you have the pic with no banner?

Venezuela is just peaceful right now, the murderer oposition lost

I don't know how to insert videos

I feel like we need to make a bigger stink out of this. This is Chille all over again, but we at least have the internet now to bring attention to how fucked up it is. Maybe we could use a hashtag? I'm just sick of watching governments fall for imperialism and no one says shit.

thought a tankie would be above this. SAD

weak bait

The media is really fucking strong.

We need something like the JIDF has, some kinda website or app that can focus attention and sway opinion.

No, it isn't, because in Venezuela many (but not all) that pertain to the venezuelan military supports the goverment.
If you are the one doing the coup, and you only have a minority (A large minority, indeed) supporting you in the army, or your coup is going to fail or you will need to declare a civil war to seize control, IMO.

Here it is (also, do not do reddit spacing)
Also, about his:
I don't think so, as not everytime a city is in riots with fire and shit (as I said this coup would begin with a riot). Im pretty sure Damascus looked peaceful before the civil war kicked in.
¿De donde eres, camarada?

>>>Holla Forums


Fuck forgoted name

Yhea the assault adds plausible deniability for the op weapons


Ops forgot the video

Any idea how large this group is? Will the soldiers and policemen follow their lead?

Camarada I am going to need a translation on that shit.

Caracas 9 aug 2017
We are a group of active and retired military and police professionals and we are organized, trained and armed.
We have decided to take part on operation David (See #opdavid on twitter) to contribute the liberation of our people, to restore democracy and honor the pledge (to the constituion) with our lifes if necessary.
For operation proposes we cannot show our faces, but if you could see them, you would only see the face of a oppressed people pleading for freedom. (cont)

I mean it's Chille in terms media distortion, but I get your point.
There's hardly anyone questioning the narrative being pushed.

We make a call for all the brave people of VNZ. to unite to this fight(everyone's fight).
Everyone can contribute how it can, in the internet, houses and the streets.
Everyone together as one against the communist dictatorship that oppresses us now.
Everyone have the duty to reconquer the Pátria(fatherland) so it ceases to be a narcoterrorist state and to expel from our sacred land the oppressive communists(they believe they are run as a cuban satellite state)

We must maintain the pressure on the streets;
We should not disappoint our hero of israel (David)
Our fight will call attention from the nations of the world that the situation in Venezuela is desesperate.
To the retired military and police officers, your pledge did no expire when you retired, you must join this fight and walk with the people of VNZ. Organize yourself !(…)
The time for dialogue as so of the elections.

I don't need to see anything beyond the thumbnail to say 'edgy!'



So more like Spain in the thirties. A partial army revolt against a weakened, ideologically incoherent government.

Fucking this.

CanTV (The internet service of Venezuela, I think) was sabotaged today by the opposition/resistance


What exactly was sabotaged about it?

both sides are shit tbh, this has no solution so far. it's neo-hierarchy vs hierarchy.

The cables of optical fiber through some regions, I think.

explain, m8.

At least the government still has control over television broadcasts, right?

This is about the internet in Venezuela, not about the TV. So yes, they still have control over television broadcast.

I know, just making sure nothing changed since this post:
Thanks for all the updates, comrade.

Nothing says "freedom fighters" like blackingout people

I mean, I haven't received any new about the tv in Venezuela, so I suppose that the SEBIN is still inside the channels in Venezuela.
No news are good news, r-right?

We're talking about the anti-Maduro faction, right? "Opposition" and "resistance," at least in English, have neutral or positive connotations. "Opposition" might be a valid descriptor, but "resistance" makes it sound as though they are the recipient of deliberate state persecution. Everything I've read so far makes it seem as though they aren't simply "Opposition," as in an opposed political group, nor "resistance," and if they weren't in the pocket, or at least in league with, USA or whoever, then they would be called "terrorists" or "insurgents" or maybe even "rebels."

But please correct me if I'm mistaken in my perceptions.

In the opposition there are two groups, the democratic one, and the so called resistance.
I would say the same happens with ISIS. We should called them Daesh, a pejorative name, but people still call them the Islamic State of Iraq and Siria, instead of simply Daesh.
The same happens here with the "resistance". It's only to remark themselves as "the good guys", but this is more about how people perceive the word "resistance", since it meant the "good guys" thanks to history (you know, the french resistance and shit), but resistance simply means a gruop in violent disagreement with the goverment.
With this meaning, we could call every movement that was against the goverment in violent ways as resistance, something like the contras are the resistance against the power in that moment in nicaragua, that was ruled by socialists if I'm right.

Oh? I wasn't aware that Daesh was a pejorative, so thank you.

I think I see what you mean, and yeah, it could be a neutral "group in violent disagreement" or "good guys." I'm not an expert on the situation (I wasn't aware that there were two groups as you say), but it smacked of "PR," or "shaping the narrative" for lack of a better term. I'm not a supporter of the Maduro government for its own sake, but I think pink liberals are better than blue neoliberals, and my impressions so far have made it seem like the groups falling under "The Opposition" umbrella have been decidedly reactionary in nature.

So from that perspective, I thought "insurgents" was a more apt descriptor (or at least fits my biases). If we go by how you put it however, "resistance" does seem more neutral. At least I haven't seen them called "freedom fighters" yet, hahaha…

The resistance demonstrate that they're stupid on Twitter.
Right now, in Venezuelan Twitter, people are twitting #ISupportDavidOperation, probably giving their localization with those twits (I don't really know about this things of informatic) to the SEBIN.

That topic was trending, not now anymore, but probably if you see it in the trending list in your phone it will probably show up as a trending topic.

Gonna laugh if the moderate freedom-loving rebels start quoting Chavez's constituion.

Lack of internet would benefit the government and hinder the opposition/resistance, since it would prevent people from knowing pretty much anything that is going on in Venezuela, especially things like >>1941435 . Reading the article, it sounds like it's some serious shit.

I don't think so. I mean, I think that a lack of internet can benefit the goverment but also can benefit the resistance. As said, during a coup you sow chaos, and the internet is situational in that aspect: It can bring control, as happened in the coup against Erdogan (Let's remember he appeared in video appealing to the masses in some aplication that I don't remember the name) or serve to sow chaos, seeing how much "hype" can bring something important happening, like in Hispa/ve/ where they were like 9 threads about the coup military rise due to that their threads reached the bump limit (In Hispachan, the bump limit is 250, but the userbase is smaller than here, so, i don't know, kinda works?).

To be fair Byzantine basilica's look better without minarets.

Aren't minarets obsolete now that they have speaker systems anyway?

Sage because off-topic shitpost

I'm British and the mainstream media here (including the Tory infiltrated BBC, yup it's not lefty) are trying to smear Corbyn for not condemning Venezuela after he in the past praised the countries actions in tackling poverty.

I don't want to be an ideologue and defend the indefensible but at the same time, I don't want to shill for reactionaries where it'll turn out this Venezuela hysteria was a ruse.

Who is actually reporting on the crisis impartially, and are there any "good" guys?

In the state of Aragua, in the city of Palo Negro, weapons from the bases of Libertador and Sucre
Also, remember, this information comes from opposition/resistance sources, so it could be bs
Also, about this >>195659
Literally no one. I would say maybe me? but obviously I prefer the Maduro goverment over the reaction moderate rebel fighters for peace, democracy and sweetness.
As Marx said, I think at the start of the first volume of Capital, to categorize something as good or bad, we need something to compare it (He was refearing to if something was cheap or expensive, but the example serves for this too).
If we compared Maduro to the opposition, I would say the best guy is Maduro because of his ideology and the propaganda against him in the mainstream media that we are forced to see every day (by saying this I don't mean that he is an innocent lamb, he has done shit). But if we compared him with José Mujica (If you don't know him, search him in google), then José Mujica is better than Maduro.
Now, in the situation of Venezuela, the "good boy" would go to Maduro but by the same reason that in the first parts of the syrian civil war the good boy would have been Assad, because his enemies are reactionaries.
If happens what says, then this zapatistas would be the good guys because they actually search, strives and fights for a socialist/anarchist system.

I was responding him/s

Thanks for the hentai pic, m8
I was sure someone called them freedom fighters, but the searck at google let me with a mor bulshittier term.

Hey, thanks, it had been a few minutes without me wanting to hang myself but this really did the trick.

So long!

Read the article, is even more cancerous.

In the state of Aragua, in the city of Palo Negro, weapons from the bases of Libertador and Sucre has been substracteb by the DavidOperation
Also, remember, this information comes from opposition/resistance sources, so it could be bs

Also, about this
Literally no one.
As Marx said, I think at the start of the first volume of Capital, to categorize something as good or bad, we need something to compare it (He was refearing to if something was cheap or expensive, but the example serves for this too).
If we compared Maduro to the opposition, I would say the best guy is Maduro because of his ideology and the propaganda against him in the mainstream media that we are forced to see every day (by saying this I don't mean that he is an innocent lamb, he has done shit). But if we compared him with José Mujica (If you don't know him, search him in google), then José Mujica is better than Maduro.
Now, in the situation of Venezuela, the "good boy" would go to Maduro but by the same reason that in the first parts of the syrian civil war the good boy would have been Assad, because his enemies are reactionaries.
If happens what says, then this zapatistas would be the good guys because they actually search, strive and fight for a socialist/anarchist system.

David Smolansky, the mayor of the town of El Hatillo has been disabled from charge and the TSJ (Tribunal Supremo de Justicia, Supreme Tribunal of Justice) sanctioned him with 15 months of prison for not preventing barricades and protests, as he was ordered by the TSJ
For this.
David Smolansky doesn't listen to the TSJ and at 19:31 of yesterday, 10 of August, at least 12 units of the SEBIN are at that town, and by the description of some people twitting about it, sieging it

Right now, at the states of Zulia, Mérida, Táchira and Trujillo, there are blackouts
We do not know what or who is provoking them, but probably is because one of the biggest dams on Venezuela is on bad conditions and also the rain could have get things worse for the electric situation of the country, but we do not if this is certain.
We do not know if this is because of the conditions of the electric system of Venezuela or if this blackouts are deliberate, or maybe both are right.


This might be important:


There have been found a lot of stolen cables at the lake Maracaibo, named after the capital of such state, Zulia, one of the states that suffered the blackout.
Also, this cables appear to be stolen from the electric sub-station of Punta Iguana, that right now is… on fire.
Could be that this blackouts were deliverate?

Ups I forgot to quit the shitposting flag

Calling it now.

Uruguay president says the country was blackmaild into accepting sanctions

It is just an impression or, if a civil war starts out in Venezuela, Brazil will be in the place that Saudi Arabia occupies in the syrian civil war?

Yhea probly, but intervention is unlikely the border is all mountains(Pico da Neblina-Monte Roraima) and/or amazon jungle

"🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧International amnesty🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧: Maduro's administration is crossing a very delicate line right now with freedom of speach and persecution of political dissident (In this case functionaries and mayors and shit) for no reason (See this: )"

Right wing states in the area may recognize a right wing gov in exile

What's the worse Amnesty International can do?

Help justify a "responsibility to protect" intervention on the country

"Trump has just stated that he is thinking of a military option to solve the crisis in Venezuela."


So much for the non-interventionist right

M-maybe he is referring to fund the resistance (inb4 they do that now) and leading them into a civil war and then bombard the venezuelans with "self-operated and self-guided bombs".
Still, declaring war against Venezuela could be a risky action, due to the venezuelan goverment having a great debt with the chinese and due to the geopolitical climate of today with Russia and China getting stronger everyday that passes, but the americans have literally a meme president now, so everything is possible.
Let's hope.

Well after RUS and CHI both failid to veto the anti-DPRK sanctions i have no faith in them helping

Juan Carlos Caguaripano, leader of the rebellion and captain of the 41º armored bligade, has been capture, says the defence minister, Vladimir Padrino
This could be fake news, but lets hope

Referring to the comment of Trump

He's going to airdrop toilet paper and bricks of ramen noodles.



Real new, this guy was dumb enough to give intel on tweeter

Oh and in colombia that is called "dar papaya"

This are real news, the wife of the leader of the coup has confirmed that he has been arrested and here is a photo of the captain.


Some of you kulaks are alright, don't go to Caracas tomorrow.

You think there's been some kind of silent coup on Trump. Like they've replaced his nuclear suitcase with a prop and if he orders something really crazy they have a look a like on stand by.


The director of the CIA has said that, in Venezuela there is Iran and the Hezbollah


The Iranians, the Russians, Hezbollah, Skeletor, and the fucking Blue Meanies are all in Venezuela!

what does that say?

Here i let you use your sanctions USA

Vp Pense speaking in Bogota, Colombia

We need to listen carefully to what this guy says, because looks like America has gone full "Let's make Iraq all over again with Venezuela".

He's full of shit

Nah, we are going back to some old school United Fruit shenanigans. And guns for drugs.
Cocaine is coming back, baby!

Explain, I'm curious.

In the early twentieth century, the United Fruit Company, a multinational American corporation, was instrumental to the creation of the banana republic as an economic and political phenomenon of geopolitics.[7][8] With other American corporations, such as the Cuyamel Fruit Company, and with occasional political, diplomatic, and military support from the U.S. government, the corporations created the political, economic, and social circumstances that established a banana-republic culture for the colonial exploitation of Central American countries such as Honduras and Guatemala.[9]

And right wing death squads, of course.

Tho the colombian government says they won't support a military intervention

Ty god its not the Uribe fanatics in power

Uribe is far too cowardly to go to war, that is why he needed 20 helocpoters and 20 fighting jets to kill Alfonso Cano, who was blind and deaf out of how old he was.

Abby is best girl: