How will fingerboxes be distributed under communism?

How will fingerboxes be distributed under communism?

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Everyone will get as many fingerboxes as they need under the expectation that they will provide as much labor back to the community as is proper for each worker.

wtf is a fingerbox



You took that quote from Binny, take that cancerous e-celeb bullshit to the trash

never heard of that person
fingerbox is OG shit

Nothing new here

I forgot about fingerboxes.

I feel older now


Forgot link

Fully automated luxory fingerboxes

almost nobody gets any except for a small cabal of Jewish intellectuals.

3D printed
the dialectic truly is in motion


woops wrong one

Pretentious hipster bullshit, real fingerboxes are 100% analog

Didn't this meme get old months ago?

Nazis confirmed for not having a figerbox plan. Worst ideology.

Fully automated luxury gay space fingerboxes. Anything else is revisionist.

yeah I guess those aren't a thing on reddit, now are they.

well that takes me back