Why is sticks such a classcuck?

Why is sticks such a classcuck?

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What is this from?

Sonic Boom, an episode that aired like two weeks ago

This would be annoying if it wasn't so hilariously bad

Reminder the producers put a Chris-chan expy in one episode.

What really? Sauce pls

Also did he complain about Sanic having blue hands?

Chris acted oblivious when he saw this episode, He lacks the self awareness to notice when he's getting satirized

Blue arms, he went to a gamestop and started painting blue arms on the covers of the sonic boom game, an employee told him to stop and so Christ maced him, later Chris got arrested and I forgot how that saga ends.

Also the Chris-chan expy is at the beginning of the vid.

Not that character specifically, but they mention the incident in another joke. It's at the end of the vid.

Alright. You and I have our differences, Commies, but this is too good to not share.


This isn't even all of them.

I should probably learn to .webm YouTube videos, because not being able to embed is tiring.


Last one.

Sonic Boom is canonically a single autist's imagination that he stays in to cope with his shitty life.


I been watching Sonic Boom shortly after it started but seems I'm the only Holla Forumsmmunist on Holla Forums

Why is Knuckles so woke?


Holla Forums is having similar reactions to this show >>>Holla Forums896639

Kinda funny how such basic stuff is blowing their minds.

To be fair, if a kids' show said something like "labour is entitled to all it creates" Holla Forums would think it was really cool.

Is this real?
This cant be real.


I don't want to go to Holla Forums, what are they saying?


Sticks is not really a classcuck she just fears that the government will place a microchip inside her brain during an operation.

Holy shit he actually puts it really well.

How? You put meat and veggies in a hot pan until its edible.

Isnt this like autism the meme?

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting, Sonic Boom. That shit doesn't get better because you lampshade it.