Tfw too dumb for capital vol 3


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you read 1 and 2 but you're struggling with 3?

I'm too dumb for Capital vol. 4.

i didn't finish vol 1 out of frustration

I didn't even started capital vol. 1 due to frustration


If you can't read vol 1, don't read the others. Vol 1 is the easiest read. If you're struggling try reading Marx's other works first in order to get an understanding of some of the ideas

Nigga seriously what are you on right now?

This is like attempting to lift heavy with no training. Capital is extremely dense and should be attempted after you've read Marx's other work.

left-wing communism is basically defined by its emphasis on abolishing the commodity form. how can you be a left-wing communist without understanding what the commodity form is?


Where did you get that definition of left communism?

Leftcoms are the most well read on this board, am i right gaiz?

haha finally a leftcom we can strawman!! leftcoms btfo forever

Knew it!

They do read. Just only "akshual theory" aka what their proffessor or guru told them to read aka literally Politically Correct material only. They are philosophically, scientifically and historically inept and crippled. And that's why they stoop to identifying as Leftcoms.

Read Marx you crypto-Nazi.

read Engels' Synopsis of Capital first:

When reading capital, follow David Harveys lectures on the subject:

I was told be a seemingly wise leftcom poster that harvey's lectures are lacking, that he confuses some basic stuff about exchange value/value or something

really wish I remembered…

I'm kind of just taking Capital slowly tho, i'm enjoying it, though I'm skipping a lot of the footnotes I know I should be reading, if only to see Marx be all witty and shit

It's not perfect. But it does make reading Capital very easy. Watch those videos, seriously.