Are you ready for the new CEO of the United States?

Are you ready for the new CEO of the United States?

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He won't get far, if we're being honest



Zuckerberg's politics:
* Censor everyone he doesn't agree with.
* Promote importing lots of cheap labor to drive down wages.
* At the same time hates brown people and wants to kick native Hawaiians off their land.
* Call all white people "racist".
* Call all men "sexist".
* Wants to control all people in 1984 style.

There's a real photo of him holding a dead chicken that would've been better.

I think he was doing kapparot rather than farming, though.


Abolishig the internet must become a part of the revolutionary project.

The DNC will probably be all over him because he'll be exactly the sort of "centrist" technocrat they cream themselves over.

I … words … no words … ego … massive ego … words no …

More like he'll make Facebook a mandatory government program.

no plz

reminds me of kim jong il's publicity photos where he's visiting random industry

obviously the same purpose

Make the internet free and open will be better where all software is free and supported by donations and eventually all products are like this too. No more capitalism–if you like it you donate.

When is Kyle going realize boojie politics are a dead end

this is the worst timeline isn't it

Only if I can get the ZUCC

So the Bolshevik revolution lives on?

He has enough money to bribe the swing states into voting for him.

Hate white for being racist and do racist shit to brow people. Fucking Neolibrals. Also you forgot him cutting a weal fair and replacing it with UBI.

You forgot the part where you work 14 hours a day in teaching the Zucc how to use farm equipment.

Never. he’ll just be an internal shill for progressive social democracy.