Did Pol Pot do anything wrong?

Did Pol Pot do anything wrong?

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Im gonna make him look like ghandi when the revolution comes anyway

yes, he was basically an anprim and funded by the cia

Aboslutely no t.
All citizens of Cambodia now have 100% perfect eyesight, thanks to glorious Pol Pot, who healed them all.

He was a good christian boy who didn't do nufin.

four-eyed bastard detected

He didn' killanyone, CIA did


*blocks your path*

One thing.

He didn't finish what he started.

Could somebody translate the words on the pic.

"To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss."



He didn't kill more


losing power.

Yes he did. Unless you're a tankie, in which case no one did anything wrong ever. Didn't kill enough and so on and so forth.

Did he actually do all those things? Execute you for wearing glasses, etc? What a retard.

Marijuana kills

I wonder how he compares to Duterte.

He was too soft on his enemies.

The rules at S21 prison were pretty hardcore, so it's not implausible.

Apparently he has never read Marx.
Let that sink in.

Neither did Mao.

What is it with chinks and their hatred of reading?

He couldn't read without his glasses after he was blinded by revolutionary genius and he didn't want to be a hypocrite and set a bad example.

And look at China now. This is what happens when you don't read Mao: you get Hong Kong and sweatshops.

*When you don't read Marx

Does that mean we can finally set things right?

I unironically like that quote


never thought I'd have to post this here

Absolutely nothing wrong. He'll be bac soon, I'm sure of it.

Ieng Sary was well. That glasses thing is pretty absurd.

minus the anarchism

*teleports behind u*

rom left to right: Kaysone Phomvihane, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party, President of Laos, and Prime Minister of Laos; Ho Chi Minh, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, and Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam; and Saloth Sar, better known as Pol Pot, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kampuchea, and Prime Minister of Democratic Kampuchea.

Glory to the union of Indochinese revolutionary nations, seperate from the aggressors and socioimperialists that would plague Vietnam after the death of Ho Chi Minh!


It's Vietnam which supported the revisionist Soviet Union actually. Khmer Rouge were anti-revisionists.

Holla Forumspot: a reincarnation of the Buddha aka breakfast of champeens

Post best tribute to Pol Pot



Unironically? Yes.

Ironically? No

When it comes to if he had control over who did and did not use the internet? Absolutely, his plans would be flawless.


People who are deep online and have glasses deserve to be put in camps. The internet would improve ten fold at minimum.

Where is the lie?

Imagine every TINA-Spouting neoliberal cunt being flayed with electric wire for opening their mouth out of turn, then tell me Pol Pot did anything wrong.

I mean especially on the internet. I would say about 90% of people on the internet, bare minimum here, deserve to not have access to the internet. I would put myself in this if it came to it.

Make law that the internet should live under FYAD rules

Well that goes without saying.