You know, Holla Forums, I've thought it over and there's only one beef I have with leftism...

You know, Holla Forums, I've thought it over and there's only one beef I have with leftism. I don't mind if people are poor, or if they're weak, or if they're degenerate faggots. It's when undermine the standard of value and pretend that being poor is "good", or weak is "good", or it's being a degenerate sterile faggot is somehow equivalent to being a fertile, productive heterosexual couple. If the poor and the faggoty simply said "yes, I am poor and/or a faggot, but I acknowledge that it is better to be rich and hetero", then I would forgive them and go on my merry way.

Being poor is not seen as a good thing by leftists. A major goal of leftist movements is to eliminate, or at least reduce, poverty.

Spoiler: You can't get rid of poverty by subsidizing it. That's why market socialists and co-operative types have the right idea.

If you get rid of production for exchange, poverty becomes virtually impossible.

You seem to be under the assumption that mindlessly pumping out children is a good thing, like some kind of ant or something. This is as bizarre to me as the preservation of the "nation" when a nation is just a collection of people, culture, and government.
Perhaps it is OP who is the faggot this day.

What? Literally only capitalists think this

It's more of a universal assumption that the poor were always wronged in some way and therefore in the moral clear for being poor.
Like think of a poor person and a rich person with equivalent moral quality. I don't think a leftist could honestly do this because the tacit assumption is that the poor person got screwed and has a valid grievance and the rich person may have been the screwer.


Wow, now I get it.
Exploiters and the exploited are morally equivalently. It makes sense if you don't think about it!

What do you consider the base standard of living before a person is not in poverty?

Explain please.

Poor people are indeed on average of much lower moral quality, otherwise they wouldn't be poor.

How are you gonna open with a Nietzche pic and then give a shit about morals?

Nacho said to make up your own values/morals. Most people misinterpret him and think he was just "rah rah master morality."

Wow. Just wow. Are there still people who do not read Nietzsche as a positive nihilist who, with his philosophy, was showcasimg us his genealogical method by writing out a series of perspectives and arguments that are automatically considered as arbitrary by the author?

It sucks that to read Nietzsche one has to be actually deep. People like OP won't ever be free enough to truly experience costant overcoming of one's self. They'll just cling on what Nietzsche had to say about weak people, women and other trivial matters: they clearly can't see the big picture.

NO LEFTIST worth shit argues that being poor is good. The goal of leftism is to ABOLISH poverty.

nietzsche's Ă¼bermensch is not about being not-poor, not-faggoty and not-"degenerate". it's ABOVE all that and other stuff. you are stupid and i would forgive you if you would just acknowledge that it's better when you leave philosophers alone and proceed with quoting ayn rand, ludwig von mises and adolf hitler instead.



NO CHRISTIAN worth shit argues that being sinful is good. The goal of Christianity is to ABOLISH sin.

This but unironically. Perspectivalism ftw. Unfortunately you have to have empathy to be able to do this, which is inhibited by Asperger's.

You sure you're thinking of communism and not Christianity?

They're equivalent because most people here don't give a fuck about what individuals do with their private lives.


You must be new here; look at my flag closely and tell me which perspective it suggests to you.

I'm lost and confused.

Your flag implies a perspective like pic related

You're so spooked that you don't understand Nietzche at all.

Stop browsing Holla Forums and actually read books you fucking retard… jesus fucking christ.
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