I'm thinking of going full accelerationist and starting an ancap youtube channel complete with avatarfagging and citing...

I'm thinking of going full accelerationist and starting an ancap youtube channel complete with avatarfagging and citing stephan molyneux.
give me one good reason I shouldn't.

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You may kill yourself after seeing what you've created.
Other than that, sure, go ahead.

For full accelerationism you need acausal trade with future AI.


do it. Build up a large following, and then declasscuck them convert them all to communism

if OP does something like
then it wouldn't entirely be counterrevolutionary.

This. Trojan horse yourself into the Ancap community then flip the switch.

Do it, and tell no one you're doing it. Don't tell Holla Forums, don't tell Holla Forums. Tell absolutely no one. I guess you could try to flip your followers, but that's up to you, and personally that seems like a waste of time to me.

It will be extremely time intensive and you will have to work hard to keep up the act. Easy enough for a youtube channel, but you will have to learn to talk like them, make their arguments exactly, and participate in debates and shit if you get in deep with their community. Honestly ancaps are so retarded they shoot themselves in the foot without needing infiltration, but I guess you could make some cash from it.

Because that's retarded. Google Bookchin instead.

why do this to yourself?

Because I'd rather make films with communist messages than pretend to be an aut-right faggot in my free time.

This, move VERY slowly to the left over time until you find you've got an audience of mutualists or something. Also, make friends with current ancap personalities. Maybe you can convince them as well.

Is acausal 4d chess with future ancaps like in an acceptable substitute?

Cuz capitalism is inherently unsustainable. You're gonna get shredded the moment actual leftists instead of the already half dead SJWs start making YouTube videos.

lol all these commie states collapsed and democracies are still around, lets accelerate them off the cliff


- Deregulating everything and voting for Trump means faster, irreversible destruction of the environment. You're not going to magically get the biosphere back in order by pushing people towards some kind of breaking point. When workers are FINALLY angry enough to revolt it will be too late, as they will already be starving to death in the streets. But you didn't oppose the destruction of the environment because you thought it was good for accelerationism.

- Wallstreet doesn't care if the economy crashes again because they know they can get away with it within the current world order. So when you tell everyone "free market will fix it :^)" rather than calling for regulation, Wallstreet will just get away with it again, strengthening themselves and weakening normal people who are then forced to work 20 hour days meaning they cannot organize themselves or read theory, which I suppose you think is good for accelerationism.

- Megacorp tech companies don't care if society goes to shit because they've woven themselves into the infrastructure. The megacorps will enhance centralized control, sell more of your data to the NSA, and sell more defense tech to ritchie ritch people on Wallstreet. By the time ordinary workers finally snap, the 1% will have fully automated luxury killbots, development of which you did not oppose because you thought it was good for accelerationism.

As long as you make it so retarded that actual ancaps believe it, that sounds fun.

rape/pedo shilling would be only way to really do that so yikes

Because stupid people will think your being genuine and become Uncaps. Also you’ll play into the stereotype that the far-left is a bunch of hand rubbing trickers.

>>>/tumblr/ is that way.

Anarcho-capitalism isn't accelerationism. It's actually a return to feudalism, which is not possible. So you would basically just be wasting your time.

>>>/liberty/ is that way.

What does that have to do with my post? Absolutely nothing I said should lead you to believe I'm from /liberty/. I recommend not typing like you just tabbed over from Tumblr so people don't catch that shit.

Stephen Molyneux is a shit and most AnCaps will laugh at you.

The moment you bring up class bullshit or welfare of others in an argument you've already ousted yourself tbh fam.

Accelerationism can be a valid strategy, but not in this political climate.

The collapse of liberal capitalism, as the world stands right now, won't bring about socialism. It will bring about fascism.


this, but not as a bad thing fascism will always be the last stage of capitalism we can't have the revolution before ultra authoritarian right wingers create the material conditions necessary for the working class to unite and rise up.

You're getting cause and effect mixed up.

The material conditions for socialist revolution are *also* the material conditions for fascist counter-revolution. If fascists have won, then socialists have already lost.

but still, the material conditions need to be pushed to the point where the working class is split, when it can either go to fascism or socialism.

Right, but my point is that, as it stands, fascist groups are much better organized and much more influential than socialist groups, so fascism would beat out socialism if capitalism collapsed right now.

Agreed, so technically itd be better to organize the working class than making stupid e trash accelerationist videos

accelerationism doesn't work. We're just going to revert back to how society used to be where a handful of rich people controlled everything and mostly everyone was a serf

History doesn't move backwards.

sure. just be as retarded as possible.
don't tell us your name nor anything through. just do it.

stirner looking hot af

That pic looks like something Marxist matey would draw.


he is blonde tho

not really, capital is beyond globalized and much of the world economy is solely dependent on each other and financial speculation to keep it going. I don't really see how 20th century fascism will manage to take hold. Proles can only take so much abuse, and the rise of left-populist politicians is giving me hope.

he looks better with black hair tbh.

I honestly think Mr. Dapperton is basically what OP wants to be.
listen to the tone of his voice in this video and his logic, there is no way he is being unironic.

Is he the guy with the terrible deviantart drawings?

I honestly don't know, there are so many fucking lookalikes of him he may or may not be who you're thinking of.
he does have a drawing in his video though.

Gtfo to >>>Holla Forums

I keep posting on Holla Forums as an ancap losing faith in the system, its funny to see them chimping out

can I see an archive of this?

Theres one thread right now but i got bored

marxist matey is basically a fucking meme at this point, hes like the anonymous of leftypol artfags

Your gonna come off as retarded. One thing that makes us ancaps smart is that we are able to prove that we know what we are talking about.

You will have critical holes in your videos, your gonna have leftist strawman, and you are probably going to accidentally slip in leftist terms like "Capitalist Class" and "Wage Cuck" into your videos.

Its going to be fun watching your crash and burn.

you ancaps don't know anything about anything. you believe in a made-up ideology.
go into the corner with the nazbols
also why the fuck didn't you sage?


What kind of jargon is this. All ideologies are made up. Yours was invented by Karl Marx, mine was invented by Rothbard, Rand, Hobbs.

Why should I, I disagree with every thread here, it wont do me any good. I am better off luring people here to rebuttal me.

You can tell the difference between an ancap and an ancom from the way they talk about Liberty, Economics, Equality, and Efficiency. Everything from word choice to what they choose to not talk about or just simply not know.

For example here are a few things I will expect a tankie pretending as a an Ancap to not talk about: Supply and Demand, How Prices are Determined, What wages are, why capitalism is efficient, copratisim (integrated system using fascist methods.) vs capitalism.

how about the thousands of rebuttal videos that are already on youtube of your fellow "an"caps?
unlike molymeme and the lot, he actually uses references you can look at.

and these

I have allready seen it.

"Muh Economic Hierarchies Are Evil"

These guys are retarded. They proove exactly my point. They do not know shit about anarcho capitalism, or just capitalism for that matter. They are all hooked on this weird misunderstanding that the integrated system we have today is capitalism, that feudalism is capitalism, and that slave trades is profitable in the long run.

I would do some kind of rebuttal, but Hoodie Demon beat me to most of these videos, and I don't have my AnCap youtube channel set up yet.

no you didn't
let me ask you, how do you decide who owns which pieces of property?
sure, you could "pay" for it, but who are you paying? the people who live there to move away? what if they don't want to? what if two holders of wealth want to purchase property at the same time, this won't result in any armed conflict?
you have this "NAP", which is a utopian ideal, nobody is motivated to give what they produce to people who call themselves "landowners" abitrarily. saying that an absentee can lay claim to a distant piece of land without any kind of military is absurd.

Socialism was around before Marx & Engels.

I hope we can establish anarcho-capitalism just so we can watch it turn into syndicalism within 5 seconds.

The guy who owns the properties decieds what is his, if you want to contest it, then risk getting shot. If I want it, then I will buy it. They could stay there as long as I consent to them squatting there.

The NAP will be self enforced, it is the individuals job to enforce it.

So something would only be yours if you can defend it?
Do you not see how this would immediately break down into the powerful and wealthy rapidly consolidating power and forming a state or states?

aka "the enclosure movement 2.0"
no, he doesn't

I have thought about this, but I suppose there would have to at the very least some mutual respect for each other property.

But that is the biggest hurtle in the NAP, yet that is tiny compared to countless hurtles you need to overcome to reach AnSoc.

So don't act like you are getting through to me, because you are not.

is this the human nature we hear about?
I say we go ahead and establish your utopia so that when 1929 happens again the revolution will be 100x easier.

The great depression was caused by the Federal Reserve you dumb-ass. They reduced the monetary supply by 30% causing the banks to not have enough money when the stock market crashed.

and by some magic there wouldn't be a centralized bank under anarcho capitalism? keep dreaming.

It's a simple fact. People aren't willing to respect private property "magically", they need some actual motivation to do so.
and when times are tough, and bread isn't coming on there table, the proletariat are going to start asking where their boss is putting all the wheat.

No there wouldn't. There would many currencies each ran by differently. There would be competition between who had the best currency.

using what witchcraft?
the thing about competitions is that they usually have a winner

I just think minarchist "night-watchman state" libertarianism would function somewhat as opposed to anarcho-capitalism.

You are wrong about the first point. Attempts at communist societies have always led to societies where fewer people live in poverty, and wealth inequality has been reduced. Freedom is a different aspect.
Communism is just what it sounds like, you rely on each other to make what you need. Just like humans always have done until the Bourgeoisie created property rights and the modern state. You don't need money, f you already have what you need. This also means that people have to come together to decide what to produce.
Your own will be replaced with what you use. If you don't use it, why do you want to own it? This is an aspect of humans which is pure cancer. The urge to call things their own. Are we really so shallow that we only care about what we own, as opposed to what we are?
Working isn't evil, it is surplus extraction and working for capital expansion and reproduction which causes more harm than good in the long run.
Human nature shouldn't be our goal to fulfill like a bunch of determinate monkeys. It should be our goal to surpass our current form and overcome what we call human nature as it currently is.
Ancaps show once again that they are midgets of the mind and soul.

Wage inquality under both USSR and Yugoslavia was several orders of magnitude less than capitalism in those countries now. Furthermore the USSR went from a backwards agrarian country barely past serfdom to an industrial nuclear superpower that invented spaceflight both manned and unmanned. Or do you really think the living standards and level of technological/infrastructure development of Russia was the same in 1917 as it was in 1990? Get real

Anything that is accepted as money. From special alloy coins, to cryptocurriens, to jewels, to drugs. Anything can be money.

In the end, but in an ancap there would be no barriers to enter the competition. There would also be less factors in place to artifically keep companies in running. so if a monopoly where to form in ancapistan it would have to logically be a good business to prevent someone else from starting it up.

You must be one of those special folks who thinks the USSR was a paradise or has not heard the news on Venesualia.

Other animals seem to have a very basic sense of property so why can't I?

I see no issue with owning things even if I don't use it simply because I can always exchange it, so the crap I don't use may be valuable to another person and becomes money. But on another note, I own something that I am not owning with no intention of trading, why would I even have it, it would just simply be inefficient to have and waste of resources storing it.

So going back to hunter-gathers is the next step in our evolution?

There is no duality of the mind.

I mean using what witchcraft will a banking system remain "decentralized"? That's just not reality. You don't honestly think monopolies will naturally just prevent themselves? Your "economic" "policies" seem more like trying to balance something on a pyramid! If one man owns all the land that produces all the currency, what is going to convince people to work with his competitors?

USSR was socialist
Maoist China was socialist
Cuba is socialist
Revolutionary Cattalonia was socialist
The Paris Commune was socialist
EVEN North Korea I'll consider socialist for this argument
because Venezuela's economy had more in fucking common with Norway than any of the states I mentioned above

fucking what? animals have only personal property. private property is an entirely human abstraction. animals don't buy land off of each other and entitle themselves to all the goods made on that land

What is the "incentive to work"?

So having everyone be dirt poor, but equal is ideal.
Mayak (First Nuclear Disaster)
Chernobyl (Worst and Ongoing nuclear disaster)
Baltic Sea and Arctic Ocean are two out of the three most radioactive bodies of water on the planet.
The Nazi's Invented the Rocket, not the soviets.
Never Landed On the Moon

Not to mention virtually any quarter competent country can have a quick economic growth following a massive war, depression, or in China's case switching to a market system.

Doesn't having the notion of being able to transfer assets seem more advanced to you. Or do you want to be like an ant and live under a hive mine where you own nothing.

Needs and Wants

fuck off with your rationale™

It was a comparison of two animal societies with greatly different levels of intelligence. My argument was that property is a sign of intelligence.

"Dude! look at this shit that happened in the USSR at one point in time! heheh I guess it's communisms faults even though I can't even logically, economically, or philosophically explain how or why"
yeah just stop.

yes. personal property. not private property.
have we not made this clear? we are against: private property.

There were no major famines in the USSR after 1947.

lay off the Holla Forums for a little while.
let me guess. you think 60 million starved or were killed in the Soviet Union?

Personal = Mine
Private = Mine

What is the difference, its like comparing "true socialism" to any other failed socialist state. There is no noteworthy distinction.

Oh Im sorry, did you want me to say "Ukraine Terror Famine"

one is retarded and causes genuine economic issues


I am going to ignore 1 and 3, because they are just too stupid for words.
Animals also slaughter each other mercilessly. The NAP can only exist if humans aren't forced to live like animals. Communists realize this, while ancaps decide that implementing an inhuman system of production somehow makes everyone happy because they can buy things with it. This is projecting your inner being onto things that lie outside of you. This is what commodity fetishism is. Instead of improving yourself, you want to improve your things. This also means that people taking your things from you become equal to them stealing what is you. This perversion is what makes capitalism an ideology of the greedy and corrupt.
Going back to advanced hunter-gatherers + farming is actually preferred. It creates a connection with the people around us, and also a connection to the earth we inhabit. This way concepts like the tragedy of the commons and "human nature" can be circumvented. Advanced means being able to produce things with our modern methods of production, while altering them to be more friendly towards humans and nature. This way we can still enjoy modern goods, without having to wade through all the shit produced such as widget spinners and wifi fruit juicers. Without the law of value, we don't have to worry of productivity and profits, only about if we have the resources, and if we want to use those resources. This also changes the conditions for competition. Capitalist competition results in competition between individuals, while hunter-gatherer competition is a fight to improve conditions for all.
Typical ancap, not understanding anything. Midget of the mind refers to not understanding economics on a broader scale (anything which isn't neoliberal ancap drivel), while ignoring psychological factors produced by the capitalist mode of production, and ignoring how different modes of production functioned and affected psychology as well. Human nature adapts to their conditions. What we call human nature today, isn't what it always was. The soul refers to your own. Your aspirations and vision of the future. Yours are all about efficient production and accumulation of wealth, without considering why these are important to you. You are spiritually blocked, cut off from your fellow humans and nature.

normal communists wouldn't agree with the luddite part though.
most of us would that innovation should be made practice in a commune, particularly by the sharing of intellectual property and the collective donation of surplus value to inventors and organizations.

I guess if he shows some proof of ownership it would be his.

Many animals show compassion for each other. But yes sadly they do have to hunt to survive. We humans have learned to grow our own food and then realized we can trade our food, thus capitalism was born. We evolved to not have to be merciless beings, we could use commerce for substance.

I think its silly that you find me an Ancap saying that "owning stuff for no reason is inefficient" is retarded.

I found your YouTube channel youtube.com/user/ThuleanPerspective

Way to take what I said wrong. I never said anything about not having any aspirations or emotions. I just said there is no soul, our minds are just chemical computers, that is all.

that first meme isn't actually wrong

never happened
America also lost some nuclear subs, not to mention that disaster on three mile island. What's your point, that nuclear power has problems, and that socialist governments aren't perfect? weak
they had already beat the americans to space so the space race had basically served its propaganda purpose, the soviets didnt put any serious effort in getting to the moon if they did they would have beat america yet again.
like america didnt take any german scientists to help them with shit, lol
What are you fucking War Keynesian now? Its not an easy task to rebuild a country after its been leveled, and the USSR lost 27+ million people in the war, its resources were exhausted and many cities destroyed. America was unscathed basically.
they deserved it. Better do some more research on them because thats where you're going once we come to power you chode

pull a pre-planned badmouse

even as an Ancom I think you are misrepresenting the USSR beyond being factual.

private=someones owns it and enslaves other people to operate the property for him, where the owner keeps all the profits by the virtue of existent. Entitled classcuck.

Actually they did land on the moon first. They just weren't men (they put probes there first).

badmouse was an ancap?

It's called tragedy of the commons you jackass and it was a ridiculous thought experiment with no historical data to support it.