What does Holla Forums think of age gaps in relationships

i'm 30, and middle-aged guys with unhappy marriages fall in love with me constantly. i would have, and did find this attention excellent at age 20; these men were obviously predators, but i feel like i have the upper hand now.

when do age gap relationships enter pedo territory?

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While it breaks down a bit at the extremes, I think the "half the older person's age plus 7" rule is sufficient to establish the floor for the age of the younger partner.

Go be an anglo somewhere else, please.

When one of the two individuals is below child bearing age.

I'm 25 and 43 yo woman is having an affair with me. I think the gap is unusual but fine.

i agree that it's a grey area and this seems like a good rule of thumb: as you get older you can relate more successfully to a wider variety of age groups and have the requisite life experience to keep the relationship on equal footing.

i think gender plays some role in it, we're not equal yet.

We aren't the same, either.

any 40 year old who goes after a 20 year old isn't looking for an actual relationship, so much as something to stick it into. this is axiomatic.

we're more the same than is popularly assumed.

i'd guess that my sex drive is as high as any man's just less straightforward. it's hard to feel desire tho when you're being constantly objectified.

Pray tell, how is this measured, what is the 'popularly assumed' value and what is the true value?
Evidence will be greatly appreciated.

But what if the child consents?

Why not?

Yeah, I guess we really are different.
If I was objectified by women my dick would get pretty hard.

Eh not really.

Well then

When one of the partners is prepubescent.

That's it, that's all. Otherwise, unless they're under the age of consent and there isn't an applicable "Romeo and Juliet" exception - don't worry about it.

I'm very much pro-age gaps. It's one of many, many things that I think we're way too neurotic about. When I started out, I was going for a lot of guys who were older than me. And if there's anything wrong with that, then there's definitely something wrong with the years of prudishness and sexual paranoia that lead up to my relatively late pursuit of these relationships.


Prove that 'objectification' exists.

I just bought a woman yesterday.

Non sequitur.
One can buy non-objects.

I'm 25 and fantasize about fucking older women, but honestly I don't see myself dating or marrying someone ten years older or younger than me. I really don't care about age gaps so much as I feel bad that the best I can do is fuck some slag and relationships make me feel sorry for myself.

we need to end the gender age gap and liberate women from the patriarchy

My dad was 16 years older than my mom when they decided to create me, and I don't see anything wrong with that.
Like the first user said, the "your age / 2 + 7" is a nice rule, but more as a relative answer to the question "Is there a good chance that I will be able to build a good relationship with a person of that age or not ?", rather than a definitive thing. It also doesn't work with people younger than 14, which is a good age limit for consent IMO.
If you can find it, download Joe Frank's show "Truth about Women" on Soulseek. In the second part, there is a girl describing her relationships with very old guys and they all seemed to have a great time, and that's really fun to listen to.


it's a meme you dip
note how I said "gender age gap" and not "gender wage gap"

With feminists, you never know

why tho?

Life-denying moralism, that's why

To be fair, patriarchy was, and still is in a lot of parts of the world, a real thing.
It's just a totally inaccurate term to describe our contemporary Western societies ; the radfem equivalent of "fascist" that liberals use for "everything that I don't like"
Thank you Angela Nagle and Zizek for these insights and stop taking anfem posts seriously you fucking newfag

Absolutely nothing wrong with wide age gaps in relationships and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to jump off a cliff

When one of the partners is a child

Rules and nice axioms are all pointless bullshit. Just teach everyone as early as possible to not allow themselves to be exploited or manipulated in relationships. A 15 YO isn't going to somehow be less exploitative to another 15 YO just because they're younger than a 25 YO.

My gott the ideology.

This, OP assumes people in relationships of the same age can't be in exploitive predator relationships. And that women or homosexuals can't be predators too, more liberal feminism baloney once again trying to coop the true struggles of impoverished prole women for their own petty gain.

Just try and examine why age gaps no matter how large are not okay and then deeply analyze why you believe this way and you will find that it's total fucking bullshit. It's all feelings based moralism.

I always had a thing for older women, not like milfs, but just more older women. Like when i was a kid i liked women in their 30's.
Misato from evangelion was best girl to me

this thread is really disappointing, you all disappoint me.

younger people are much more easily manipulated due to relative lack of life experience. a lot of child sexual predators are simply opportunists: they can't form a relationship with adult women due to some serious personality flaw so they go after someone who can't call them on their bullshit.

it's unclear to me what sexual puberty has to do with mental maturation.

not all age gap relationships are predatory, but the larger the age gap, the higher the likelihood of an abusive power imbalance.

the feminist movement has become increasingly disappointing in the past few years, but that doesn't mean the radfems are wrong. there's still inequality, it's just more complex.

Implying this isn't all males from age 15+

not really. i've found that mature, older men tend to prefer a relationship, their "stick it in you" tends to be a more mature and experienced expression of love.

this sounds contradictory but these are not the kind of middle aged men who are interested in 20 year olds (or are at the very least embarrassed by it).

we're probably just too shy to share our feelings, we don't know if you'll be a stalker.

i'm pretty sexual, but any kind of unwelcome harrassment is really stressful.

OKCupid dating site did a study showing no matter what age, men at any age find women 18-22 the most attractive. Even when the guys 50. FACT

there are some okay people on okc but by and large you're going to do better with some random member of the general public.

This is why I hate meeting random girls and prefer to use an app or dating site.

i feel like dating sites are only compounding the problem tbh

Which problem is that? I think they can help if you are nervous at approaching women, but on the other hand I think some of the criteria set is insane. Like no guys under 6'3" cuts out about 95% of the US.

yeah exactly it just makes it easier for men and women to objectify each other on the basis of completely shallow attributes unrelated to what is likely to make a good relationship.

Pic related is probably the worst example of what you're talking about. The problem people have with Woody Allen's marriage is not that she could be his daughters age. It's that SHE IS HIS DAUGHTER.

I can understand that, but on the other hand it is really hard to approach women and some indication they are interested in you helps. I'll be honest at 5'9" I get rejected sometimes and skate by on good looks but no matter how much sex I have I still feel really lonely. I dunno, I'm drinking and trying to study so it's hard to think right now.

I think its good for breeders given how shit the current economy is at respecting human biology. Takes too much time to be financially stable for a woman to also start having kids at a reasonable age. Marrying somewhat older men that already have careers instead of jobs is a good way to have the money to raise a kid before the biological clock starts running down.

i'm so sorry you're in distress user. how can i make you feel better?

I don't care, but I just wanted to post these graphs because they always make me laugh.

i think i've definitely made this mistake with men in my life before.

i personally have a really hard time knowing how i feel about someone and getting hit on makes me feel pressured.

Destroy capitalism or give me money to make movies.

I find the women chart more interesting how it starts out liking relatively older men then goes younger in their 30's.

Yeah, and I can roll with rejection. There's some dudes who crumble after it and need a lot of time to recover.

i hope you have the idea that this sort of thing is fluid, at least it always has been for me.

I understand that, but I usually move on right after getting rejected. All else equal I'd rather go after someone who hasn't shot me down than one who has.

do you think women should take more initiative? if so, how?

Sometimes. I don't think that is necessarily a solution though, I think a big part of the problem is how busy we are. The reason I stop pursuing women after they say they're not interested is because a lot of my time is eaten up by work and I'd rather not spend what time I have to myself going down a dead end.

It depends on the situation. In general I think showing interest before being approached or approaching yourself could help with nervous guys.

Of course women should take more initiative. Often men gotta be direct.
As for how, the same way men do. Ask people on dates, as an example. Thing is, it's hard. Fear of rejection, as an example. But that exists for men too, but for some reason this all falls on men to bare this burden. Reality is it'd be nice for women to help out a bit

i agree with you a lot, do you have any advice on what you'd like from us.

when a guy asks me out i get nervous because i have to figure out very quickly whether or not there's any sexual attraction. sometimes the answer is "not sure". is that good enough?

Only when it's with a prepubecent child is when it's pedo.

A lot of predators are drug addicts who get a thrill watching a kid smile brightly and react excitedly to what would seem like a rather meager amount of flattery to an experienced adult. They are unequipped to deal with emotionally intense situations so their immediate reaction is towards physical/sexual release.

but younger women are more sexually and physically fit and attractive. This is just biology

That's a man thing. Cavemen who courted the wrong cavewomen got their head smashed in by other, bigger, cavemen. Fear is how Nature saved your ancestors' skins. Consequently, women don't fear rejection the same way because they never needed to.
It's called evolution. or intelligent design if you're a burger
Nice for you. Not for women. Women want to be approached and give the green light or shoot you down. Which isn't easy either. The moment you ask her out her next words will have a huge impact, and if you fuck things up she will have a hard time deciding (and no time to think it through, while you could think for quite a while before approaching her). Nature is wise but harsh - she doesn't care if you like it or not, she cares that it works and the way it works is men approach women, not the other way around sluts notwithstanding.

Hey OP, there's nothing exploitative about adults having sex with teens. Sorry you're retarded.

Yes, what if an individual who is fully educated on the mechanics of sex and thus fully able to consent to it consents despite being below the age at which stupid, self-righteous Americans stop being triggered? Interesting question. We should have a thread about it.

Sounds like a personal problem.

Do you have a single fact to back that up?

It's actually the other way around. Adult women don't have any appreciable maturity gain over teenage girls, and they're less attractive, so they desperately try to portray guys who go after the girls they actually want as predators so they stand a chance in the dating market. This is true of adults in general, really. The fact that adults think they're less prone to being manipulated is pure arrogance not supported by facts. No one has ever been able to describe what exactly this supposed manipulation consists of, or what particular knowledge teenagers are missing that makes them more likely to be manipulated, and why they necessarily can't have it before their 18th birthday.

It's unclear to everyone with a functioning brain what being above the age of 18 has to do with mental maturation.

Tell me, do you also oppose male/female relationships in general because of the physical strength difference?

so are younger men, unfortuately i'm not attracted to young dumb and full of cum

Ok man i've been trying to do this lately and you need to give me some tips. SO…spill 'em.

Most of the younger crowd is smarter than 30-somethings at this point. The only skills 30-something women have are snark and shaming.

If a guy likes you there is more likely than not sexual attraction, it's just hard to articulate because this sort of thing is somewhat stigmatized. In general though sex shouldn't be the name of the game. Unless you are from Holla Forums it's easy to get laid. If you are looking for a relationship focus on the other stuff. Ask a guy out on a simple date like dinner or something. Make it clear you are interested in them, compliments work. Pretty important since dudes are weary of the friend zone. But I'm telling you women taking the initiative like that, not being coy and playing mind games, is fucking hot. Have had it happen before and it really tickles the ole fancy

Holla Forums wtf, so completely irrelevant

Not him, but if you're decent looking and in shape you can flirt with and maybe fuck a milf you meet at a gym or something. It's not a porno where you'll fuck her after 5 minutes or something but I managed to fuck a 39 year old divorcee about a year ago. It took me like 3 months of talking to her and I didn't plan on it though, she said I was bigger than her husband which was cool

ur gonna be really embarassed knowing that you posted something like this come 5-7 years from now

Where did OP go? I think she got triggered and ran away.

They're pedo territory when you fuck children.

I'm 29 and my gf is 18. Haters are just jealous

I can't really give you tips but I can tell you roughly what happened.
Three things:
1. We have huge interpersonal chemistry. We click. We are just compatible somehow.
2. Her marriage is sexless for reasons I won't go into.
3. Large amounts of alcohol.

2&3 made the first encounter happen, but our relationship keeps being exciting because of 1.

Who the hell thinks of potential relationships in terms of who has the upper hand except Redpillers and feminists?

Just like someone because you like them. Don't overthink it.