'Sharknado' crew says Trump was 'in serious talks' to play president

He and his lawyers sued the production when he didn't get the role to play president


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donny played in a lot of mediocre movies fam

I dunno, it could be a joke/dig at him.

But it's not like it's the most childish thing Trump's done. I'm torn.

oh man, soopers important politics here! How about sticking to real fucking politics and stop cluttering the board with this stupid low-tier shit? Go back to reddit.


Didn't I tell you to go back to reddit?

Make me

Trump spent years constructing his media persona. sometimes I feel like the dude is a savant of the late capitalist spectacle. Trump's assent to the presidency was the culmination of a genius decades long masterplan.


why doesnt this artist draw smut

Trump is not some 55,000D chessmaster who had this all planned out, Americans are just retards who love celebrities

trump is not a chessmaster, he is a shamanic master of the spectacle. Trump doesn't even need to make plans, Trump is taps into the collective unconscious. Trump represents a synthesis of many archetypal figures from american history. He is Reagan, an snake oil salesman, a dime store preacher, PT Barnum, Charles Foster Kane, and Vince McMahon all rolled into one.

He's a rich narccistic asshole populist who has been on TV. I don't think you need much more than that to court low info voters.

why repeat basic as hell liberal normie talking points that clearly aren't true, i mean, he's obviously at least an order of magnitude smarter than you. what have you ever done with your life?


If they'd let him ruin Sharknado, he would never have run for President

Because it's true. I don't care if you don't like hearing it or cringe when you hear it, Trump is about as healthy as Hillary Clinton and about as stupid as Hillary Clinton, and they can both go to hell.

Stop worrying about people mocking the US Government you clown

I'm sorry but he's clearly a stupid person. A trained dog could become as rich as him when handed a huge New York property business by their daddy right before the property bubble starts to get truly insane. By trying to avoid liberal spooks you're just running into right wing ones.


This tbh. Everyone keeps saying Trump is dumb, especially liberals because they are still in denial that Obama was the last time they could trick voters into not seeing how thsts they just republicans who are virulent racists and homophobes.
Trump is only interested in things that benefit him. He's like the screw ups of 10 Nixons and he's still in office. He's knows where the bodies are buried, and he can figure out the hypocrisy of any of his oppenents with astonishing clarity.
For example this fake news rhetoric. It's clear that he's simple trying to distract from the truthful reports of his failures, but his fake news rehotric has successfully difused that because of the staggering amount of distrust the public has with the MM and he knows the MM will not recognize in them selves and address.

how do even you function being this liberal?

What's the next step in his master plan?

Not surprised tbh

How is it liberal to acknowledge that Trump is dumb as shit?

one half of our praxis is making the right look fucking stupid

Trump's politics are interesting because he really shouldn't have them. He's a New York billionaire… so why doesn't he have the liberal politics of all the other New York billionaires? In my opinion, it's because he's a very impressionable guy who doesn't have any party loyalty. He gets his ideas straight from the minority report section of the NYT. Because they publish all kinds of racist bullshit. They publish denialists. They concern troll about the deficit. They publish op-eds calling for vouchers. They want to blow up Iran and assassinate Assad. Whenever Trump read some minority voiced pundit saying "Obamacare is failing", "We should be scared of China", "such-and-such economy is decimated by of undocumented labor", he thinks Hey, that guys got a point. Then he goes up on stage and just says it all back, and people hear it, because they also wake up every day and read the NYT.

Thanks, Mr. Stewart.

we have to do it or radical left wing politicswill forever be associated with "sjw cringe compialations" across youtube

basically the youth want a kind of politics that allows them to be trasngressive and smug and "in", and the kind of politics that involves upsetting and humiliating its opponents, the radical left needs to offer that.

He basically just watches Fox and Friends all day and surrounds himself with security revolving door type people like Pliebus and Mattis and bitter rejects of New York "Soceity" like Bannon and Kushner which leads to a combination of Neo-Liberal Neo-Con faggotry combined with this bitter "eugh take that Washington Post" style knee jerk policy that is just designed to get him in the headlines

Yeah, that's what he's done since he was elected. But before he was elected, for the previous decades he was flirting with politics, he didn't have this dynamic with the news. He was just a reader and listener of completely mainstream sources. He was just "Independent", the kind who thought Ross Perot ran a very interesting campaign


Meh at least it gives Chapo Trap House enough filler material to run the show for the next 7 years

He is neither. Trump is a savant of the spectacle - he knows not what he does, yet he is still doing it. Hence why he comes across as a total idiot - he is a total idiot! But he has a subconscious gift for the spectacle, and it handed him a tight election with considerable luck involved. The result is that his on his policies he is something of a windvane, just repeating a mix of the last thing he heard from a crony, and whatever the popular thing is he has a nose for finding.

I think he has dementia tbqh