YPG and syria

why do people here constantly argue about who to support when the YPG and the Syrian government are working together ?

Post proofs

no reason

Also look up the Afrin deal.

I mean the interests of the Regime and Rojava are not inherently contradictory, Rojava ain't sepratist:

Because lots of people, both pro-Assad and pro-Rojava, still think SDF is part of the opposition.
Most Western leftist have a very superficial understanding of Syria.

It's because America is involved. America has no interest in a unified Syria. It wants another Libya in order to further destabilize the region. I support Rojava but I am extremely worried that they will make major concessions to the Americans which will end up distorting the project and doom it to failure.


They might be "working together" to fight ISIS but at the end of the day the YPG wants a chunk of Syria and Iraq. Their future will depend on negotiations after the war and what Turkey does.

YPG is not fully socialist anyway, but it's better to support them than fucking Assad like the tanks do lmao

the nation state is on its way out. World Revolution was the original leftist position. 3rd worldism and tankie ideas about antiimperialism are products of the stalinist doctrine of socialism in one country.


the current international order of sovereign nation states is historically an anomaly, not the norm. capitalism is a global system, its logic is asymmetric and borderless. If capitalism is to be fought it needs to be fought on a global basis. dividing bourgeois states into an imperialist camp (bad) and an antiimperialist camp(good) does nothing to actually combat capitalism. Many tankies are under the impression syria is a 'war of national liberation',and Assad's regime is the vietcon, the true representative of syrian workers 'standing up against imperialism', in reality things are way more complicated. Syria is immersed in 4th generation non linear war, characterised by shifting alliances between both states and non state actors. all actors have different reasons for participating in the conflict. So far it seems the SDF are Rojava are the only advancing something resembling a leftist revolutionary agenda.

The kurds have been attacked by everyone all the time forever. They pretty much have a realpolitk strategy of working with who is the most convenient at the time in order to survive

Helping Syria stabilize means the end of Hillary Clinton's and Google's dreams of an Arab Spring.

unconditionally supporting bashar al assad in order to spite hillary and google somehow is a really dumb strategy. unrest is quickly becoming the norm throughout the middle east and the world in general. This is no time for compromises with the antiimperialist national bourgeoisie, this is time to push for communism.

well the allied with assad so, they can't be to dependant (that its the cia's fault that apo is in prison)

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You will never, ever Mossad the Assad. And your precious Kurdsmells will fall in due time as well.

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I've supported Rojava from the beginning and so have many other "tankies", mostly Maoists and Hoxhaists. MLKP and TKP/ML have worked with the Kurdish movement for decades.

COINTELPRO shilling probably.. whenever you see people giving an un-nuanced analysis of the situation and not recognizing that the SDF and SAA and Government are coordinating and have mutual interest in ejecting Turkey Aligned FSA elements and ISIS all you have to do is say "STFU COINTELPRO" repeatedly until they go away, do this for all dumbass fake shill sectarian nonsense that aims to make the left inneffective and divided:

Whenever someone tries to divide the left and have it double down on idpol or ultra nonsense, all you've gotta say is "STFU COINTELPRO" and they will go.

Maoists and Hoxhaists would understand better the notion of "Social Imperialism" and recognize the Alawi and Arab chauvinism that is rife within the Ba'athist military establishment and sponsored by theocratic Iran.

I'm not an anti-assad guy, i'm all for working with him and keeping the SDF on good terms with the Syrian government, and think allegations of Sarin use are nonsensical, but a lot of the "anti-imperialist" crowd forgets that Iran and Russia, Syria's greatest allies, are dominated by their own country's Religious right, and that Ba'athism accomodates for Arab chauvinism very well.

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how do you expect demcon (not communism) to spread anywhere from rojava