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share me your leftyfeels comrades

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I'm sorry to hear that OP, do you at least enjoy your work? My life is pretty good so I got nothing to say.


22, NEET because paranoid, agoraphobic, depressed, and all around hatred of wageslavery, constant anxiety about the future, creeping apathy and generally just waiting to die.


what color are your eyes

i think i should seek help



Life feels empty sometimes, but sometimes I feel content & sometimes I don't know how to feel. At least im not fat or ugly, heh.

Nice try NSA

you said ama dude


technical college is good, it's always better to be depressed with a good paycheck than with a bad one.

I guess its not too terrible


Just find a job in factory, if anything else, you'll help to accelerate our regime.


ITT: kids imagining they have problems.

Ah yes, the age old "children in africa are suffering so shut up, worker!".

I feel like I'm making a /suicide/ post at this point

Why are Leftcoms always depressive borderline porkies

Its just the same guy who keeps posting it, so it seems that way.

Are that finance algorithm guy with a math PHD who said he has objectively no self-interest in communism although he likes the idea?

Not him, I do have self-interest in communism, capitalism internalizing social problems on an individual scale is not something I like living with.

you should probably stop wanking to books and go meet some people user

I'm [x age], and it took about 6 years after I became old enough to work before anybody called me back. Came of age during the height of the recession. First one was a strip club. Apparently didn't check my age on the application, because when I went in and told them I was 20 they said I was too young and angrily ended the interview. People are stingy as fuck about alcohol here.

But a few more places started calling me back. I was in a less desirable part of town by then, too, and I had better advice slowly coming in. Alas, they still weren't hiring me. Once I turned 21 I applied at a different strip club, and they hired - my first real job. Worked about 6 months at the place, making below minimum wage (we also paid a fee to work there). It was a gay place. At Pride that year, we were given an ultimatum to march or be fired.

One or two of us left then. But I made the best of it - it didn't bother someone like me at all, and I took it as an opportunity to do something I'd always kind of wanted to do but might not do if I had a choice. We all had to be at least shirtless. It was a fun day, though we ended up having to get a random guy to give us a ride back to the bar and our clothes were in the float that we weren't allowed to follow back.

Later I got sick for a while. By then there was a suit against the place by multiple employees - strippers and bartenders too. I came back and was given an ultimatum of my own to alter my appearance a bit. I didn't figure it was worth it, and business had been slow lately anyway. I thought I had another job lead, a sure thing, a local retail place. I left.

I pursued that for a few months, but nothing ever came of it.

I signed onto the suit, which was over unpaid wages. The bar was skirting labor laws and I was apparently legally owed a few thousand. One person on the suit was found to be in the country illegally and was deported. Another I found to have died in a car accident after a legal aid had inadvertently revealed to me in a forwarded email that he was on the case. The bar itself declared bankruptcy, at which point the lawyers became impossible to contact. The bar is still open years after, and as far as I know has returned to its old hiring practices. The lead plaintiffs had relapses.

A year after leaving, I found another retail position. It paid a couple dollars more. In retrospect, it was pretty abusive. I was eventually fired after about three months over a bizarre story, but in that time I'd seen numerous people come and go - either rapidly fired or quitting explicitly because they couldn't stand the way they were being treated. I had little to compare it to. Others had quit simply to avoid being fired, because the place (according to the longest term employees) had something like 70% turnover.

I did get another retail job later that year, just from walking around and writing absolutely every place for miles down, you know. That's the way you do it. It was seasonal, but at least a lot cooler than the other place. In this environment, I was seen as exceptional - I suppose the first retail place was like bootcamp. Unfortunately it left me both good at retail and for the most part unemployable because of how it affected my resume… darn, the one reason *mad retail skillz* would be useful.

That's ok, though. I don't look for work anymore.

Now those clubs are getting more expensive to go to. More cover charges. Apartments are springing up around them, and moralists judge our little red light district.

Nevertheless, stripping is at least more dignified work than retail. And they hire, that's something.

Somehow it feels strange to feel so affected by gentrification. If I'd followed a path like my parents or some of my friends, I could probably be living in those apartments. But here I am walking around town getting turned away from bars because they mistake me for a homeless guy. That's a cool story to have, though.

get some help you lazy cunt

Reminder that if you desire sexual copulation with other people, you are inferior to me and my steel trap-like mind.



Literally me except I'm 19. I'm considering dropping university and learning a trade like CNC but they pay shit. Or grad school and doing research. I don't want to code ads in NSA datamining apps for a living.

Good bait

Can't wait until The Next Revolution begins and we can shoot bar/club owners in the streets like it's 1917.
Seriously fuck """small business""" owners. Literally a nice way to see the bourgeoisie.

Young people are fucked. All my friends are working 30+ hours even while in university. Nobody has free time and more & more of my friends are giving up hobbies to just go drinking because it's the only thing they have time for.

/r9k/ shit should be a bannable offense tbh.


That is already a hedonistic decadence, just not stylish.


Does not compute.

is simple, she visit me


i am ready to die for the communist cause. everything i do in life is to give validation to the communist cause. my life is devoid of meaning


fuck off, there's 15 fucking pages worth of threads.

This was supposed to be something I did while I found work that actually used my degree, but shit gets me so depressed (on top of my actual for-realsies medical depression) that every moment not at work I'm desperate to do anything that will be actually stimulating in some way.

I'm fortunate enough to have a psychiatrist covered by Canadian health insurance, but I somehow wound up with the only conservative psychiatrist in Vancouver. He's helpful anytime I have a problem that's purely internal and individualized, but if I start talking about the work environment or various external social pressures, he can't really provide a response beyond "snap out of it, it makes you sound like a Democrat."


Why didn't you ask your dad for a half-million dollar loan?

Daddy is a poorfag

this is indeed a sad story

Don't worry compatriot, if you work hard and with dedication the free market will make all well in good time.

Well, I can only blame myself (different choices could have been made).
Why should I go

Good question. Why not make the effort to try and find out?


because self respect, i think

I'm an ancap precisely because of self respect
This ideology is the best protection against SJW, feminism and niggers to take over

you couldn't have said it in a better way


so your young single and employed. dont feel too bad dude, your alredy better than like 85%+ of this board just by having any job and a life

and u have a college degree. in a good sub. Can always go back to grad school for comp sci and become a based software engineer and make money

you lack it?

Git gud faggot

send help please

Had a decent warehouse full time job but got laid off with about 80 other people


congratulations on phucking stacy, bromrade

likely me 1 year from now.

What's your drivers license state and number?


wtf that sounds dope

sometimes i wonder this too tbh, since im american etc

Rich "The Big Communist Dick" Wolff


fucking keyboards these days i tell ya


Shit son.

I am so glad things are ending.


I live in a comfy social democracy with decent mental health services. I'm getting every chance I need to turn my life around. Things should be like this for everyone. The bullshit in this thread is disgusting.

Based neet life

which country? I live in Sweden and although it's possible to get help it's virtually impossible unless you've tried to commit suicide




Very bourgeois 8/10

Sad story turning to glad story, 9/10

Thanks for reminding me of the crushing reality that is our isolation from one another. Once the revolution has come and gone, instead of discord bullshit, we will all chat outside at some local café on a warm summer afternoon.

You could say that. However, everybody who lives within the modern society is also bourgeois.

30, alcoholic, addicted to benzos, doctor won't give me anymore, wake up and drink all day until I puke, don't eat much or shower, no job, haven't worked since 2013, flat broke, mom provides everything for me including alcohol, no insurance, have fines for driving my car with a suspended license, lost my car, have to walk everywhere, most days i'm too sick to walk, trying to get into rehab on medicade but their all full, feel suicidal until I get a drink in me, live in a shitty old house with a hole in the roof, dad hates me and he just gets stoned all day and tells me to get a job. i am probably the most fucked itt

oh no gf but I really don't care and i've had sex before.

Enjoy it while it lasts kid. Neoliberalism will devour it sooner or later.

Your life somehow sounds both great and horrible

If you've got medicaide then maybe you should check yourself into the hospital? At the very least it will get you clean for a day and let you get some sleep. They might even admit you into a psych ward if you're feeling suicidal. It's not so bad in one, I was there before. You get lots of drugs and you're mostly high as fuck all the time. As for rehab, not sure what state you're in but I can see them being full, probably the opioid crisis going on here in the states.

Hang in there user, you're in a real rough spot.

At least a teacher's salary isn't that bad when you're only buying for one, r-right?

You should really get help for those first man. Once you come off them the withdraw can kill you (seizures) or make you have psychotic episodes. Talk to a doctor about tapering or an ER, someone anyone. My cousin went though withdrawals from that shit and it was hell for him. The reason you're drinking so much IS probably because you're going through it right now. Stay safe and get help comrade.

I'm good now…i met the woman of my dreams, she's an autist like, she also doesn't have friends and she also wants to live the fuck away from cities in a comfy village as a farmer. So we're going to do that…
I wish all of you the best of luck tho because i've been there…but things really changed all of a sudden…i never felt this connected to anyone in my entire life, no even with my parents.

I'm just so fucking tired of being alone.

damn dude, you need to make it to the big city. Your still young and city lifes way more fun than that shit. Save up, get a job skill and move to an affordable but still big city where you can have fun with other young people

>no gf ( all the qt that surrounds me are dumb as fuck like think that Mars can appear in the sky like the moon for exemple and other shit that make cringe )
>work 44+ hours Sys Admin in a online bookstore get paid 500 euro/month it's the double of median of salary in my country and having a 'friendly' CEO aka capitalisme with human face.

Birthday tomorrow, nobody to be with not even family as they were absolutely shit so bad i moved out when i was 17.
Autistic and have very hard time making friends.
Insomnia so i failed school and nobody believes me when i say i have insomnia.

Maybe. There's a lot of factors against that like. Like me being an undocumented citizen, which wouldn't be that hard to fix, but I still have no formal education or job experience. Not to mention I hate the idea of being a wageslave. At least here I don't work a whole lot, the hours are flexible, and I don't have to commute.

H-happy birthday user.

If you want a quick fuck use Tinder. Chill the fuck out. Life ain't easy, we're working class.

as big as the moon i wanted to say.

work and save money dude pretty sure a lot of people would like to meet you

Happy birthday in advance user

This is all I want in life


You poor hungarian

wrong continent

Good luck finding a job user, that's a saturated market.

there you go

>just want to make music, code, and be with a qt

I didn't mean barely get bad grades I meant barely pass with mid 70s to low 80s each semester fuck



Damn dude, I'm sorry about your situation. I think you are worst off here, if we're playing the suffering Olympics, that is. Like others said go to the family doctor or the ER if things get too bad. But I have some more advice for you:

Look into an herb called "Kratom". Hopefully it's not banned in your sate. Pigs at the DEA/FDA have been trying to get it put into a class one drug, that's alongside herion, cocaine, meth etc. It's a plant from SE Asia that's related to coffee. I have a buddy who was hooked on pain killers who used this stuff to come off with no ill-effects. The tl;dr you mix it into a tea and drink it when you start feeling like shit, it hits the receptors in your brain like the xanax or booze does, but unlike those it won't stick to the receptors, that's where the addiction happens.

Give it a shot if it's legal in your state (if not then just fucking get someone to mail it to you). It's only mildly addictive though, so fair warning. All you have to do though when you're done with it is do a couple days ween off.

Like I said this shit really helped my friend kick pain killers, it might work for you.

Happy birthday user!

wtf did they do, post loli porn on your page?


I just feel empty, I sometimes wish I was teleported to a third world country so I could face real troubles; because in my current position I feel like a traitor to the working class, I just waste space haha :)


I want to move but I'm trapped here. I want to kill myself too. I feel stuck.

for a second I thought I was on Holla Forums

I am interested in your vermicomposting idea user. Where you at?

East Coast of America. I can easily buy everything I need but it is the motivation to even begin, honestly. I am legitimately afraid of failure as well, but at the same time don't want to slave for my entire life like my mom does.

I'm trying to work myself up to building the bins out of scrap wood in the next few days, but I keep putting it off to lounge around. I have a motivation problem.

Are you me? I've been in a country for a month where I can't speak the language and I've been fantasizing about police shooting people on the streets. pic related


your gf will cuck you and get better. you? get out while you can or she will kill you (you will kill yourself, cuck)

I know that feel. Lacking motivation is pretty much my entire life.
What kind of worms are you gonna be raising?

someone took /r/theredpill

Red Wrigglers as they make the best castings, apparently. If the business goes anywhere I'd also like to raise nightcrawlers for fishermen, but I doubt that'll happen since I don't really live near where anyone fishes.


hey, you should teach math and socialism

Seek help and hold onto your gf, you'll never forgive yourself if you let her go*.

*unless she's a total wankstain.

I wish there was some way of measuring alienation. I mean I know there's probably some psych questionnaire or other about it, but let's face it, these things usually suck. Besides, it would be needed to know how much of the population is affected too.

I think you can come up with a couple of questions (with the answer options: strongly applies to my situation, somewhat, not much, not at all), and while the aggregate score is dependent on how you weight each question and that can be a bit arbitrary, patterns will be robust in the sense that a person X who answers only a strict subset of questions that Y answered in the bad way will get a less bad score no matter what.

Some questions: Do you yourself consume what you produce? (Think of a vegetarian working in a steakhouse, he would be more alienated than a non-vegetarian, everything else about their lives being equal.) Are friends and family familiar with the kind of thing you produce? Do you have some freedom to fiddle with when you work and how long? Do you have the choice between staying longer and working slower and working faster and being done earlier? Can you arrange a bit the things where you work (chair height etc)? Can you chat with your work-mates? Do you have some say over with whom you work?

you want some serious /r9k/ shit?
(quite possibly the oldest person in this thread)

and you kids say you have it hard.

just trying to be happy with what little I have left, for as much time as I have left.


How does that even happen? How'd she manage to overpower you and how'd you maintain an erection through it?

Is it weird I want a girlfriend that rapes me almost every night?

Criminal record? What did you do? Can you expunge felonies?

It ain't rape if you want it so that's kind of an oxymoron.

You're really fucked without a car of your own in Burgerstan. Cities are laid out so that you spend as much time as possible on the road without trains or busses to get from A to B with to make sure the automobile industry sells cars and you keep buying petrol. I've seen dashcam ride-along videos of drivers in cities like Tucson which actually has a pretty big population and half of the videos were of the guy seemingly driving on dusty highways even though he never once left the city limits.

mental disability and in government housing. also, yeah, don't drive.

Didn't know they take your right to bare arms away if you've got mild autism or whatever it is you're classified as "disabled" for. You seem pretty well adjusted to me. Sorry to hear it. What you planning on doing from here on out with your life?

I'm not really a leftypol guy or even one for these r9k stories, but I digress.

You have 3 options:
1. Stop pitying yourself, aggressively fix your life on every level, build a new future and make a new family.
This might include dropping the leftist ideology and disallowing anyone to get in the way of your goals.

2. Kill yourself.

3. Continue as you have been.

The ball is in your court.


Why did you go to France?

Nah, he just said a bunch of creepy shit to women and tried to start fights with a bunch of dudes.

I go to a very liberal school so saying creepy shit is more suicide than an average school

i guess petty booj get alienated too

being a doctor isn't petty booj. Its not about money man. Technically rich rock stars are exploited all the same as blue collar workers, they simply make more and suffer less financially from it.

Well, if you're so worried about it, why don't you volunteer at a community clinic.

Eh, rock stars often end up starting their own label or just doing shit with a friend's label at that point. Literally every other sort of "star" is probably a better example than that.

Che was a doctor.
While I can't convince you one way or the other about your suicide situation I would recommend not doing it. But if you're going to go ahead and do it I would recommend making some use out of it.

But I thought liberals were more open minded and tolerant of differences :^)

Yeah, I know. That's why I'm trying to start my own thing so it can be done at my house. I hate America.

bumping while contemplating whether or not to post my pathetic "life" history

Hello fellow people in the never had a relationship club.
I swear to God sexual frustration needs an outlet on the left.

or I should say, women aren't asking me out, and I have no desire to chase women, so I'll continue to have sex with hookers, they seem to get along fine with me.


wish me luck guys

good luck bro.

It's what happens when you grow up

Just remember Holla Forums has these same threads all the time because in the end we're all losers, you gotta be a loser to use the edgier version of 4chan which is already the fountain of edge

to be honest, im only kind of a loser. i mostly come here when there's a habbening because i think this is the best place to stay up to date on a current event while having some keks.

nah, hookers are better

Yeah same but you know.

——-→ Holla Forums

You ever had a check-up for any metabolic illnesses? Hypothyroidism is awfully common nowadays, especially with people spending so little time on the sun and having vitamin D defficiency, which is related to hypothyroidism.

Also I take it you cut sugary drinks? Keep in mind ice tea, boxed juices etc. are even more caloric than soda.

Cant have it all

Ever notice how little compassion their is on the left for these stories? What does that tell us? if you even dared to say half of these things on a mainstream left forum you'd be banned outright. yet most of this has to do with life under capitalism.

So basically lefties just spread FUD. You are just the alt right with different clothes. I fight for my freedom every day and use all suffering I endure to grow and prevent future pain.

Mainstream left is neoliberal corporate sellouts who push idpol to control the exploited masses.

You forgot one thing

what? how? by feeling sad and having normal problems?

no you don't.

I'm a 24 year old Commie with Commie friends, the rise of Corbyn really helped people be more open about their socialism.

Who else weirdly alienated and comfy?

If I hired a hooker I think I'd just talk for an hour instead of having sex. I don't know whether that'd be fucking awful or kinda cool.

God, if I could smash some porkies. I'm an intellectual, will probably finish as a teacher or something like that

It fucking hurts guys ;_;

How lewd, exactly?

Jailhouse gay orgies? It benefits all participants at the same time.


no gf, or successful female relationships


no friends

Virgin, no friends

Drug addict
Porn, drug addict, no friends

I didn't know Holla Forums was just grown up /r9k/. I'm only halfway through this thread and 99% of you guys are 100% your own problem. How you can extrapolate that to the broader society, you don't even interact with is a mystery. As the greatest communist of all time stated:

no gf, or successful female relationships


no friends

Virgin, no friends

Drug addict
Porn, drug addict, no friends

I didn't know Holla Forums was just grown up /r9k/. I'm only halfway through this thread and 99% of you guys are 100% your own problem. How you can extrapolate that to the broader society, you don't even interact with is a mystery. As the greatest communist of all time stated:

tell me you're joking? my girlfriend raped me several times, it doesn't have to just be sex, and you can still be erect? manipulation, drugging, and somno is still rape

Is that a Kuomintang smug everyone's upset about or a PLA?

Nice empathetic drives us got there

I assume it was something to do with my mother abusing me
>she responds
"Please go home" and left me there crying
I was fucking fourteen years old
Or something I don't actually know what's wrong with me
Turns out we have to move back into my old house where mother has vacated

I tell myself I shouldn't kill myself so I can spend my life helping emancipate oppressed groups like the third wor!d and trans people.
So that's basically what s keeping me alive
Enjoy my retarded sperg fest in literary form
And that's basically my life leftypol

You're still young.
"It gets better" might ring hollow, but your life *will* improve when you get away from home.

Poor user :(

Perhaps this sounds retarded, but you shouldn't stay alive for other people

You should stay alive because you want to be and deserve to be happy

My problems aren't that severe but my dreams are dead or impossible and I hate my job and life


The world is far too big and I'm far too small for that. I still wish you the best comrade and hope you find other humans to truly connect with.

The most important thing to remember at times is to think pragmatically. The thing about leftypol is it's such a drain on my energy because I think I'm doing something meaningful when I rarely am. As in, I'm going to start a Lefty Society at my school to educate """the masses""" about leftist ideas, because one of the biggest hurdles to our cause is how fucking ignorant people are. Pic related, it's the related reading and numbered plans for possible sessions, feel free to crit. (and bully) me for what I chose.
That's one of my small contributions I hope is meaningful, and if there is any way that you can do something similar that unites you to other people in some manner (joining or starting a union, becoming politically active, bread-pilling other people) then seize that opportunity. Of course, judging by what I've seen of this thread, this is beyond what most people can manage, far far beyond for some, but just beat it in mind because it really does mean something.
Anyway I'm going to try and leave this place behind in the main, or at least stop using it as ridiculously much as I do, because cutting myself off from other people irl is destroying me.
Never stop fighting for a better world, and I'll see you Space Cowboys.

I'm not trying to be edgy or anything, or say you shouldn't care about others

But you should care about yourself too

Fairly hypocritical on my part though, so


*farts on u*

What? I;m so confused. First I've never heard a man call a woman rapey. Second what country do you live in that you have to start working at 17 to pay your famly's bills but somehow you can afford Adderall and a psychiatrist?

Why do you think you need to "bread-pill" the ignorant masses? You tell of the biggest hurdle being "ignorant people", but it's useless to consider "people" as totally ignorant and completely unaware of capitalist exploitation: you will find quite a lot of workers are aware they are getting fucked by capitalism, and the opposite is also true as well.

Also, if you try to, let's say "sell" your idelogy to other people (ancom in this post) and commodify it in the process, then what assures you that, just as people will join your ideology, they won't also leave it? By trying to spread consciousness from without, you reduce "revolutionary struggle" to just a society in your school that can be joined or left at will.

Communism isn't an ideology, or a good idea that gets implemented once enough people support it; nor does it arise from trying to inject class consciousness on people. It can only come about on a world-scale revolution from the proleteriat itself (abolishing itself as a class in the process).

1:rapey, due to her having technically committed rape?
2: the adderall is covered by health insurance from my dad, it's about 2$ per refill with that, still have to help w/ groceries bc his paycheck goes to paying my mom's debts. Live in California, Burgerstan

I would say stop fucking with the Adderall sooner than later. Really think about how long you see yourself taking that. You think you're going to really be doing that shit still when you're 20? 30? 40? 50? Just quit it now before you fuck yourself up too much. Smoke weed.

Also get EBT. That's $130 or something a month for groceries. Trust me you can get it. You can fill out the application online and do the interview over the phone so you never have to hit the county office even.

that'smuch more expensive

I'll look into it, thanks mate

adderal is a single functional group away from crystal meth. Get off that shit sooner rather than later. Unless of course you are cool with state sanctioned speed addiction

I do not blame my communal way of life, there is no way I'd be able to survive without it. I blame the crumbs the capitalists give me for slaving away to give them surplus labor.

And if you think I'm overreacting to my job, I used to dig ditches with a shovel in the hot sun, and then clean olympic-sized swimming pools at night, and that was surprisingly far easier and less damaging to my health than my "cushy indoor" job.

I don't know, I'm about to graduate, and with a good score at that, but fuck putting effort into anything ever again, I'm too crazy not to shit on it eventually.
Oh, and the prospect of spending 80% of what I have left to live working at something that I tolerate at best and hate at worst makes me sick.

Jesus, fucker got a stroke out of stress? Is it even legal to run a business that drives people to this?

Sure it is they gave him two weeks PTO.

After 14 years of loyal service, two weeks leave.

Boy I love capitalism where they can work you 39.5 hours a week and the occasional +40 for 14 years and not give you a single benefit or pay raise all while constantly throwing higher quotas and making threats on job security on loyal employees because of corporate's bad business decisions knocking the company down to its knees.

Because that's what they did to my print supervisor.

And the amazing thing is their job site promises all these great benefits, but doesn't once tell you that they're only for full time employees. The only official full time employee in the store is, of course, the store manager. Everyone else, no matter how long they've been there?

Tough tits, no benefits for you, and if you don't deliver these impossibly high numbers with a limited hunger-games style payroll in this incredibly small timeframe we threw on you at the last minute?

You're fucking fired don't show your face here ever again you lazy worthless excuse of an employee.

Are you having a giggle?

Always good medical advice from the internet.

Also, use of prescribed dosages of amphetamine (not recreational dosages) has never been shown to have long term negative effect on cognitive function.

Not to kick you while you're down but what value does your print division contribute to society or even to the corporation? Maybe you could look for more meaningful ways to contribute to society? Do you find yourself overindulging in luxuries that you could probably scale back on (seeing as they are not really recharging your batteries)?

To the corporation? About 8 grand a week.

To society? I print endless legal forms, court evidence, contracts, blueprints, manuals, government documents, church programs, school curriculum, racist newsletters, flyers, resumes and letters of recommendation, business cards, signs, banners, posters, ads, help wanteds, missing dogs, and pictures of hindu gods.

Any job where you have to interact with exclusively petite-bourgeois scum all the time would be degrading to one's health.

It's all mindset faggot. It's only bad if you feel it's bad. Take me for example:
Beyond that it's pretty fucking simple to get rich. All you have to do is take the money from your job(s) and invest it in various business ventures. For example there's a little known fact that the Japs have a lot higher standards for their vehicles than we do. When their car reaches a certain mileage it's nearly worthless to them, even luxury vehicles. But here's the rub, that mileage is nowhere near our standard for a shitty mileage. So here's what you do, go to a port when you have enough money buy a container full of discarded Jap Luxury cars and open up a used car dealership somewhere. You don't even have to work your ass off to get the starter fund, all you need is a loan from a bank or a private investor and you're good to go, and they'll generally give it to you to as long as you have a clear and concise plan in place and seem to know what you're doing. As long as you can make both them and yourself a profit and prove you can, you're basically golden. After that just grow your businesses, save for rainy days, invest, and seek greater Shekel-Grabbing opportunities. As for me the only reason I'm not doing it yet is because I'm lazy, and admit it that's the only reason the rest of you aren't doing it anyway. I probably will do it sometime in the future if everything doesn't go to shit first.

Forgot to mention that I feel pretty great about my life regardless of current circumstances.

Although if this is just a pain old confessions thread, I've got few more up my sleeve.
I still feel great though. It's all perspective faggot, as I've said.

And just one more I forgot to mention before:
Still feel great though.

Your body is more than passing your exams homey.

Work is working me to death. There are days where I almost steal a needle and stick the chemicals I work with in my arm. I do shit ton of work yet get treated like I am lazy. Outside of work I lost contacts with friends. I come home from work to a quiet house with no hellos. What makes me sad the most is that if I die, I would be nothing and lived for nothing.

it's why they're such dogshit programmers

Really depends on the Sex Worker. Some of them are pretty cool people who just fucked up in life. Most of them (Especially the Deep Urban ones) are just drug filled retards.

t. Guy who's childhood best Friend's mom was a street walker in Oklahoma City

Take that right wing nonsense back to Holla Forums.

Honestly, the fact that I don't live alone, and that at all times people want things of me when I have nothing to give more than I already have, and then they get mad when I need something is what makes me contemplate suicide. My stress is through the roof. I'm 24 I should be making something of myself instead of watching my life get sucked away from me despite my greatest efforts.

Seriously come to the American MidWest and see what bumfuck really is.
There is no true bumfuck in the large city know as Europe.

Just read new England as England. Fuck.
My point still stands.

It sounds that all your problems are a lot more than economic. You're all just losers

We'd be losing a lot less if we had some money to cushion our misery though.

Of course, if things didn't have fucking price tags things would be so much better.

Kind of a tangent, but am I the only one who feels old at this age? Like my youth is over and I should already have my shit together, no more dicking around, etc.
And also that there are some check boxes you should have ticked by the time you get to this age, like, I don't know, a serious relationship (doesn't matter if it's over, you need to have had it), a bit of casual sex, establishing a social circle, get a degree and if you haven't you missed the train and now you're fucked.
I know these are all societal expectations you shouldn't concern yourself with, but I'll be damned if they don't get under your skin.

I've felt incredibly old for the last several years. Life has taken an incredible amount out of me to the point where I exist in a constant state of feeble agony, like a living death or at the very least, like I have already approached my twilight years.

I can only hope I'm not long for this world, as I have less and less strength with each passing day.

Hanging is a very reliable method of suicide, and if you do it right you'll pass out in under a minute.
Beats leading a joyless, unfulfilling life while slaving away for porky imo, just don't have the balls to do it.

Alienated from what?

hmmm maybe u should kys

In this day and age? Nope. 24 is real young. Early 20-somethings to me are just teenagers with more muh privileges. I had the same feelings at your age and because of that I let myself rot away for nearly a decade before I turned my life around. I would have done it a lot sooner if I would have realized just how young I was.


Voluntary suicide and euthanasia is 100% Marx-approved, so go ahead.

From my comrades in outer space.

Why is spreading class consciousness a bad thing? I'm not saying they're COMPLETELY ignorant, but why is educating them on how the structure oppresses them and, most importantly, the alternatives to Capitalism available is worthless how??
Why is telling people about an ideology "commodifying" it? Marx would often speak to the workers and stir up their disobedience and union powers!
It sounds like you're trying to tell me if we sit back in our armchairs and twiddle our thumbs then world wide communism will just happen. To that I quote Capitalist Realism: " It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of Capitalism".
I feel like youre trying to bait me Mr Leftcom.


you're literally me, except it sounds like you have a decent union gig where I'm a tempcuck