Do you involve politics with your bf Holla Forums?

Do you involve politics with your bf Holla Forums?

I dont have a gf and also not a bf

I'm a straight guy so no.

I don't really concern myself with relationships, be it a man or a woman.

You can be straight and still have a qt trap bf


Traps are gay.


why did they put a flashlight under their skirt?

it's a good feel



I would if I had one.


I went on a couple dates with an anarchist trans woman about a year and a half ago

I'm actually dating a borderline Holla Forumsack.

gf is a SJW so I have to endure post colonial and IdPol talks to please her, I know a bit of theory here and there so I can easily bullshit my way out

We must seize the means of reproduction.

I've always suspected that far-right women are a great lay. There's something inherently kinky about it.

Aren't you concerned she may file a false rape charge at you if you somehow piss her off

Bunch of Anti-SJW nonsense, she's the nicest person I've ever met, her friends are pretty cool too, they don't talk about politics 24/7 like most kekistanis would have you believe

If my bf was a LeftCom it'd probably be a matter of weeks until I filed a rape charge against him for raping my ears with endless streams of pretentious intellectual wank.


When I entered my last relationship I was right-wing and my gf liberal. As time went by I shifted hard to the Left, and although you can never confirm these I have a gut feeling that she found me more tolerable when I was saying racist shit than when I was talking about The Prophet all the time.

He once tried talking to me about ethical consumerism and seemed very shocked when I told him I was going to take shooting lessons. He also believes in this weird esoteric philosophy he got out of a sketchy pdf online. But he's sweet, and the sex is good, so I just avoid political topics for the most part.

t.Market """"socialism"""" thot
if you were my gf I'd fuck the revisionism out of you


Hard to believe