Tfw born too early for communism


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feels thread pls?




how aren't we living under communism right now?



this gives me comfort.

But user, communism is the byproduct of capitalism. It is already here, just in hiding!

R-Rosa? Is that you?


because this site is full of retards
democracy at work, yugogang
are you a girl?



Why haven't you read Marx, femanon?

Comrades, we were all born just in time for the next economic crash that will lead to WW3 and from there revolution.

Trust me.

I have.


Then how can you be a market socialist?

Even ignoring the contradictory terms, can't you see commodity production as the source of all struggle?


Millennials are the new Greatest Generation!

Market Socialism is a transitional phase that leads to economic centralisation and eventually Communism. Most Market Socialists don't see their system as the be all end all perfect system. Just a more effective method of emancipating the workers as opposed to Central planning.


Read Marx on Lassalle and Proudhon tbh.

I want to organize my work but I think there's a bit of a racial divide and I'd be seen as the "white guy to the rescue" trope. What can I do?

I hate life tbh.

Move to America and give yourself a Spanish surname so you won't be white anymore and then you can start a revolution.

help , am confuse
does nothing makes sense anymore??

Can't wait till you're all wearing matching jumpsuits and worshipping a still image of my stern, yet courage instilling face during lunch breaks at state-controlled workplaces.

I took a test and it said I was a leftcom. I'm pretty non-sectarian though so I'll take whatever I can get.

Having this much a hardon for markets implies very much that you're not a communist.

*Filters you*

The Leninist (Italian) left communists want and have done class-party politics (they're Leninists), it's just that they're generally in favor of an abstenionist parliamentary strategy. The PCd'I was a top 3 party in the late '10s and early '20s with this, using their seat in government almost exclusively as a tribune for workers.

What test? Surprised there's tests that even include left communism in it lol.

Anyways, it's probably best not to choose your position that way.

Ok fine, is this flag better?

No flag best flag

I'm always amused that market socialism is a thing, given the inverse approach I take. ("Not socialist but very distrusting of markets")

I'd say once bitten twice shy, but it doesn't seem to apply to Yugos so I dunno. Maybe once bitten, twice bitten even harder by others, back to the first bite?

I am feeling really sad after reading this. All of us are probably going to be dead before the communism takes over the world. But on the other side, I am happy that future generations will live in society like that

I don't think you can go wrong with that, but user it's all up to you. Use whatever flag you want, or none at all (I'd just not use one; who knows you're gonna find out you're not any type of socialist at all, or not even a leftist!).

Could you tell us what test you did that concluded you were a left communist?

utopian autism

It's the vote1 app. It put me closer to Deleonism and I've read a little bit about leftcommunism in general. I like a lot of the ideas but I'm certainly not against a communist party like the one in Japan.

Also I probably need to read more

Definitely. Check out this thread

I think we're going to be living in "interesting times". The irony is that there will probably be people in a more peaceful and prosperous future who wish they could have been us.

If by communism you mean the end of ci vi li za ti on then yeah, you were born a little bit too early, just a little bit tho.


I guess this is the bonus. Theres always something interesting going on in the world but it's not much of a bonus.

This is what could help us to deal with this times, imo

Yeah and supporting revolutionary methods that don't work is even more damaging to the Communist cause.

(Like being an anarchist and actually thinking you can actively abolish the state, regardless of the fact that Marx himself said it can't be directly done)

I'll happily be a utopian. It's the only thing that keeps me alive.

name on socialist form of production that exis today
and then name 1 that leftcoms don't dismiss.

We were born just in time for the implementation of UBI, which will actually radicalize generations to come by reducing the psychological terrorism of wage slavery.


What kind of shit reasoning is this?

Pretty hard considering the socialist mode of production doesn't exist in any country today

Why? There are none. I contend, using Marx's definition of communism as movement, that communism is alive as such, just currently less overall alive than it once was and soon again will be.


Severely underrated post. Fucking dying over here.

Maybe communism is the friends we make along the way

I've yet to make any freinds through far left thought. I should probably go to some meetings or some shit but anxiety is too much of a meme.

I hate this shit so much. We're reforming how resource allocation works, not inaugurating the new millennium where God will walk on Earth and eternal happiness will reign. There'll still be more than enough troubles, reasons to be miserable and new internal contradictions to deal with. Stop behaving like a messianic cult.

what real problems do you forsee if we actually managed to implement socialism?

I'll be your friend



I'm sure a fuck going to remember on my deathbed how much time I wasted here.

i'll get you the sparknotes fam

Marcos? Is that you?


TitoBroz is always there for you.

I know that pic is utopic as fuck, but a man can dream…

I made a mistake.
If she dies in the revolution, you'll be in luck.



Nigga, nobody thought it was about to happen in 1904 either. Then Bloody Sunday happened, the revolution began in earnest, and 18 years later there was a glorious union of republics.

You cannot know when the moment will come. But it will come.

Born just in time to see the Posadists prevail.

What the fuck are you even saying?

I'm amused that market-socialism exists because I'm so intuitively distrustful of markets. (And draw a degree of equivalence between markets and capitalism.) In many ways I fall closer to an economic tankie, despite also finding myself to the "right" of Market Socialists in policy terms.
The practical outcome of where I lean is just as likely to wind up with highly regulated capitalism (price and income controls, but still some private ownership of enterprise.) as it is to wind up with any kind of market socialism (market forces deciding price/distribution, but worker self management.) because of that intuitive distrust for market forces and their ability to achieve optimum distributions.

"Once bitten twice shy" refers to the greater marketisation that arose from the collapse of the social democratic consensus, which would be the simple reason I don't trust markets. "Once bitten, twice bitten harder by others, back to the first bite" is a joke at the breakup of Yugoslavia. (IMF loans were bad, a series of drawn out and bloody conflicts were even worse, suddenly the risk of sliding back to the first scenario by trusting markets doesn't seem so bad.) - and I emphasise a joke.

I'm not quite as anti-market as this post would imply, it's an undercurrent in thinking which is the reason it actually amuses me.

ayy bby i can b marksoc if u wnt me to ;πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§)

It is you that has to fight for your children to have communism.

I've got to admit there's nothing more amusing than reading another NYTimes article calling Single-Payer exclusionary of like.. POC Healthcare needs or Alan Dershowitz calling Jeremy Corbyn an anti-semite because he refused gifelte fish at some jewish owned Fish and Chips shop and missing the fact that he's a vegetarian.

We don't need the Onion when we have #TheResistance

me too, I'll be your friend

thats so dorky i'm gonna be looking at cute pastel hair styles and preppy outfits and spending all my days just watching animu. My main passion in this world was economics the rest is just being an instagram thot

i figure most of the broader left are just marksocs without the name tho, i identify as a market socialsit but its kinda memey to say all the time it just gets dumbasses with no foresign to go "ohh but muh read marx commodities blah blah" like we've already seen.. just say Dem Soc.