So i'm black and i know if i post this on pol i won't get answers just muh niggers and stuff so i'll post it here...

So i'm black and i know if i post this on pol i won't get answers just muh niggers and stuff so i'll post it here. Why does the alt-right think if we send the blacks back to Africa, the natives and the foreign blacks will get along, and why do they think there won't be a clash of cultures. When black americans made their own country in africa we enslaved the natives till they rebelled only later to have 2 civil wars between black americans and the natives. Why would that change now . ?

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i think they know there will be conflict between the various groups within the african racial zone they plan to make, it's just that they don't care.

it's less about the well being about the blacks as a group and more about keeping blacks away from their aryan utopia as far as i can see.

This pretty much, they don't really care as long as black people are not in their safe space

They believe that if you have the same skin colour, you will get along fine. That is what their entire worldview is based upon. They want to create an ethnostate, so black people should also get one, without considering how much cultural difference there is between people with dark skin colour.

Its a completely inconsistent ideology, some of them would say that tribalism is natural and inevitable for black and brown people, muh "theyre killing eachother over here anyway lol whats the difference" shit etc

Hold up what did I miss?

Also because their ideology is humans vs orks. You are the ork, and since you are not them, you obiously are the other, hence you are the same as all the other orks and they will treat you the same.
Pol projects their own worldview on everybody else, which is why they think all "blacks" want to kill all "whites" even though "blacks" in africa are not even a group, nor are "whites" in europe.

Because a lot of blacks in America push the "hurr Africans made everything whitey was in caves" idea and talk about how Africa is superior to America and so on.

Pic related, BLM Toronto leader.

They don't.

They don't care.

The objective in espousing "back to Africa" ideas among the alt-right and segregationists has nothing to do with the prospects of such a movement, and so it actively ignores the actual history of those ideas. Their position on this, like on many things, is completely disingenuous and founded on supposed benefits to white people - "white people" here largely just being themselves and their fellow outrage porn addicts who habitually look for others to take responsibility for their own belief system.

I still don't understand how most of the leadership of BLM are canadiens that believe in voodoo.Is there even police brutality in Canada ?

the beginning of this from 1:08 to 4:06 sums it up.

No they aren't? blm is decentralized to the point that every city's leadership is independent.

Also, the toronto blm has been pretty crazy and made a bad name for themselves, I have no idea what they're doing.

there is police brutality in canada but its mostly focused on natives and arabs

They dont

Negros and other rabid non white minorities are merely the tools of the bourgeoisie to bludgeon white people into productivity and compliance.

What the fuuuck how did i never hear about this?


The Yakub fellow is technically an Ancient Alien, like from the show on The History Channel with Georgio Tsoukalos and all that.

Any blacks still in this thread, this video will explain:


Not black.
Is this like scientology for black people?

What about based black Trump supporters and like African American professor Walter E. Williams described it, "The welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery couldn't do, and that is to destroy the black family."


she's not wrong

The story came from Nation of Islam which was invented by a white guy who seemed to be an agent of Stalin trying to sow disruption in the USA.

Thats hilarious

Here's the founder

His real name is unknown and he just vanished after teaching the blacks to think they're superior and all this WE WUZ KANGZ stuff.

It would have to be the USSR because nobody else would've and could've done it. Hitler once tried sending spies to the USA and it failed spectacularly. Plus the Nation of Islam is very antisemitic and Stalin became that way and it was done when Stalin was in power.

The CIA at the time would not have wanted blacks doing that and the CIA still doesn't. The CIA would rather have blacks rioting than being all civilized which the Nation of Islam encourages blacks to be.

this is some straight up Hotep shit

I'm jealous that this guy managed to be so fucking mysterious

Except for Japan which based their entire ideology on an Asian version of WE WUZ KINGZ. Black historian Gerald Horne has argued (not without some merit imo) that NOI was a Japanese front.

Complete meme but assuming it was true, the time where Stalin was alleged to be an anti-semite was towards the end of his life. And most European Christian cultures were openly anti-semitic to greater or lesser degrees which hardly would finger the Soviets for it by themselves.


Then why was the founder white and not Japanese? This was before the USA put Japanese in concentration camps.

Ever think he might've been just some white guy paid off by the Japanese? Also, the US and Japan both knew there would be a war in the Pacific over their respective spheres of influence prior to WWII.

Depends on smart and industrious you are. Dumb people will be enslaved no matter what who or where they are.
This includes whites.

Yea listen to this polyp smart guy, its all about smartness and has nothing to do with military or technological advantages.

since fucking when? you're reading to much aristotle or something.

Rightwing dont care what happens to you after you go back to bongo bongo land.
You had a chance to create the african american version of israel and ya blew it.

It wouldn't change, the whole "go back to africa" idea is a thinly veiled euphemism for the genocide of american blacks that would occur in a nazi masturbation fantasy. The belief that if everyone was the same race or ethnicity we'd all get along has the entirety of human history as a counter-example, so the establishment of an ethno-state by anyone as a solution would fix jack shit.

Not true. We think it helps to have fewer things to generalize against other sub-populations within the greater one. Crime rates go up in all multiethnic areas, no matter which ethnicities you're putting together. People being similar inspires trust, or at least less automatic distrust, which results in more empathy and therefore less crime. Call it a spook if you like, but people learn "that one's not like me/mine" before they learn language, and behavior stems from that.

You can see this in certain backwater and racially homogenous areas even today. I've been to a small town in Tennessee where the shopkeeper will leave the store with a jar on the counter for people to pay for what they take, and nobody locks their doors, even at night.

That's the kind of country we want.
t. wandering Holla Forumsack

Why create New Afrika state in America when Haiti is such a disaster?

Black americans are not africans. They are americans. They should die

What actually happened to Liberia, anyways? I know it's basically gone to feudal warlord conflicts, but what destabilized it to that point in the first place? I don't know if it was the transplants or the natives.


I've seen this, actually. I just don't take Vice as a particularly good source. It's interesting, but they also glaze over what happened in those 140 years between the Africans going back and international subversion starting. Was it prosperous until then, or did it start out a mess?

Delet this

t. Cannuck


You guys are starting from the wrong assumption. It's not that the aut-right thinks the new immigrants and the natives would work fine together. They just plain don't give a shit so long as all of them are out of American borders.

studies have shown the homogeneous societies have less crime


Nah, forgive them, they know not what they're doing. It ain't their fault they were left stranded on a continent fulla bloodthirsty imperialist burgers.

But i'm a western black and don't trust non-western blacks. And my poor white and eastern european friends get bad looks and are hassled by police in rich white neighborhoods.

Race isn't everything even among racists. A white cop in the KKK will still be more cautious around a white in Juggalo getup than he will a white clean-cut and in a suit.

Yeah no, that's the one thing it isn't. /po/tards are very single-minded, and that's part of what makes them appealing to many people. It's very consistent since every plank in their ideology is to further "white" interests.

Acting as if that's the only factor in determining crime rates would be ridiculous, poverty, education, and age demographics are also factors as well.

pisses me off that she hasn't been arrested for this shit.