War Movies

What's Holla Forums's opinion on high-realism war movies
Stalingrad (1993)
The Star (2003)
Unsere Mütter, Unsere Väter (generation war)
and your personal opinions on them

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Dunkirk made me feel really bad for the anglos so I'd say it was alright. Also it made me hate the germans even more. Honestly I dislike realism in WWII movies since it tends to portray nazis as "human" which is bad.

Never been particularly interested in them. Some are ok, but I find the subject matter is often delivered hamfistedly. Personally prefer films about soldiers coming home, like some film I watched on ifc while high years ago.

Dunkirk was very good until it become a normal war movie towards the end.

Das Boot is fucking awesome. Helps if you like playing Silent Hunter.

Except that not all were nazis. Wehrmacht=/= Nazis. There were nazis in the *Heer, but not all of the Heer was nazi, in fact most refusals to do nazi things (executions, genocide) were in the Heer, as it was just normal people in there, not just nazis like the SS

True, have you watched any of the examples? Only reason I really liked them is because of the lack of ham-fistedness, a la Saving Private Ryan, which, while fun, was not realistic except the opening

I haven't seen Das Boot yet, but it's from the same producers and crew as Stalingrad, so I think I'll enjoy it.

No, but I hope to catch Dunkirk soon.

Wehrmacht did fucking horrible things in the East, where nearly everyone served at some point.

Also not being ideologically a Nazi or a party member is pretty irrelevant if you're actively fighting for a fascist war machine.

Fucking Göring was never ideologically a hardcore Hitlerite, he was just in it for personal gain. Still a piece of shit.

Göring was luftwaffe, wasn't even in OKW.
Absolutely, and even the Red Army with mass rape in poland, ukraine, and northern germany. My point is that the Wehrmacht had normal people, the SS did not

I agree, it was more like a horror movie for a bulk of the film, that whole ending with the churchill speech really betrayed the tone of the film

That's not bad. Hitler was given power over the Germany state by the bourgeois, not by the German people. Plenty of Nazis were coerced into service by extenuating circumstances

Exactly. The half of my family that is german, and not Jewish german served in German Militaries since the HRE, and fought in the Heer not because of ideology, but because of nationalism. (I mean nationalist sentiment, not NSDAP)

Yeah I know that Göring was head of Luftwaffe. I was just saying that not even the top leadership of the Nazi party was ideologically nazis, but they still either contributed to or (more often) actively did horrible shit.

True, true. although Göring was probably more human than high command, as he at least led to the good treatment of airmen. Doesn't excuse anything, don't get me wrong, but he at least did /something/ not evil. Can't be said for Goebels or hitler.

If you were a german soldier and didn't defect to another country you were basically a nazi. There are no fucking excuses for supporting fascism.

well, unless you're unaware of what's really going on, and near the end, there were mass surrenders, as well as the 9th army's sacrifice to let the 12th cross the elbe to surrender, and to protect tens of thousands of civilians fleeing berlin

Göring was pretty hilariously decadent and corrupt, taking bribes and confiscating Jewish property for personal use.

Muh i didn't know about the holocaust.

Again, don't get me wrong, much like almost every high ranking nazi, he was a piece of shit.

well, my great grandfather did not, until a group of Soviet soldiers took him to a camp near where he was captured. By the end, most knew, yes, but earlier on, most did not know. This does not excuse or exonerate anyone, but most Heer and Kriegsmarine, as well as Luftwaffe were not all baby-eating nazis. The SS and related branches, however, were absolutely inhuman worthless cunts

so you like Hollywood fairy tails? get the fuck out of here.

seriously, I am adamant about the fact that the nazis morality was about as empty as a salad bar at the Görings house

I am always nervous when liberal Hollywood tries to humanize nazis because it encourages reactionaries.

yes, nazis aren't people, Germans, however, are people. Humanizing the German high command and SS is wrong, (unless its rommel, bc rommel is based) Nazis and reactionaries all deserve a platform, at least though? that platform being a hangman's

by that logic the defenders of stalingrad where not fighting defend their homes and people from facsism but instead where fighting so the nkvd could kill more people

claiming your enemies aren't people is just delusion and a corwardly one at that, the honest thing to tell yourself is that they are people, and you have to know if what your fighting for is worth ending one/or more ireplacable lives.

*irreplaceable human lives

why respond to my comment with that? I wasn't the one who said they were al fighting for facism

Yes, dehumanising an enemy makes it a lot easier for your people to fight and kill those enemies, and is necessary for a war, but that doesn't mean that it is a sad practise. However necessary it is, it is still a sad state of affairs that any soldier on any side can kill a civilian while thinking that it isn't really a person

Yeah except they were literally fighting for their lives and the survival of Russia

Yep. And so were the the conscripts in late war germany, like the HJ and Volksstrum.


A Tankie Wehraboo, now I've seen it all

Blockpost was really good
one of the rare military movies without blatant overacting

Realistic war movies are a waste. Nothing but trash to indoctrinate the feeble minded with some feeling of glory about war.

That's a big movie

My favourite is Downfall

This. It's really fucking annoying when people ITT and elsewhere say stupid shit like "Nazis weren't people, reactionaries aren't people", because it speaks about how immature and incapable of non-black and white thinking. Yes, Nazis, reactionaries, CIA death squads, are all people, they all had/have complex lives, points where they did good things, hopes and dreams, and people who loved them, and they all did what they did for what seemed to them like perfectly logical reasons. None of this changes the fact that they may have to die to create a better world nor should it make you stop for one moment to do what is necessary. Dehumanizing them is cowardly and it also inevitably leads to a vicious cycle of further dehumanization and barbarism. I don't want to have the same mindset as those who perpetuated the mass warcrimes in Eastern Europe and which later lead to the same things in Germany.

Dude what?

Christ no, not a wehraboo. Wehrmacht was plagued with problems. Lack of standardisation in equipment, some paranoid asshole dividing up high command into like 5 different areas. Late war equipment being shoddy pieces of shit assembled in a couple hours.
I mentioned Rommel bc he was actually a human being, and refused to carry out war crimes. Also he was based af in ww1. Using 130 men, and taking 60 casualties, he captured 9000 Italian Soldiers in the Isonzo, within 28 hours

Epic film of PKK coming to the Ezidi's rescue when?

Dunkirk is terrible guys, it didn't have enough Indians in it and celebrated maleness too much. 100% real criticisms leveled at the film by "left" idpol-ers

the last "war movie" I saw was Wonder Woman and it made the Germans seem like Zerglings. OP is out of his mind.

War movies are pure propaganda.


This is a good true war story.

Melos didn't want to join in a war so Athens conquered them, killed all their men, and sold their women and children into slavery.

This is what happens in war. War crimes are very old.

When you read something and immediately recognize it as retarded, chances are that it's simply written by a hack. idpol has uses, but any fool can pick it up

Bizarre movie where wwi is literally caused by the god of war spooking millions of people into aggression

Wade dying in saving private ryan is real as shit. Movies like to make death spectacular, when most of the time it's just pathetic.

Anyways, you haven't been redpilled on Rommel. He wasn't very interested in the complicated ideological shit, but he was all for the nazis anyways and didn't give a shit. He faked a surrender in France and murdered the frenchies as they collected his soldiers. He let Libyan Jews get pogromed, and definitely consulted with the SS over a North African sonderkommando operation. When the Italians surrendered, Rommel took them prisoner and issued orders to shoot them or send them to concentration camps.

All this for the final victory, basically. Rommel thought the Nazis were great, and he fucking loved Hitler. In terms of being an anti-Nazi, there were little prussian nobles like von Leeb that did more anti-Nazi shit than Rommel.

There is literally nothing wrong with killing nazi soldiers/citizens regardless of their affiliation with the nazi party.

lol the excuse is, being dumb. You think a little kid raised by Nazis isn't going to buy into it all?

Doesn't change their crimes, but it's helpful to understand people as people and not randomly evil automatons

Take that flag off moron, the rape of the red army is overblown and mostly propaganda.

Dunkirk is not a good movie, pure anglo post-brexit masturbation fantasies to try to gather the people around the flag. Call me when nolan makes a movie about Imphal-Kohima.

I'm sure that you are just trolling but if anything it was the opposite. I mean the french kid saves the anglo multiple times from his own stupidity.

rip French boy, that dude didn't deserve his shit


it's soča you burger

You forgot to mention Platoon.

My great grandfather was a closet communist who was forced into the Wehrmacht and joined the Austrian communist party after the war.

Full Metal Jacket and Apocalypse Now are both twice the Vietnam flick platoon is.

faking a surrender is nothing that isn't a tried an honourable tactic in warfare. He was for the nazis until he really got a feel for what they were doing once he got out of africa. He did not consult with SS in afrika at all, mate, dunno what your source is. not concentration camps, but rather POW camps. what, would you expect him to let now-hostile troops go free and armed?

Mate, I love stalin, and what he did. The Red Army did commit lots of rape though, and the northern Fronts were given orders to not punish many rapists, it's literally a general order by zhukov

He established logistics in his own manner, his troops never starved

Actually, not a burger, raised canadian, live in US in jewish culture. Got all my info on Isonzoschlacht from german and austrian sources you filthy yugo.

never seen it, sorry.

same kinda situation here

Holy shit for the love of god stick to politics Holla Forums this thread proves to me you can't handle any subject outside of it.
You all have shit taste in film just please stop and promise me you'll ban film making if you ever come into power because Jesus this is just bad.

Realistic war art shows people how dangerous and unpleasant violence really is. It doesn't even need to be sappy or moralistic: just show people REAL WAR and they'll get the picture. Yes, it is also exciting and stimulating, but the first thing any sane person who sees violent content will think is "WHOA, it is extremely easy to die or be hideously deformed in these violent situations with modern weapons. I do not want to be in such a situation."

The worst war situations happen when people (especially poor young kids) aren't aware of the risks and have a misapprehension about what war really is. To show realistic depictions of war prevents war.

Idealist pls. Nukes prevent war. If nuclear annihilation weren't a thing the bourgeoisie would still be attempting to slaughter each other directly en masse instead of fighting petty proxy wars with each other.

The best strategists people in war know that war is the worst thing possible and it should be ended quickly if it can't be avoided.

That's just using fear to control people though because you can't properly teach them to be good human beings.
The middle class is still people with potential. Maybe less than others but still.
You're essentially calling for fascism and elitism. The exact shit you're against.

That's true, nukes prevent war and also an armed civilian population–mutually assured destruction in general, but grisly war art is also a strong psychological deterrent.

If you read accounts of enlistees in WW1 & WW2, many of them had very little idea what they were getting into. I personally believe that First Person Shooters, especially, strongly discourage people from going into real combat because it both shows people how easy it is to F.U.C.K.I.N.G.D.I.E. and it also satisfies their curiosity of "bing thing go boom."

ctrl - f come and see, 0 results

wghat the fuck guys

come and see?

exactly, which is why I'm happy most high schools read AWOTWF, but i feel like poilu would be a good book to read as it's an actualy journal of events, and not a novel


best war movie ever and highly relevant to this board

Looks good, mate, thanks! In return, I recommend either The Star (russian 2003 movie) or the Beast Of War (or just the Beast) movie about tankers in afghanistan, in a similar vein, I've heard good things about 9th company

Not sure if Apocalypse Now is "realistic" but till this day it's my favorite war movie. WW2 war movies are all shit in my opinion, they reek of patriotism, and always play into the "USA ARE THE TRUE HEROS/GOOD GUYS" type bullshit. In fact even modern war movie like Merican' Sniper do that shit, Even US WW2 vets in real life all seem increasingly brainwashed/stupid, and baby boomers constantly suck their dick as "THE GREATEST GENERATION".

will check out beast, never seen a movie about the afghan conflict before, any others?

it definitely depends on which country they fought for. my grandfather was a vet on… the losing side and he was pretty much the most anti-war, anti-military bitter old bastard ive ever known. talked several of his grandchildren out of enlisting with his horror stories

Because they inherited a much easier world to make a living in then what they gave to us.

mate, watch non-us ones, A bridge too far is damn good, and for realism, watch das boot, stalingrad, the Star

9th Company is a russian movie about it, dunno about any others tho

It is always fun to find where I had ancestors fighting on both sides of a historical war. From The Great War back, there were a lot of them. On the other hand, it is rather disconcerting that my family tree is so full of soldiers. It is also funny to see just how many countries my family got run out of for being on the losing side of a revolution. Really, my being here is a tremendously bad omen.

Same. One side of my family is russian jews who were kicked out, but fought in the Russo-japanese war. They fled to Germany before ww1, fought for them, but many left after the war, and fought for the bolsheviks, still live there today. Half of the remainder were killed in the Shoah, and the rest fought and killed in israel, then came to america.
The other side has had a strong Prussian military tradition, going back nearly 400 years, fighting in the 30 years war, 7 years war, etc etc, in ww1 one fought under rommel in the Jägers, another under Mackensen at Tannenberg. Eventually some fought for socialism, some died. Others lived and fought for the 3rd reich, but in the Heer, they didn't agree with the discrimination, thought that anyone who wanted to fight for the fatherland was fine by them. Eventually came to canada after being POW's there, and settled, served in germany afterwards as NATO, or some as Grenztruppen in DDR
I do like tracing it all though. Guess I'm bound to be a partisan, eh?

american war movies: damn we have to stop that hitler guy
(scene missing)
Yup, looks like america beat the bad guys all by themselves again.

Poor French boy :c
Also I'm kinds pissed they didn't highlight the French rearguard more

Klaus-Michael Mallmann and Martin Cüppers: "Beseitigung der jüdisch-nationalen Heimstätte in Palästina." Das Einsatzkommando bei der Panzerarmee Afrika 1942. In: Jürgen Matthäus und Klaus-Michael Mallmann (ed.): Deutsche, Juden, Völkermord. Der Holocaust als Geschichte und Gegenwart, Darmstadt 2006, p. 153–176

Rommel worked with SS commander Wolfgang Rauf and camp'd the Jews of Tunisia. He also gave Rauff orders that would turn over any Jews in Palestine to the einsatzgruppen.

Italians were rounded up, some were simply murdered, most were shackled off as forced labour, including concentration camps. Essentially, given the Soviet treatment but without the deliberate starvation.

The fake surrender and the Italian betrayal would be less important to a tankie, but you forget why Rommel was fighting in the first place. He loved Hitler, he was fine with Nazis. He would write letters about literally being lovestruck by hitler's passionate beliefs, and Goebbels held Rommel in high esteem. So Rommel was committing war crimes for the Nazis, and for the end-goal of the Nazis, anti-semitism and the eradication of marxism.

His turnaround is nothing. He saw everything in 1944 happen and realized Germany was going to lose. He was a sane man, so he doesn't even get the excuse of pre-war delusion! He did all this garbage for a Nazi world, then had second thoughts when the Nazis weren't delivering. Any involvement in the July 20 plot is meaningless, Stauffenberg and his crew only wanted a western peace so they could try and crush the Soviets.

If your family ever said nice things about Rommel, here's what it is. They're old, they've heard rommel lionized over and over again in both English and German. Maybe they don't know what Rommel actually did because he was a field marshal and they were just some teens with rifles. But Field Marshal is high leadership, and every single one of the Nazi high leadership knew.

But at least they got the beginning, that's a lot more than I was expecting.

He loved hitler up until a point. Like I said, my family served under him in world war one. Not two. And thanks for giving me a source, I'll admit I was wrong on some aspects. He lost faith in it all, and even had his doubts during poland when he was the ehad of hitler's bdoyguard

Best war movie i have ever seen.

Heres the trailer.

Interesting things: there is no actual proof the German sniper existed: but the kid actually did and reportedly went with the Germans as they tell his mother in the film.

Any one else like Free State of Jones?McConaughey and friends in that movie totally our guys and gals.

ah, the market "socialist" is a sucker for US propaganda movies
who'd have thought that

me. i did.

Kek. I remember watching Enemy at the Gates as a kid and telling myself "Wow, so that's how it was" I cringe when I watch it now. Right from the beginning it's every red army cliche copypasted into one movie, and the message is so blatantly anticommunist, even one of the characters literally says at the end that communism fails because of muh human nature.

I'm sick of media like that. It's liberal as fuck. "These poor dumb niggers need our help, they can't help themselves"

I relate with the soldiers and see it as pro communist movie when you dont mind the American hollywood cliches.

At least your Prussian ancestors were fighting on the right side. Mine were aristocrats who got kicked out of West Prussia when it became Poland. When they opened a dairy farm in Wisconsin one of them hooked up with a Scotch-English guy whose family had been kicked out of England, Scotland, and Ireland successively for constantly being on the wrong side of every war. They got run out of Canada just for being criminals.

And then there is the other, French half of the family. Low level French aristocrats (excuse me, grandma, Norman French) ran away to Canada to join the Northwest Fur Company after Robespierre started lopping off heads. Once there, they took to fucking the local red girls and, being troublemakers, joined Louis Riel's Rebellion. That got them kicked out of Canada and cost them all their land holdings. I am reminded of that line in Stripes: "We're Americans, and that means that our ancestors were kicked out of every decent country in the world." And there's our connection back to war movies. Stripes is the most realistic war movie ever. That's a fact, Jack.

Lol. Dude the movie portrayed the exact opposite. It essentially attacks id pol and displays that class oppression wasn't unique to the slaves either.

Hey, I too really enjoy going on the internet to complain about non existing issues in movies that I've never seen.


Unfuck thyself.

fucking everybody knew about the concentration camps, although they may have been ignorant about the gas chambers, everybody knew about the camps. Without public knowledge they would be useless as there main function was to deter from political subversion

The existence of these camps was not, in any way, secret. Upon the founding of Dachau they even published a fucking press release outlining the function of the camps


In addition to that there the fact that people where actually released from the camps and could tell about the awful conditions in there, the extermination camps where founded in the beginning of the war but concentration camps had been around since 1933. There's also the fact that MILLIONS of people where shipped off to various camps before and during the war, any ignorance of this fact could only be willful, at least in the cities.

kek that last scene is fucking hilarious
the guy is lying on his deathbed and says something to the effect of "what's the point in redistibution resources… when you can't redistribute… LOVE!!!" and then dies.

Fuck you man its full of american propaganda but i would happily be the one to slaughtered in the front for communism. All of my family were in the war.

then why do you enjoy a terrible movie that distorts world war 2 for anti-communist purposes?

It shows the great sacrifices made by the red armies in the big screen and everyone can see past the hollyjew american propaganda.

except… they can't. most people take this shit at face value and it informs their "humans vs orcs" worldview.
that's why this shit infuriates me so much

ach, but my family did get evicted twice. some lived in the area that was unrightfully given to poland (danzig) and then after ww2, they were living in *prussia* (pomerania isn't polish, fuck anyone who says it is) when it was stolen from DDR and given to poland

jews too right

Defiance is a better Eastern Front movie tbh. It even shows the Red Army openly rejecting antisemitism and in an overwhelmingly positive role.

From a pure craftsmanship standpoint, Dunkirk was pretty fucking based.

From an ideological standpoint is a whole can of worms I'm not even going to get into

except they dont. the whole "charge at the machinegun comrades or we will shoot you with a machinegun" meme has become literally the only thing western, particulary burger dumbasses and millenials know about the eastern front. look at any burger ww2 duscussion or videogame. its always the notion that the soviets were just mindlessly zergrushing german lines while the americans masterfully came in and saved the day.
eventhough the US was pretty fucking incompetent in europe. their armor was shit and their airpower didnt have any competition. they were hiding over an ocean away for over half the war and laughed at the soviets for "throwing waves of men at german lines hoping theyll brake it". next thing they do is D-day.
were the germans and americans set on an equal footing youd have Dunkirk 2: meatgrinding hamburgers

I'm watching Dunkirk tonight, looks good. The most realistic ww2 period films I haven seen are probably Son of Saul, The Pianist, Downfall, Come and See and Germany Year Zero. Also I'd say that HBO's The Pacific has more realstic battles than Band of Brothers.

the pianist is a great movie but its anotherone of those hollywood types if you know what i mean.
pacific is pretty good, realistic. Thin red line is however utter bullshit, its like some hippie spiritualist wrote the script.
come and see is just the top of anti-war cinematography.
theres one german trilogy about a group of friends in ww2 thats also pretty good, its Generation war. i also recommend The Brest fortress (брестская крепост), its kinda "muh russian heroes", but its not unrealistic and its a great true story

There's a long video on youtube of this Russian guy critiquing the second Company of Heroes, which is chock full of every Soviet stereotype in the book.

Even if one isn't a fan of the Soviet Union, it's pretty egregious. They go to such lengths to make the Red Army into villains that they even portray the Nazis as their victims in some scenes.

Which Way to Front with Jerry Lewis is a great movie!
*gets executed by the Committee of Taste*

Until you watch "Come and see" you do not understand what a high realism war movie is

Watched Apocalypse Now and Lawrence of Arabia recently, both are top tier.


Intense AF
Haven't seen it
Haven't seen it
Haven't seen it.

In terms of my favourite war films I'd probably have to say Dr. Strangelove, saving Private Ryan and Dunkirk.

Hey buddy I come to Holla Forums to avoid vanilla liberal opinions and sweeping generalizations like that, thanks
Obviously the local proletariat are the primary victims of a fascist state and naturally they would be drafted en masse and forced to do horrible things or else have horrible things done to them

Why dont you explain your irrational bullshit instead of behaving like a child

Apocalypse Now is not exactly realistic. It is more surrealistic.

Your great grandfather deserved to be executed.

and why is that, oh great wise juche-shitpost flag? He was thrown in a prison and court martialled for refusing to execute soviet prisoners. He was reenlisted bc Volksstrum

They are good, I don't think they romanticize war