Leftpol, what do you think of the Roosh V fellow? The creator of "neomasculinity"...

Leftpol, what do you think of the Roosh V fellow? The creator of "neomasculinity"? He has a website basically that's all about picking up women and anti-feminism.

Lately it's been branching into antisemitism:

And the internet comments also are very antisemitic.

Years ago the site used to have articles defending jews like

Other urls found in this thread:


A retard part of a greater ideology of retardation: youtube.com/watch?v=_pEfhgG3Ocw.

I think it's hilarious that a leader of the proto aut-right is a muslim who has to spend thousands to fuck low self-esteem sluts. Hookers for uggos and tinder for average and above are way more efficent.

Of course it is. This is becoming cool again among the type of loser who digs PUA, so he bends with the wind like a good alpha male.

It's funny how despite all the rants about being yourself, being a leader, taking charge, not bowing down to social niceties and all that, these people typically remain, deep down, little crowd followers who'd rather become nazis than encounter negative feedback.

The right is pathologically obsessed with sex and frames their world-view almost entirely in terms of sex (aside from some of the spiritualists among them) so its hardly surprising that sexually frustrated men would slowly merge their two shitty 'serious political issues' together.

Well theres always more room on the list.

wtf he's radicalizing lmfao

Isn't he a literal basement dweller?

PUAs are just delusional sex tourists. They're the kind of guy who honestly believes that the stripper they've been tipping for the last half hour is really attracted to them.

Roosh is also basically subhuman. I really don't have a problem with someone being killed for saying that rape should be legalized.

Idpol up the ass until it reaches your brain and makes you retarded

he's an armenian orthodox christian with a persian dad

Wew, those extracts from the guys book framing interpersonal relations in terms of exchange value.
How many levels of capitalism are we on right now?

Finally they reveal themselves.

He's a fucking retard

Yeah, yeah, nazi dipshits are anti-feminist too. Don't care.

MRA and MGTOW is just identity politics for white virgins who are sexually frustrated and can't get laid

What is that image trying to convey?
That he killed the girl and he's somehow a victim or whatever?

He's in a post-apoc miseryland, he's lonely or reminiscing.

Oh, that makes sense.
Without context and when talking about how the alt-right views women, that image can have a whole new meaning

Are you fucking retarded? It's more socially acceptable to be a self-proclaimed Commie than it is to be a Nazi (even though objectively everything Nazis are scolded for Commies have done more or worse). Being a Nazi is the most scolded and harshly attacked position you can take politically. How the fuck is that following the crowd? Holla Forums just regurgitates ramblings from women's studies and Marxism classes headed by biased, ignorant far-Left professors who got a job based entirely on their politics. You're more in the crowd than anyone on the Right. This is why I call rats like you authoritarian rebels. You preach socially acceptable positions supported and pushed from the top down while feigning rebellion and thus moral superiority. You're trash.

great post, checks all the boxes.

You need to grow up. That's such an ignorant, immature view to have. A man should be looking toward fathering a child and looking for a life partner, not "get laid." Christ, how old are you? If you're over 14 you should be ashamed for preaching such pathetically immature, mainstream rhetoric. Your view of masculinity is basically having sex with countless shit-tier worthless women who at the end of the day amount to nothing more than a cum soaked sock. What a worthless life.

You are under the assumption that black men dont despise feminism too

For most of IRL, yeah. On the internet it depends where you are.

Are we in a gender studies department?

A bit much m8. You're projecting your idea of the left onto his post.

the guy's a retard, and he might be an actual rapist.
People like to say that MRAs are the male version of feminists, but MRAs are actually (mostly) reasonable and in line with egalitarianism. Neomasculinists are the male version of feminists.

RooshV isn't an MRA you retard, he hates MRAs. OP says, he's a neomasculinist. Feminists call RooshV an MRA because there aren't many actual misogists in the MRM for them to point to.
What a lovely way to sum up fathers who don't want to be left out of their children's lives, or people who don't want men dying at work, or who think men shouldn't be raped, or that police brutality is a bad thing. Fuck off and die shill.

I thought Return Of Kings was owned by that fat bald guy who kinda looks like Dr Eggman in WalMart jeans.

What's his name again?

the proto alt tight lies in the paleocon movement


I don't

is it some variation on wewuz?

matt forney. and nah, roosh has ran rok from the start.

you may also be thinking of aurini, another bald manosphere lolcow.

Come on, m8, you *know* the shoe fits for at least half of the nerds who fly the MRA/MGTOW flag online. The men's rights movement as needed as it is (in some ways) just attracts losers with petty grievances.

Glad I grew out of that ayytheist anti-feminist shit when i was 16.

EVERY online community attracts losers. There are a ton of virgin NEETs on leftypol, does that mean that leftism is just white men whining about not getting laid? The actual MRM is a legitimate movement with legitimate goals.
And again it has nothing to do with RooshV, who has gone after MRAs on multiple occasions. He's an alpha male king, and views MRAs as beta pussies.

How do you know? Where's the proof? The guys actually putting in work, holding meets, making suggestions etc. aren't the guys advertising themselves on the internet. You're using a few video makers as proof to belittle countless thousands of men whose positions and situations you know absolutely nothing about. Maybe they believe, as you claim to, that the movement is needed, and maybe they're in it because of that. Let's put it this way. You both believe there's a problem, but only they are taking steps to fix it, while you're attacking them for doing so. Who's the real loser?

t. butthurt virgin loser desperately trying to justify his hatred of women

Yeah, that's him. Christ, what a high testosterone emitting, red-pilled alpha male. *Totally not* a 40-year-old virgin taking out his bitterness on women under the cover of men's rights.

You don't actually have a refutation of his position, do you? That's why you're just slinging shit.

Starting to see a pattern here

From what i have observed there are two types of MRA', the ones who are nerds that never got laid and are mad about it. The ones who were married, had an awful divorce, and want to be the older man dispensing wisdom to young men about how all women are whores

It was feminists trying to use Roosh to attack MRAs that actually got me to listen to MRAs. It went:
That made me realize how much straight up lies there are about MRAs. And you're right, neomasculinists are basically the men's version of feminism (except even worse), but MRAs are a pretty solid movement with some good points. The Red Pill documentary really put a lot of things into perspective, especially seeing how much hatred feminists have for that movie

Maybe we just hate people like you who empower the government to discriminate against one group in favor of another.

Nigga, what part of "50%" don't you understand? I know there's guys putting in work who're motivated by getting financially cucked in divorce court or cuz they never get to see their kids, that's why I said the alt-right-tier MRAs ain't a good look for them no matter what.

So basically he's just another idpoler?

Finding a partner is more important yes but I put shit in simple terms. Sorry if that bothers you but I'm 22

Black men also hate gay people

Geez so much hostility and implications all in one post. I too wish to be a father one day but that requires working on yourself and building connections

How long did it take you to master the art of typing novel-tier comments while deeptroating E-celebs you don't even know?

I've had moderate success with women. Not a Chad, but not a robot either. However,
is actually one of the issues MRAs care about. It's not because we're all virgins, but it's because virgin-shaming is just the male equivalent of slut-shaming. So what if I was a virgin? Would that make my opinion wrong? The fact that you think calling a man a "virgin" is an insult is sexism against men. Insulting anybody, male or female, based on their sexual history is sexist and wrong.


They do the same with asocial nerds. They criticise others for treating out groups badly, but they do the exact same thing.

Do you fam, it's your body and your choice to wait to have sex. I just see a trend in men who are sexually frustrated who lash out at women because of lack of sex. Not all of them, mind you but it's definitely been a trend on certain image boards


When did you decide to become a doormat for a group of women who think you're less important than their cats?

How? What does their political position have to do with anything? People can disagree with your political position and have a separate one entirely without being "neet virgins." Maybe they just have different life experiences and a different world view. What makes you the arbiter on right and wrong? What, do we base who is and is not a loser entirely on mainstream social acceptability, which is almost entirely influenced by the mainstream media, entertainment, and perceived authority positions like academia, politicians etc.? You know, all the things a so-called Commie shouldn't be bending a knee to, because apparently you're "rebels" and "freethinking." What about their politics makes them inherently a loser?

I hate feminists, but for totally different reasons than you do so that's a moot point.

Which is ironic, because statistically they're the most likely to be gay. Not surprising considering how black men over-sexualize black dick. Pretty hilarious… Anyway, there's nothing wrong with a community being against homosexuality. Not everyone has to be for or against what you're for or against.

I ain't fucking reading all that. Not in the early hours of a Sunday morning.

He’s a fucking madmen.

Cool, a telepath. Tell me why I hate feminism, then.


Blacks ain't "the gayest race", there are bout 3 different groups other than black fighting for that crown and black men didn't come up with the BBC thing either, keen observation did.

okay, that might apply to Roosh/ROK, but since MRAs aren't lashing out at women and since misogy is much less common in the MRM than misandy is in feminism, how does "who lash out at women" have anything to do with MRAs?



What are you talking about? The "alpha male king" comment? That was sarcasm. I'm the beta pussy MRA.

and what happens if you're one of the 50% of couples that gets divorced? According to you any divorced man who still wants to be involved with his kids after divorce is a "white male virgin who is sexually frustrated and can't get laid."

Definitely not for the same reasons as I do.

All I know is that Sargon was against him getting beaten the fuck up when he tried to have some dumb rally years ago. I knew they looked alike for a reason.


I get strong virgin vibes from him.

O Rly?

pic is faker and gayer than my aunt's boob job



As if it doesn't portray and all too common mindset amongst black people.

While we're on the subject of woman-hateric guys and feminists, can Antifa take care of them faggots that shoot that Facial Abuse porn? I know their studio's in New Jersey someplace. Evil cunts…

What, that computers are racist? Nah, but it's real in your mind, Holla Forums. It's real in your mind…

t. moron who's never talked to a black person in their entire life and only watches webms on Holla Forums

Also why would Antifa do anything? They're a for sale movement whose direction is guided by the highest payer. Otherwise they just sit around, do drugs, and whine.

No, that "duh white man be holdin' me down." Everything is racist, systematicly oppressive, and geared toward excluding blacks. That's a very, very common mindset amongst blacks. Or maybe just a convenient excuse for their inadequacies that has permeated their greater culture.

Ladies and gentlemen, the totally voluntary wonders of the free market™!

Post pics of said breasts, plz.

The two have nothing to do with each other. Hard drugs are illegal, also. Also a person's life decisions are entirely their own. Why they made them is irrelevant. They are directly responsible for every decision they make. They should justly accept and deal with the consequences of those decisions. How about you stop shaming the business and shame the bimbos who see doing it as an acceptable means of getting money? Without them the business wouldn't exist. Without the business they'd be on a corner selling their bodies. At the end of the day, the depravity emanates from their willingness to do depraved things. You're just reinforcing my opinions of black people with this eternal shift of responsibility to others.

No wonder your blacks make challenges outta walking on the American flag on social media and shit.

nobody cares about your opinions bitchboy

Never ends…

You think acknowledging the fact that nobody's free from societal influence in their decision making's a "black thing"?

If your dad beats you to a bloody pulp on an almost weekly basis and you start torturing stray animals and lighting fires for kicks are you making conscious decisions or has the fact that you were born with 3 arseholes (your own + 2 shit parents) setting you on a path to destructive behaviour?

Same question goes for the women who "consent" to guys spitting, yelling at, hitting and throat fucking them till they throw up on camera for $500.

Haiti and Somalia were destroyed by centuries of imperialism. What poverty stats your siting about London and Paris probably are equivalent to the same crimes in the US.

who invited lolbert fags in this thread?

Yes. I may be damaged goods, but the responsibility for my actions would land squarely on me and no one else.

Except life ain't nearly as bad for blacks in Europe as it is for American blacks and it's actually kinda true when you look at Africa, but look at it through the lens of neo-imperialism and capitalism rather than just race.

So were Spain, England, France etc. They bounced back no problem. Let's take a look at pre-colonialism and note the absolute lack of accomplishment in Sub-Saharan Africa. Oh my, it must eternally be the fault of whitey!


Exactly. Blacks get muh privileges and then some in places like Sweden, Germany, England etc., and yet they still manage to be among the highest per capita contributors of crime, they still whine about oppression and "duh white man holdin' me down," and they still majorly lack accomplishment. Why would I not view this more as a matter of genetics, as opposed to socioeconomics, or whatever you're talking about, when the crime, lack of accomplishment, communal structure etc. transcend culture, country, and continent? Blacks are the same everything. How can I not attribute this to genetics?

His advice about women overseas being easier to become intimate with is solid advice as much as many on the board would loath to admit.
I spent most of my life around the military and there used to be a joke that went something like those:
What does a single GI overseas always come back with.
A: a wife.
And I saw this play out in front of my own eyes countless times. Young men that couldn't get a date with an eligible bachorlette to save their lives come back married to 8 and 9 women. I met and were friends with plenty of them and in addition to being beautiful many of them were very pleasant to be around and worked very hard to make their husbands happy and create a life.
Western Women just by and large arent as pleasant to be around. I think the reason is that 3rd wave feminism has allowed women to claw their way into the ranks of the petite bourgeois and they treat their relationships like little venues of obtaining surplus value.
Petty issues like whether or not the housework is being divided 50/50 characters consume Western women while women outside of the west just do it since they don't see marriage as a merger but more as a cooperative where the success benefits both.

The Reconquista happened like 500 years ago, get over it.
When? When was England or any other part of The British Isles under colonial rule like most of Africa?
The Marshall Plan. Google it and then tell me why France gets billions in aid from The United States after getting raped by Nazi Germany, but Francophone Africa has to pay 85% of their wealth back to France for """the benefits of colonialism""" every year?

Got any stats for The UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and other European countries with significant black populations to back up the claim that their share of crime committed is even remotely as disproportionate as that of blacks in Burgerland, m8?


Yeah it's easy to get chicks to date you when you are a GI and can give girls access to american citizenship. Then in 3 years or so they take the kids and divorce your ass. Seen this happen to plenty of beta bitch marines I went to highschool with.

England had it worse. They were conquered or controlled by Nordics, Romans, and the French for massive parts of their history. Rather than dwelling in "duh [insert people] be holdin' me down" mindset, they accepted being civilized, they accepted knowledge, they accepted the new social structures, and they developed further. As evidenced by Haiti, Zimbabwe, South Africa etc., where blacks received very light treatment in comparison to peoples who've been conquered and had their cultures destroyed. South Africa is actually an amazing example. It was a booming global economy under white rule, and then the global community assisted blacks in removing whites from power, and ever since it has been nothing more than a third world cesspit living amongst the remnants of civilization. It decays more and more each passing year. No one's holding them down. They inherited one of the greatest, most economically powerful and progressive countries on the planet, and in two decades they've destroyed it. No "muh ebil whitey holdin' me down" in South Africa. Although, I mean, don't get me wrong, they blame white people for everything, and have thus created a very real "duh black man holdin' me down" situation, legally, in South Africa, with land seizures and everything. Never ends. The story is always the same.

What do you mean? Maybe it's me, but a "non-ladylike" woman is totally fine to me. I'd rather have that than some stepford sub who smiles through wanting to OD on pills every day.

Again, literal ancient history ain't relevant to this discussion, dickhead. Besides, all them foreign invaders fucked off after a while and the Brits didn't keep on living as minorities in societies run by their historical oppressors like American blacks and they weren't forced into a shitty rigged global capitalist market where foreign nationals control everything of value their country's got through multinational corporations like anywhere in Africa in 2017.

Try again.

I'd prolly date a butch dyke before I date somebody like that. How boring.

How is time relevant? Both started with rudimentary elements of development at best. Immediately post "colonization" however the England exploded in development through mimicry of superior groups. Blacks, everywhere, did the opposite, and destroyed everything that was introduced to them. Sorry buddy, your excuses don't work. Tyrones raping Jessicas and calling them cracker bitchs 20,000 times a year isn't the result of "muh ebil white man holdin' me down." How come, regardless of financial bracket, black children perform worse in school?


Are you retarded? The Roman empire started a little over 2000 years ago. It collapsed a few hundred years ago. Anyway, like I said, the English took advantage of their introduced infrastructure, laws, social structures etc. and built upon them, becoming one of the proceeding great empires post Roman collapse. Blacks destroyed them. Everywhere. Even within the US blacks have devolved into a tribalistic group that act more akin to Sub-Saharan Africans, waging eternal tribal warfare and operating according to tribal lines within a larger, European social structure. Blacks have overwhelming rejected civilization, in all manner possible, and have consistently devolved to more primitive social structures, regardless of the culture, country, or level of development.

How come some of the greatest inventors, philosophers etc. from European stock come from impoverished shit-holes, if, according to you, wealth makes and breaks everything? How come impoverished and downtrodden European peoples developed new means of advancement to remove themselves from that existence and elevate themselves, while blacks, even with muh privilege upon muh privilege, and lowered bar upon lowered bar, manage to only regress? Why was the "black community" more functional decades ago, decades closer to their time of so-called "oppression," while the further and further away they get from it, and the more free (even beyond whites) they become, the more they devolve and regress? Weird how that always seem to be the case. Whtiey rules, blacks commit less crime, they lead safer, more advantaged lives in a more developed and advancing society, then they gain total freedom and just completely regress. Happen in the US, South Africa, Haiti, Zimbabwe etc. Why did they all start off better than they are now? Why were blacks safer and more functional under "muh whitey oppressin' me" than they are when under their own rule?

some interesting stuff in this article that shits all over your muh genetics; but you'll probably never read it like the dumb fucking Holla Forumsyp you are.

You're right, I'm not reading your cherry picked article which contains the text you apparently deemed significant enough to post here, because all that amounts to is "nuh uh!"

Oh, and

So faith?
So blacks are worse parents? Why?
so bolstering liberal blanket egalitarian whitewash culture which is wrong for reasons we've discussed ad nauseum, it's learned helplessness. Stanford students are not a barometer for society, that's a major problem with social psychology their samples are just college kids, who as we can see are crazy idiots, not to mention most of it is flat out wrong and not even repeatable, having been totally degraded since near total capture by left-liberal SJW;s.

Fuck off you nazi cunt, you insufferable faggots always try to put blame on us for all these ill's while measuring proverbial dicks to to see which ideology has "killed" more. News flash faggot, Nazis openly push for extermination, Communists don't, and if the Nazis hadn't been curbed stomped into oblivion, then they would have broken every genocidal record set by human history. You are fucking scum, playing the blame game with peoples lives to try to justify your perverted position of death and suffering.

What studies? Why doesn't it list them? Why does an article aimed at academia not feel the need to point to the relevant data?

It's an ideological piece filled with wishful thinking and conjecture that you just pulled up from Google to meet your preconceived liberal dogma.

The bourgeoisie are actually a very small proportion of the population.

Read the rest of the sentence genius. I'm sure you'll just Gulag the Islamists amirite xd

This straw man that foreign wives are subservient is racist quite frankly.
No this wasn't this adversarial antagonism beneath the surface like I see in marriages with western women. Probably because the expectations are lower. Right or wrong that's how it was.

This emotional outburst was amusing if nothing else.

Immigration Customs Enforcement makes foreigners stay married for 8 years now before giving them a green card.
and they check
To see if your marriage is functional.
The days of foreign nationals marrying HIs for papers are long gone.
Also it's racist to assume these foreign wives are just getting married to get something. It also assumed western women are virtuous in this regard and don't ever marry man to get something material out of it.

Hey, hey, it's okay if you don't kill a person directly. If they die of environmental demands and limitations within a gulag, then that's on them. If we occupy all farmland and deplete the food for an entire population and they die en masse, hey, that's on them for not finding another way to produce food.

*marrying GIs

*No, there wasn't this

Agreed and we can't be held responsible if our ideology makes us do utterly retarded shit that kills millions over and above anything a natural famine could because of rejecting le bourgeois sicence for no reason except batshit theocratic-tier insanity. And because some people horded grain we need a blanket, elastic, expansive category that applies to pretty much any peasants (most of the population) that we want to arbitrarily target. Who funnily enough were the ones who were developing real organic socialism in Russia before elite Marxists decided they were the only ones who could lead the way for the rest of the world as the Light of the Nations, and so all competition needs to be snuffed out of course as they're just Wrong according to an elaborate dogmatic criteria. Oh no but they were just """ML's""", nothing at all to do with Marx's fetish for the Paris Commune as a template and other similar projects, and the fact they are absolutely dedicated autistically obsessed Marxists, nothing at all.

coming from actual peer reviewed studies, as opposed to your Victorian era junk science, yes, it's significantly more reputable, friend.

better than making erroneous judgements, you've never taken a science course, have you?
variable reasons, unless you can prove there exists a parenting gene that exclusively determines quality of parenthood endemic to arbitrary racial divides :^)
all that hot air, and not a single argument lol; all you can do is damage control and a pathetic attempt at discrediting the source; feel free to post something that can counter it.


Just because the study is four years older than you doesn't mean it is invalidated.

Sure it does. Twenty years of increasingly draconian social and legal changes in favor of diversification, legalized discrimination against white men via affirmative action, the social normalization of discrimination against white males (and women to a lesser extent) etc., and in that 20 years blacks have degraded further and further, with communities that are less stable, more violent, more impoverished etc. We have moved in the direction that rats like that would want, and yet we've witnessed the complete opposite direction. Also geneticists have made plenty a discovery in the last 20 years. Science has advanced more in the last 20 years than probably the previous 200. I'm just guessing on that one though. So to pull up an article disparaging genetic/innate that's 20 years old is just ridiculous. Science 20 years ago can be considered primitive in fields like genetics.

Your feels aren't an argument.

anyone who still says the "feels / reals" meme needs to be forcibly treated for sluggish schizophrenia at this point, they're beyond saving

No one cares about your spooks, that you can't get a white woman to fuck you is your problem, not a jewish scheme to genocide whites.

shoot yourself in the face fam

I literally stopped reading after the first sentence of your post. Again, it's been 50 years since colonialism ended and at least 1700 since Rome left Britain the fuck alone.

Well, this thread sure didn't degener8 into a neo-aspie bitchfest!

nice try herb

That's a non-argument. I win.


What's with your obsession with Rome? England was conquered or controlled by foreign born peoples for much of its history. From Germanic peoples, to Nords, to the French controlling their more recent (couple hundred years ago) aristocracy. Even under their own rule, they lived under a King and most of them owned next to nothing. Yet they still, decade after decade, century after century, managed to progress and advance into the largest empire ever known. Negros, with thousands of years of European advancement handed to them, have done nothing. They are not oppressed. They're not living under harsh rule. You can keep saying "i din read dawg," but all that amounts to is your acknowledgement that I'm right.

Make sure to tip lauren your betabux.

Update your material.

I don't watch her videos. I'm not drawn to perceived authority like you. I form my own opinions.

You don't have to lie to us user.

Yeah, they only controlled certain parts of The British Isles like Yorkshire or the northeast of England and they too fucked off bout 700-1000 years ago.

Again, antiquity >>> 50 years

He's fucking hilarious. ReturnofKings just screams insecurity and daddy issues. He's probably got a small dick.

Seriously, this right here's your brain on white identitaroanism. If x group of people are still recovering from tyrannical rule 50 years after liberating themselves while y group of people has recovered after centuries if not millennia that proves without a doubt that x group of people are subhuman.

Literally a psychopath.

Then again, we live in a that actually favors psychopaths.

Probably, but that's not what he says to his followers. Seriously, look at those books: rooshvstore.com/

You know what, that makes sense, because white people couldn't be "proud to be white" or whatever until recently. Now that they can, their masks are slipping.

These nu-atheist, ratskep, libertarian etc. types are very fond of apocalypse scenarios, because they validate their view that the entire world is against them, and there's no longer any social norm holding him back from doing whatever horrible shit they want.

I've noticed SJWs/Weird Twitter are fond of shitting on incels or just socially stunted men. Well I mean, they will shit on any group to which one of their victims belong, but these people are the one they always come back to.

You aren't in a position to point fingers now.

Anything that starts with the words,

are trying for the lowest possible bar for bait

Anyone who takes him seriously is an idiot. What's funny is even he admits his pickup methods don't actually work all the time because a lot of girls don't actually like """alpha males"""' at all. Not all PUA stuff is bad some is legitimately good advice with good intent to get a girl you actually have feels for but most of it is sociopathic manipulation tricks for a lizard brained sex conquest. I've not heard any of the good stuff from Roosh V.

He's a Muslim? Pure gold

"Alpha males" is just another phrase for Mother issues

Thanks entirely to Europeans they're more advanced than they've ever been, and since colonial rule they've regress drastically. There's nothing to recover from. Under colonial rule negros were as advanced as they'll ever be. They're merely regressing down to their natural state of being, everywhere. It's not just a coincidence.

That's still ten times the average Holla Forums poster

Apparently "Holla Forums" is an ethnically distinct group now. Oh, no, I forgot, you're high on "muh equality" in the face of biological and evolutionary truth. We fairly apply these concepts of genetic variation and the like to all species, but when it comes to humans "wez all exactly the same!" Nope, the negroid, developing in an entirely different environment with different demands for survival had zero impact on intelligence, even though it affected their bones, brain size, muscles, immune system etc. differently from mine, as a European person. Nope, "wez exactly the same!"

I'd call you Homo Erectus because your politics revolve entirely on impregnating as many people as possible like a deviantart piece.


The only biological truth is in the Bible. Evolution is a lie straight from the pit of hell. We are all descended form Adam and Eve. We are all equal.

You're an idiot…

Ellipses make you look like a nerd bitch

This tier of insult sounds like something an elementary school child would say. Same with the "can't get laid" shit up above. I'm not surprised though. To be a Leftie you've got to have a fairly immature mentality and you've got to be fairly stupid.



im sooper hert

That's ok

What horrible shit might that be? Seems to me that they're just tired of people arbitrarily declaring themselves the arbiters of morality and trying to police every aspect of their lives.

A great solution to this is growing the fuck up

This is why the left is losing.

reminder that anfem shitposts are literally just twitterfags fishing for autistic screenshots. ignore them.

Are you positive about that?

Why does a little bit about of sex tourism trigger Holla Forums so much?

Holla Forums - fat disgusting tumblr landwhales and vile trannies nobody wants to fuck CONFIRMED.

Because it's really pathetic and it makes me laugh at you

Shut up you're just mad white men don't give you attention forcing you to be a lesbian

I get a moderate amount of pussy to nut with. Idc

The fact you have to pay to another nation to get laid is just funny to me sorry. I mean it is technically your fault

Holla Forums in a nutshell.

three unexpected things that have changed about me since frequenting Holla Forums


Roosh, the Douche just simply got into the latest trend, which is Alt Right. The man is clearly a follower posing as a "leader."