Being pro-"your race"

I am not a racist person, hell, parts of my family are half-black
That being said, my neice went to the same school I went to when I was her age, I was looking at her year book and all I saw were blacks and Mexicans. I looked at my old year book and everyone was white. And I just can't help but be bothered by this. Is it possible to be a lefty and still have ethno-nationalism part of your agenda given you're not against other races? Or is race forever a spook?

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You have a problem with it because the two populations aren't blending seamlessly, the one population is being replaced wholesale.
Higher paid, native-born workers are being replaced by cheaper foreign-born workers, so the neighborhood is home to only them and the people who have been kept in generational poverty - the blacks and trailer-trash whites.

It's gentrification in reverse. They used to call it "white flight" back in the 70s and 80s.

It's only an issue for me when we don't share a common culture. When I see people of different ethnicities who have names like Robert and Kevin who speak English, I think "yeah okay, race is just like hair color, this could work", but when it's unpronounceable shit and they eat weird food, I'm pretty convinced things aren't going to ultimately work out.

I know people personally who live in South Central LA. Go there every other weekend for drinks and shit. Their neighborhood is borderlined third-world status but they still manage to make a good home there. I've always pondered about how one would ever hope to revive LA
In the 80s and 90s a bunch of rich guys set out to "revive" New York City by basically tearing down the old trashy Projects and starting over. It was a success as far as I am aware. But how the fuck would one do that in LA? Could a revival of this shitheap ever be possible? The only answer I can even thing of would be to tear down the old neighborhoods and start over

That weird food is the fucking best, tho.

t. White guy that lives in a ghetto full of Mexicans and Salvadorans

Yes but the Jews here will disagree vehemently.

It's not the fact that they scrapped the buildings - they kicked out all the poors. Thousands of people ended up homeless because of that Times Square fucker. And everyone lost their porn stores.

The biggest issue is the language barrier. I personally consider Mexicans white. Since they share a lot of European sensibilities and culture and most of them have majority European blood. The problem is definitely language and the fact most refuse to learn English. I honestly believe most Americans wouldn't feel like they're being invaded if they actually learned English first. Communication is a big deal


Where exactly did the lower-classes end up ultimately? As far as I am aware after New Yorks cleanup a lot of neighborhoods rent costs gradually fell again but they manage to keep it clean still

No, race is a spook.

Well then you must be shaking in your boots right now, kiddo

Eastern european here.

In my country, after the collapse of soviet union, I've seen a funny "opressed became the opressor" phenomenon where russian minority in my country makes out disproportionate number of low-paying jobs, while native population here forms most of the more higher-paying jobs. I can justify this process by saying that language barrier ruins things greatly. It's interesting to observe how native population here likes the black hip-hop culture and considers most people who speak our language, no matter the ethnicity, to be part of the nationality already, but a russian who looks like them but doesn't speak our language is frowned upon.

In this context, I don't understand american racism. When all those brown people speak english perfectly and all share the same pop culture references as you do, what's the problem? That they don't look like you do? Well, who is asking you that you are not allowed to date white people exclusively? To me, dating different races or prefering one or the another is no different than some people having a foot fetish or preferring a dom/sub partner or whatever.

We have a really fucked up pseudo-"left" here that exists to aggravate race tensions to distract from economic issues all while pretending to "help."

Reminder: porky had MLK killed while he was organizing a "poor people's march" on Washington. Porky will not tolerate serious class warfare. He'll just have you shot.


Honestly don't know why I thought this might not be a shit thread.

I really feel like a sizable portion of the American "left" is just oppressed individuals who want to become the ruling class

Uh, don't think it was non-whites who invented Mac 'n Cheetos

I've discovered that there are like few hundred of those pseudo-leftists have popped up here too and they like to drive up idpol, but they are not gaining any traction at all, since our centre-left doesn't want to associate with them and instead focuses on raising alcohol taxes (to combat alcoholism in our coutry) and being obsessed with everything related to EU.

I sometimes very much want Corbyn to become the next PM in UK because that would cause people like Corbyn to pop up over here too.

Our people eat weird food too like minced meat mixed with animal blood (some call it black pudding) but most people consider us white. Apparently, weird food is only a concern when you are not white.

South Chinese, for example, are nonselectively carnivorous and will eat just about anything including cats and dogs. A lot of cultures, too, don't have the "don't show me the eyes or head" taboo of modern westerners so you get fish heads and other strange stuff.

I'm just saying that it's easier to integrate if people don't have to see things that make them (whoever "they" are) gag.


In America in wealthier communities you'd be correct, no matter what race everyone generally speaks the same and shares common interest

In lower-class communities there is a LOT more diversity in ethnic-cultures and there's a lot of culture clashes. Foreign born peoples will generally not even bother speaking english, blacks speak in "ebonics" .etc

Then they have been deracinated and merged into what funnily enough, could be understood as something more close to "whiteness" in its dimension as a social construct, but more accurately this culture is a neo-liberal consumerist cosmopolitanism derivative of European culture driven by market pressure and attendant social engineering. "Whiteness" as a social construct is what is what all those critical race theory etc professors claimed to aiming to dismantle as though it were inherently and irredeemably supremacist, meanwhile their student body, and wider target audience conforms rigidly to what I have described… when really the aim was elimination of white genetics which underlies the actual ethnic distinction on a more fundamental level. Culture is a complicated thing, certainly not a direct epiphenomenon, but the genetic basis is very much real. Typical of all these splinter disciplines which have increasingly dominated the academy since the 1960's, the abstruse psuedo-intellectual smokescreen conceals the underlying social motive which is so often the exact inverse of what it purports to be all about.

Racism is natural. Non whites are not your friends and will make life a living hell for you when they become the majority.

I have to add that by idpol, I also don't like the overly nationalistic shit that our right wing promotes that becomes xenophobic and racist immediately. Right now, we have one party in parliament that has repeatedly regarded estonia as "white country" and has even said that "brown people have no place here". Basically, typical american-style racism, because concept like "white race" means literally nothing in eastern europe, unless you want to use the distinction to hate brown people.

I can already see Ben Carson rounding up those nasty negroes to kill the whitey.

Very well put actually. Be careful you don't setoff Stirnerfags with their spooks

What do you propose? All these Beyonces acting and trying to look white is natural progression since america was founded by europeans and on european ideas. It sounds to me like those people who say that jazz is not black culture because the instruments are all european, thus it's oppressive to black people and they should stick to drums only and literally larp as primitives.

They leave the city or they head to other areas that are still safe for lower income residents. Either that or they join the ever growing number of homeless that city council tries so desperately to cover up and forget.

Well since Gentrification went into high gear and foreign businessmen began building expensive apartments that remain empty for the most part, rent has been going up, gradually pushing more of the poor out of the city. The only place that hasn't turned are areas like The Bronx and East New York and that's because it's still the parts that people will steal your car radio and you'll get jumped if they don't know who you are, which creates an unsafe environment for the real estate businesses.

And I'm just saying you're being a massive faggot for thinking eating different foods is a problem.
Very dialectical.
That's a good one. In what world I'd not eating cats and dogs not okay but eating cows, pigs, etc… is. If you are going to kill and eat animals, I struggle to find the logic in not killing and eating all animals, barring necessary levels for survival. I should become a vegetarian before I go crazy. Please, somebody explain why killing and eating animals isnt wrong so I can feel better. I'm amazed this thread is getting worse. Dare I say this can be the worst thread in the whole catalog??!

Why do you care? Describe this ethno-nationalist agenda of yours.

Alright man, take it easy, I'm just saying getting rid of """racism""" is easier if the """races""" have compatible cultures and can communicate. Things get really hairy with cultures like Islam that think dogs are filthy animals and eating pig is haraam.

Re: Jazz. No I'm not saying that at all, that's retarded. Cross-cultural transmission as has occured throughout all history within limits is fine and generally net positive. This is what normalfags usually imagine when they think "cultural enrichment", besides restaurants and superficial shit like that. The way it's been going for the past half century, has been increasingly artificially imposed, in part by design and in part by unfettered capitalism doing its thing, and is anything but "natural" (can't think of a better word here). SJW culture on campuses and the ass backwards absurdity of it all is the product of forced integration into an over-arching corporate mono-culture while they have been literally (sloppily) brainwashed into suppressing their instinctual inclinations and patterns of behavior and beliefs about the other, which is also driving much of the increasing demoralization of Western society, usually described as a trend of increasing mental illness by pharma shills. Recognizing the reality of what we have been taught is immoral to recognize by a powerful ideological apparatus at least as strong as any created by organized religion, is the first step towards making rational decisions to actually help, rather than simply keep up the charade and force this abomination on everyone which helps no one except the mega rich.

Okay since you refuse to make any point stiffer than a trannies cock in the Alps I'll stop.


hwite race is forever a spook

i still can't fathom that nazbols have become an actual idealogy

No it's not possible, how can the workers of the world unite if they're still divided

Fam, you're spooked. Race doesn't matter

We can stand together while recognizing we don't need to all live together in a shitty dystopian, dysgenic cauldron porky lab experiment that destroys diversity and culture and also CAUSES ethnic conflict. Vast majority of workers are traditionalists to some extent, deal with it. You're all spooked by literal liberal propaganda. The rest of the world doesn't think like you and no, you're not more enlightened than them because some white and jewish bourgeois intellectual opportunists pretended like they knew what was best for everyone. The world they created is hell. It's all immaterial anyway because the way things are going, when capitalism collapses, the mega rich are just going to ride it out in their bunkers and use PMC's, drones, genomics and other shit to exterminate everyone, and they're going to go after the weaker races first. You think Muslims give a fuck about Inuits or Australian Aboriginals? Whites are the only ones with collective guilt purposefully instilled in them for literally no reason. You're all fucking stupid for not realizing this and should be ashamed to call yourselves materialists.

i dunno my man this all sounds like quite the ghost story

It's Okay to be scared fam i'll read you some more nicer fairy tales that will be more your speed as the HCN gently lulls you to sleep.

I'm white and as people I generally don't like white people and latinos and blacks often have better personalities.

That being said, when I see once white areas become totally nonwhite, starting with schools where everyone is nonwhite not because whites are leaving but because whites rarely have kids and most are mean to the other white people. Well I feel like something really really wrong is happening, like the city I grew up is gone. And that's despite hating these places. And there's still whites there, there's just less and they're all either rich snobs or mean lower-class, both of groups of whites treating me badly for being white.

Stop being spooked

We gathered that a while ago.

No one's every going to trust "whites" again after the shit you've pulled, so I'd suggest getting on the multiculti train. Do you think anyone trusts this "we are pro all races!!" shit? HAHAHAHAHA

Fuck off, back to your containment board Holla Forums.

Race is natural, humans think and vote based on race
Studies have shown that humans are far more likely to be attracted to their own kind.
And look at america. In polls blacks are saying that whites are oppressing them and blacks must bind together.
And, if race is not real. Then how could people in completely different climates all evolve in the same way.
Race also determines your survivablity in different climates
High melanin in eyes/skin will make you more resistant to sun, this makes you a lot better when exposed to a lot of sunlight, like in equatorial africa, but prone to skin disease in north europe.
White skin on the other hand allows you to get more vitamin d out of sun. This is good in low sun circumstances like in europe, but shit in africa
Races are not meant to live togheter.
Humans have instincts that try to preserve their own kind, making them more friendly to people of the same race.

Honestly, a lot of it is aesthetics as brown, especially dark brown, is an ugly color. And other than pale people, humanity doesn't have vibrant colors like birds.

If magically all East Asian people looked like people in anime, I'd be happy and just live over there. I generally like them. I also really like East Asian religions.


Hwite genocide is literally a meme, fam. All the posts are just regurgitating the same meme ("I'm not racist, but anuddah shoah"). It's all about muh racial identity feelz over something that doesn't fucking exist. White is not a race, neither is black. It's just a difference in pigmentation which retards have attached some sort of significance to due to spooks and muh aesthetics.

It's the narcissism of small differences, and also maybe you people shouldn't have spread your grubby fingers over half the world like fucking colonialists. Anyone who things that the USSR wasn't a colonalist enterprise is a sheltered Western liberal cunt. It was colonialist to its core; the colonialism was merely perpetrated in Eastern Europe. Our parents had to learn Russian, Russians came in to function as a ruling caste, and we were shackled into a military and economic "union" who resulted in tanks rolling in when people like the Czechs and the Hungarians tried to break free.

The ethnicities in the US do not form one culture, except in the most superficial sense. The average black person feels no sense of solidarity with the average white person. That nonsense about "there's only one race; the human race" is a slogan spouted by psychologically tortured mulattos who wish to establish an identity for themselves.

Aesthetics is the thing. People don't like beauty disappearing from the world even if most white people are assholes.

Except, you know, as a worker. Which board do you think you're on?

You don't have any idea what you're talking about, so why post? I could give you the science but you'll just ignore it like you always do because you literally can't step outside of the comfort zone of your liberal propaganda since birth. This spook bullshit you always pull is pathetic projection. There was never any basis for suppressing racial research except feels, and now that the taboo is lifting somewhat, everything is rapidly confirming what people all already felt they knew deep down but had to repress because they thought the consequences of not doing so would be so evil. The only way you can maintain multiculti before it turns into an orgy of violence and resentment is through a repressive police state.

Literally kill yourself.

Beauty is subjective. White skin isn't inherently beautiful. No one cares but you

All this is going to be moot in another decade when CRISPR let's people dynamically biomod themselves into having bioluminescent skin as well as cat eyes and shark gills.

Can you actually prove any social issues are a caused by inherent racial attributes instead of just a product of society and capitalism?
No you can't because "race" means nothing. It's just people justifying their material conditions through fake science and creating conditions in which their biases are confirmed

East Asians think pale people are beautiful and residents of Subsaharan Africa all on their own use skin-lightening cream and promote it and think it's beautiful.

It's not pale skin, but it is bright colors. Most people don't see poop in a toilet and think it's beautiful.

No there isn't. You can't fucking coordinate one if you have to maintain your childish liberal fantasies out of fear of imagined consequences, cowardly ignoring the fact that the consequences of entertaining your little dreamworld with willful ignorance at this point is guaranteed to be much worse, or at best irrational and just liberal idealism to its core.

Read a fucking journal.

If everyone has brown skin in the world and someone modifies their kid's skin to be blue, the kid will be bullies in school, government will take them away from the parents for abuse, and the blue-skinned person will be an outcast for looking different.

People in groups are all like that.

I mean the kid will be bullieD in school, like any kid who's different in school, gingers or something.


All idpol is a social construct to divide workers. It means nothing outside of your head
Read a fucking book, faggot

Women sure like dying their hair blonde.

They also like dying it blue, and red, and black

Clearly not. You don't even know what causes """idpol""", you're not a materialist, you're a liberal. Same hopelessly outdated non-arguments and pathetic memeing every time. Voluminous evidence has been posted in these threads on the daily and you all continue to ignore it. I guess I am getting rused here because I keep trying. You're a lost cause.

Nigga, have you even read Marx? Have you even read any theory? No you don't, or you wouldn't be pretending that phrenology is materialism

How do you even tie your shoes in the morning fam?

Which world are you on? You have to be fantastically ignorant of US history to think that there ever was some large-scale, cross-racial working-class solidarity in the America.

Except the history of "whites" is constant in-fighting until the ultimate in-fighting of World Wars 1 and 2. So I don't know why the fuck you're so perturbed.

How can racial integration fare any worse than mass constant slaughter of people who look and think exactly like you?

Well fucking post them then. You keep talking about how you have science is on your side but I'm not getting any proofs. Marxists have always said that class transcends bullshit like race or nationality. Whether you're a white worker or a black worker, you're still a worker and you have way more in common with workers of other races and nationalities than you do with your own bourgeoisie.

Oh, I guess that stuff about the black panthers abandoning black power for unified class struggle and the IWW fighting the KKK were all just figments of my imagination. I'm glad I have such a knowledgable poster to set me straight

Read some actual history m8 holy shit.
Ethnic conflict happens when you force people together with meme ideologies like Yugoslavist gommunism which breaks the fuck down after years of simmering resentment or liberal feel good vulgar "egalitarian" horseshit. Do you think Serbia and Croatia are at risk of spontaneously breaking out into brutal clensing eachother at any moment now? Why / why not? Why do you think porky is so zealously "anti-racist" these days? Getting real tired of retreading this monotonous nonsense.

I have zero qualms about supporting ethnonationalism and tolerating stormniggers if it makes the stirnerfags go away.

Yeah, well, perhaps you can also enlighten me as to how much power the Black Panthers and the IWW wield in today's world, or how many members they have.

is the key point here.

Oh gee, I guess all those "white" people like the French and the English all lived peacefully together for thousands of years before the jews and niggers came by and brought war to the world. "White" history totally wasn't defined by millenia of brutal, bloody conflict between different cultures and even within the same culture.
What did he mean by this?

You were talking about US history. I gave you several examples of large socialist movements being anti-idpol. Just admit you're a spooked cunt who doesn't know what he's talking about

you're legit retarded

The science has been posted continuously in these threads and unless you are the newest of all newfaggots you're lying if you claim you haven't seen the mountains of accumulating evidence.
Yeah that's nice and all but goes against the whole spirit of materialism which is a cold hard look at the facts. The only explanation I can come up with for the wilful ignorance on display here is feels. Which is how I was, how we all were until we figured this out. I spent years of my life volunteering for the most disadvantaged "poc's" in my society while the left intelligentsia wouldn't even live anywhere close to them, with no regrets which is why it's so hilarious to me when you cunts project your shit onto me.

White is real and there are ethnic subdivisions as well. Those conflicts had all other reasons, namely economic, religious and otherwise. So have all societies. White nationalism is a temporary response to the proposed genocide. White people aren't normally very ethnocentric by nature. The ebin white people are like, so uniquely bad mythology is literally Jewish propaganda and does not reveal the facts of our world. Ironically, by being so ignorant of the history of conflict in other civilizations, just relying on a pre-conceived narrative you bought into, you reveal your own racist tendencies. I swear it's like arguing with a liberal whenever I point out these hypocrisies. Maybe because you are one.

I'm sorry, haven't we been talking about skin colour this entire thread? OP is literally whining about how the "white" race is dying out because there are more people with other skin pigmentations in his neighborhood

I have moved nothing. I wrote it down in plain fucking English in the beginning:

Why don't you leave your upper-middle-class neighborhood for a second and go to a fucking factory, or into an office, or any regular town, for that matter, and enquire about the great "working-class" solidarity people feel in their segregated environments?

Here's reality for you, in nice colors:

Contrary to the odd cherrypicked photo and what the media tell you, the races in the USA, by and large, do not live together, they don't associate with each other, and they don't like each other. Some "working class" movement (when labor participation is at a historic low, perhaps as low as 60%, and significantly lower among blacks) springing up anywhere is a fucking delusion. This isn't the 19th century, when we had nearly full employment and everyone was crammed together in factories.

Nazbols should be banned on sight.

Where's it been debunked, friendo?

When the grid comes down, I hope you die in the most excruciating agony possible.

Well I'm sure you have some saved, because I haven't. In all the idpol threads I've watched all those race scientists seem to get consistently BTFO by people who have read more than Holla Forums infographics. Also you have to be a real fucking newfaggot to be an unironic nazbol.
And race isn't real. You haven't posted anything on the contrary, and you certainly haven't posted anything that couldn't be more reasonably interpreted as a product of material conditions like money and education, or maybe the decades of institutional racism by a state that has actively tried to cause a divide between workers.
So what you're saying is that conflicts are caused by material things like resources and territory and not skin colour. Wow you have totally proved my point for me.

Seems to me I've provided plenty of examples of historical, large-scale working-class solidarity in the US. You just won't acknowledge it

eat shit burger
how about you take those military bases off Kosovo and Turkey?
fucking holier than thou hypocrites

What do you think of this short video?

I'm not gonna watch someone's shitty vlog, fam

It's short and it's funny. And it is directly related to your point.

I'm European and unlike the burgers, we haven't started hating the Russians last year when CNN instructed us to do so.

Citation needed

You have to watch it all.

I did. Still not very funny, and some random vlogger's "comedy" skit isn't an argument.
Besides, I'm not a fucking liberal. I don't want "diverse" schools I want the working class to unite in solidarity to abolish the current state of things

don't you bullshit me how you have anything to do with people who were fucked by Russian Empire or SU
there's no "you" quit playing victim
bet you wasn't even alive 20 years ago you fucking drama queen


Okay Cletus I'll be sure to send a message to you via Pony Express after the grid goes down

What if we kill all but 5% of the hwiite male populations and retain their females, that way we can preserve white beauty by selective breeding yet completely disenfranchise the white race by having all their warriors killed?

This tbh. We should just put white people in a zoo.



Uhhh… That's how conquest conventionally goes down, actually. So, yes, no need to reinvent the wheel.



You might as well debate his point and prove its idiocy rather than just screaming spook like a little kid if you hate his view points so much.

There is no point. You can't debate a non-argument

Prove this part wrong, wow you're debating.

This is a digression, but I was listening to a survey of linguistics recently and they brought up this singular grammatical peculiarity of English. It's a holdover from when English had a singular second-person pronoun, "thou", and when "you" was the second-person plural. "Thou" went away, but "you" stayed and became the second-person singular, but retained its plural conjugation.

For a while, the "proper" usage was considered to be "you was" among educated people, which is what would be consistent with other singular pronouns (I was, he was, she was, you was) but that was retired and "you were" was restored.

You can see an example of this in early letters from John Adams:

Because blacks are the descendants of slaves, the white majority seeks to keep them as close to slavery as possible by making them a permanent underclass. They're trying to preserve their caste system because they get off on a childish superiority complex.

We have: Race isn't real, class is. Racial tensions are products of capitalist society. There isn't some gene in our body that says you can't coexist with someone with a different skin colour (and before you argue, how else are you gonna explain how we are able to treat creatures of entirely different species as family?)

Maybe your niece didn't go to the same high school as you. Maybe White-Americans should get their birth rates up a bit if they feel like they're being "replaced" by blacks and browns whose birth rates ain't even that high, just barely above replacement level at like 2.1 babies per woman.

Wow, must be one hell of an optical illusion.

Race as a category actually has very little to do with genetics fam, even the phenotypes associated with races are pretty flexible.

And you wonder why we stirnerpost?

Are you seriously comparing brown people to your fucking cats?

Mind numbingly ignorant.

The psychological factors in race doesn't literally 1:1 map onto stereotypes and there can still be systems of racial oppression backed by ideology / false stereotypes over and above the reality. I think this is where all the confusion lies. Class is a relation to production, molds people in a certain way, encourages psychopathy by its nature, doesn't mean porky's always going to be a cackling ghoul in a stove pipe hat.

Not the guy you're talking to, but how radically different do you imagine non whites are? Is there a fundamental difference in thought process that justifies this orcs vs humans dichotomy you have going on?


Well you went on and on about how it's fine if brightly-colored people die out.

If you really want to improve the standard of living first, the whole identity politics and multiculturalism needs to go. People are fighting a Nazi masturbation fantasy instead of a class war.

Then the borders of white countries need to be closed to people who would cause any sort of multicultural conflicts.

They also should stop importing cheap labor and companies should stop outsourcing cheap labor. This is all standard nationalism.

The USA even elected a Republican because he cares more about the poor than any Democrat. (Bernie Sanders is independent now.)

White people are either:
1) Oh no my race is going extinct.
2) All white people are to blame for the world's problems and need to die. And when it's about helping the poor, it's never helping the white poor.

If white people had ethnic solidarity then they could have class solidarity and their workers could rise up.

Hope this isn't too long and thoughts?

Only about 2% of white Americans owned slaves. The rest were pissed off about slaves driving down their wages just like all the hispanics flooding in. "They took our jobs."

You got my noggin bobbin here bud

I.Q. is actually important because of group I.Q. Enculturated practices to be functional tend to have to cater to the mean.

Not him, but will reply either way.

Agree on the idpol part. But "mutliculturalism" is pretty broad. If we're talking about different cultures and ethnicities being united under one culture or idea (i.e Tito's Yugoslavia, Seychelles or Rojava) then yes multiculturalism to an extent can work. If it's to the extent of wanting to have Islamists and Evangelicals and Zionists in your country then yes.

Often a by product of idpol, which should be smattered.

So we should start kicking out the nazis as well along with the Islamists? Excellent.

End the identity conflicts so the class conflicts become front and center.

Must be why he's trying to dismantle Medicaid and the essential social services they rely on.

Fucking hell, every reactionary talking point, like a cardboard cutout - why are you even here?

It was an example, famalam. It shows that tribal lines aren't formed based on similar appearance or even species, but rather solely by familial and relationship bonds (ie. who we spend our lives with). When a society is divided along racial lines, it is because state and society enforces that division, not due to anything inherent to humans.
The Romans had a black emperor. Racism as we know it today originated with colonialism, where colonial powers attempted to justify the existence of a permanent underclass of African and Native American slaves in their colonies. The British did similar things in their attempt to create an Irish underclass (who are now both "white" according to /pol).
I didn't. I said all this racial panic is stupid and spooky. The white race isn't gonna die out because there's no such thing as a white race. Or a black race. Or any race. If the future society ends up looking a little more brown than today I couldn't give less of a fuck because 1. I'll be dead by then and 2. it's happened a million times before. All our modern cultures are based on centuries of inter-mixing. There is no "pure" culture or ethnicity. Your children aren't gonna care about what colour they're born with, only you do

Last part was a reply to

This is the problem. Blanket saying "wah no idpol" and hoping it'll just coalesce into a class struggle if you meme hard enough against all idpol is just completely naive. Comparing black liberation/nationalism to some white feminist cunt complaining about manspreading or whatever is rude as hell too. Not all idpol is equal. Rolling it up together as though it's just porky ideology you have to oppose through arguments or propaganda is just not going to work and you have to have almost no life experience in the real world to think otherwise.

Nazis are a reaction to something very bad. If everything is happy, nobody says "let's make the government really authoritarian." It's like Weimar Germany was awful enough they elect Hitler. Then Hitler is all, "LOL I'm cancelling elections and if you don't like me you're going to a labor camp." People normally don't want that. It's like people don't want their tooth yanked unless it's constantly hurting.

A lot of people turned to the ideology in the late terms of Obama's presidency when all this stuff was going crazy. At the time of Obama's first election, race relations were really good.

No, if people have no community solidarity they won't care about the poor.

If everyone feels alienated and a stranger in their own country, they aren't going to do a worker's revolution. People need to feel part of a community.

You're spooked.

Yes, and it's scapegoating the problem at jews and shitskins instead of the real source of the problem: Capitalism.
Holy kek are you serious friendo?

I assume you failed GCSE biology then.

Abnormal and grotesque.
America had a black president.
Tell that to all the tribes the Maori's in New Zealand annihilated to be the last ones standing.
I don't give a fuck if people look browner either fam but it's not about the superficial shit for anyone who isn't a moron. You need to think about it systemically, which is what I thought leftist theory was meant to be all about.

To learn

How similar do you think they are? Why do you assume that everyone on the planet is basically a European with different skin?

Differences aren't the deciding factor, however; group identity is. In today's world, the battle-lines are drawn by race, and the average "Muslim" (meaning Arab/Pakistani) and African (American) perceive themselves as belonging to a group distinct from and hostile to whites. Civil Nationalism is a utopian fantasy born from Western chauvinism that presumed that we could "civilize" the savages and make them part of our culture. The reality is that these people have their own identity, that they do not want to give up their identity, and that they are hostile to the native population of Europe. Even if they were wholly identical in personality and ability to Europeans, they'd still behave as enemies.

Niggers would still horrible malicious niggers under socialism. Socialism will not cause them to spontaneously develop frontal lobes.

Do you not think it's successful because it dumbs the whole issue down for the masses? If you try to explain in detail, people either don't understand or don't have the attention span.

I thought so. There hadn't been a big race-related riot since the early 90s, well unless you count a small one in Seattle covered up by the news.

From around 2010-2012, I lived in a neighborhood that was like 50% black, 48% hispanic and eastasian, and 2% white. I would take long walks down the street about 5 miles a day and just randomly chat up random black and hispanic people (the walking was for exercise) and everyone was very friendly. I even had one young black guy offer to give me a ride home when he didn't realize I was walking for exercise. All were really nice. I felt all safe there.

Then after the George Zimmerman drama and then all these racial riots and all kinds of stuff on TV all the time. And how violent people kept blocking the freeways and everything got really dangerous things had changed. It wasn't the people deciding to change, it was the mainstream media and The Establishment deciding to change things. It was all this stuff of pulling white people out of cars and beating them to death.

In 2008, race relations seemed good. The main problem was George W. Bush and the neocons making all these Orwellian laws and using doublespeak for the names and oppressing people in illegal foreign prisons.

No they weren't, you were just too sheltered and young to understand what was going on. Just because you ignored the problems of blacks and minorities, doesn't negate them or make them any lesser than they are now.

I don't think there's been ONE major war where people fought primarily on race in recent times, yugoslavia was not primarily due to race. Are you an american suburbanite? Why have you got this warped, myopic view of the world like it's warcraft or something?

So why don't Chinese parents give birth to Massai children?

In fact I don't think there's EVER been a war that stemmed from the amerocentric view on race.

Ethnicity is certainly a subset of race. If people are willing to kill over ethnicity why do you make pretend that killing over race is off the table?

The modern conception of race wasn't present in ancient civilization so this doesn't really dispute his point. Both Septimius Severus and Caracalla, who are often cited as the "black" emperors, were considered just as Roman as any other provincial.

WWII, unless you want to make the case that Hitley dindu nuffin.

Neither of those were black breh.

let me repeat:

you're legit retarded

ethnicity =/= JUST skin color. you do understand that a black man from gabon and a black man from alabama are not ethnically the same? that a white man from denmark and a white man from russia are not the same? the same goes for an asiatic man from singapore and one from china.

Repulsive the lengths some people will go to to avoid cognitive dissonance when their liberal fairytale meets reality.

Like has been explained, just because there are incorrect models and stereotypes which do not 1:1 conform to reality, and also stereotypes can be molded by ideology, does not rule it out entirely.

Come on, don't be so naive. WW2 being fought on race is a hollywood concept.

They were of Libyan and Berber descent and certainly wouldn't be "white" by your standards.

Israel-Palestine conflict?

It's not the motive for wars, that's the delineating factor. It's the post-war rationalization for conflicts that were ultimately entered for rapacious, power consolidating needs.

Not a war, an apartheid state where the "savages" are the ones with a just cause. Most "ethnic conflicts" arise because the "savages" are being mistreated by the "civilized, higher beings".

South Africa and Zimbabwe – mass racial killings have been going on since the late 1990s.

Because the kid they have is invariably going to be placed into the Chinese racial category. I'm not claiming that genes and phenotypes don't exist. My claim is that racial categories are extremely fuzzy and have more to do with historical events than they do the genetic makeup of individuals.


Yugoslavia, I keep bringing up, was because there was non-porky (nb4 anti-marksucc screeching) mass propaganda against ethnic nationalism for a long time under Tito. Somehow in the decade or so of Tito being gone and opportunist party leaders who started going nationalistic can brainwash enough people that quickly back into the same pattern of ethnicity that pre-existed Tito, such that they would suddenly erupt into that level of violence to eachother on command, like Pavlovian dogs? How gullible and malleable do you think people are? How effective overall do you think their propaganda machines even were especially towards the end? No one ever gives reasonable answers to this kind of shit and it's why I have to somewhat side with Holla Forums on this one.

Yugoslavia seems to be the go to for reactionaries, yet it's telling of you being a disingenuous moron to think it was kicked off by ethnic differences alone.

One of these things is not like the other

But they wouldn't be "black" by my standards neither ;^)

People are gullible enough to exist under feudal societies for thousands of years when they could have overthrown their masters, I can't see why they're not "gullible" enough to put aside grievances over cultural differences - maybe it's because such division helps certain agendas?


t. Malcolm X

It's almost as if modern racial categories aren't very useful when discussing the ancient world.

I've seen Hitler accused of many things, but never of being a non-racialist.

He wasn't wrong either.
National liberation was a thing before him.
Identity politicas tho is pure liberalism

Did the races only start diverging in the middle ages? Racial classification is just as valid then as it is now.

no, it's just bad science.

You really have a dim view of your fellow man. You think you can just reprogram them like a machine with whatever arbitrary ideology if you meme it hard enough?

They certainly are fuzzy, but it's outlandish to claim that they do not correspond to anything real.

Partially black people are considered to be black, even if their African admixture is as little as 1/8. Is this "sound genetics"? No, but that does not mean that the there is no distinct subpopulation of Africans does not exist. "Race isn't real" is invariably bandied about by people who claim in the next breath that some Igbo from Kenya is practically identical to a Swedish blonde woman.

When pressed, defenders of this claim dishonestly retreat to the fuzziness of racial classification and the influence history has had on it, but what they, in reality, assert is that there are no distinct and different human subpopulations (aka "one race, the human race!").

Is this the part where you make pretend the concept of clinal variation necessarily invalidates the concept of racial variation?


No, they didn't just recently start diverging, but the category of race is a fairly modern one. Projecting modern concepts onto past societies will lead you to ahistorical conclusions fam.

Yes, because that's how society and new governments have come about in the past. Why were so many germans so willing to jump on fascism considering its obscurity and sudden inception into politics?

yeah, I'm sure it was the mass propaganda that did the trick, not the sending people to prison for singing songs and trying to erase their language
way I see it, there were tensions before, but only after tito's death did they get ethnic
before it was the party vs the people, subduing their nationalistic tendencies and shit
after, people started flexing their muscles

It really isn't modern, in fact racial stratification used to be even more stringent and synonymous with ethnicity, the only modern part of racial differentiation is that the categories became much more broader and all encompassing.

Prove it

Asiatic blacks and West African blacks are both considered to be the same race despite having two very distinct genetic origins. It's even worse when you look at the dozen or so groups with distinct genetic origins who are all considered white.

And then on top of that gene flow in our modern globalized society is extremely high so these racial distinctions are even less meaningful than they've even been.

I'm not going to spoonfeed you, ancient merchants and sailors constantly talked about human biodiversity and differentiated people by phenotypical expressions, how could they not? What planet do you people live on?

Note the noble """anti-racists""" ITT flat out denying recent major ethnic violence while calling others ignorant and blinded by bigotry. Fucking Rwanda? Africa is FILLED with ethnic conflict.

Sure, they may have commented on the skin color of people from different ethnic groups than them, but identifying with people outside of one's ethnic group based on a set shared phenotypic traits is a very modern phenomenon.

Nazi larpers always like to rant on about tribalism and in-group preferences, but why does the tribe arbitrarily stop at the borders which were drawn up by the elites? If you really wanted an appeal to nature, then why not have your tribe be who was indigenous to your small little village rather than encompassing hundreds of miles of land?

Are the borders which were artificially ordained part of human nature too? Why does it have to stop as soon as the people start looking a tad swarthy? Maybe the entire thing is stipulated on aesthetics - so has no empirical reality rather than who you like the look of?

Jesus Christ, what a retard.

Translation: I have no proof, just ideology

Which just further weakens your point. There's never been any solidarity among "whites" and there never will be. If "whites" got their ethnostate, you'd start sperging out about internally cleansing the Irish and Poles again. Your whole praxis amounts to endless retarded and you are blind to its implications.

I thought race wasn't real?

The gene flow is very small overall. Immigrants in the West by and large do not interbreed with the natives.

Besides: the existence of hybrids does not invalidate the existence of distinct categories, just the the existence of lukewarm water does not invalidate the existence of hot or cold water.

In fact, the "race isn't real" argument can easily be reduced to silliness if we apply the same "logic" to water:

This is the fallacious logic of those who argue that, essentially, the brain is exempt from evolution and differentiation. If all human cultures were the same and all human populations had the same or almost the same achievements and social characteristics, those arguments would be used in every single debate on the topic, but those arguments are not available, hence the resorting to red herrings like the existence of racially mixed people, obscurantism ("who really knows what 'race' is?), and cop-outs ("the consistent failure of Sub-Saharan Africans to build a civilization is due to oppression, as are their inferior results in all psychometric tests, their over-representation in crime stats, the unidirectionality of interracial crime, etc. etc.").

Did I say that? Try follow the thread you invalid.

You guys make Holla Forums seem smart. Keep it up.


Like I said white nationalism is a temporary arrangement in response to the genocide. If genetic white isn't real why are our thought leaders so desperate to get rid of it?


People tend to follow the elites, like when they forced Christianity on Europe, violently.

Also the elites tend to do genocides of ethnic groups that don't fit in like the Armenian genocide.

Also when Iraq was first made, it had three warring ethnic groups. At the end of WWI, Poland took over a bunch of ethnic Germans and oppressed them, leading Hitler to invade Poland.

India, Pakistan and I think it was Bangladesh were split between Muslim and not and the non-Muslims in Muslim territory got a huge slaughter and everyone was fleeing across the borders.

Usually people get killed until they fit into society. Exceptions exist.

There's also lots of various ethnic groups that never assimilated. Druze and Yazidis in the middle east. Turks in the Netherlands for about 100 years. And Ashkenazi jews in Europe for 2000 years.

The hwite reace is too much of a broad term currently.
I would take racist retards more seriously if they had a much more strict definition of it. Something like old Benjamin Franklin had.

Wow, so it's not even a long term solution and you admit whites will immediately go back to killing each other and subjugating other races once white numbers are replenished? You're making a great case!

Also, if shit isn't delicious to eat, why does ((society)) tell you to flush it down the toilet? Have you ever even eaten shit?

Not a good rationale, kinda segways into the point the retarded nazbol poster made about people not being gullible.

Fucking lol. Even Holla Forums is too reasonable for you.

Just use the old Julius Streicher definition, that original whites were blonde and ginger with blue and green eyes. All others are mixed with nonwhites. So dark-haired and dark-eyed whites are mixed.

Southern Europeans usually are permanently tanned too, even Basques which have ancient DNA.

People would take leftists more seriously if they didn't have such a stick up their anus about pretending they were like, totally non-racist when it's transparent to absolutely everyone they are, just like their libshit cousins

No they won't.

Hoo boy. Nigga, do you even read?

I said that race was a spook, not that it didn't exist. Obviously race is a concept that ex
exists idiot, I just think it's extremely flawed.
Nope, it's fairly high fam, but even if it weren't that still wasn't my main point.

I'll use your hot/cold distinction to illustrate my point. Lumping Asiatic blacks with West African blacks is like lumping cold and hot together and acting like it's meaningfully different from the category of warm and lukewarm. My issue with "race realists" is that the distinctions they make are arbitrary and meaningless.

White people didn't just fuck up the Third World by subjegating them, they gave all this technology to them that unbalanced their society. And they keep doing it with foreign aid.

Society doesn't say "dont eat shit" your brain tells you that. You think you're going to want to eat some shit that smells like, unsurprisingly, shit?
The UN is there to stop this from happening, plus whites wouldn't subjugate other whites for being whites.

You literally conflated race and ethnicity in the post I responded to retard. Kys


yeah, they'll just subjugate them for their resources which is a-ok
fucks sake

They could just change the definition again, since "white" doesn't mean anything.

The UN these days is focused on controlling everyone and making a one-world government. The UN is constantly pushing endless laws outlawing speech too.

Whites already subjugate each other for being white to prove they're anti-racist.


Clearly you haven't learned anything.

Well, imagine my shock

cutting children's hands off is fine as long as those grubby bastards don't get any FURRIN EID

Do you think America will invade France or Germany for their shit then?

White means white, is your skin colour white? You're white.

UN is pretty autistic, personally, I'd rather have a new thing just to stop wars from popping up again.

Not sure what you want me to do with this information, basically just conscription/slavery I guess?

The current solution the West is doing is to import as many of them into their countries and have them live on welfare.

Someone needs to brush up on their history.

Hey dude I thought race wasn't just about skin colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indentured servitude and impressment are examples of de facto "white"-on-"white" slavery. You have this retarded fantasy that you'll somehow be on the same team as bourgeiouse "whites" after you remove negro, but you'll be a shitty little prole and dogshit on the bourg shoe.

I know this is a shock to fucking burgers but there are other white countries in the world other than america, britain, germany and france
so no, I don't think america would invade a big and well-known western country like germany, bad PR
but some podunk eastern european country that has something they need - absolutely

Hey, I don't care about being enslaved, murdered and oppressed - as long as NIGGGERS are treated worse than I am happy!

- Holla Forums


I'll admit this one was retarded of me to say, quite a few Japanese/Chinese have a yellowy tint to their skin though.

However, I still highly doubt America would start a war with an Eastern European country.

Countries don't need to force people into serving the military just because black people are no longer here, conscription still exists but not in the way it used to be. You won't wake up on a battleship or whatever after getting drunk at a bar.

There's no reason to talk to you. Bye.

These tend to be half-breeds (hapas).

Are you american? It seems like what you wanted to say is "everyone who isn't a nigger is white", because america exists in a binary state when it comes to race.

You need to loosen up a bit

Ah, now the old "Calm down." play.
You really got your ass whupped to be reaching for these obvious tricks.

Err, no.
Just go watch some JAVs, they aren't half breed.

Internet arguments in general are pretty shitty, fam. I only participate in them because I'm too stubborn not to

if your basis for that is "well….they're white" then you're 100% wrong
jesus, south america is white (kind of) and america has been pushing its shit in for how many decades now

No, I'm not American. I've just understood what you've been saying about Whites being a vague representation of people though. So there's that.
You've actually confused me on what a white person is too


Irish aren't white

Neither are the perfidious Anglo-Semites who long ago tainted their blood and sold their souls to the Jewish house of Rothschild.
But… shh… don't tell them that until we Teutons have regained our strength.

I think you'd be more comfortable in saying european instead of white.

Learn 2 Spiritual Racialism ( a la Spengler/Yockey). Rest will work itself out.

Yeah, that sounds better. I struggle to grasp the concept of things sometimes which is why I got so confused.


That's a good point actually, my original basis for my idea of why they wouldn't just go attacking was because the UN, EU and general opinions of the president of America going so far down even the right wing populace loses their shit. But maybe that wouldn't do much, not sure.
Then you get ww3 I guess.

shit, I mixed up like two posts in the thread and thought your precondition was that the UN & EU were gone
so yeah, if the UN & EU exist that might stop them, though I think Iraq was in the UN too when it got invaded
and Pakistan is there too and gets drone bombings and shit
those are faraway muslim brown people countries thoough, a european country would be tricky, you'd have to really engineer a kind of breakdown and then swoop in

Yeah, I've played plenty of Hoi to know attacking Europe while the EU and UN are still around would be difficult. But if Iraq was still in it then that's pretty fucked up and Pakistan too? Didn't even know they had drone bombings.

It's literally not. Jesus Christ. I'm a black guy and even I realize that blonde/red/light brown hair is more visually interesting than everyone having black hair. And yeah, I know hair dyes and weaves exist, but that shit turns me off like nothing else.

I'm googling and Iraq is an ORIGINAL FUCKING MEMBER of the UN hahahaha
and america just went there like no big deal
Pakistan joined in 1947

Seriously? Jesus fucking Christ, why was Iraq even fucking invaded? I assume it was to do with Osama right? sort of the only explanation there unless it's yet again oil

Wew, kys

I honestly have no idea
Ostensibly it was because Saddam was a psycho dictator I think, but that sounds lame since there are dictators all over the world so why pick this guy
And considering the state of the ME today…

So it wasn't oil then?

Knowing America, both.

probably more than one motivation and they feed into each other

are you retarded?

Humans tend toward a universal objectively pleasing mean, you don't even have to racialize it.

Which is why biomods and other technology that let people look like real life animes and furries can't come soon enough.

Agreed! Blasieur master race!

they commit tons of crime
also, we don't really share the same culture.
black America has pretty much seceded from white America culturally

Or maybe it will just make porky richer.

Pathetic. Phrenology is a joke, and so is your shit ideology.

Burden of proof is on those who assert a claim, not the ones who deny it. First post proofs that prove racialist "science" is correct.

This, I hope science hurries the fuck up already I wanna be a komodo dragon, not a shitty human.

Wew and this is supposed to be the anti capitalist board?

It was oil. Even if a politician believed the lie, it wouldn't change what happened. The US killed somewhere upwards of 1 million people for the sake of obtaining oil. Even though having that oil won't change the coming oil shortages. Right now the Saudis are destroying Yemen to take their oil. Qatar is on the chopping block, so they better get themselves some nukes or find a nuclear ally, because annihilation is the only thing that's prevented the US from warfare. And even now, they want to invade N Korea (a nuclear power) to take things from them. It's pretty crazy. All wars are for resources or strategic locations.

The day Holla Forums became lefty/pol/

user when something is more costly, people consume less of it
there is no need to be retarded


"Feel unhappy? Buy yourself a new body! (Take out a loan now!)

pro black is breeding white bitches

[email protected]/* */

that is a simplistic view
we invaded Iraq to defend the hegemony of the petrodollar

It's how scientists try to guess the mental abilities of neanderthals.


The US invaded Iraq for the same reason they've been funding ISIS (those "Syrian moderate rebels") in Syria for many years. Zionism. The USA has no interest in Syria, Israel just doesn't like it.

Also if you notice how Congress constantly hates Trump, won't fix Obamacare but they nearly all made a law to restrict his power to avoid WWIII with Russia? Well the only time Congress did something in his favor was when he launched missiles on Syria, breaking a campaign promise. IMMEDIATELY the day after they approved his supreme court pick. And the media shut up about The Russia Hoax for several weeks.

Congress wants to kill all the people of Syria for Zionism.


Since no one has posted it yet

I thought the Burgers are tryna topple Assad cuz he's cutting natural gas deals with Russia instead of short-changing his country by being a good little puppet leader for American interests.

it was a shitposting flag from another thread

He was 21. Twenty-fucking-one. Why do freedomites always have to kill a commie's hopes and dreams?

This is my favorite black history video:
A Kangz Carol

Only 7 minutes and funny. It shows that without white people it would be a utopia and blacks 50,000 years ago ran Egypt.

They won't care they'll just say he's deluded or something

That movie they're making about him is gonna suck

So you don't live in a tree and wipe your arse with leaves? Makes sense. WIFI can't be too good on the moons of Endor…

I fucking pass. I have an autism limit.

Even if it don't it still ain't gonna touch the original "The Murder Of Fred Hampton" documentary.

Still I hope they make it a bit more nuanced than just "a black guy who got killed cuz he hated racism" for 2h. The Black Panther Party married copies of Mao's Little Red Book everywhere they went after all.

The video never says that. It says "A Hotep Production", that's a pro-black group.

It's really funny. Satires a lot of sides.

Keep being hilarious Holla Forums. Only you guys are laughing tho


Day and night. Do you know what you speak of?

The video is 100% pro black. You need to watch it.

An acorn tree, yes and your mum climbs it everyday to put my nuts in her mouth.




He's a nigger, do you expect him to not act like an animal?


Thanks, m8.

If I'm an animal does that mean your girlfriend turns into a zoophile when you're at work?

Wtf, i love black genocide now

t. a brainlet who doesn't understand how averages work

None of them are representative of average women anywhere, m8. I dunno who conducted that study, but he/she needs to stop sampling faces from modelling agencies.

are Holla Forumsyp trolls getting smart?

Who /racist-accelerationism/ here?



Do you enjoy being a Holla Forums meme? Or do you think you can actually trigger people by claiming that you're fucking the girls of random internet strangers. You may as well say you're a Navy Seal currently aiming a rifle at my head.



What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

It's the end result of facial compositions. That is what you get.

They do learn English though.

Holla Forums is always right.

Turns out we find average faves quite attractive, and pick models we find attractive, so when we average out a bunch of faces they end up looking at lot like models. Funny that

Like Mike Thernovich's gorilla mindset.

Lel there's no way that second chick is only half white

average faces will always be perfectly symmetrical which is a component of attractiveness

this but unironically

It's kinda random what halfies look like. In any case, all black americans are pretty mixed to begin with b/c of all the slave rape. The whities just couldn't help themselves

Try being fenced in on the Gaza strip with 2 million other people and you'll go crazy too.

This thread is awful. Any shitposters or baiters will be banned to the far reaches of the galaxy.

ok understandable have a nice day



*cough* I'm a jew and I have no problem with this. As long as other races and ethnicities aren't being fucked over by it, as long as it's just positive for yours and not negative you're good
comrade mosley once said (along the lines of) "One can love their family without wanting the death of every other family for not being theirs. Why should it be any different with race? Anyone can love their race, so long as that love does not include hatred for another race, that is fine!"