Which type of Communism will help Trans individuals the most?

My friends have been getting me into Communist thought over the last few months. Now I just started learning about the nuances and different types and some of it seems to go against Trans needs. I'm on HRT and a bunch of other medications. I need these things in order to function. What type of Communist school of thought would ensure I keep getting my medication? I don't think a Anarcho_Communist type of revolution would be good since there'd be a breaking down of supply lines and production.

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the kind that creates mentally stable people, as to prevent gender dysphoria from existing in the first place.



NazBol, Nationalists want gfs (male) so that is where you should go.

Please tell me all about what causes gender dysphoria since you know oh so much.

the social construct of gender, which needs to be abolished and not encouraged, obviously. 'gender' was created to keep women proles down and ensure the reproduction of capitalism. wanting to be called by female products is no different from a white guy who insists other people call him 'nigger'


This, transgender is a result of late capitalism

He didn't he just removed the Tsarist laws on sex


much of what you probably consider 'the social construct of gender' is biologically determined

A huge percent of this board is appallingly ignorant on the biological causes of gender dysphoria, which have been medically researched to a more than sufficient extent. If you actually believe that gender dysphoria will somehow disappear with capitalism, you're just embarrassing the radical left. There are relevant socioeconomic factor when it comes to gender relations, but it doesn't fucking mean that sexual characteristics don't exist.

Just kill yourself, opportunist, that way you won't shit up a movement.

Can trans people stop conflating genderqueer behavior (e.g. wanting to wear women's clothes when you have a penis) with believing that you were born into the wrong body? It's totally different.

Why shouldn't LGBT people be concerned about the life they would be able to lead in a socialist society? The track record so far has been pretty ambiguous in socialist states. I'm a faggot and support socialism, but should I pretend that I'm not worried about being sent to labour camps or psychiatric institutions?

genderqueer is more leftist than essentialist trans people who believe one can somehow 'be' the other gender.

>we compared the interactions of 34 rhesus monkeys, living within a 135 monkey troop

monkeys can have social constructs and gender roles too, you know


Anything at sucdem or more left. As long as you have socialized medicine, you're solid.

If you want a revolution, you will have to deal with some temporary hardship. When an area comes under communist control, the bourgeois powers quickly gang up against it, and use both invasion and internal subversion and sabotage to restore capitalism. If you are prepared to accept violent revolution, you should also be prepared to accept loss of access to some commodities. But is it really worth it to be exploited for the rest of your life if it means some temporary comfort that lasts until you run out of money or liberal democracy dips into fascism during a crisis period? Pragmatically, you could try making do with hormones extracted from most land mammals if synthetic hormones becomes unavailable. There is some risk of prion diseases if the animals are raised in the squalid conditions of contemporary factory farms, but bovine and porcine hormones are very close analogs of those found in humans.

What the fuck!?

That's how insulin was provided to diabetics until the 1980s, and how the first bodybuilders made performance enhancing drugs.

Why do you capitalize trans like it's someone's name?

When the revolution comes your head will be acquainted to the pavement.


I don't think you knoe what idpol is.

The problem part of the the left has with trans issues is the same it has with the broader "human nature" issue. While it is entirely true that a very large part of human behavior is culturally determined, many on the left go too far and dismiss the concept of human nature entirely. There are components of human behavior that are biologically determined and even cultural components have a biological foundation. Human behavior is therefore not entirely plastic. Any attempt to set up communism while hoping human behavior can be -entirely- changed because human culture can be altered by changing the material conditions of existence is bound to fail. A successful attempt requires a full scientific understanding of how humans work and are far from that yet.

If there is no synergy between movements, there is no sense in having them in the same organization. That just serves to produce sluggishness and bureaucracy. As great as relaxed sexual mores might be, that issue has very little to do with organizing the working class for proletarian revolution.


I agree with this. Liberation of working women does not involve fighting for dudes' right to stick their dicks in everything.


Saying that something is biological is just removing it from political contestation. Science is, in this way, politics by other means. Not to mention that it's quite a simplistic understanding of the concepts of culture/nature.

there were trannies long long before late capitalism

Not really since you can work around biology to a significant degree. Also genetic engineering is to come soon.

That relegates it to the realm of technical concerns and biopolitical control. I don't personally care how true such claims that something is biological are, what we should be interested in is what those claims do and what leads to them being made at a particular moment in time.

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Genetic engineering in fetuses and in adult humans are totally different cans of beans. In adult humans, you can definitely alter the genomes of some cells which are capable of repopulating, for instance in the bone marrow. Otherwise, you would have to go and edit each and every individual cell, which is impossible. Maybe someday new organs could be grown for someone using a modified genome, and they could get those swapped in, but that is a long way off and is still only halfway there.

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Maybe, but monkeys sure aren't.

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Transsexualism is a result of the brain developing as the opposite sex from the rest of their body, its not some social construct thing. There may be some people who call themselves trans purely based on gender stereotypes and/or all the media attention surrounding the subject lately ("transtrenders") but generally its caused by one's biology, not society.

Why, and what does Woodhull have to do with the subject?

A lot of trannies live in poverty to the point that many are forced to turn to sex work, I wouldn't really call them muh privileged or bourgeois…

you aren't going to find many transgender steel workers, that's for sure. trannies are often neets (lumpen) or petit bourgeois in the tech industry.

I hope none of the users of this board in the most advanced stages of the mental illness see your post or else you are going to be lectured about how biology ain't real.

Not tankieism.

You don't have to be a steelworker to be a wageslave m8.

I come here regularly and I'm not really sure what you're trying to say here. I'm kinda bummed that there's people in this thread that are hating on trannies but I can't really blame them for not knowing about the actual cause of it since its not exactly common knowledge



Literally every discussion about either LGBT or feminism leads towards somebody recommending a pharmaceutical of some sort. Identity politics is just a big infomercial.