How many people here would kill or otherwise do violence for the left and actually has the stomach and gumption to do...

How many people here would kill or otherwise do violence for the left and actually has the stomach and gumption to do it?

No lying. Stomach doesn't count as "I would be a soldier in muh glorious revolutionary army"

Any revolution does not start there, it starts with assassinations, robberies, etc underground stuff committed by dedicated individuals who are willing to sacrifice their own liberty and risk jail and death. Leaders not followers.

How many of you have seen the inside of a prison cell that wasn't on a school trip? How many of you even live in a shitty neighbourhood where there is a genuine threat of violence? Seen a family member or friend shot or stabbed and wouldn't shit your pants at extreme violence?

How many of you have genuinely felt revolutionary passion beyond just feeling right on the internet to some aut rightists?

How many of you have so much as verbally abused a police officer?

I'm guessing basically very few of you.

If the above type of person doesn't sound like you, then get back to being a Socdem or a Trot, you will never have a revolution.

If that doesn't appeal to you, the answer is an expanding network of co-ops dedicated to providing community services for free and buying means of production outright.

Property is theft/Property is freedom/Property is Impossible.

Stop larping because basically this board is full of lazy pussies. Think of real solutions.

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You forgot your flag.

spooky stuff

Good point

Stalin rose through the party after raising funds for it through protection rackets and robbing banks.

Does this sound like any member of this board?

Come on user, spill your achievements to us.

Gangster communism.. Francis was right all along..

I'm not saying I'm some bad ass, just these are the kind of people revolutions are founded on.

(but we could think up a new type of revolution that doesn't require this bullshit)

That's all I care for, tbh. I personally don't believe that humanity can achieve communism anytime soon, nor do I believe that bourgy democracy can avert complete ecological collapse, so my personal cathartic feelings that I would get from this revenge fantasy is all that I have going for me in relation to the revolution

Describe your life and yourself from birth.

While i don't agree with everything you said, OP, people on this board, and on the left in general, have a romantic view of revolutions.
They expect it's going to be a Lenin-like figure giving speeches and some battle, but a real revolution would a literal bloodbath because the porkies won't give in so easily, and with the amount of war technology nowadays, they just need to push a button to kill 100+ people in a second.

I really don't know why they expect anything at all. Any revolutionary movement that is geuninely militant would be GCHQ'd and party vanned so so fast you may as well just hand yourself in to the cops right now

Come on, NSA, I expect better bait from you.

(in the whitosphere)

nope just your friendly cancerous black flag shilling for co-ops which are not socialism

Fuck off, tryhard faggot.

I'm literally advocating for a none violent solution. Read please

Oh I meant it for OP, forgot to tag.

i am OP

Socdem here
I would personally throw every single leftcom, tied to their armchair, to the Berlin canal while singing "Rosa deserved it" to the tune of the Internationale.

this'll get mocked for edginess or whatever but I unironically think I'd make an efficient and ruthless executioner/torturer

Also to consider: of all online spaces, this is the one where people are probably the MOST likely to engage in actual revolutionary violence. Probably besides some darkweb shit I'm not aware of.

If we wont do it, who exactly is going to?

You wouldn't do it personally though the ruling class would do it and you would support them. At least you were mostly honest though.

describe yourself and your life since birth

You're all numale soy drinking cucks.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

I am becoming a police officer fam :^)
But seriously, I can't bring myself to support destruction/murder/violence of any kind, unless strictly defensive. Only bash the fash if you see them bashing someone else first.

I've hurt people for way less noble reasons than a socialist revolution. Pretty sure I could do it again.

immigrant, beaten by mother as a child, parents divorced, abused younger brother, bit other kids at school, never lived in one place longer than a year, bullied all throughout school, killed woodland critters slowly for fun, top of the class until late teens, sadomasochist
I still think I'm a nice person though.

And you're a once a month shower taking, piss stained underwear wearing aspie perma-virgin that's gotten so fat he's stuck in his desk chair and wheels himself round the house like a paraplegic.

You're wrong nigger.

Damn….you opened my eyes….now i have to take the Red Pill™…

Fuck off you retard I'm 90% sure more of us actually lift than you do. That isn't what I'm talking about, I'm talking about a nihilistic disregard for your own safety, which is required of a revolutionary. Considering you aut rightists cry big baby tears over a little antifa tomfoolery I'd say you are much bigger pussies.

defensive and offensive are pretty murky terms when you look at history and consider pre-emptive strikes and institutional violence

who have you already hurt and how and why?

Sounds like a serial killer rather than a revolutionary albiet an executioner. Sure you like suffering in other things, but where is your zeal for the working class?

You fucking idiot, soy is one of the smallest sources of xenoestrogens that people are exposed to in daily life. You're just as bad as those liberal health junkies who don't know shit about biology, except you're even edgier.

I'd make bombs or something, but I don't have the balls to go plant them myself.

like, no, you're wrong, whiteman


So it turns out that Holla Forums is just full of liberal pussies. Don't worry, the capitalists will hand over their property because you're all such nice guys :^)

OP, everyone one of us have the capacity for lethal violence. Just look at the army. You have people who are Joe Schmoe in civilian life, but when trained and placed in the situation they can take a life. A radical movement will have no problem producing the fanatics they need as it is the very nature of their ideology.

webm unrelated.

Most of us are ex mil. We've killed sand niggers before and we can't wait to do it again.

Meanwhile you're soy drinking cucks. lmao

A revolution is a war, and like all other wars, there's it's share of tragedy and horrible things, if and when the shit hits the fans, the left needs to decide if they are willing to have blood in their hands.

i don't actually want to hurt anyone, i just want communism and a new society where i don't exist and i'm willing to do the things others shouldn't have to do to get there

Fights at school, fights with neighbourhood youths, nothing serious or worth sending anybody to prison over.

Why does every jigaboo think they've got hand skills?

Protip: you don't

LMAO, what utter shit, most vets I know think you guys are fucking retarded.
lmao, see >>1934630; you're a retard who doesn't understand biology

You get a point.
Which can be done in an orderly fashion in most countries. If your country doesn't let you strike orderly then by all means, do it anyways, it's the few occasions in which I support illegalism.
A fair point, but to me institutional violence has to be a deliberate system working against a class. The Police is not deliberately working against the workers, it just happens to serve a state which does.

Ask most policemen, they will tell you they firmly believe in "Protect & Serve", it's just that they are trained to obey.

You ain't had a shower since 2 weeks ago when your mum told you to look presentable for when you had a family visit, am I right? Pathetic.

You can shower every hour on the hour and you'll always smell like a nigger

Welp, it looks like they decided they aren't.

Not even a lone wolf attack for you then my friend. No revolution to be had here.

You sound like a stand up gent. That isn't a good thing. You ever do anything naughty?

No he will literally sell it to us when we purchase it from him with the co-op network advocated.

We don't have an army and no means to train one.

ahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha mate I regularly attend events with you retards you're a bunch of mixed up teens or pissed off divorcees.

Shut up soy boy

I'm sure larping as revolutionary will advance things.

Now kiss.

But what if I convinced other people to plant bombs for me?

Like, scheme to scheme fights type thing?

It's too early to say, and the most important thing is: Most people lack class consciousness.
They believe in the porkie lie that everyone can be rich and that communism is equal misery.

Go drink some soy you cuck

im definitely not doing anything to go back to jail. i guess its a trots life for me

I do. Ask your mum how she likes my fists.

My mother's dead.

What is it, that can never completed, which debt can never be repaid?


t. a retard who doesn't understand biology.

Not all xenoestrogens have high estrogenic effects, and in fact most don't. The xenoestrogens in soy are barely active compared to most other xenoestrogens people come into contact with. You're like a middle-aged housewife who obsesses about her diet and has crazy beliefs about nutritional science. Lmao imagine being afraid of soy, what a fucking cuck.

Told her to use the safe word, didn't I? Tsk-tsk-tsk…

Lmao whatever you say soy boy

Such a sad display

if you don't want to hurt people. why hurt the critters user?

whereas Mr Indo-Aryan over here is an ex military BBJ kickboxing champ who can pick locks

capitlaism is a deliberate system against the working class, read Warren Buffet.

Are you really becoming a cop I thought that was jks jks?

school yard tier literally

Are you that kind of a person? Confident, commands a room, inspires loyalty etc etc?

what ya do user? I have also into the jail

Honestly I'm really glad the term "soy boy" has gained popularity on the right, it makes you all sound like retarded lunatics even if you explain what it means. You're such a faggot for using it.

just some assault and drug charges

lmao it really seems to have struck a nerve, why don't you go gave a glass of soy to calm down soy boy?

Selling the drugs? Simple assault or was it abh or was it a bullshit assault charge like spitting?

Thought it was a racial slur for a second before I read the context the Neo-Aspie was using it in.

are there real 12 year olds this far into the internet?

I talked a dude into shoplifting for me once. That good enough?

soy boy says what?

brawling after a game, and the drugs were on me so i just copped possession for a misdemeanor amount

Lmao and the best part about it is that it's not even a cutting insult, it makes you look like a preschooler when you use it. Keep it up Holla Forums lmao

I don't care if my kids die of measles, I ain't getting them vaccinated if there's even the slightest chance not getting to shot can save them from ending up on Holla Forums.

what was it?

damn you went to jail for that? In Britain that is like a night in cells and a fine

said it before, say it again, ever since reddit invaded Holla Forums their trolling isn't even trolling any more. Its not subtle or sneaky, its just fucking retarded

why are you so angry soy boy?

I've considered it, I've also considered joining the army (as an officer). Not anymore now, but I tend to empathise with them. Guess that makes me a bad lefty.
I'm still pretty mad at cops for killing black people in the US and more police brutality in general, though. Just not in a "le ACAB" way.
Actually did not thought of it this way. I guess you're right.

I like to remember this little anecdote : during WW2, when several Partisan republics were installed in Italy, and under Nazi occupation, there still was some tacit truces betweens fascists and partisans to catch and execute looters and others bandits. Nobody likes a smasher.
Anarchists aren't looters, of course, but to me this anecdote shows that people have a natural aversion to destruction, especially disorganised, seemingly aimless, "lone-wolf" style like you seem to favour.

So anyway as basically this thread concludes, with perhaps the exception of Afroplasm and the squirrel strangler at an outside chance, we will not have revolutionary cells dedicated to the overthrow of capitalism at any cost, so its time to look for other options.

The bourg democracy route I think we can all agree without me having to make a thread about it, is not an option

yeah they dont fuck around here. 5 years sentence though i only served 2

to be fair though i had a shitload of priors from when i was a teenager

I hope this sticks.

Is that where you found Jesus?

Soldiers and Cops have been fed a huge lie just like everybody else. Still for me the ACAB thing is just a simple way to remind ourselves that the institution of policing is corrupt to the core.

Bro, I think its time you were not a soc dem any more my friend.

Holy fucking shit man. I am so sorry. Honestly. I can't imagine what two years must have been like. The fact that the sentence was 5 is ridiculous, still serving two surprise you didn't neck it. Did you badly hurt somebody?

What kinda priors? Priors as a minor or adult priors?

yeah addiction counseling + prison pushed me in that direction to try and get my life together

a couple guys went to the hospital though i was fairly fucked off my head so i couldnt tell you if i did it to them. still feel bad about it though. my priors were mostly fighting, truancy, possession etc from when i was a minor. i think you can get the record sealed so they don't factor in to sentencing later but i didn't have the money to hire a lawyer to get that sorted out

Cool. Religion's can be a pretty positive force in people's lives. I'm an atheist myself, but I won't deny that.

yeah it helped me get away from the skinhead shit i had been involved in for a while. i was pretty close to becoming a full blown aryan brother at that point

But what then ? I'm too moderate to be anything else, really.
Maybe an actual demsoc or a syndicalist (thinking of reading the Bread book one time) but I don't like the idea of Anarchy. (no offence)

how many people in this brawl? Did they sustain life changing injuries or some shit?

pic related

jesus was a commie

so um… do you consider that maybe if you hadn't gone to jail your life would have been worse? (probably not because jail is reformative in and of itself, I think the evidence in general speaks the case against that, but because you personally found god)

Is there actually any political motivation to skinhead gangs like The AB or is that shit just a way to rebel and get the feeling of belong somewhere?

the younger guys are usually just fucked up kids looking for people to roll with but they get radicalized by the older dudes who've been to prison and gone psycho

Well this is the thing man, if the system has violence in built, and you think self defence is acceptable, than overthrowing that system with violence is acceptable. I know its a hard one to really swallow, but by any theory of self defence that is the case. I used to be a socdem

i mean i was gonna go in at some point so i'm glad it was a relatively small thing rather than a murder charge or something but yeah the longer i was out of a system the worse i was gonna get

FFS man, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you live better.

Currently reading a bit of theory, so we'll see how it goes.
I guess I have some spooks in me.


How similar to the skinheads from OZ is The Aryan Brotherhood in real life?

never watched it… theyre fucked in real life though. some of them keep their head down and get out eventually but most of them are just absolutely brutal fuckers who stay in prison their whole lives. i think a lot of them have rage issues, watched them get into a ton of shit over absolutely petty bullshit.

how affiliated were you? How organised was it? I'm guessing you're from the american south?

Did you overcome your addiction in prison? On a scale 1-10 1 being the streets 10 being North Korea how easy would it have been to remain an addict in prison?

Thing is, although I believe that, I don't think its effective and its not what I am advocating for.

ACTS 4:32-35

loosely. the guy who got me into skinhead shit knew some guys in prison so i got to hang but i wasn't a member so i didn't have to do dirt. i don't know a ton about the organization because i wasn't privy to that but it was very tight knit. seemed like every neonazi knew eachother lol

yeah i did just because i didn't want to get involved with shit to score more dope - seemed like it wasnt worth it on such a short sentence though it's trivially easy to get drugs in prison, like a 2 or 3, so if you know you're locked up for a long time you might as well go for it

Have you ever read the Ego and His Own. Do you have any idea what spook means

Was there an Aryan brotherhood presence in prison? Yeh its the same in Britain, if you had been using though how would you have financed it? Would you say a lot of skin heads are involved in the dope scene?

there's always a few brothers in state lockup - numbers are always really low but they maintain status by being real hard fucks compared to whatever local gangs are there. to get drugs you pretty much have to put in work with a gang so in prison that means stabbing people or smuggling shit around - usually from work duty depending on what the job is. and yeah pretty much every skinhead is on H

dunno where to puke

Yay! I can lead and you can bet the value of your ass in labor-vouchers that I can shoot too.
It ain't much, but it's something.
Good luck finding me. I'm behind 7000 proxies
I would upload an image to describe my feels but you know… anonymity has a price.

Why does the brotherhood have non white allies(mexican mafia)? Is purely drug business?

sort of - the other reason is that there's not nearly enough ABs to actually do all their dirt within the org. the gang is absolutely tiny, i think it's something like 300 full members with 2000 associates.

can someone please explain what's wrong with my post
how are coops bad

I steal bread a lot if that's worth anything


Lets imagine some kind of scenario where you have say 20% of the population actively on the side of the radical left, a dwindling liberal state still supported by about 30% of the population and a radical right with also about 20%. The street protests have turned to bloody conflict at every instance, marshall law has been implemented not fully but to an extent to stop the street bloodshed, protests are heavily restricted and policed, organisers of protests which turn violent are being jailed on the left and right. People have been killed by the cops and by the right. Now a prominent member is being threatened and you and your associates have come by the dox of the source of the threats. Could you see yourself masking up, kicking in his door, beating the shit out of him, trashing his apartment, and saying if he ever sends threats to anybody again hes a dead man. That sort of shit? Could you do it

You, or some other anarchist, have speed out so much in this thread you've ruined it.
Nice job.
shit thread anyways, imo. It has so many assumptions

I got kicked out of my first high school for selling drugs. I used to steal lots of booze from stores, participated in rioting, vandalism and setting off homemade fireworks and small bombs in the streets. I have been in many altercations with police. I´m only saying this because the statute of limitations on all of this is up, and I am now sober, follow the law, get good grades, and respect the police.

I would rather focus my efforts on theory and on nonviolent prefigurative politics then on edgy lifestylism.

So, co-op network

So would you say the drug market in prison fuels the violence as well as the violence fuelling the drug market? Who is bringing the drugs into the prison mostly?

Co-ops, cybernetics, permaculture, education, direct action (BPP style) and propaganda.

A lot of my friends say I lack empathy and with each growing day my urge to kill someone increases. At times when I went to protests people have called me a sociopath. Might as well kill someone high up like a banker/politician/bourgeoisie etc. because killing random proles is a waste in the end of the day. I rather kill someone to change society. I've never shot a gun and I'm physically a skeleton so I'm pretty fucked in all departments. Oh well might as well LARP and dream of revolution

Property is theft/Property is freedom/Property is Impossible

Capitalism will sell you the rope to hang it with. Capitalism offers you liberty only through property if you can take it.. You can't take it by force so you have to buy it, you don't have the money to buy it so you need to enter a collective and buy it with many other people. All other options have been exhausted in the west. The unions are dead. Militancy is a laughable concept in the current climate, and will no doubt be stamped out if it arises in a crash. Very few people on the left in the west are serious enough in this manner for it to ever present a threat and you all know it. There are no large class parties with a real socialist program. Your votes mean next to nothing, perhaps they push the window perhaps they don't.

you understand then, my post was supposed to decry edgy lifetsylism and espouse these things.

So we've got, one trained fighter whose been in a few scraps, seems like a fairly solid bet for a revolutionary although lacking edge, one squirrel strangler, and one possible sociopath with limited physical ability for potential cell. Maybe christcommie but he doesn't want to go to jail so probably not him. Does this make my point clear? Co-ops.

On a side note, why has nobody ever made a good movie about Stalin's life as bank robber and tru thug lyf hard man turned leader of worlds second largest superpower?

I'm unironically the right kind of a guy to follow the leader, do some gruesome stuff when knowing others around me would do the same, and generally be a good useful grunt. Call me a cuck all you want, you'll probably be right. Indifferent sage.

May as well just continue to sperg, how many of you are part of a trade union or know people who are? Okay, now how many of you are part of a radical union with clout? How many of these are unions that shrinking in power, not growing? How many of you even know somebody with any of the above discussed qualities and characteristics required for revolution in the sense talked about here? How many of the people with these characteristics have an care at all for communism? How many people do you know that don't think real communism is a dirty word? How many people outside your close circle of friends? All of the usual methods for class struggle are dead or dying. We need fresh fresh fresh

nah this is an honest answer and I'm not looking to talk about being bad ass and thuggery as a good thing. Probably a good few people here would step up when it got to that stage. But we are nowhere near that stage and the initial stages require not just tough characters but tough characters with extremely strong convictions coupled with strong and critical mental faculties

Do I get my free trip in the Party Van?

not with co-ops

Aside from the fact that a clearnet board is the worst fucking place to have a serious discussion of illegalism, a lot of what you're talking about would probably be solved by what I've seen called the "HackBloc", no?

Y'all are just as scrappy and dysfunctional as any of the kekifags. The truth is, we're all products of the same system, and we're all still soft.

I dream about this.

Read the thread, actual Nazis are just errant yout looking for something to join.

Kekistanis don't even register in revolutionary terms when it came to it they would be part of the 30%

I don't dream about this. I dream about a peaceful solution. I think this is more likely however, and am preparing myself for it. That's the difference. You retards actually want the blood

we are not talking about actually doing it though are we, merely discussing the possibility. I'm not retarded enough to think anything actually subversive goes on here. Which problems do you think can be solved with this hackbloc?

Moderate reconnaissance, communications (propaganda and organization), financing. Look at the effects a bunch of thieving Russian carders, a few blogs and youtubers and wikileaks are having. You could, if you wanted, turn that up. Imagine an army of Jeremy Hammonds.

wtf even is a soy boy

revolution is not a dinner party, faggot

I have. I even have ex-cop friends. a lot of shit. I'm a street rat.


It's based on how soy has female hormones or something that causes your body to produce them in it (xenoestrogens). Which obviously cause you to turn into a limp-wristed liberal overnight

So in the far east people have been eating soy pretty much as soon as they settled there. Yet their men only started getting girly around when western influences really started taking a hold. How about that?

I wouldn't feel bad about killing bourgeoisie during revolution honestly.

revolutions happen when the population is starving you silly twat. Are you starving?

Freud fag does it again.

doing stuff like that isn't revolutionary and they only change that can come from it is giving Porky an excuse à la Reichstag Fire to crack down. Only a large scale movement with popular support has any chance of changing anything. Saged because FBI honeypot.


illegalism is a spook.
There's more than one way to skin a cat

A street rat with an internet connection, apparently. Makes it even more ironic that you seem to be bragging about being dirty and useless

hi satan chan.
pls show tits

Its ok if its your first time, come over here and let momma take care of you


which part of my posts make you think I think revolution is a dinner party?

You might do. Tell me a little more

how about pre revolution?

The west isn't going to starve any time soon, and yet we continue to pillage the world. This should be enough for anybody to want to get rid of it all.

What is revolutionary Mr Leftcom? What would it take for you to actually do a thing.

what mass movement are you suggesting again?


why are you bumping a cointelpro thread?
nobody who would "kill for the left" is going to directly admit on the internet. unless you don't live in Europe or America.

Why do you ask this?

I would. I would even do it to troublesome lefties if it was to achieve a practical victory. Realpolitik is key, and Ebert did nothing wrong.

Because for the past 3 weeks I have been archiving every post made under the leftcom flag and I have become able to judge who is posting based on the writing style of the poster. I have become attracted to you in particular and I want to no more about you.

succdems. not even once

Show me my other posts then, user. I'm calling your bluff.

What party?
What ranks?

We dont live in 1910 anymore, lad. Robbing banks nets you nothing due to paintbombs and protection rackets are maffioso.



power > purity

tor users can't upload files and I am banned. Any site I can upload this .zip to?

what could go wrong

You think you're quite clever, don't you?
Compile the posts and screenshot the ones you're sure I've posted.
Upload the picture here, or link the image.

the most hardcore shit I have done is knock the fuck out of a drunk that tried to start shit with me with steel knucks.
Hit him in the temple hard, the dude slept like a baby.

The most hardcore shit I have witnessed was the killing of a cop. He was shot 4 times, for a reason back then I believed in /k/ memes that 9mm didn't kill but holy shit they do.
The pig was fucking around or involved with the local mafias I guess, he was killed because of that. A dude in a white van killed him, 4 shots then he jumped inside the van again and broom away they went. Hit and run. Fast as fuck.

Of course I didn't even care since I didn't even knew the cop, the person. I was inside the car with my dad, but he didn't saw the cop flinching in the ground, I did. I thought he was going to survive due to /k/ meme bullshit but obviously not.

I see myself doing the same to a cop or politician someday if the situation calls for that move, if I can get away with it. I'm ballsy enough for that personal task.

Other things I usually do/did involve shoplifting., but thats way too common to call it a feat. Anyone not retarded can do it successfully, it's all about making it look natural, taking easy to hide but valuable portable things. There are more advanced tricks to it but some one already made a book about that "Steal This Book". It's pretty good for the time.

I agree that individuals should be less afraid of doing illegalities especially for self-interest and even more so if the state does not satisfies you.


why do u still come here


isn't the UAW infamously shit though?


Wow, people here are THAT desperate. Seriously do something useful instead of
LARPing and jerking off to nationalist social democratic shitholes. None will
"gulag da kulaks xD" again, grow up.


When will Muke go on Chapo?


your mums fat

I think these are yours.

your 5/11, get over it manlet

Why do you archive all of the Leftcom-flag posts?
Not sure if that was directed at me, but I'm not going to confirm nor deny which posts are mine.

why not?

Post the text of two (2) posts from outside of this thread that you believe are mine, otherwise I'm leaving this thread.

Are u the leftcom I just replied to or this guy?

If u are this guy I allready did.

Are u the leftcom I just replied to or this guy?

If u are this guy I allready did.

Jail cell a couple of times, never been to prison

Check. Nothing like growing up in crack infested neighborhoods in the early 90s.

Check, caught up in a rough patch, selling drugs, best friend stabbed in the chest in a deal gone bad.

All this being said though:
Is such a hard question to answer. How does one know when the time is right? Nobody wants to go to jail. You risk your existence for a cause you want to see succeed. How do you know when the time has come?
I don't think I have the balls personally to be the instigator, the ultimate sacrifice, idk. It's hard to answer tho because desperate times call for desperate measures.

I see what I'm dealing with now. An inept fool. Again, I will not confirm nor deny which posts are/n't mine.


I would happily die for the revolution.
At our base, humans are animals. Push anyone far enough and they'd rip a throat out in a heartbeat.

Hello FBI /NSA/ CIA / other alphabet soup government agency

I'm so fucking tough I use a mouse without a trackball, AND without a mousepad.

Wow I became edgy all of a sudden

I've punched fascists. Knocked some out.

Given the right conditions, I may participate in guerrilla warfare.

Does hacktivism count? I'm talking about bricking hardware, stealing/destroying info, defacing websites, etc etc – certainly a highly appropriate form of capitalist resistance for NEETs and intelligentsia.

I just want to state for the record I LOVE CAPITALISM I LOVE MY BOSS DOG BLESS AMERIGA :DD!!

you guys are beyond saving

I would not fight in an open battle, but I would corrupt and defile from the shadows until my victory is assured. Only idiots fight wars they do not know if they can win.

Hey Jimbo lets show little Timmy how a man fries on electric chair so he won't steal MUH PROPERTY from Jebenezer Abraham Fuckington the Third the Jobmaker.

Check, months of time off & on, over a span of couple of years, as juvenile, though.
Check, many friends stabbed or shot, decent amount died. 6 friends died from OD in past 3 years, recently.
Check. Been held at gunpoint & knifepoint. During gunpoint, friends mom was pistol-whipped so much that she pissed herself. It was by her husband, who had just been released from prison on murder charges.
I get angry. Not as angry as I used to get, because I'm more mature, now. But it's still bubbling under the surface.
When I was young, on drugs & dumb. I quickly learned to avoid them at any time I see them.

You never know what's going to happen in life. Sometimes you have to fight. I'll defend myself & what I know to be right, as in, everyone should have basic human rights. Fuck anyone who tries or does take that away from someone.

Shout out to Christian commie in the thread. Sorry for what's been thrown at you in life, comrade. I hope things are better for you, now.

That picture is misleading. They're standing in line for government aid after a natural disaster, and on top of that, they're all well dressed and well fed.

Either way, it was taken at a time when racism was terribly oppressive in the US, so there's still a message to be seen, there. They do look well dressed, but there's nothing to imply they're well fed. They all look in range of average to skinny.

Nevermind, I found a source

Turns out it's from my home state, KY. Also, the article says:
So your comment is the one that's misleading. This is only 7-8 years after the Great Depression, as well.

they can't do shit tho even if they're here so I think this is a good thread to say fuck pigs. Blue lives don't matter.

*7-8 years after the market crash, during the Great Depression

So you agreed with me about their clothing, the source literally repeated what I said about a natural disaster and it was after the worst of the Great Depression.

It's a misleading picture because it doesn't reveal any of that information.

I'm nearing my 30s, I have no gf, no kids, no family, no friends, desensitized by years of watching 24 hour newscycles, can count the amount of physical possessions I have on one hand, have an entire net worth of below 5k, have no aspirations, get sicker every day with a cureable illness, and I'm sick to fucking death of eating ramen and canned ravioli.

How do I become the hero you people deserve?

The difficulty of violent insurrection points precisely towards its necessity. The fact that co-ops present themselves as an "at hand" solution" is a sign of their ineffectiveness to produce anything revolutionary. The horizon of possibility is colonized by capital.

It's a picture of poor people, after a natural disaster, during the Depression. Are you not a burger or just retarded? All the clothing shows is that people were much more concerned about looking "presentable" during that time, especially as a black person, because of the chance you may get treated better, in regards to racism. When I was broke, as a white person, I also tried my best to dress as best as I could, to try to hide it.

You're probably the only person I've ever met whom tries to put forth a message of prosperity during the Depression. No one is that retarded. You're the one trying to save face, here, user.

The name of the picture is literally: "The Louisville Flood". Most people see it under that name; not renamed on an imageboard. You're looking way too much into this. The picture is a great commentary; you just don't like the message it's telling, I'm guessing.

If all you care about is a sending message and not accuracy or context, then fine, play that game. This specific situation was the government actually doing good work helping out its people during a catastrophe. I gave you the background and the context, if all you care about is how you can spin it, that's up to you.

pull off a James Thomas Hodgkinson if you have nothing to lose. Google it.

I laughed

No, context & accuracy is important. I'm saying you're full of shit to put forth a message that these people are somehow well-off.

If you have nothing tying you to a bourgeois life then embrace revolution. What do you have to lose? Walk into a store and start smashing things. Disrupt the status quo even a little bit. If you get arrested, so what? You go to prison and then you're surrounded by people that have been savaged by the system you want to tear down. Do a few months in there, recruit who you can, then when you get out try again.

At the very least your health should be fixed since prisoners get health care.

Nah better work a wage for sometime buy a weapon, train and slay a senator. Republicans will never remove the 2nd amendment, it's too sacred for them, they can get shot but they will keep it there. Even if it's more convenient for their bourgeois lives to remove it.
Smashing a Walmart won't do much, only get the workers working extra hours.

t. someone who's never been to jail or prison
They get shit healthcare. Many people die in prison from shitty access to healthcare as well. Even for a fucking Tylenol, you have to fill out loads of paperwork. If you're detoxing from opiates, for example, the guards will just laugh at you & tell you to deal with it. Unless you're from a rich family or have some kind of pull with them, you're screwed on the inside, health-wise.

If you're going to kill someone then you might as well kill someone that matters, like Gates or one of the Waltons or any of the porkies currently running free.

Then it doesn't sound like he's any worse off.

Fair enough.. lmao.

Also, this, tbh.

Also, I do appreciate you letting me know the full context of the photo. I was not aware of that natural disaster aspect, or that it was near my hometown.

To elaborate on this a little, it isn't to say that you shouldn't kill senators or other high level government officials, just that your average senator is just a yes man to whoever is paying him and so generally they're easily replaced. If you were able to kill Bill and Melinda Gates on the other hand, that would represent a redistribution of billions in assets, and even a potential familial civil war as his wretched offspring scramble for the rest or spend millions in legal battles trying to grapple over it.

I'm any event, targeted killings have to be chosen specifically and carefully and aimed toward a specific material or cultural effect.

I ask this because it all well and good to say "yes sir totally have the mindset of a revolutionary" but it mostly comes from a certain place. If you are going to claim to be basically without empathy your life is going to look a certain way.

describe your life since birth until now

well if you look through my posts this is precisely the point I'm making, comrade.

Also you don't have to be robbing banks specifically, there is plenty other shit to expropriate.

where/when/why life since birth

The ability to knock out an armed person is obviously a skill that is valuable and shows some disregard for personal saftey, however passively watching a cop get shot doesn't mean you could engage in the shooting of a cop by any means.

Also, while I do not discourage illegalism, as it can definitely get results, the point of this thread was actually to show that we should be pursuing other means.

What did you do to get the cells and did your friend survive? I had a friend who had his face slashed open with a razor right in front of me. Most fucked up thing I have ever seen by a long shot.

and as to that last part, the violence comes when there is a left to defend, and currently there is not, which is why we need to build one by non violent means. Parliamentary Party means are obviously not going to work.

Total bullshit really. Most people don't have savagery in them. Think about the people you know, who would ever tear a throat? Come on man.

Nah I've been here since hoxha going bunkers was a fresh meme

not about tough talk, its about being realistic about our stengths as a group, toughness is not one of them supposedly.

Give me some details, you sound like a strong candidate for the revolution. To good for me to think you are not bullshitting. Computer stuff is still jail risk so same category really.

I'm from Scotland I'm just aware that this is a thing.

How would you do this?

Fuck. Sounds like you are lucky to be alive m8. I don't mean any disrespect but that's bleak as all fuck. I'm sorry you lost so many friends. This husband is now back in jail I assume?

its a hell of a way to raise a kid Mr Government. Here people say the juve halls are worse than adult prisons do to the hormones is that true?

Probably you would be one of the ones to stand up in a revolution I don;t doubt.

So you live in America? What do you have in terms of illness?? What are your possessions?

Forget becoming our hero, what can we do for you and this cureable illness?

You misunderstand. The violence of the left is usually a defence of dual power, or the means to build it up in the first place. Before we can have the strength to resist capital, we need to start lifting. Do you see?

USA. Millenial. Lots of reasons. Why must you ask?


Just going through this thread and..nobody has really made any kind of argument against what OP is saying…so OP is right and we should re think wut we do

fuck off with this gay thread

As this thread demonstrates, they have no real reason to be here. I'm sure the NSA has had a dig but don't pretend if they were looking at you they couldn't find you anyway 7 proxies or not

I want to be a guerrilla but my mom won't let me

dude just cultural revolution it up lMAO

I just want to point out that nobody has yet debunked the substance of this thread and therefore the expanding network of co-ops dedicated to providing community services and purchasing outright means of production is the answer to our prayers.


Never seen a jail but i've had family members get attacked and i've seen my brother get robbed
I don't know, maybe im just a sociopath and using the burgouise as an excuse for my bloodlust
I really don't know anyone that has never been abused by a cop in some way, i've had to pay thousands of dosh simply because of those greedy cunts

I've stabbed a nazi before and is Stan one again.

I love you. You're my friend.

when and where?

fbi nigger faggots at it again

ok my question reading your posts is, where the fuck do you get the idea that revolutionary action requires 'not having empathy'

quite the opposite, actually

castro is a great example of someone who waged revolution because of a deep love for his people. it has little to do with a 'lack of empathy' the way i look at it. you seem way to spooked on violence still, like most anarchists you seem dogmatic about affirming the anti-fascism and self defense to the point of redundancy. i don't get why people do this other than being FBI or just stupidly edgy and lifestylist


dude it might have not been the best choice of word but I even understood it. holy shit.

not having empathy = having BALLS
jesus fuck man.

not having empathy = being a fucking retard

look, i get that you black flag fags love to fetishize violence and compete with fascists in this regard, but this really is just shows a real lack of tact on your part.

there's nothing i hate more than anarchists that wank about violence in 4000 word communiques, but haven't shot or killed a banker for decades.

but go ahead, keep talking about how everyone else "doesn't have balls" while you make empty threats to the status quo and picking fights you cannot win by yourselves

retard you don't even know how to sage and you call me a retard. jesus.
inb4 "I was jus pretending!"

w/e, you are like the bitch at the bar who puts his hands outstretched i opposite directions and runs his mouth and is surprised when he gets socked in the face


I was responding to a person who said they like hurt their younger siblings and animals. They were claiming not to have empathy and I was saying usually that come from a certain place, not that you have to lack empathy to be a revolutionary

this guy is also not me.