Leftism and Cannabis Kid

So, a buddy of mine and I were watching this movie last night and we realized while watching it that stoner culture was actually the height of commodity fetishism see the literal meme religion that views weed use as sacred because it all revolves around the extreme fetishistization of a commodity, which while it makes the user feel good, is still simply just a commodity.

The message of the movie left us kind of confused, after the end we weren't sure if it was another DUDE WEED LMAO movie or if it was an indictment of the pitfalls of the culture. The most interesting part, which probably sets it apart from the vast majority of stoner movies, was the intense labor-dispute between Nate Norman and his friends but erstwhile employees. Eventually he gives to their collective action for more pay which threatens to turn into mutiny and even violence. I felt like this was a subtle reminder that the world of weed isn't so different from the legitimate capitalist world outside that Norman and Topher are seeking escape from.

Maybe this isn't a film that ordinarily would deserve a thread of its own on Holla Forums but since it involves based /ourguy/ Johnathon Daniel Brown I thought it was worth discussing. Also, JDB general too I guess…

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no serious leftist should be using drugs past 25 tbh, these middle aged burnouts with punk rock getups is why no one takes us seriously

look at this respectability-driven nerd right here everybody

as opposed to middle aged burnouts with cheap suits and stalinist bureaucrat get ups.

it's almost like the vanguard of the proletariat should actually resemble the proletariat, kill yourself you insipid crypto-liberals

Straight edge teetotal myself but as long as long as it doesn't show its fine tbh.
Respectability is unironically important. The workers' movement's weapon is discipline and unity and overly libertine and hedonistic behaviour get in the way of that.

It's almost as if that doesn't fucking matter at all you moron.

haha end my life tbh

No, the complete moral and intellectual bankruptcy of Third Worldism is why no one takes you seriously. People are falling into poverty, foreigners plainly looking for money are flooding into the country, and shit's getting blown up every week, and the leftist candidate in every fucking Western country rolls in front of the cameras and indicts society for its muh privilege and anti-Muslim, racist bigotry.

There is literally nothing wrong with weed, save for stoner cunt-ure surrounding it and the fact that it increases oxidative stress, leading to abnormal neuronal pruning in puberty and thus is a contributory factor in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia and depression. If anything, nobody UNDER 25 should be using drugs.

we don't fetishise the proletariat, we are for the negation of the proletariat and of capitalism. besides, most the proletariat doesn't look like 19th century industrial workers anymore. Workerism was truly the first form of identity politics. SJWs just take the framework of the stalinist parties and substitute 'class' for identity.

We'll leave the whole "be folksy and pretend you're a regular Joe" bullshit to capitalist politicians and their PR team. If that's what you want, join the libs and go wax poetic on social media about how important and relatable Obama's spotify playlist is.

Also, tons of people do drugs and you sound like someone with 0 life experience.

I live in the netherlands.

Stoner culture is purely the result of a counter-culture against what is or isnt illegal. There are very very few people here who I would desribe as stoners. Weed paraphernalia beyond the basic tools such as a grinder are very rare and you never see anyone wearing weed clothes.

The only time I have ever seen weed clothes is in amsterdam, where the tourists wear and buy it. For us, if you smoke, its not a big deal. Anyone over 18 can buy it and smoke it in private, just like alcohol.
I would reckon the american weed culture, just like the american obsession with alcohol, is because it is "taboo" but still cool to do it, making it a mysterious and exciting thing. Here, you can drink at 18 (used to be 16) and most kids get to try small amounts at a young age with their parents at home. Its not taboo, theres no big scare campaign against drugs or alcohol. Its not scary, youre not "cool" if you drink alcohol or smoke weed or take molly or lsd. In fact, if you brag about it, you look like a fucking dickhead.

Maybe interesting for your analysis. The illegality and fear of alcohol and weed and drugs, has been commodified. The war on drugs has been commodified for the old and fearfull, the idea of the drugs itself has been commodified for the young and insecure.

But the 18th century proletariat didn't look the the 19th century proletariat and so on. That's not really an argument and even though I live in a developed country I definitely see a lot of workers that look like workers in the traditional sense even if they aren't wearing denim overalls and cloth caps. Even the service industry isn't exactly white collar for most people in the sense that you get to chill around a water cooler and sit at a computer.

The proletariat will only be abolished in the sense that everyone becomes proletarian, it becomes a universalized condition and the proletarian class controls social production as a whole. Even when work as a condition forced upon humanity is abolished by automation people will still do labor that they find enjoyable and/or useful.v

Or aristocratic identity politics, or slave-owner identity politics or the counter-politics of the subordinate classes throughout civilization going by your definition of it.

Seems like an awfully simplistic way of looking at even when the praxis of the SJWs, even the tankie SJWs online (who are rarely in parties) are anarchistic in nature.

But it sort of begs the question, everything else aside, if you don't think the workers will abolish capitalism then who will? Will the system fall on its own accord? Will the bourgeoisie implement communism?

If it is still the working class that must abolish capitalism, one might think that drawing upon their proletarian identity under capitalism is a way to bring them together and possibly going beyond the proletarian mentality as it exists under capitalism.

Either you hold a misconception of what the proletariat is or you're not so subtly advocating for worker-run capitalism, possibly both.

It might equally be say that you hold a misconception of what the bourgeoisie is or a misconception of what capitalism is, or possibly both.

*be said

it might indeed
fyi capitalism is defined by the role of capital not the capitalist.

Marx refuted this one a long time ago when refuting Bakunin if the proletariat rose up and "oppresssd" the other social classes it would simply create a new proletariat out of the classes it is oppressing and instate itself as the new bourgeoisie.

can't believe I find myself agreeing with a fucking trot

It should actually "be" the proletariat.

Big Pharma and Big Tobacco are waiting in line to sell legal weed.

what does 'the proletariat' look like? there are 5 million proletarians on this earth, 5 billion people united only by their separation. The proletariat does not need to be indoctrinated from the outside, repressive consciousness is not revolutionary consciousness

t. Jonathan Brown

Stop trying to shill for your films on leftypol.

Pretty sure actors dont receive royalties.

What does "erstwhile" mean here?


How come his former employees are asking for more pay? Is it back pay?

No, it's cause he's making millions while their doing all the work and only getting a few thousand for their work.


Stay mad Holla Forums

Literally one guy that is only doing indie stuff now.

pure lifestylism
I use weed, but I hold down a job and go to college.
I only use it to cope with ptsd shit

I think it was a couple of years back, my roommate who now works for a pretty large financial institution came up to me and unironically recommended this movie. So, although I haven't seen it. I both agree with your analysis and also it probably sucks.

Holla Forums will never be a counter culture because it always pushes culture that meshes perfectly with capitalism.
You will always just be an extrapolation of mainstream culture, and never counter to it.

The star from that movie posts here once in a while to shill his movie "Horshoe Theory." Also he was in a porno and got his dick sucked on camera.

You mean the proletariat that are dying by the thousands because pharmaceutical companies have so many people hooked on synthetic heroin? The proletariat does drugs.
Your bitch ass probably doesn't even work if you think workers don't do drugs.
Stop LARPing you tremendous hobbyist faggot


There is nothing wrong with recreational drug use itself. It's good as hell. What's wrong is the pharmaceutical industry flooding communities with synthetic heroin. What's wrong is drug prohibition ruining lives through bad drugs and incarcerating people for victimless crimes.


Lol I smoke with my coworkers, who all drink almost every night.

What workers do you know that are teetotalers? I imagine being so sheltered in a upper class straight edge household makes you uncomfortable around drugs, and the people who use them (proles), but please do not project that personal discomfort onto the working class.

i strongly disagree. weed can be much more than a commodity. the way most stoners use it, sure. but you cant call it simply a commodity because it has so many useful properties, from medicinal to industrial. the only thing keeping it a commodity is the fact that it is illegal in most of the states

what is not sticking to a single argument?

you can trip balls for absolutely free by picking mushrooms or planting your own weed or whatever

no. tons of the heroin is smuggled directly into the country by our own CIA to raise money for their black projects. while the smack dealer may not be aware of the part he is playing, he is still participating in it. and his actions do MORE to negatively affect economically desperate areas. once dope hits a town, it stays, especially in rural areas. saw it firsthand in my town and many others.

*weed is not hallucinogenic, mostly. sorry for that brain fart

sure it is. if ya take enough

that's why i said mostly, definitely saw stuff while extremely high but that's not an everyday thing haha

It's still simply a commodity no matter how useful it can be

How is my plant I grow in the ground for my personal consumption a commodity?

If you sell or trade it with anyone it is a commodity but let's be real the vast majority of users don't grow their own but buy it from informal and formal commercial producers. That wouldn't change if it was legal it would simply be that legal producers would gain the upper-hand.In most states its legal to brew your own beer for personal consumption but most people don't.

The legal weed industry was worth $6.7 billion
in 2016 and its projected to hit around 20 billion by 2020:

Most people who smoke in Southwest Colorado/Washington etc grow their own. Ofc city dwellers and those without land are forced to purchase it as a commodity, but that certainly doesn't mean that it can only exist as such, or that cooperative production doesn't exist.

*Cooperative production for direct consumption.

The overwhelming majority of humans have been functional drug users you retard. Alcohol is a drug too, in fact it's one of the harder ones.


There's a history of that kind of stupid thinking both on the (authoritarian) left and among the left's opponents. Bait that people unironically believe merits a response.