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One of the high end prole sacrificial lambs like all those bankers found mysteriously murdered.

Honestly, he's probably not doing anything other porkies haven't already done.
He was just much more loud.

He's not the guy that should be jailed
He's a bit of an annoyance but he was just jacking up the price to the insurers that's why he got so much attention

Leftypol has gone so far down the shitter it isn't celebrating a fucking porky getting a significant sentence for once

This is the only time I want the cops to seize someones shit cuz we need that wu tang album, even if it probably sucks

Because he is just a fall man on the totem pole sacrificed to protect his higher ups. Chances are this fag thought he was in the us club when he was in the meat shield club.

I don't think he's hiding just that.

Hard to get excited, when this is more of a war between porkies, and it wasn't done for the sake of proles.

Can I ask you why I should care about porkies fucking each other over? That's great shit, I love it.

Besides, most of this was entirely his decision, he lied basically non stop, pathologically, and got fucking indicted for fraud.

That's unheard of in the United States. Someone that affluent getting there

1) Schadenfreude
2) Bougie mother fucker is getting 20.

He is not going to get 20 years of prison, he will probably get 1 at max.

I feel like this is exactly the feeling that's trying to be elicited by allowing his imprisonment, though.
It's hard for me to get off to it, knowing my appeasement serves people with ulterior motives.

I don't think you get how unprecedented it is for a bougie to actually get indicted this hard. The last I can remember is Madoff

It isn't a mind game. The dude told people a bunch of lies to everything from investors to partners, he committed, a tyrannosaurus sized fuckton of fraud it seems.

I don't think it's anyone's fault but his.

what did he mean by this Holla Forums


He's enjoying his last days doing the only thing he knows how.

So aside from all this conspiratorial mumbo jumbo over some oblivious retard who committed fraud all over the place

If he gets in prison it'll be pretty great in my opinion. White collar crime is never fucking punished.

He acquired his wealth in his lifetime. Old money porkies hate people like him

I'm not implying it isn't, but arresting the bourgeois for fraud under capitalism, distracts from the fact the capitalism is a fraud, in its own way. Whole thing seems farcical.

We're not going to overthrow capitalism over night. Some smug rich fuck getting two decades worth of prison time is enough to sate me for the moment.

O, Brave New World

I know comrade, but the 20 years was before the verdict, now is much less, for me this porky should face the gulag, but talking on reality is hard to him get more than 1 year.

He released it online when Drumpf won iirc

Incredible that I see people on Holla Forums unironically saying that whenever a Shkreli thread pops up.

well to be fair that is in a sense what Holla Forums is trying to do, being that they're all upper middle class westerners and the global ~1-5%. i only push for communism in hope to see them get liquidated by their own design tbh.

I'm increasingly convinced that old money can be brought around to social democratic ideas more easily than new money, and that the ideal social democratic setup for stability would consist of an alliance between the two to ensure SPIVs cease to exist.

But maybe that's just because I like the idea of Thatcher being bullied by rich people murmuring Hilda. And, of course, that old-money don't rely on the bootstraps meme whereas new money not only rely on it but believe it and - fucking hell - espouse it. "I'm rich because I'm of better birth than you" is unironically a better public-facing case for economic inequality than "I'm rich because I WORKED HARD* ALL BY MYSELF USING MY BOOTSTRAPS", at least the former is in some perverse sense true.

*and got unspeakably lucky in prospering from the results of doing so.

He isn't going to get a "significant sentence".
He got acquitted of six of the nine total charges, has no real criminal record and is rich to boot.
I guarantee you he'll get a few weeks/6 months tops at a Club Fed, and the most he'll have to worry about is a watered-down martini.
Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

He's the good guy, though

You haven't even read enough about the amount of fucking fraud he committed though

His only crime was blowing the lid off of standard pharma industry practice.

And committing a fuckload of crime and being a bougie fuck

he was rich and smug without the charm to actually pull it off.
for those crimes alone i propose a sentence of Scaphism shown live on CNN.

Oh noes, he lied about losing investors money and paid it back by cooking the books with his jacked up drug prices.
The horror.
At worst, he ripped off his fellow class enemies.
Forgive me if I don't get overly upset about it.
And before you start crying about drug prices, he actually gave it away for free to people who called his company, or next to nothing, while charging extortionate prices to insurance companies I.E. standard industry practices.
His only real crime is being an unlikeable twat.

That's illegal. Not only that, but he did more.

I wouldn't put it beyond Martin to post here every time he's mentioned

But we're agreed this is a crime, right?
Because I'm 99% sure that's why everyone's here. I'm all for ripping off insurance companies, but the insufferable must suffer.
(Actually I'd tepidly suggest that the whole "oh if you call you'll get the drug free!" shtick if anything only makes him more irritating.)

I agree. Yuppie filth are far more reactionary and deserving of getting their brains blown out than old school aristocratic bourgs.

Yeah, he's an insufferably smug piece of shit, and deserves to be treated accordingly.
But if it were up to me, he'd skate for fucking over the insurance companies.

I don't care fuck em I hope he gets just a year in prison so he can whine like a cunt

The hospitals which provide the medication now have to pay more, and the insurance companies that the people on the drugs are with (especially considering how few there are) are now likely looking for any possible method to either raise their prices or remove them so they do not have to pay the inflated costs. The drug is also used extensively OUTSIDE of the USA, despite the USA only having a couple thousand people on it. The UK has tens of thousands of users, if I remember correctly. How do you suppose it's going to affect them? Don't tell me "da st8 will provid xD", because we both know we'll be seeing price hikes to cope.

Like it or not, people are affected by this, and no, bankers and investors are not people. I hope this fuckhead gets a prison shank in his arse.

And not releasing his Wu-Tang album.
He could burn in hell for all I care.

Anyone else remember that time he got trolled by BG Kumbi?

pt. 2

should be 20 years in a labour camp

jesus, the memes here are like cheap knockoffs from china. If you're going to blatantly copy, atleast do it well.


hm. well how about this one? btw, you don't need all caps. I'm sure you're a very cool guy.


Based on his size, his asshole is going to be more loaded than his bank account.

that's assuming you'll ever get off your armchair (if you even can lmao) you fat ass

You lot think he's gonna have any luck earning as many cigarettes and packets of jelly from his fellow inmates as he can by raising the price of his arsehole by 5000%?

The kind of person that makes me rethink my stance against gulags.


He'll get 6 months max.

Punishment, glasses crushed, 10,000 people in a stadium laugh at him as an indictment


shit nigger if you're ready to knock over the system then do it.

Hope jamal rips this niggas ass up

It helps people imagine locking the bourgeoisie up, which is often nearly unimaginable.

let me play the worlds smallest violin for our beloved porky.

Hes loaded, he won't do 20 years. Who was the last loaded guy to do 20 years? All the wall street people who caused the 2007 crisis got slaps on the wrist maybe 5 or 6 years here and there, no big deal. 20 years is a fucking long time

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Bernie Madoff?

Bernie Madoff got 150 years in jail.

Because they are only doing it to protect the interests of their class. The ruling class has been doing it since its genesis.

They don't have solidarity you blind ideologue. Their lives revolve around getting an edge over one another for profit.

m8 he trolled insurance porkies out of there money by repricing his drugs and giving (some of) them out for free.

This isn't a victory, this is just proof of how corrupt the system is.

isn't he an usurer just like any other porky?

But he also trolled other porkies to reveal how corrupt the system was. Mixed feelings are mixed t b h