hey i just asked Holla Forums this so i guess its fitting to ask you guys too…
what is the jewish question? Is it valid? what are your thought on it

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Read Marx, he wrote the book on it.

Well I know believing in some global jewish conspiracy basically destroys your brain because you wave away everything as a jew plot somehow


nice spooks son

lmao…srsly, it gained my attention after my right wing friend mentioned it, from what ive gathered, it seems it just boils down to some people who are Jewish are just greedy jerks and homogeneous societies were curious about them for a while..i certainly agree with the Lenin quote though; any person with massive wealth will have shady intentions

Jews are shitty people, they debase everything they come into contact with, pun intended. Young Jews are either antisocial business borgy types that smile too much or Seth Rogan-tier stoner layabouts living off of daddy's money, many of the latter category are film majors. Older Jews are rich and full of themselves and get offended very easily, hence the kvetching stereotype. I try not to associate with the sordid lot.
t. New Yorker

fuck jews
t. bakunin, marx and proudhon


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Lenin was such a good man.

t. someone who's only met shitty jews

Jews are the most intelligent people on earth

My best friend is 33% Ashkenazi according to 23andme if that means anything

The jewish question is something american globalist shills talk to distract the people over the fact that american government elected by american citizens want to rule the world and kill every culture in order to substitue with their own. Look how your city is filled with mcdonald's, look how your tv shills for USA in the news, look the amount of hollywood garbage they broadcast in order to make you retarded.
Those so called jews are born in USA or have lived in USA for decades now, their alligiance is with USA globalism. Do not trust any american…not even so called "leftist" ones. They secretaly want to doom us all.
Don't believe me? I was banned from both Holla Forums and Holla Forums for making posts similar with this one.

It's spooky

What about how all the big corporations in the USA and most of the US government (except the few Trump people) want to bring in tons of foreign cultures until American culture is gone. They're trying to make Islam a common thing in the West.

The only globalism the American elite push are endless wars for Israel which will never be able to survive on its own and will fall when the USA does.


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shut your mouth jew

jews control the government
jews are 45% of the 1%
jews are the main beneficiary from capitalism

Renegade Broadcasting, especially Sinead McCarthy, says the entire alt-right are jewish, Trump is a jewish shill, and is always going on how everyone supposedly anti-jew is a jewish shill.

She also believes the earth is flat.

Means absolutely nothing since none of us have ever met your best friend.

That's objectively true, though.

Did they really think this through? What happens when the magapedes who thought they were just memeing about jewish tricks to be edgy find out their whole movement itself appears to be an elaborate jewish trick?

They're idiots, so I imagine they'll find some way to rationalize it.

Was Bakunin NAZBOL?

Those aware of Jewry knew it all along, it isn't like Trump hides it. Trumpists won't realize it, and even if they did they aren't against zionism.

I used to be a magapede …the amount of mental gymnastics they have to do to rationalize continuing supporting him is astounding….but most of them just end up sounding like broken Milo Yiannopolos records on islam