Google Employee's Anti-Diversity Manifesto Goes 'Internally Viral'

Holla Forums is having a field day


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kek, poor guy

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Damn that was cringeworthy. This guy is probably bringing home 6 figures for some autistic engineering job and yet he feels the need to mouth off like this? Can't wait until he gets thrown to the curb.

I bet they haven't even read it, it shits on right wing politics more than left wing


Holla Forums is a radical centrist board

I scanned some of it. It doesn't seem so bad to me.

This is delusional though, unless you can magic all the people working there to be unusually open minded.

No it's 'classical liberal civic nationalist' of course, totally not rightist

This is your brain on liberalism.

What are the odds the guy who wrote this is a twenty-something virgin that just got hired six months ago?

>Considering that the overwhelming majority of the social sciences, media, and Google lean left
Blood pressure rising again. I fucking hate this meme.
The media hugely acts to enforce the idea that there is no alternative to neoliberal orthodoxy. You can have as many female news presenters and dancing black transgender autist role models as you like, it doesn't suddenly make you left wing as you advocate privatising oxygen.

May that monumental faggot rot in the hell that he chose.

yeah nah hope he's hung out to dry for this drivel tbqh.

this. if here is a god, Moot is 100% gping to hell simply for allowing /n/, /news/, and Holla Forums to exist

That's basically the gist of the "cultural marxist" conspiracy theory. Good to know that Google employs those kinds of virgin autists.

Does this guy not realize that Hollywood is still run like it's under HUAC? Showing support for policies or politicians even slightly to the left of Clinton gets you shunned.

Holy fuck.
Google is a SJW hell governed by feminazis and BLM clintonites.
Feels bad for anyone who works there.

This guy is probably a Sargon watching kekistani type who just graduated college and thinks he is hot shit. Google will probably figure out who he is and fire his ass if this keeps on gaining steam.

The thing about "cultural Marxism" is it's very easy to gyp people into believing in it. Behold:

Basically, you can construct an entire narrative from this and all you have to leave out is that the original writings and use of "Cultural Marxism" meant the exact opposite of the thing right-wingers made up. Most people, even many intelligent people, do not have the time or investment to read Frankfurt School writings directly. Meanwhile stormfags will go to them and spout this bullshit. Even if they look it up, they may only take a glance and might not see anything debunking them right away.

is managerial neo liberalism and corporate diversity ideology leftist? I feel it's something we should critique and engage with more often, rather than dismissing everything related to it as muh idpol sjws or whiny priviledged white dudebros. 'diversity consulting' is a multimillion dollar industry. People like Tim Wise or Patricia MccIntosh are making millions off diversity talks and workshops. for better or worse, this is how the current form of capitalist management operates. the social movements of the 60s have been recuperated by capitalism, the counterculture has fused with the establishment. Adolph Reed talks about how black proles are not better off despite years of diversity initiatives, which only benefit the black managerial class. Postmodernism has liquidated 'grand narratives' for a cybernetic world of power and resistance to power. Under neoliberalism, the concept of social progress is equated with individual advancement of the representatives of identity categories within the corporate ladder. The disciplinary societies of old have given way to the society of control in which identity and self perception have been opened up to management. notice how the 'oppressed person' is always treated as an unstable psychiatric patient and defined exclusively in terms of their relation to a bourgeois big other? If we accept the premises of 'liberalism'(ie. universalism, cartesian subjects, equality of opportunity) the google engineer is definitely more rational than the HR diversity crowd who operate within an entirely different set of assumptions (irreducible alterity, death of the human subject, equality of results). Both options coexist with the capitalist system, and not in opposition to it. managerial idpol presents itself as an apolitical and non ideological technics of decency, but it is an historical for that owes a lot to maoism third worldism and ESALEN group therapy among other things.

If he's young, then he's probably completely expendable, and can be replaced by dozens of other elite school grads. Even if Google loses out on some sort of rare talent, they'll still get by because they're fucking Google.

Only downside is the aut-right getting another martyr.


Low. Why do you think that? He hasn't worked there long enough to see the light that is Google's Corporate Culture? That great thing that we love?

Yeah. I feel the same way about people who agitate against their employers. Kick their ass to the curb I say, there are a thousand people who will take their place.

He's not agitating. He's not even fighting against his employer. He's just whining about how they are offending him. It's white male idpol and it's fucking stupid.

Not him but see
You don't have to like google's corporate culture to dislike people who bonk every retard-identification shibboleth on the way out of the dumbo tree.

It's flatly contradictory to say that Google, that multinational ad/information network, that is working hand in glove with silicon valley "disruption" and the likely the US national security establishment, is "our guy". Their corporate policies and culture should be carefully scrutinized, because it shows us how ideas that "belong" to the left are being subsumed and adapted to not just capitalism, but Empire.

There is no our guy in this scenario.
There's an evil megacorporation adopting "left wing" internal culture that has always been a product of bourgeoisie liberalism while having a success in miring down the real left that even cointelpro could never dream of, and there's a faggot who wants to feel safe admitting he doesn't care about president two-scoops inside the evil megacorporation. The world would be a much better place if both of them were sent to the centre of the sun.

Our guy in this scenario is the inevitable heat death of the universe.


You're fucking retarded

Is he trying to ask google to kick women off jobs in favor of men? Or is this a political rant?

stopped reading there. Calling yourself a classical liberal is like saying "I am very smart." It's fucking embarrassing.

Where does this meme come from?

muh safespaces


Ah, but this means he ought to empower communist views too. Surely he wouldn't have a double standard.

Looks like a relatively mild (by current standards) rightwinger doing the usual "what about opinion diversity" shtick. Says something right here and there (quotas and Holocausts are idpol bullshit, obviously), but it's all to support a biotruth hypothesis.


I was reading the guy's manifesto start to finish and he is conflating neoliberalism with marxism like a madman, which is the sole reason I don't feel bad for this guy getting fired. All fascism always starts with the same "what about ideological diversity" bullshit, and same with the Holla Forums infiltration. This is why all attempts to "accept ideological diversity" must be met with hostility. Give no quarter to fascism.

However, those SJW types like Jaana B. Dogan going on about her "literally shaking" clearly goes to show she very much enjoys idpol, but wants it to be her kind of bourgeois idpol, not the right-wing kind. Fuck those cunts, I hate them too, and Google is probably full of these "How To Create A Less excellent And Triggering Entrepreneurial Office Culture 101" bullshit lectures and seminars to brainwash people into idpol, then further on brainwash people seeing no alternative to this to right-wing idpol where they feel that "white straight males" need protection now.

There truly is no solution. You hear no talks of "democratic workplace management" or "seizing the means of production" in a corporation where you can only either be "down with cis" idpol or "white and proud" idpol but any real left wing reforms will have the worker COINTELLPRO'd bad.


In my experience, most companies discourage discussion of politics, but openly support women's rights, gay rights, racial equality etc (as long as it's in their corporate interest).
And if you're center right in 2017, if the concept of women having the same opportunities as you makes you uncomfortable you must be pretty retarded.
But this is where far right dickheads come in and insist they aren't radicals all the while claiming that very clearly centrist politics are oppressive to conservatives.
People like this are as cringey as libertarians.

"The Left" online hivemind is like an ideological hipster - the moment it seems like something discussed on the left is being talked about in even neutral, let alone positive terms by the right, lefties will completely abandon it, claim they never liked it and adopt the opposite position regardless of any other factor. Been watching it happen for 10+ years and it never changes.

The days of your totalitarian multicultural diverse utopia are numbered.


m8, every single microtendency that leftists divide ourselves up into and identify as is at least twice as cringey and self-congratulatory as any recently politicised tech dork calling himself a "classical liberal".

They can't keep getting away with it!

Banner worthy

Oh look, its "we the right are the rationals and also the evil marxist conspiracy" again.

Apart from the part where it blames the left wing for everything and then pulls a full "cultural marxism" in the citations?

This board sometimes seems to have some real wilful ignorance about what "the left" actually means to the vast majority of people who not immersed in radical leftist autism bubbles

Couldn't even read this bullshit it was so bad.

Sure buddy, the fact that it never shits on the right beyond a few "im not a racist" parts, but does litterally say shit like "this is thinly veiled left ideology" with a citation that says "It is communism, which failed and now it turned into cultural marxism", isnt important right?

We're just going to turn this into a "he litterally said left and communism and marxism, but what he really means is liberals and he is just using common terminology to not confuse people" kind of mental gymnastics?

Extra points for veiled racism

1- The dude is completely wrong when he conflates neoliberalism as being "le cultural marxism" and everything retarded going on as "leftist" BUT this is exactly what the overwhelmingly majority of americans uninronically think the left is. The phenomenon of "le cultural marxism" but people don't know that it doesn't have anything to do with the left or that "the left" in the US has been co-opted since forever.

2- He isn't simply a whiner complaining about dah wymyns or dah peoples of le colour.
He is noticing how the retarded internal SJW culture imposed on google is being harmful to the company -what a good worker- and he thinks that this needed to be addressed for the betterment of his loved workplace.

3- All the parts about men and women being different at a biological level and not simply because of social constructs are true. But obviously the redditors that inhabit here will never agree with it and call everything le spooks anyway. Remember kids, biology ain't real.

4- The fact that everybody here just focused only on how the dude is just a dumb right winger mansplaining whiner and completely ignored that his rant has a lot of valid points -disconsidering that he thinks that neoliberalism is marxism that is- shows how much leddit Holla Forums is at this moment.

t. radical centrist

Biology might be real but biological determinism isn't.

This, thanks for putting words to it, I can't even start replying to the whole thread

Yeah that's classcuck behavior right there. It isn't "his" workplace at all. He should be agitating for better wages not whining about muh niggers.

Google also just announced that Anita Sakeesian and Zoe Quinn will lead their team of people who decide what content gets censored on Youtube. I'd say the manifesto has a point, Google seems like a toxic feminist hellhole to work at.

before modern-day SJWs, conservatives and progressives were able to coexist at the same company. You didn't have to worry about being fired because you voted for the wrong presidential candidate.

No one here cares about the false dichotomy between liberals and conservatives. Also the easiest way to fix that issues would be to form a union and demand a structured termination process which would prevent workers from being fired simply for offending higher ups. Of course they won't do that.

how cute, you think forming a union is easy. It unions were easy everybody would have them. Workers don't get to have rights in modern society.
Especially when 90% of your coworkers think that feminist bosses SHOULD have the right to fire non-feminists.

Source? That's a far bigger scandal than OP's shit.

it actually happened like a year ago. Twitter and Google both did it, brought in Anita, Zoe, and some other SJWs to talk about online harassment and what content needs to be censored. After that, Twitter started banning a bunch of anti-SJW accounts and Youtube began demonetizing anybody who didn't support the SJW mindset.

You forgot Habermas. The one guy from the Frankfurt school that really fits the mold of the cultural Marxist stereotype.

I can't talk about anarchism at work, so why can't these pussies handle keeping their mouths shut while they work for ONE OF THE RICHEST COMPANIES ON THE PLANET.
I have no sympathy for any corporate drone.

why are alot of people against it? It seemed the guy was arguing more for people to focus less on diversity and more on doing their jobs….i still dont agree with the crap about saying your ideology ay work

He seems to incredibly bothered by the whole "women in STEM/programming" meme that lots of these SV companies (including Google) keep pushing and so resorts to blaming marxism and biological differences for women's apparent failure to join the ranks of tech workers (despite the fact that the GDR had no problem getting women into STEM.)

i see…Holla Forums seems to think that the new diversity director is some kind of monster lmao, i dont really see why people care since google is a private company,

All of his valid points should be taken for granted anyway, while all of his invalid points are trademarks of the insufferable dickhead.
"The sky is blue and also karltural marx wants to make everyone have sex with dogs" does not get 50% credit and a D-pass just for containing one true statement.

Most people do believe that liberalism(or radical liberalism) is communism/socialist or even neoliberalism at that, there are people who actually believe that Obama is a communist. Liberals themselves also believe their "very liberal politics" are socialist too, so its far from just a right thing. Especially when liberals(and sadly many socialist too) do the same thing by believing everyone who isn't them are fascists.

Really though, I hardly ever hear when someone calls something Marxist actually be marxist, most of the time its just woke liberal gibberish that is at most "influenced"(bastardizing) by marxism.

This guy is pure fucking cringe. Ironically he bitches about the "left" being in it's own echo chamber yet seems to gather his knowledge from Reich wing autistic youtubers . Hope this guy gets fired yet I doubt it since most of these autistic fags all believe in this shit.

He's an idiot with the karltural marxism bullshit but google's pushing idpol doesn't make them remotely worth defending.

Corporations push idpol in the first place to keep workers from uniting across race/gender lines. I wish their employees would wake up, and their owners burn.

Until then we have no part in this fight.

You're a dumb ass, and your entire post reeks of Holla Forumsyp garbage. All he did is bitch about muh egalitarian workplace while never voicing his opinion on what his alternative is, he cries for wanting an equal voice in the workplace; I wonder why…

All fascism always starts with the same "what about ideological diversity" bullshit, and same with the Holla Forums infiltration. This is why all attempts to "accept ideological diversity" must be met with hostility. Give no quarter to fascism.
This liberal idea of what fascism is and how it spreads needs to die, its historically illiterate as fuck and contradictory, its basically saying "to stop fascism you need to be a fascist".

Now a few autist screeching here and there will not give rise to fascism, but various other more serious factors can and have proven to of. For example Nazi Germany rose up due to the horrible aftershocks of WW1, the Prussian ideology combined with many soldiers suspicions that they were betrayed back home by an internal traitorous plot due to the fact that the common feeling among the front was that they had much more fighting left in them (no german land had been lost yet). The allies also brutally punished Germany pretty much destroying it due to the incredibly horrid conditions the Treaty of Versailles brought down on them. All of this caused large segments of the German population to be chasing the dream of national restoration whatever the cost.

Again, the modern person's perception of what communism or socialism is pretty wrong or shit, and that view is not only common to opiniontube idiots, so let's not get too hung up on what people think or discard them for it but attempt to change their views with causal discussion, debates and the most important of all is by practice/example.

come the fuck on
there are parts of this we agree with wholeheartedly



Well communism did fail and it has evolved into cultural marxism or identity politics.

Real question from ignorant dude…. Has your board identified the jewish question and have you answered it?

Do you have 4533 other smug dragon pictures?

No one should have a problem with this, especially since most people agree already if you had talked to them.

I'm pretty sure he is ignoring those parts like anyone should do.

Marx already did.

There's also Gramsci.

what are the origins of liberal idpol if not karltural marxism

whoa did you know that if you ignore all the bad parts then Timothy Dexter's A Pickle for the Knowing Ones is actually really well written, J.K. Rowling is an affable person, and there's nothing to object to in Milton Friedman's Free to Choose.

The Civil Rights movement in America. Idpol helped to marginalize the economic concerns of black people (while also sidelining the communist/socialist activists who were heavily involved in the struggle) which helped the white bourgeoisie stomach the concessions that they ended up making. Subsequent "rights" movements followed suit, bringing us to where we are today. Idpol functions to deprive mass movements of class character and allow the managerial state to address societal grievances in a cost effective way.

How about you read to whole damn text before posting you stupid nigger?

don't worry there isn't a *burrppp* God, Morty

There is no waking up, Its not a wake up sort of scenario, you are witnessing the reality of diversity. The 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧owners🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 are using the natural divisions between races and genders to exploit them, while promoting racial homogeneity within their inclusive in-group which they identify as empowering.

You have to work with natural laws in your battle against the enemy of nature.

Furthermore in such a battle were lines/ teams/ideologies are so easy to infiltrate and subvert, your race and physicality are the only ways to determine someone who is your true ally(@ higher right of success). This is because of the genetic and natural imperatives in which racial and therefore genetic similarities create a natural group loyalty that runs deeply (ingroup mentality)

What I mean by this is that this ideological and spiritual war we find ourselves in is a true battle and to win this battle we cannot choose the characteristics that are inherent to our strengths. They are natural and predetermined. We can only identify the tools we can use to destroy our common enemy. We can not ignore the massive benefits a homogeneous society brings in defeating our common enemy..

As our groups split off we find an alliance in our common enemy.

Actually having to had read it now and not just going by what people are saying ITT, people either have not read it, are just overacting in a very liberal way(seeing fascism everywhere) or too dumb to understand where is he getting at.

Yes, he does go too far on somethings, but the guy is fairly moderate. There is no "women can't code!" or no "they need to get back into the kitcheenn!!", seriously are you kidding me?
This guy does not seem like the far right caricature people made him out to be, but I guess its the side effects from being on the internet too long.

google's complete rebuke of his manifesto totally vindicated his complaints about the company's culture

Pure classcuckery.


Wait so your board thinks its the brits?

I don't care. If he'd said women can't code and don't belong in the company, I wouldn't care. I don't care about women. He could go full Dick Masterson and it would bother me less than the phrase "I consider myself a classical liberal.", the calling card of the Dick Head.
The tepid hints that he masturbates to Thunderf00t videos are nothing compared to the other hints as to what kind of person he is, which is where most of the distaste comes from.

Reads as even more classcucked than "I chauffeur my boss over to my apartment every weekend, personally remove his clothing and invite him into my bedroom to have sexual intercourse with my wife, then thank him for the muh privilege of letting me watch such a gallant display of porky porking."

Class isn't an identity.

or maybe the status quo is treating him well?

Sounds like he hasn't worked there very long considering how overly optimistic he is, how he holds the company in such high esteem, and also how he seems to receive all of his opinions for aut-right youtube e-celebs (huge indicator for a virgin programmer straight out of college.)

What was the reply?

because it's material and not a spook?
sex isn't a spook either


it's in the OP

that's total ad hominem and you have no idea what his personal situation is
nor would it have any bearing if you did know

I did, it's infecund screeching over petty issues. He spews your typical conservative garbage and doesn't want to be "targeted" for hate speech. It's absolutely embarrassing.

Oh wow. The thing that I hate about these idpol types is that they very rarely if ever actually try and defend their actual ideas. If you read the article all it does is call him racist and sexist, and the actual response just reaffirms that they're doing the right thing. These idpolers make no effort to try and debunk the allegations that women biologically aren't cut out for things like engineering.

It simply reaffirms the image that this "left" is illogical, and as time goes on it seems to be a clever way of intensifying right-wing presence wherever it does.

liberals loves to harp on the right for climate change denial, but denying this equally intellectually egregious (although less potentially disastrous)
if the author had just left it at this, his manifesto would have been more impactful

Well, Hitler, I'd let him take my wife and then I'd go fishing.

"i don't know what ad hominem is instance #258108610"
("you're wrong and you're a faggot" isn't ad hom. "You're wrong because you're a faggot" is ad hom.)

porky made the mistake of promoting ideologues to upper management

Judging from the bit in this post that user posted while the google guy is stupid liberal (what kind of bay area retard isn't) he hardly seems like the type who listens to alt-right youtube fucks.

Having a few opinions that you disagree with does not make one a virgin fan of alt-right youtubers, while it is common for liberals to see fascism behind every shadow in the post trump election period and to lash out in an autistic fit due to the deeply ingrained only two tribalistic camps it does not befit a socialist to be swept up in the same directionless unthinking fever.

The USSR and other socialist states solved that problem decades ago user.

not entirely

Sie gewinnen wieder, Kartural-Marxismus!

Imagine world without a hierarchy.. No order.
The solar system without the sun could not exist. Hierarchy is natural ordering and an unavoidable part of our reality. Wolf packs aren't repressive, food chains must be abolished.

as he says in the article, the more wealthy and liberal a country gets, the more pronounced that gender differences become

The capitalist system is not natural. A CEO dies just like any other man. You will hopefully live to see them go in real time.

Man these guys are becoming more and more SJW like with each passing day.

I have no objection to hierarchy where it doesn't get in the way of my social-democratic political aims, and I'd rather lose an arm than put up with a girlfriend.
Try again.

This guy is fucking retarded. He keeps talking around his points, and at no place gives any examples of what he experiences. I just can't find any reason to read more of this dribble. How did her get employed at google?

Can you explain what you mean by social democratic aims…

renationalising british railways
covering up the massive pentagram that appeared at stonehenge
building more houses

that sort of thing.

Remember when "classical liberals" used to be borderline SJW-tier when it came to social equality? What happened to them?

Everyone here should be able to read something that is mildly reactionary without getting incredibly angry and uncomfortable.
Don't resign yourself to our echo chamber. We all should understand right wing and liberal views well enough too pass an ideological Turing test.

i can entertain the idea that capitalism isn't natural, yet is there a system that creates a free market and encourages trade more efficiently?

Can you better describe to me what aspects are not natural.. I see things like fear, greed, and hording as natural human traits.

a homogeneous society that follows traditional gender norms is natural though.

furthermore a caste system like India seems to be the most natural system to date.

An undergraduate degree in CS is probably one of the easiest STEM degrees to get. All you need to know is math and be fairly competent with programming. Thus why /sci/ mocks the fizzbuzzers over on /g/ so much.

I assume many classical liberals are privately etho-nationalists
Most Holla Forums types need LARP irl to avoid facing social repercussions

mutualist memetics

Are his claims about men's and women's biology correct or not? Whether or not his claims are correct seems to make or break his argument.

do you have any idea how hard it is to get a job at google especially if you aren't benefiting from any quotas

"Optimization" is the most powerful spook in western culture, and you should be wary of anybody demanding more of it in a market economy. Google is currently invested in squeezing fractions of cents out of advertising algorithms and data organization, and guys like this are getting worried that they cant do it better? His entire principle, that more optimization = better than is worthless market rationalization for a system thats scraping the barrel. Him being a "nice reactionary is besides the point

I agree that public works and the beautification of world are the highest tasks humanity should strive towards.


they are a minority because conservative politics as they exist now is idiotic, pathetic and mostly builds on general ignorance. moaning about "being oppressed" as a conservative is cringeworthy AF

yes, experiments with other primates indicate that gender is biological and not a human social construct


Is it also human nature to walk on 4 limbs?


read the abstract before you get snarky


You don't even need to look outside humans to see that gender is biological. Look at trans people. When they start hormone therapy their behavior and biology changes in response. It's obviously more complicated than just hormones but that alone is a major factor that totally BTFOs the idea that gender is only a social construct

Human nature ⊂ primate nature ⊂ animal nature

Stop programming in OO, gomrade. The classification system in biology is not an inheritance tree.

Typical primate behavior

That you need to sight a scientific experiment to show there is biological difference in the sex's confuses me.. You should be able to answer this with your own knowledge.

Why would you ask that question, do you have an inability to use your sense and experiences to gain knowledge and understanding from you life experiences.

Thank you, Aristotel. We dont need science, just deduction from subjective experiences and ideas.

why should we assume there is 0 biological component to gender (liberal dogma) when observations of close relatives suggest otherwise

Truly amazing.

I'm not talking about taxonomy; I'm talking about the actual population of living things, which is literally an inheritance tree and where that metaphor comes from.

fucking nazi bro-science polyps xddddddd

never ceases to confuse me

Thats not what I said, faggot.

You claim that human behaviour is a superset of "primate behaviour" which is a superset of "animal behaviour". This is simply not true. Humans arent a fucking programming construct where each specialisation adds functionality to the class it inherits. This is wrong, see below

100% WRONG
Organisms dont inherit dna like you inherit methods in code. Every successive generation is a copy with modifications. You can miss complete stretches of dna that your parents have. You can have a modification which disables parts of your dna that your parents do use. It isnt fucking code, you don't purely add on to your parents dna. You are an imperfect copy, which has the ability to both remove, add, disable and enable bits of its own code via mutations.

Also the metaphor "inheritance tree" for code is fucking shite. Its a metaphor, not reality, and its a shite metaphor.

What I described is how science works, you do not need to be a highly specialized and indoctrinated scientist to make logical observations about your surroundings.

I understand how evolution works
Occam's razor suggests otherwise

No thats not how science works. You can only form conclusions from data collected from experiments in which the other variables are controlled.

Your subjective experiences do not constitute valid data.

Top notch science here mate
>I claim to know how an extinct common ancestors nature was therefore it must be the case that we are the same despite having a vastly different social system from the other primates, different capabilities, millions of years between us evolutionary etc etc with no other proof than "because its too hard to test if its true".

A meta-analysis of sex differences in human brain structure

Anyway ima let yall greek philosphers LARP as scientists and claim deducted truths from subjective non-controlled observations. Have a nice night.

What part of "it's where the metaphor comes from" did you miss? I'm not talking about code either. I'm talking about set theory. Inheritance in object-oriented programming is an application of thereof. Taking the application that you're familiar with and assuming that's what someone else is talking about doesn't make you look smart. If you understand the symbols of set theory only in the context of programming, wherever you learned about the subject did a dogshit job of teaching you. Regarding the validity of the logic of sets as applied to biology, if a member of a set changes such that it no longer possesses a trait common to other members of the set, that set can no longer be said to define the presence of that trait. At minimum, a given set in the context of evolution defines a common ancestor, although in practice it usually defines numerous traits that any member (a species) will have. This is logically consistent, as long as it has the caveat that the sets change over time, which is obvious given the most fundamental characteristic of the thing the system models (evolution) is that it changes.

Marxists on the internet are mostly losers at life. It doesn't surprise me that you take glee in this six-figure Google employee likely getting fired.

SJW liberals are fucking cancer. While I am no conservative or libertarian, I have the same contempt for liberals that he has. So I can sympathize with his hatred of Google's virtue signalling SJW capitalism.

As an egoist, I'm tired of the moralfagging coming from both sides. The truth is no one gives a fuck about you. You are not a good person. There is no morality. The vast majority of the 7 billion people on this planet are in poverty. If you live in the first world, you are a defacto parasite. If everyone consumed on the level of the first world, the world would collapse. Virtue signalling moralfagging liberals and Marxists are just butthurt that they are failures in life and want to ruin other peoples' lives to feel better about their own shit lives. Chicken shits who don't have the balls to stand up to the boss man. So they go try to ruin some autistic engineer's life instead.

every once in a while I am forced to remember that half this board is retarded and I lose all hope for the future

Bud if your hope for the future rested on this board you might as well give up now.

How can you create a hypothesis without first observing? Through derivative knowledge such a scientific journals and social norms I suppose. Social norms would be a culmination of the observation of billions and science would be the observations of a few indoctrinated scientists funded by corporate interests of course.

Removing outliers is a mathematical process, that is independent of a thesis. The data you gather defines what the outlier is. The process I described is the only way in which you gain gather knowledge for yourself.

1-3% of population does not identify with gender norms, however this does not effect gender norms. An apple with a worm in it in no way changes the definition of an apple.

I admit I have the ability to chose what character I play and like most people I play in line with the form my spirit decided to take in the material realm.


Hey I've began reading this, seems like a good get..
I work in the stock market so its applicable.
Thanks for your help…

Says the moralfag succdem. lol

I am familiar with that feel


Fuck this meme that pro-capitalist $200k per year engineers are classcucks. Most people in the first world are net beneficiaries of neo-colonial capitalism. If the world's resources were divided evenly, most of you would be worse off than you are now.

That's odd. I don't own a business or any natural resources. How much would I really lose?

>so let's not get too hung up on what people think or discard them for it but attempt to change their views with causal discussion, debates and the most important of all is by practice/example

guy writes entire manifesto completely filled with liberal garbage. If there was an earnest to create dialogue then this memo would not have been made. Stop defending liberals.

I've been called a lot of things but I think a moralfag is a new one. Usually it's the immorality that gets people.


Yeah it's almost like corporations are unaccountable tyrannies or something.


You are denying the individuals ability to gather legitimate information, this makes you dependent on a centralized source of controlled information.

For a group that claims to want to empower individuals such a conclusion is the exact opposite of the stated goal. You are giving your power away…

You are giving your power away to corporate sponsored scientists, how did these corporate sponsored scientists and schools convince you that you are not able to think for yourself. Identifying this block you have and the source of it would be the most empowering thing you could do.

We must begin cultivating personal knowledge and stop relying on derivative knowledge taken from separate source.

It just weakens google makes them easier to destroy, or be over taken. Which they must be.

This truly reads like a gamergate copypasta.

Wtf. Can you back this statement up with a single piece of relevant literature?

You just spouted a bunch of bullshit that all the sexually frustrated engineering undergrads I know spout when they've had a few beers. Do you have any reason for believing the things you just posted?

Any news if google already fired someone because of this ?

Kek at how a multinational corporation is supposedly infected with "leftist ideology" because of their affirmative action policies.

conservatives are weak and have a permanent persecution complex, their own social darwinism demands that they be put to death.

also if you think this it the only manchild who landed a job a google and suddenly thinks they're a worldly mastermind, guess again kiddo

It's garbage but his reasons are even worse garbage. Women are biologically predisposed to being worse at programming and that's why there are so few hired? It's absurd.

Bold statement chum. Care to tell me how you sorted that chestnut of a question out?

What is it with tech virgins and miso-gyny? I know a lot of those tech conmpanies are huge sausage fests but they should at least have sisters or even mothers right?

No. I can't.
Probably because nobody is going to be crazy to write anything about it and have their life completely destroyed by the current PC culture advocates.
All I have is my decade old personal experience that goes from the times of college to present day job. But it would be all anecdotal evidence and you wouldn't believe it anyway.

All that relevant data on the subject is just jewish science, right?

So communism is reallocation of the resources we have as a result of capitalism? Gtfo


the relevant data suggests gender is not a spook

That's absolutely right. I know a lot of women who are excellent analytical thinkers. We can go head to head with anecdotes. The thing is men and women do on average have differences in cognitive abilities. This does not prove that women are worse at fucking programming. If you can't actually offer any reasons for what you believe, why are you exposing us to it?

Give me a single anecdote that you think proves that women are biologically incapable of abstract analysis.

when the revolution fails because there were gender quotas among the leaders of proletarian brigades I will blame you

I believe the argument is that women are worse on the aggregate
all human traits exist on bell curves
you will find men in early childhood education and women in programming, but to expect equal representation in all fields is a pipe dream

Almost everyone is oppressed under capitalism, conservative resistance to liberal ideological hegemony is only a bad thing insofar as it is used to instead create conservative ideological hegemony. Support for ideological diversity is in general a good tactic at this point in time, because liberal ideological hegemony must also be destroyed. There's a reason a company google's size embraces liberalism comr8, and it's not because they're somehow /ourguys/.

speaking of early childhood education, anyone who is trained in that field will tell you that girls and boys learn differently
all signs point to sexual dimorphism in neurology

honest question: how is muh women in STEM a leftist issue? sounds like tepid liberal feminist bullshit. Are radlibs in google's HR department the true proletarian vanguard? Should the left defend them against fascist drumpf gamergaters ie. opinions that were totally mainstream 5 years ago?

women are equally qualified to serve capitalism and the surveillance industrial complex you guise! are women who don't want to go into STEM suffering from 'false concioussness'?

Women's liberation has always been a major issue for communists and leftists of all stripes.

and anyways, why should we want to engineer education to churn out equal proportions of STEM drones for each gender and ethnicity? Sometimes I feel like this sort of pseudo feminist discourse is being used as a trojan horse to facilitate a Silicon Valley takeover of public education.

managerial feminism is an upper middle class ideology, its idea of liberation is completely banal and hollow and does nothing for the great majority of women

mad because we niggas taking over the world one white bitch at a time

[email protected]/* */

But diversity quptas, speech codes, and muh privilege checking sessions aren't women's liberation, even if they're ostensibly working in its service.

most women don't want to be STEM programers and that's probably a good thing and not a result of discrimination or patriarchal brainwashing. why do liberals assume the default state of humanity once you strip away all evil social constructs is being a fucking yuppie who works for an orwellian megacorp? you know, maybe there is more to life?

the liberal managerial state and its bullshit is truly the only thing standing between us and fascism whatever that means

The problem is that Google's approach is more along the lines of pic related.

a majority of the precarious service industry is female, yet you will never hear a word about this from liberals. worker's organising has actually been effective at eliminating 'the wage gap' and improving conditions for women proles. Top down managerial diversity initiatives and liberal stem worship haven't. In fact you could argue it's mostly the bosses playing workers against each other, as only the bosses are growing richer and everyone else is worse off.

we need to get rid of managerialist faux radicals and people who still think gamergate was the defining political event of the century.

first that jigsaw bullshit with anita&co and ADL and now this…

If nazis lose the upcoming civil war vs. commies, please, atleast fucking put these cancerous liberals in kulaks too.

What the fuck is a masculine toy? Who decides that?

It's clear to see that the biggest enemy to communism isn't the alt-right but behavioural sciences like evopsych. A lot of that stuff is very popular with tech type people.
Just wait until they start stating biology has a 'liberal bias' and that class is 'hard coded'.

of course

wouldn't be complete without some whining about cultural marxism and liberal "end of history" nonsense

that is the name given by cultural marxists aiming to misinform and misrepresent
the content of the memo is pretty cucked nonetheless
once we get rid of state indoctrination facilities of "education" system so shall we get rid of the problem

I say let the best man win and we all know who the best man in 99% of cases is
the future is libertarian right, embrace that or stay in your 20th century

masculine type toys: stuff with wheels,gears. Femenine type toys:dolls, anything with a face. this isn't absolute, this isn't a prohibition, just a general trend. I don't think the left should focus its energies on socially engineering children to make them better STEM wageslaves. for liberals, progress is all about teaching women and minorities to code. which seems all fine and dandy until you realise schools are being taken over by silicon valley with the goal of creating a mass of cheap, compliant tech labor.

is this the hill you want to die in? why have feminists been falling hook line and sinker for STEM fetishisation? notice how this logic is never applied to other fields of work. nobody ever seems to want more men (or women for that matter) in the underfunded humanities departments. it's all about muh fetishised STEM jobs.

women actually did used to play a big role in compsci

who cares? why do you fetishise computer science as the last frontier for feminism? why is a women wanting to study humanities or god forbid, dedicating herself to family, less feminist than muh holy STEM?

i don't, was just pointing out that gender roles can change pretty quickly

ladies, the downfall of your meme ideology is on you

Source: National Science Foundation, American Bar Association, American Association of Medical Colleges

Credit: Quoctrung Bui/NPR

why post tweet and not just the article

some reactions from google employees

iirc that statistic is bogus because it includes the now defunct job of typist, which is more akin to a secretary

They mad

They're part of the problem
These people will say racism and sexism is bad, but couldn't tell you why beyond "it causes conflict".
Bad theory, bad feels.

speculating on the impact of differential hormone levels on career choice is

Why does evolutionary psychology trigger the left and liberals so hard?

What is it with retarded liberals and flagrant misuse of the word "misogyny"?

Because it is reactionary and works to depoliticize and dehistorize, the same reason you like it.

so you take issue with it's implications, but not with the science itself?
reminds me of pic related

Fails the standard of bourgeois science by every marker. Popper's criticism are more applicable to EvoPsych than Marxism.

care to elaborate? Genuinely curious

It's not particularly relevant to me whether it's good or bad science (though from what I understand it's got quite a few issues), I'm interested in what it does as knowledge. Galileo's persecution had nothing to do with his science, and evopsych is not forbudden edgy knowledge.

it's repackaged phrenology

Honestly the modern right is legitimately

50% being a fucking vindictive cunt for the sake of being a fucking vindictive cunt.

50% Crying about, despite controlling pretty much every avenue of power and overwhelmingly their group being far better off than everyone else, that they're oppressed because they've lost the sexual culture war. (Ironically because of their own hyper individualistic ideology)

Right wingers crying about oppression is the cringiest fucking shit.

as a janitor/codemonkey

Might want to brush up on your history there. Heliocentricism was incompatible with the church because a few passages of the the old testament promoted geocentricism.
This is why the Ptolemaic model was canonical and why Galileo got in trouble with the inquisition.

Phrenology never had to undergo vigorous peer review though.

I hope he gets fired and then books an interview with my husbando Tucker Carlson


Ok I'll bite.
Why would it be relevant to anyone else if you've decided by fiat that you are the arbiter?
How can you make this defensible?
Expand please.

Because feminists have decried STEM for elevating male thought patterns (material reality is a penis) that women are less capable of utilizing. If more women get into STEM, their non-phallic thinking will radically change how science is done, which will in turn allow more women to work in the field, which means yay women.

What's really fun about this is that feminists have reached the same conclusions as the most die-hard genuine woman haters: women are incapable of doing what men can do. The only difference is that the feminists blame men for just accepting what they believe to be a natural difference between the sexes instead of raising up the womanly way of thinking which involves feelings and lived experiences. It's fucking hilarious.
tl;dr Evo Psych is deterministic and a slayer of spooks

everything is made up, stay woke nigga.


get away from my egalitarian spooks

Evo psych can be used to essentialize all kinds of cultural norms. It's not just a right wing thing.

liberals always with their future anterior fucking historian daddy judging them with pre-emptive hindsight


Because it's not being judged as truth, but as politics. I don't place some particular political value on truth, and in fact consider politics that attempt to found themselves on truth as quite reactionary at the very least.
Knowledge, even scientific knowledge, isn't produced in a vacuum. Material conditions and power relations affect what knowledge is produced at a particular point in time, the form it is presented in, and how knowledge is judged as true or false. This knowledge, in turn, is an instrument of the relations which produced it. If we look at history and how and when certain knowledge was produced, we can see how it shifted along with changes in the modes of production and the technologies of government.

No, Galileo didn't have sufficient evidence for his work (Kepler's model was considered to have been better supported) and when asked for evidence he proceeded to insult the pope and the church. I suggest you brush up on your history outside of simplistic liberal narratives of church vs science. As it happens, the catholic church at the time was one of the largest patrons of science.


Wow. I mean it's what I expected, but it still astonishes me every time. Says it all really. Unless it is top Holla Forums larping.

Correct. But seeing as you place no purchase in truth, and it's corollary, honesty, I don't see why I should either. Therefore: incorrect. What now?

Yeah exactly, this is the straight up postmodern argument, from the likes of (a fairly superficial reading of) Foucault. Want to know where it goes wrong? It's circular. You only have access to historical analysis through facts gathered by historians and their archives, and from there sociologists and so on. Here you are arbitrarily priviledging one type of "knowledge-production" or "knowledge-recovery", as little more than tactics to suit and further an ideological position, which, hinging on no presumed shared reality, boils down to mere personal taste. I know what you'll say next. Everyone does this, at least we're honest about it. But seeing as you do not care for the truth, it is an ephemera, your word on honesty means nothing.

There's more problems of course. Almost endless. But I'll let you chew on that for a bit.

Yeah okay champ, good one.

It's a petty booj environment that inculcates a sense of superiority and self reliance out of thin air.
Their classism is far worse than their sexism anyway.

Marx wasn't an egalitarian. he didn't believe all people were 'equal', in fact he thought the liberal notion of equality was artificial, a projection of the commodity form into humans. Humans aren't interexchangable commodities, they have different interests and abilities, and that is not a bad thing, but part of what makes us human. leftists shouldn't waste time demanding 'equal representation' of every single identity category in every capitalist field of work. instead of shaping people to fit the system, we should create a system based on human fulfilment. and human fulfilment doesn't mean being a STEM wageslave. why are all human preferences and abilities considered artificial social constructs while STEM and capitalism are accepted as natural?

managerial feminism's idea of equality is an unwieldy combination of liberal and marxist ideas, limited to promoting equality within the capitalist system, while the system itself remains unquestioned. The evopsych memers are trying to classify humans according to their usefulness to capital. Some evopsych is reasonably scientific, but most of it is pure bullshit speculation and you have people like Kevin B Macdonald, who writes neo nazi rants about muh jews sprinkled with evopsych jargon.

Neither the managerial feminists, nor the race realist evopsych memers have a real interest in changing the world.


dude is a systems biologist with a Phd from Harvard

The blogger is far more hardline than the article he is claiming to summarize. That title is clickbait and not something the original author would agree with.
Basically what the paper is arguing is that the fundamentals and proposed mechanisms of Evolutionary Psychology are sound, but that the field is not sussing out the effects of nueroplasticity to his satisfaction.
EvoPsych is not phrenology.

explains a lot.

I thought he was an anonymous engineer? Also it makes this whole thing much worse if what you say is true. Also there are lots of virgin loser ivy leaguers.

managerialists want to have their cake and eat it too. ie. they want to 'succeed' within the capitalist system and preserve the myth of meritocracy while undermining it with the introduction of identity based criteria.

The same goes for social democracy, "pragmatic" conservatism, libertarianism, and leftism in general desu
Every policial ideology is "look at me! I'm so smart!" (except for my own political ideology, obviously).

Evolutionary psychology will either be destroyed or totally vindicated in the next 10 years by behavioral genetics so debates like this are mostly pointless.

note the not so subtle distinction between 'deserving, diverse winners' and 'virgin losers'

He has no valid points because the entire thing is predicated on unstated presuppositions. He makes the claim at the very start that there are differences in professional representation between men and women which are assumed to be oppression, which he characterizes as an extreme view, and then says that the applied solution is to forcefully bridge this gap with preferential treatment. In his view, the problem itself is being understood in the wrong way, and therefore the solution is illegitimate.

But even he misunderstands the problem because he approaches it in a narrow ideological view which states that there are limited jobs, limited money, and these need to be won by deserving applicants in a meritocratic system which is the only possibility, and rightfully so.

Obviously a socialist is going to look at this and say "your problem is not whether or not you have a proper meritocracy for these jobs and wages, but that you are forced into this situation in which people are fighting for these positions because of the system of private property and wage labor."

Otherwise I'd say you don't have much of a response outside of a reversion to reaction in which you admit that there is a fundamental biological mechanism keeping women from being programmers or whatever. The problem with this is that there is virtually no way of accurately representing this division, and you're likely just ceding ground for people to continue on a path of speculation that women are subservient, they all want to be nurses and housewives, the races are probably different too to the extent that white people should be in charge of shit.

How are you going to convince people to be socialists if all of the white males suddenly go back to thinking they are superior to everybody? Even white males working at Target are just going to fall back to feeling superior to every minority again and be easily driven to oppose leftist ideas because it will empower dumb, stupid women and minorities to have an equal value and role in society as their betters.

That doesn't mean that you "side with" Google's idpol corporate culture or whatever. You just have to reframe the conversation. You can't allow their loaded point to be valid because they're just going to seize the ideological frame of reference and keep pushing it.


As user said, a presupposition of this manifesto is that people's roles in society are best decided by how well they optimize the efficiency of their companies, in this case Google. This mixed with egalitarian beliefs about differences in salaries and professional representation lead both the liberals to support affirmative action to push under-represented groups into certain fields, and it pushes this disgruntled employee to claim that this doesn't effectively meet the needs of the Google machine.

Consider, some of the women that want to work at Google but possibly suck at it relative to some other applicants that were looked over genuinely want to code for a living. They just aren't able to compete with these men. Why shouldn't it be a goal of society to allow people to do things they want even if they aren't capable of competing for the limited positions, when possible? There are inevitably some roles in society that may be inherently limited. Not everybody can be a famous artist, for instance, and nobody can force that.

But at the same time, many women want these roles because they're pushed to be STEM as a matter of ego fulfillment, because these roles are inflated in importance relative to other "feminine" roles which might be looked at as "stereotypical" and therefore not special. STEM is seen as an achievement for women.

the needs of the machine have changed. Capitalism is and has always been a system for managing people. the liberal hypothesis has given way to the cybernetic hypothesis.It makes sense Silicon Valley companies would be so obsessed with 'representation', given that they are themselves overvalued representations that produce nothing of worth.

That's a good point, and this is easily the kind of conversation that should be had, rather than whether or not women get preferable treatment because of liberals, and why this is bad for Google™. Which is the main reason I don't think the guy should be afforded a "he's right you know". It is just allowing reactionaries and neoliberal technocrats some kind of legitimacy.

but Phrenology was considered cutting edge science at the time.

I am a woman and I agree with this manifesto.

prove it post a selfie

then your opinion doesn't matter :^)

denying all forms of biological determinism is like denying climate change

Reminder that the United Nations invited them over to talk about cyberbullying

the extent to which some people are still fixated on gamergate is surreal.

Pick two
You are implying that humans exist in an isolated evolutionary island. Only the belief in God can make that work, and Gods usually don't take well to non-biological genders

You couldn't have picked a worse example if you tried
Even with a body anatomically shaped for two-legged walking, it's not our first instict. Our hands can make tools, yet we need to be taught.
We can also be taught to mass murder, suicide ritually, and that genders don't exist.

Gender not being biological is a human construct.

Mentioning a subject relevant to the thread is not fixation.
I don't give a fuck, I just find it hilarious how people wouldn't hear that she was taunting them and that her victimization would only empower her.

That doesn't prove anything.

Tits or GTFO

An argument made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

I didn't just mean the gamergaters, their obsession is somewhat understandable, given they are literal autists and thus prone to obsessive thinking. What really baffles me are the full grown serious liberal adults who talk about gamergate like it was the fucking holocaust.

tits or gtfo

what the holy heck

this can't be real

oh, ok
Have you seen the 2016 election?
That's how "adults" behave now in the age of clickbait and attention markets

equality isn't the same thing as being identical

You seriously don't know why? Nigga their livelihoods depend on it. They built a huge windmill out of straw so they could tilt at it and cry victory at the same time they claim to be victims. Media lives and dies on scandals and outrage, so these fags are more than glad to make shit up to get clicks, and GG provided a perfect opportunity to do that while painting themselves as heros. Two birds, one stone.

You wouldn't believe the shit we've seen. That UN panel they were in? It generated one of the most egregiously ignorant and stupid documents ever written to the point even the SJW reporters themselves shat on it:

And our dear friends at Hackobin just now dropped trousers and let out another shitpiece:
The takeaway:

Oh yes. Lives ruined. Especially poor little Zoe Quinn herself, for whom GG bought a Harley, a boobjob and a metal plaque of a Richard Dawkins quote in her bathroom. And no, I'm sadly not joking.

God, it's fucking unbelievable, it's like GG made the universe start unraveling. I lost my faith in media long ago, but at least it used to be made by adults. Now even my newspaper's headlines have cheap Weird Twitter snark.

Welp there goes what little sympathy I had for him. To be honest I just assumed that he was an autistic virgin who had a sperg out and not just a closet fascist.

neither does 'equality' mean all humans are equally qualified to serve as code monkeys for an evil megacorporation. what unsettles me is the way this career path is being treated as normative, specially when education is being privatised and tailored to serve silicon valley interests.

the privatisation of education, the liquidation of inner city teachers are already being sold as progressive solutions to the lack of diversity in tech. When in reality, it's just an excuse to implement surveillance, prevent children from developing potentially dangerous critical thinking skills and creating a pool of underpaid tech labor.

He makes one interesting point; I do think the gender gap in STEM would decrease if it was more socially acceptable for men to take on traditionally feminine roles. That only matters though if your goal is to reduce the gender gap, and the rest of this manifesto is trash, so, I don't really feel too bad for him.

Why does this keep happening?

/g/ is a neoliberal shithole nowadays

Flooded by winfags too.
>>>Holla Forums is getting there too.
Feels bad knowing that I shilled going to this website in the past, at least we have the other chans.

tbh you could tell he's aut-right just by looking at his photo

I've lost faith in Burgerstan at this point. Considering moving and starting over but don't know where the fuck to go.

Classcucks never learn do they?

Such diversity

Google is 70% male and 20% female. For whatever reason this nerd got extremely upset at the fact that google wanted to hire more women (since he believed that it would hurt the company). Google fired him for generating bad PR. Upon being fired he went straight to One Dollar Man thereby tacitly revealing his fascist sympathies. There are no good guys here but I am glad that the reactionary fascist got fucked over.

You're not working for google, are you?


Sorry brahs I'm drunk. Anywho here is the sauce.

It's kind of a catch-22 when you are being no-platformed by everyone and talking to people who aren't no-platforming you is proof you should be no-platformed.

As expected of Holla Forums's contrarian containment board.

Anyway, Google is targeting socialists websites for censorship by explicitly downgrading them and sliding them down their search results, which isn't surprising at all. Also, this guy in the OP is a Harvard Phd in one of the most in-demand specializations in the world. He's gunna get rehired someone else with a bump up in benefits and pay.

Something tells me he is not going to find many places that will pay him as much as Google unless he goes into Finance. Especially now that he has shown himself to be a huge liability.

Uh, yes he will. Google doesn't get their first round draft pick muh privileges just because they *pay more*. Every single (guy) who has been fired over some brief PR kerfuffle related to the culture wars has been quickly rehired with better pay.

He was fired for directly insulting his companies policies and also for stating reactionary ideas about females.

Perhaps. However this guy isn't the victim of political correctness gone awry. He is the person who started the fight in the first place. No one likes employees who rock the boat. Also nerd virgins are pretty easy to come by nowadays.

person a: "you're a faggot"
person b: "fuck you, eat shit and die"
person a: "wow, I can't believe you disagree with someone not on principle but on what your perceived enemies thinks of you"

There are a million tech companies fighting for the talent they can get, and a guy who was a google but isn't anymore just because of some op-ed is red meat. Despite what this guy and Holla Forums think, white men are not even at a disadvantage in the high powered job world.

The SJWs were claiming he was lying about that PhD.

SJWs claim a lot of things. should we believe them?

Maybe it technically isn't done yet or something. Look, the guy is gunna be fine and his life will be right on track as soon as Sauron turns his eye away. The central thesis of the SJW is right about the fact that being "oppresive" doesn't prevent you from climbing the ranks of capital. It doesn't know, and it never will. It fundamentally cannot.

We barely believe ourselves here.


tits or gtfo

Anyone who agrees with a google employee is a fucking narc

What is it about male idpol (MGTOW, MRA shit, etc) that attracts these nerdy types anyways? Is it the sense of belonging? The justification that it provides to the status quo?

We must critically support his PR faux pas against Alphabet imperialism.

Doesn't matter either way, does it? The claims are being made to try and poison the well. It's one of the things I find particularly reprehensible about the idpol lot: intentionally using the economic system to inflict maximum suffering on those they dislike. If they were honest abnout being leftist they'd just beat, stab or shoot the guy, not try to kill him with homelessness or starvation.

The guy is also an idpoler though.

I think the best part is that Google is going to face massive backlash and nobody is going to end up winning
it's fun to see SJWs, reactionaries, and porkies all get asshurt at the same time.

We think it's the CAPITAL/LAND OWNERS. That's Porky. But England, probably because of its dominance in shipping and international trade, became the capital of the Capitalist world. There's a reason the cliche "capitalist fatcat" wears an English top hat.

I'm not saying it's biological

but I mean

what else could it be?

Geographic factors. Because Britain is an island, there was a strong motivator for the people living there to develop advanced shipping technology, which then allowed them to dominate international trade, laying the groundwork for a capitalist empire.

Girls aren't real dumbass


im glad that goggle is getting pissed on
and to be fair despite the fact that Holla Forums is going to use this to further their cancer its always good to see id-pol liberals taken down a peg t b h
identity politics is always cancer both from neo-lib idiots like google and idiots like Holla Forums

The same thing female idpol does to women. The only difference is that the men are on top (wew) so their complaints obviously sound hollow. The same would be true of SJWs' screeds if we lived in a matriachy.

tbh, Google and YT ought to burn either way.


That's the nice thing about this particular slapfight, we get to enjoy it regardless of who's winning.

Is anyone really surprised?

Not at all shocking. Guy tries to point about how intolerant they are of ideas that run afoul of Political Correctness, get's fired for running afoul of Political Correctness


Don't worry. The Democrats are demanding answers.

Tell us more about how liberals are the real fascists and keep defending aut-rightists some more, guy who totally isn't a Holla Forums entryist.

Yeah, go ahead and cherrypick the 2 most favorable lines in the entire document, why don't you.


at a time when suffrage wasn't a thing, you fuck.

>>>Holla Forums

And again on the topic of Gamergate…

Fuck you, SJWs. You carefully constructed this fucking tulpa out of delirious strawmen and deliberate lies, and attributed to it all crimes under the sun. Now that your creation has come to life, you don't get o cry victim.

Hello Holla Forums, this may shock you, but SJW-tier idpol has nothing to do with leftist theory and historically would have gotten you kicked out of leftist groups. Cultural Marxism is likewise an oxymoronic term whose attributed properties appear nowhere in the works of Marx and whose emphasis on cultural forces is antithetical the materialist approach of Marxism.

Women shouldn't be hired over a more qualified man just because she's a woman. Not viewing diversity as inherently good and thinking politically correct idpol is wrong doesn't make the guy a fascist. The guy may have fallen for the "cultural marxism" meme but that doesn't mean this memo is wrong it just makes him misinformed.

We will, it's the least we could do for a worthy opponent. Plus doing doing so would improve our reputation.

When I said "Fuck you SJWs" I wasn't referring to the board. Just talking out loud.

Sorry, it's still important I got that out in case any Holla Forumsack passes by.


my favorite comment from slashdot

Ummm… You know John Paul II actually admitted that his imprisonment was politically motivated against his research and apologised on behalf of the Catholic Church, right?

Female idpol (feminism) is just as disgusting.

He's quoting Solzhenitsyn on his twitter profile now

have some OC

He was obviously a closet fascist. He fit the profile almost exactly.

Not too surprising.

This is why I'm saying you can't just randomly take a yes or not position on some reactionary dude and his loaded opinions without analyzing it for yourself. I imagine a lot of people just outright saying "he has a point" in this topic are actually Holla Forums and other right wingers trying to sow dissent by finding common ground, but if anyone actually did just defend him so quickly and sincerely, on his terms, and consider themselves a leftist, you are putting yourself in a dumb position for someone you don't even know. He may come out as a fascist a week after the story, you have no idea what his reasoning or ideology is, and then there you are in league with a fascist. You have to look at what he said and examine it for yourself. The way it looks to me is that this dude is at the very least a neoliberal technocrat who is putting the values of google above any of its employees. This seems fundamentally different from any values a socialist is going to hold, and therefore it is very unlikely that any of his conclusions are going to be congruent with a socialist's.

"jewish science"? no, it's just not science. and if you think that gender studies is science and not cheap ideology and sophistry you're the one who perhaps might to pick up a book - perhaps about epistemology and what demarcation criterions define a field of knowledge as a science - hint: popper—


user I am not found of liberal SJWs either but Popper was a hack.

So I haven't been following this ordeal since it first broke out and apparently this dude immediately went to the alt-right after he got fired? lol what a surprise

Awkward virgins are drawn to the aut-right for some reason.

Feminists Don’t Want To Admit It, But It’s Actually Biological Gender Differences That Keep Women From Succeeding In My Meticulously Engineered Mega-Labyrinth

Ehh no, Safe spaces are enforced by silencing opposing viewpoints.

Demanding the right to voice your opinion without fear of retribution is not the same as calling for retribution against those whose opinions you feel 'oppressed' by