Israeli neocon garbage

this site is trying to document all anti-israel professors and students in american universities

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I would love to drop the biggest possible bomb possible that doesn't spark global nuclear warfare on Tel Aviv.

Good luck with that. If Israel takes the Samson Option then the Western World is fucked too.


Sampson option is good strategy. I wish European nations adopted a similar strategy to safeguard their demographic distribution.

This is like golden age superhero comic tier villain tactics.

I love the justifications of it. "The ultimate justice?" indeed.


My grandmother somehow manages to oppose Trump because "he hates immigrants" and also write a big fat check every year to the Jewish National Fund. Ethnic nationalism is a fucking disease. How phony all of these accusations of antisemitism are is made abundantly clear by these Zionist organizations focusing on anti-imperialist groups without even mentioning right wing radicals who want to exterminate or exile the Jews.


Why are jews so predictable?

It sounds bad, but there is a new legislature being passed in the congress
If you boycott israel, prepare to pay shitload of shekels plus 20 years in jail{"search":["Israel Anti-Boycott act"]}&r=1

Ah great reading. Always good to be reminded of all the insane third worlders that have nuclear weapons at their disposal

It's been illegal since 1977 actually

And most states also made it illegal too

The new bill seems to be a duplicate. So much endless laws nobody can keep track.

When white people virtually disappear and all their countries are controlled by nonwhites, no one will support Israel. Only white people have ever supported that country.

That's the so-called high Ashkenazi Autism Level. Get rid of all the people who support your racist apartheid country.

Why does intelligence wordfilter to autism?

I always thought insulting autists was cruel.

there is a current of psychopathic narcissism that runs through the jewish psyche, especially in israel where there is virtually no opposition to such ideology, and this kind of behaviour really demonstrates that. "you are not allowed to dislike us"

Like clockwork.



Ironically you vermin fuel the "we are hated!" Israeli narrative. Face it you nazis love that big fat circumcised israeli cock.


God I Fucking hate Zionists.

did i say every jew on earth? no. fuck off jidf

antizionist jews need to speak up and tell the zionists to go fuck themselves

No, I'm saying the only people who support Israel are white people, not all white people of course. Nobody else would ever support Israel.

This will cause even more hatred against Jews.
Jews are preparing their own holocaust.

It is only a matter of time until a site like this becomes global. You could search your name right away and see everything that you said on the internet about Jews have been thoroughly logged. This is a smart move from the Jews. But I think that they opened a Pandora's box. Other countries will make sites like this and mark dissidents in it. This will lead to more totalitarian regimes in the World.

Just look at the details of the logs. I posted this link because the guy looks like 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Sasha Baron Cohen.🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

oy vey

My almonds have reached critical mass

Nazis in charge of post-rational policy.