Thoughts on syria and assad ?

thoughts on syria and assad ?

Assad is a fascist but he resists western imperialism but he is a puppet of Russia but he fights Islamists but he gases his own peopleā€¦ hmm 5/10 could be better

I hope YPG-Assad-Russia can come to a compromise.
ISIS and FSA are fucking finished no use in talking about them.
I support Syria against USA/NATO for the same reason Marx supported the USA, fuck imperialism.

Typical liberal state leader, not much to say about him. At least he is secular.
Doesn't strike me as a particularly bad guy, seems very reasonable too.


His father was better tbh.

fuck off with this meme


He is last remaining beacon of socialism and anti imperialism in the whole middle east. I support him whole heartily

i even participated in food drive and material help for the Syrian gov in 2013

is Syria refusing to give up on modernism or is that a Nazi salute I'm seeing?

You are seeing things that simply arent comrade, there is no nazism in syria

then explain that image

Assad is a liberal faggot who worked with the CIA about a decade ago. Syria needs a revolution, just like the rest of the world.

Explain what in that image?


that's one weird vodafone flag they're holding there

I think assad is a clever giraffe, he somehow survived. Although his country is shattered.

Flag of the Syrian Nazbol party.

also his political positions are confusing. I have seen both communists and fascists supporting him.

If he can defeat the rebels and isis and rebuild syria, this will no doubt lead to the shia crescent forming, which the jews and saudis fear the most.
Iran will now have influence in a territory that stretches through iraq, syria, and Lebanon.

I dunnon, but i sense ww3 on the horizon in the near future.

See, all of you guys at the battle of mecca when we get drafted

The Roman salute is used quite commonly in Syria which had a pretty large Roman presence centuries ago.

and you will jerk off to jihadists beheading children in that revolution from your moms basement in philadelphia like you have been for the past few years, right?

syria doesent have a nazbol party.

YPG is better. Biji Ocalan. Biji Rojava. Fuck the Authoritarians

Used to favour SDF but tbqh they're American puppets and Zionist fanboys at this point.

Friendly reminder that socialism is not nightmarish neoliberal dictatorships, but workers control over the MoP

better for who in the region

dont forget the sarin gas barrelbombs dropped vy assad personnaly on all the 638392739 moderate bakeries in aleppo