Are there any succdems Holla Forums is okay with or are all of them Rosa killers?

Are there any succdems Holla Forums is okay with or are all of them Rosa killers?

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Anyone that's obviously hiding their power level. Long, Sanders, Corbyn all come to mind.





I can't bring myself to hate Huey Long or Ralph Nader.

Huey Long is what made me realize that "authoritarianism" can be a good thing.

Same. Only the most insignificant ultraleft LARPfag could hate on Long and Nader.

As far as i know all of Long's tactics are pretty much par for the course in american machine politics. Apparently when they are performed by a leftist they are authoritarian.

Ralph Nader is an honorary commie even though he subscribes to capitalism. He's wrested more surplus value from porky then probably everyone on this board combined.

OLAF PALME, he lead the Swedish Social Democrats in the 70s/80s till he was assassinated. He supported Cuba, was against the American war in vietnam, and basically took socdem to its left wing limit. He was basically the most left wing socdem ever. I've read a couple of texts by him, according to him he seems to describe SOCDEM as an armistice of sort in the class struggle between the bourgeois and the workers. Does this mean he thought it couldn't last? He was afraid of the 'final apocalypse' of capitalism that marx predicted because he thought that with the advent of nuclear weapons it might be WW3 and the end of humanity. Although he was also in favor of nuclear power for environmental reasons, at least until a more sustainable source of power could be found

If I remember right, he actually planned to seize the major economic fields of Sweden and give them to socialist unions, but was killed before his plans could come to fruition. I think he's a tad more than a socdem.

He self described as a socdem, are you saying he was a demsoc?

I'm remembering things wrong. It was a section of radical unions who proposed the economic transition to socialism, and Olof and friends took SOME of the proposals but completely removed the more radical ones.

I have an unironic admiration for David Lloyd George's reforms ngl.


Come now.

that would probably be rosa luxemburg, karl liebknecht and/or ernst thälmann.
olof palme was a good guy though. his assasination was the end of real socdem policy in sweden, from then on sweden went full neoliberal "progressive" usa cuck.

that's what it is and always has been. why do so many anarkiddies, tankies etc. buy the bourgeois media lies that socdem=liberal? it is not and never has been. there are so called "progressive" parties who pose as socdem such as blair's nulabour, hollande's ps, schröders' spd and the greens, but they aren't socdem. they are bourgeois liberals at best or even conservative/reactionary at worst. real socdems do exist though and they are the likes of corbyn, wagenknecht, mélenchon etc.. real socdem parties usually welcome communists and all real leftists.

yes yes yeeeeeesssss come on mothefucker, I want a left wing thatcher/reagan, pull that overton window to the left


this is literally nothing but liberals using red scare tactics. nothing new for a president.

I'm ok with most of them as long they push the brackets of partisan politics towards the left instead of towards the right, and the only context I can imagine this changing is during a revolution, because then it's join-or-die scenario.

Ralph's radio hour today where he seemed to spend half the time begging philanthropists to fund progressive stuff was really embarrassing though.

Great example. Rare figures like Olof Palme are the only liberals of any use to the broader movement toward socialism.

That is why no amount of cajolery, and no attempts at ethical or social seduction, can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party that inflicted those bitter experiences on me. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin. They condemned millions of first-class people to semi-starvation. Now the Tories are pouring out money in propaganda of all sorts and are hoping by this organised sustained mass suggestion to eradicate from our minds all memory of what we went through. But, I warn you young men and women, do not listen to what they are saying now. Do not listen to the seductions of Lord Woolton. He is a very good salesman. If you are selling shoddy stuff you have to be a good salesman. But I warn you they have not changed, or if they have they are slightly worse than they were.

It makes me wonder 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧who🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 could have him assassinated?

killing Rosa was the spark
what SPD did to itself after is even worse


Intellectuals like Joan Robinson, JK Galbraith and Michael Harrington, and politicians like Olof Palme and Gough Whitlam are basically my heroes.

t, Democratic Socialist


My country's succdems (tho dem succ would be a better description of their politics) actually realized the limits of parliamentarianism after being cucked by capitalists and rose up in revolution.

Pretty good article on it:

rip, we could have been a non aligned republic if he wasn't cucked probably by the CIA

Debs was a demsoc not a socdem

mommy gf tbh

Nye was also demsoc: actually socialised healthcare in his native area of Wales.

Yeah but that was back when social democracy meant Marxism through the ballot box.

Also finnish revolutions never forget. Shame Sibelius was a white.

Kerensky was not that bad.

Well just a year later the German SDP killed Rosa. The European social democratic parties were split between Kautskian Marxists, which are more accurately described as parliamentary/democratic socialists and Bernstainian social democrats. I don't think the term "democratic socialist" existed back then in Europe.